Exactly 2 years ago, after homestuck’s sudden return from seemingly eternal haitus, I was staying up anticipating an update. It would turn out to be game over. That was my first major update; I’d gotten into homestuck over the gigapause. 2 fucking years later I’m staying up for the same reason, but this time it might be my last major update instead. oh who am I kidding homestuck will never be completely over hussie will be delivering updates to my grave

@fnord888 said: Sorry, did you say “Alpha Centauri”?

Alpha Centauri is also an excellent game! And a much better sequel to Civ II than Civ III was. :P It’s probably better than Civ II actually, but I played Civ II more and love it more.

(I still quote a bunch of philosophers in my best imitation of the Datalinks voice, though. And don’t always remember that Academician Prokhor Zakharov is not, on technical points, a famous philosopher.

Also, I spelled his name right first try. :P )

I love how in the beginning of FMAB the Philosopher’s Stone is percieved as a such a hard-to-find mythical thing, and then near the end it’s like
“oh I just remembered I have a Philosopher’s Stone in my pocket”
“what’s that lying on the floor?” “oh it’s a Philosopher’s Stone”
“so who’s that bearded man with golden hair again?” “oh he’s a Philosopher’s Stone”

Sometimes we collapse into ourselves. We think we’re just being quiet, that we’re just introverted, and sometimes thats true. But sometimes the silence surrounds us like quotations marks, holds our tongues captives, sometimes we are prisoners to ourselves, and we don’t even know it.