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I dreamt that you were trying to pinch the veins on my right wrist. It fucking hurt.

others would dream about me giving them a private concert or whatever but not you, your sleeping brain was like ‘what if matt bellamy pinched my veins’; dream!me is a serious bad guy

1500 followers!! Can someone pinch me?!

This is amazing. Almost a year I’m doing this blog and so much followers.

I have amazing friends that help me get trough life and with my followers to. I’m so happy I can’t imagine with out you guys.

@evyiione : I’m so happy that I have met you on Tumblr. All day we talk with each other and I love it. When I’m sad you help me get trough. I love it when you edit for me and that we work together on a fic. And I really want continue with it.

@winchesters-favorite-girl : I love it that you reblog my stuff and that I can ‘use’ you in my fic. One thing it’s going to be a long serie.

@sisterwinchesterwriter : I really like it when you make a one shot for me when I was sick. And I love it and it’s was amazing.

And of course the rest of my followers. I love you guys. This is amazing and I’m really happy that you help me get trough it and that you are in my life.

Update: look what just finished printing!! I think I had enough made to cover a whole wall 😂😂😂 Spent all of yesterday looking for a printer who could rush these for me as I’m leaving for Vancouver in a few days (totally unrelated, I’m going for a friend’s wedding haha). I finally just had them printed at a photo shop because other printers were taking too long! I’m still looking for rush printers who can do decal stickers for me. Fingers crossed.

And yes, most of these are bughead and bughead AUs hahaha 😉

Schmoopiest headcanon alive:

Tony, the ridiculous asshole he is was one day so giddy over something he jumped up on Buckys back whooping and to his delight his boy didn’t even flinch or stumble, strong super soldier that he is. So later, tony did it again. And again. Bucky all fake exasperated tolerated it, but one day, he just wrapped his elbows under tonys thighs and held on so he couldn’t get down until he started whining. Little did Bucky know. Tony loved it. And now, its a thing. Just imagine in your head. Tony fuckin piggy back on Bucky as he goes through his mundane everyday tasks ok. That’s what this is about. Clingy koala tony. Fight me.


spn song creations challenge | @gordonwalkr
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Why am I racing
To get myself back?