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A bad day of eating is not going to ruin my progress.
A bad day of eating is not going to ruin my progress.
A bad day of eating is not going to ruin my progress.

Gonna stay away from the scales, drink lots of water and make good choices this week.


Starting the week off strong 💪🏋️‍♀️#fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitness #workout #results (at Pro Fitness Training)

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//I tried something different today, I am gonna expiriment with these silhouettes for a bit longer but digitally instead of traditionally ever since I think it will look a lot better through digital art then traditional. I liked doing this though, I’m thinking of making an icon out of something like this sometime soon ^^

actual sentences my teacher said in assembly this morning

-“I did, in fact, fail my driving test four times" 
-"And so I pulled out, and thought I blown it”
-“You need to get soME PITS”
-“This is what you got to ask yourself: have you defrosted your chicken?" 

POLL RESULTS: Finneon & Lumineon

Polling has determined that, in addition to being blue and pink in their primary colouration, Mysteria’s regional variants of Finneon and Lumineon will also be Water/Fairy-types!

Now, of course, Finneon and Lumeneon’s usual forms have two normal abilities and one hidden ability, shared between both stages. The same will hold true for ours!



What should their normal abilities be?

DAY 16, DAY 17, DAY 18 and DAY 19

I have had a few days off uni and work and spent it with my boyfriend! Have a lovely few days and really relaxed and we ate lots of yummy food and did fun things!
As i didn’t do any exercise and ate lots of yummy foods(chocolate cake which I made for my boyfriend) I have put on a few pound which hopefully ill lose next week!
I’m not annoyed at all because I had a great week, with lovely food and the best company so how can I be annoyed! Next week I will just work that little bit harder a lose those 2lbs 💪🏼