...role model. lol okay


I relate to her in a way I don’t with the other characters because of how simple her story is-but how strong she is. She is so real, and just such a good person. Through her mistakes and clumsiness she has a quiet elegance to her personality-she is relatable, yes, but also a really fucking good role model. Okay maybe not the alcoholic party girl part, lol, but her self discovery was and is really powerful, and the issues in her relationship with Jonas were so subtle that from the outside you couldn’t tell-they seemed so perfect for each other that even Jonas couldn’t see it until it all started to fall apart (thanks Isak:). But she could. And plenty of other characters, shows, and people in real life, wouldn’t be able to see that she needed better, and it’s important for viewers to see what was wrong with Eva and Jonas and see if it applies to their own relationships. I loved Eva and Jonas so so much, but I have so much respect and admiration towards her for the fact that she made the decision to let him go and find herself.

Throughout the next two seasons she has been almost an entirely different person than she was when we first met her. She’s funnier, more laid back, and she comes across so much happier, from a place that lies inside herself, instead of Jonas. She’s so deserving of another big and beautiful love, like the one she had with Jonas, as the way she is now-free and at peace.

So where tf is her storyline @writers

Um... I’d love to know why ANY of these scenes are wrong or inappropriate.

I have missed almost all the drama (and that makes me so happy). But there common themes in these three pictures.

Dad and Henry….

Grandpa and Henry…

… and father figure (Mom’s boyfriend/true love) andHenry.

Henry has and has had these men be a significant part of his life!  He needs male role models. And, okay we can’t see his face in these shots lol, but I think it’s undeniable what these moments must mean to him.

I haven’t read many comments, but I know they are out there. I don’t get it. I’m literally shaking my head in utter confusion over why people are threatened for the bonding time that is being displayed in ANY of these pictures.