...personally i love it

the world is dying
i’m sitting here crying
you’re over there trying
and we’re both just a mess

my hands start to shake
your mind starts to race
we think about our hearts
but it’s all gone to waste

and the tear marks on my cheeks
the words we don’t speak
the fact that you’re facing me
is something i can’t handle

and as we sit on opposite sides
thinking about life
what’s the matter with crying
if the rest of us are dying

tripped out

all the colours seem to swirl

 and my pupils dilate

 my pulse begins to race 

and my hands start to shake

i look around and things are melting

the floor turns into a hole

falling down a darkened tunnel 

confused on where to go

i see things running around me

but they really aren’t there

i hear noises coming from the outside

that no one else can hear

i lay down on the ground and stare at the moon

it starts to talk to me

and the sun comes out too soon

the sun decides to hate me

and blister me with its rays

and once i’m out of that trance

i have at least 5 more pills to take


The time has come for Marshal to leave my town. I’ve had him for like two years now, so this has been a very painful decision. I thought it wasn’t important to me about how well my villagers and their houses suited my town theme, but I guess that’s changed :-( 

So I really need someone to adopt him. It is vital that I know he’s moved to somewhere he will live happily, with a mayor that will love him as much as I do and take very VERY good care of him. I’d say he’s free but he isn’t, the price is giving him as much love and attention as he deserves and if there ever comes a time where you can’t have him anymore I need you to make sure he goes to another good home too. That’s a mayor’s oath you will be breaking if you don’t!!

As you can see from the pictures he is an amazing friend with a pure heart and soul ;-;

So if you want him let me know! You will also receive his picture with him if you want! Please do not ask for him if you’re only interested in trading him and not having him long term. I know this post isn’t very aesthetically pleasing but reblogs are appreciated :-)

Lonely hearts have a tendency to stick their veins out, in hope of connecting to someone else’s blood vessels. The only problem is that the bearers of those hearts have reached a point where they feel like they don’t know how to do that anymore. They’ve been put down too many times, told that they’re abnormal so often, to the point of nearly believing it themselves. They tell themselves that they just aren’t meant to be around anyone else, that they were born to love infinitely and to never be loved the same.
—  🖤

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root,,,,, is she a star wars or star trek fan?

root is a gone girl lesbian

ISTJ: We just breathe and yet you’re questioning that…?

INFJ: The trick is to question everything. Just sit in silence and think about how we and the universe function in every minuscule detail.

ISTJ: Oh really.

Other friend: What…are you guys talking about?

INFJ: I’m teaching ISTJ how to have an existential crisis.

ISTJ: and I’m politely declining the lesson