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how the fuck do galra see. they dont have pupils. where does the light go in. is their entire eye retina? does the whole thing pick up light somehow? except that vrepit sal guy had pupils. was he just not full galra? or do galra naturally have pupils and theres some weird quintessence shit that turns their eyes yellow? if so what happens to their pupils?? theres like no indication that theyre still there?? how do they see through the yellow if its apparently opaque??? or does the quintessence straight up change the structure of their eyes????????? I HAVE QUESTIONS

Times like these I kinda regret making a dragon age oc-specific tumblr. My main tumblr is kind of a chaotic mess filled with shitposts and I’d hate for people to follow me there if they don’t care about all that. I know it’ll really clog up people’s dashes lol. I guess I could create another blog that’s just for ocs? I wouldn’t want to move all my dragon age stuff over bc there’s so much of it so this blog should stay the same. So atm a new blog would just be my fics and screenshots of SWtOR and Mass Effect and whatever else I get obsessed with in the future lol. Maybe even some original stuff. Is this something anyone would be interested in? Or is it not a big enough deal to bother?

what is the Point of all this if i can’t even read your writing on your blog

maybe i’m asking for too much but if “it devours” also manages to tell us how carlos fell in love with cecil from his own point of view i will literally leave this plane of existence and subsequently reach nirvana

I notice when people (myself included) make comics about Nick, a lot of people have him say “kid” a lot, but I realised today while playing then game, that he never actually says it, except to refer to an actual child once.

Nick does instead tend to say “friend” a lot - “I’m sorry friend” and so on.

Of course, this is totally fine - it’s your story and you interpretation and you can write anyone however you want - I just find it interesting and wonder where the “kid” thing came from