...reminds me of a hamster

Kevin Owens Sex Headcannons

This guy is someone I have mixed feelings about. One the one hand he’s a phenomenal wrestler. But on the other hand, he’s a cunt to Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn so…

But he reminds me of a hamster so he’s pretty adorable. I don’t know him as well as I would’ve hoped but here I am writing headcannons about him.

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- He’d be very good at making love because look at him. But I feel he’d also be very good at rough sex because the guy can overpower you in seconds. 

- He’d groan and moan a lot through the whole thing, maybe even grit his teeth a little.

- I don’t think he’d mind whether he tops or bottoms in sex, as long as you orgasm then he doesn’t care.

- Likes dirty talk a lot

- Unlike some other people who can have many short lasting rounds, he can have one very long round. 

- So you’d probably have like 4 orgasms in that space

- He’s a very generous lover I think, so he’d probably always be in between your legs. 

- Your thighs would hurt after that session. But he wouldn’t regret a thing. 

- He’s a very big fan of pinning your hands above your head; whether its making out or during sex itself)

- He will always slap your ass, and it won’t be the quiet ones either. The sound would crack through the corridors. 


Endless list of favourite characters
→ Dr Caitlin Snow, The Flash

I used to play this game in my head - what would I give up for just one more minute with him? My house, my career, the rest of my life…Today I got that minute and I wish I hadn’t. Seeing him like that, what he’s become…dear God, I wish he had just died that night.

About Zeref ( Chapter 445 )

It’s really weird to have such a cute guy being the ultimate bad guy who wants to destroy humanity.

I mean


at this


so kawaii

and hot

and then BOOM



(kicking an old man’s ass with kawaiiness)

kinda reminds me of this :

an evil , cuddlie hamster

So, I’ve heard that hamsters in sleeves are a thing now in Japan xD

It reminded me of this old photo of my late hamster Suki. I remember how she sometimes would climb out of the cage into my sleeve by herself when I reached out for her whilst wearing shirts with baggy sleeves.

If you want to take a similar picture, I advise you not to force it onto your hamster if they do not like being your sleeve.