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Can we just talk about how the line ‘now and always’ keep reappearing in the show? First, it’s in Dany’s speech from season 6, and at some point, Tyrion said it as well. Then apparently it’s a thing with Jon now too??

But can we also talk about how that line originated from Theon and Robb?

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Caulifla, Kale and Mirai Trunks(DBS) are the biggest Mary Sues of Dragon Ball Super.

How the fuck does Kale tank a Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha from a powered up Goku?!

It took Gohan and Goku years of training to unlock the Super Saiyan 2 Form and you’re telling me that Caulifla did that shit in one day with no trouble? WHAT?!

And we better not talk about fucking Trunks and his fucking Genkidama Sword and new Super Saiyan Shit form.

This show is actively ruining past arcs of DBZ. Previous accomplishments by DBZ characters especially Gohan’s are made irrelevant because it doesn’t mean shit to train and work hard anymore.

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Hi! what do you think about a relationship between an older woman and an younger guy? (when both are legal ofc) Do you think is problematic? Because a lot of people think is something weird and even disgusting sometimes

They think it’s disgusting because there is an age difference or because it’s the woman who is older?  

I have this female friend who was meeting guys from internet dating sites.  A few times she met guys who said they were much younger in their profile than they are in real life.  Example: They say they are 30 when in real life they are 40.  These guys told her that they felt like they had to lie about their age because they wanted to date girls in their 20′s but they would be discriminated against if the girls knew their real age and they wouldn’t even get a chance to date them and prove themselves first.  You know… because these guys only wanted to date younger women.  How do they not see the irony in this??? Some people are seriously fucked up.  The point being that some men feel that younger women are the only people worthy of their attentions and actively discriminate against women their own age or older.  This has been going on forever and is deeply embedded in many cultures. It’s been a long standing tradition that no one bats an eye at an older man with a  younger woman, but those same people flip out if it’s an older woman with a younger man.  It’s kinda pathetic.

But in real life, people are attracted to other people based on qualities that may not have anything to do with age.  I think it makes sense that people’s instinct is to try to find a mate close in age to themselves, mostly because you would be at a similar stage of life and likely have more in common than with someone significantly older or younger than yourself.  But the older you get, the less these age differences matter.  A 20 year old dating a 30 year old feels like a massive age difference.  But that same 10 year gap feels less significant if you talk about a 35 year old dating a 45 year old.  Or a 55 year old dating a 65 year old.  

And a lot of time, when you first start dating someone, you don’t know how old they are.  In Korea, they might ask you how old you are as soon as they meet you… but in most of the western world, that would be rude to ask.  So sometimes you find yourself with someone that you’ve been dating a few times and then realize “Crap! This person is way younger than I thought he/she was!”  I was on a second date with someone and only realized that he was significantly younger than me when I started piecing together when he talked about how long he had been working at his job and that it was his first job after graduating university.  A colleague of mine in her early 50′s found herself with a guy in his mid 20′s and neither one of them realized how old the other was until after they slept together the first time.  They both knew that she was older than him, but no one stopped to figure out exactly how much older.  Ultimately, he was cool with continuing dating but she called it off because she was freaked out by dating someone close in age to her own children.

I also know plenty of people who are in successful relationships where the two parties have an age gap.  I don’t care what the sex or gender of the people are.  Older man,  younger woman.  Older woman, younger man.  Same sex couples. If both parties are in the relationship because they truly enjoy each others company and they are happy with their situation, then it’s nobody else’s business what the age difference is.

I only have three episodes left of Lie to Me and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be a disappointed emotional mess afterwards.

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