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seungchuchu things
  • seung-gil being the most uncharacteristically soft boy when he’s around phichit. like, soft smiles, heart eyes, blushing furiously
    • everyone is so surprised bc who is this person pretending to be seung-gil lee?
    • but theyre also not surprised bc everyone is at least a little in love with phichit
  • phichit and seung-gil sitting close or cuddling while on their phones and not speaking to each other. it’s a comfortable silence. but seung-gil will smile and laugh at any video or picture or meme that phichit shows him
  • phichit: hey seung-gil, i found this husky plushie at some store in bangkok and he reminded me so much of your dog!!! also omg i found three hamster phone charms that i wrapped around the dog’s collar isn’t it cute.. wait seung-gil babe are you crying????!!
  • seung-gil is so touched starved now that he and phichit are boyfriends he’ll take any chance to be as physically close to him as possible. even during competitions he will be hugging or kissing phichit the moment he steps on and off the ice
    • everyone not even phichit and seung-gil himself expects this (both arent complaining anyways)
  • seung-gil, crying as he takes a snapchat of phichit’s hamsters chillin on top of his husky dog
  • phichit: look it’s us (shows seung-gil pictures of hamsters and dogs cuddling) seung-gil, in tears: i’m fine
  • BONUS ROUND: phichit/seung-gil as andy/april from parks and rec
    • phichit: seung-gil you’re like an angel with no wings seung-gil: so like a person
    • seung-gil when he proposes to phichit: i guess i kinda hate most things but i never really seem to hate you so i want to spend the rest of my life with you. is that cool? (phichit, tearfully: YES)
    • phichit: awww babe you had a crush on me, that’s embarrassing!! seung-gil: we’re engaged phichit: stillllll

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A/N: Hey, it’s savvy!sam here! I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, but I wanted my next imagine to be more light-hearted since the last thing I wrote was more angsty, so, here you go!

“So remind me again why we’re here?”

You turn away from the adorable hamsters in their cages to glance at Sam, whose hands are stuffed deep into his jacket pockets. He has a questioning glint in his eyes, and it makes you laugh

“We’re looking! See how cute these little guys are?” You ‘aww’ softly as one of the hamsters crawls through the tubes and nearly gets stuck. “Could you imagine having one of these?”

Sam wrinkles his nose. “If we were to get a pet, I wouldn’t want it to be a hamster.”

You shrug, and walk further down the aisle, stopping abruptly when you see another sort of animal in the aquarium.

“How do you think Dean would react to us bringing home a Bearded Dragon?”

Sam chuckles in response, peering closely at the lizard. “Honestly? He’d probably say it’s super badass. Would definitely prefer a lizard to… pretty much everything else we could manage to get.”

You scoff as you cross your arms. “Not after he finds out how much they bite.”

The two of you move onto the next aquarium, and you flinch as soon as you see what’s inside.

“No. Absolutely no spiders.” A grimace takes over your face as the large, hairy arachnid crawls closer to your side of the glass, and you take a step back. 

“No? You sure? Because I know how much you love them-” You cut Sam off with a swift smack to his shoulder. “Ouch! Okay, okay, no spiders,” he finishes with a laugh. “What do you want to look at, then?”

The edges of your lips quirk up, and you take his hand in yours. You begin leading him near the front of the store, and he seems to know where you’re going before you even make it there. 

The puppies all bark excitedly as you and Sam approach them, jumping and yipping inside their large pen. They topple over each other, trying to get your attention, and you look at Sam with a smile on your face.

“I should’ve known,” he says, but he’s smiling too, a childish, joyous smile. The two of you peer into the pen and notice one of the puppies sitting to the side, not wishing to engage in the battle for your affections that was taking place just a few inches away. You wrap your hands around his fluffy body and cradle him close to your chest.

“Look how adorable he is, Sam,” you say as Sam begins to scratch the spot behind his ears. “Can you imagine him running all around the bunker, jumping around, playing-”

“Yeah, I can. I can also imagine Dean flipping his shit when he finds out we brought a dog home.” Although his words present a predicament, Sam is still gazing lovingly at the puppy. 

“We could call him…” You think over this for a moment, analyzing the color of the puppy’s fur. It is a golden brown. “Toast.”

Sam laughs jovially, pressing a kiss to your temple. “Toast. That’s…”

“Perfect, right?”

Your boyfriend looks at you, holding the contented puppy in your arms, and sighs a sort of defeated sigh. He pulls out his phone, searching for Dean’s number.

“What are you doing?” you ask.

“Letting Dean know that there is about to be another addition to the bunker.”

Kevin Owens Sex Headcannons

This guy is someone I have mixed feelings about. One the one hand he’s a phenomenal wrestler. But on the other hand, he’s a cunt to Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn so…

But he reminds me of a hamster so he’s pretty adorable. I don’t know him as well as I would’ve hoped but here I am writing headcannons about him.

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- He’d be very good at making love because look at him. But I feel he’d also be very good at rough sex because the guy can overpower you in seconds. 

- He’d groan and moan a lot through the whole thing, maybe even grit his teeth a little.

- I don’t think he’d mind whether he tops or bottoms in sex, as long as you orgasm then he doesn’t care.

- Likes dirty talk a lot

- Unlike some other people who can have many short lasting rounds, he can have one very long round. 

- So you’d probably have like 4 orgasms in that space

- He’s a very generous lover I think, so he’d probably always be in between your legs. 

- Your thighs would hurt after that session. But he wouldn’t regret a thing. 

- He’s a very big fan of pinning your hands above your head; whether its making out or during sex itself)

- He will always slap your ass, and it won’t be the quiet ones either. The sound would crack through the corridors. 

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I'm sitting in the front of my college theatre alone. I finished selling tickets an hour ago and I was spending my time looking up suicide quotes and crying because of things going on in my personal life. I found this blog, and you reminded me that if I keep going, I may be getting a hamster in December and I will be meeting an online friend of 4 years on New Years Eve. Thank you so much. You're fantastic.

You’re so very welcome! I’m always here if you need. ❤


Endless list of favourite characters
→ Dr Caitlin Snow, The Flash

I used to play this game in my head - what would I give up for just one more minute with him? My house, my career, the rest of my life…Today I got that minute and I wish I hadn’t. Seeing him like that, what he’s become…dear God, I wish he had just died that night.