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161210 gunheenim instagram update:

친구라는건…^^ #우정#포에버#너무하네#난배추

that you call me your friend…^^ #friendship #forever #thisistoomuch #amicabbage [t/n: think “what am I, chopped liver”]

Photo translation:
Gunhee’s kakao conversation with “Space Bitch Star”
GH: hey
HC: yeah yeah
GH: i miss you
HC: dipshit
[t/n: the way heechul typed is the least possible effort you can put into writing a response, it’s not even actual words lol]

Heechul commented:

HC: i’m going to singapore. it’s too cold here
GH: As a diaper-wearing man, your lower body must be warm.

agriosanemos  asked:

Thank you so much for the information! Out of curiosity, I know B Pro released a "spirit animal" epithet sort of thing for the first ten boys. Has there been one released for KILLER KING by any chance?

Teramitsu Yuzuki  

  • 揺らめくTWINSミステリアスバニー
  • Wavering Mysterious TWINS Bunny 

Teramitsu Haruhi 

  • 煌めくTWINSトロピカルバニー
  • Sparkling Tropical TWINS Bunny 

Fudou Akane 

  • 天真爛漫エンジェルピッグ
  • Innocent Angel Pig

Shingari Mirouku

  • 意識高めのストイックパンサー
  • Highly Conscious Stoic Panther