You tidy your room.

Pencils aligned.

Bed made.

You even dust the windowsill.

You do some music practice.


Catch up on your emails.

Even do your filing which has been waiting for months but you could never find the time to put all that useless paper the bank sends you away.

You listen to music.

Plan a holiday.

Stalk old friends on Facebook. Old crushes.

You block websites and find new ones.

Read books, do the laundry, update your CV, book appointments.

You’ve never been so organised.

And at the end of the day you look at the pile of books on your desk, at the circled dates on your calendar and at all the work you haven’t done.

Ready to be ignored again tomorrow.


Nothing Could Be Clearer (W/ LEO THE GIANT)

[Thomas: I know I should stop procastinating and start working but I’m kind of looking for a sign.

Leo: Like this?

Thomas: No, from above.

Leo: This?

Thomas: (angrily) OOOkay.