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"Sleeping Dork" Monsta X Hyungwon (Fluff)

REQUESTED: “Can you write a hyungwon fluff please? 😁😁😁”

Monsta x: Hyungwon x Reader (Fluff)

Your boyfriend Hyungwon had a day off today which rarely happens. You were heading over to his house with some snack and a few movies. As you reached the house it was unusually quiet, knocked and there wasn’t an answer. You remember Hyungwon saying that the boys were going out so you reached under the potted plant to get the spare key.

As you walked in kicking your shoes off and heading back to Hyungwons room. You sat the snack down in the kitchen as you passed by it. Opening the door to his room you couldn’t help but smile at the sight of your boyfriend asleep.

“Hyungwonnie” you cooed at him walking closer to the bed. He turned over, not sure if he heard you or was just ignoring you. You poked his back trying to wake him but he didn’t budge. So You climb into bed cuddling up to him. He let out a happy sigh as he turned around. “Hello there beautiful” he said still half asleep. “Hey there handsome” you giggled.

He kissed your nose sweetly and wrapped his arms around you. “Baby I brought some movies” you said nuzzling into his chest. “Yeah?” He said groggily “wanna get my laptop and we can cuddle under the covers and watch them?” You smiled from ear to ear “that would be great!”

“Go get the movies I’ll get my laptop” he said kissing the top of your head. You nodded and tried to get up but Hyungwons arms still held you in place. “If you wanna watch movies your gonna have to let me go” you said giggling. “There’s a problem then” he said eyes closed. “Yeah? What’s that?” You asked tilting your head like a puppy.

“I don’t wanna let you go” he said squeezing you tightly. “Does that include breathing because I can’t do that either” you joked. “You want me to squeeze you tighter? Sure thing” he chuckled squeezing you tighter. You pretended to gasp for air “Can’t. Breath.” You laughed which made you laugh.

“Fine go get the movies but go quickly I wanna cuddle more.” He said kissing you softly his eyes now open. Your face turned a bit red as his soft lips met yours. You will never get over the feeling of how soft they were. You tried once again getting up “baby you gotta let go so I can come back quickly.”

He grunted but let you go you got down of the bed and headed to were you sat the snack and movies. You came back into the room you started to giggle, your boyfriend with his hair a mess. “What’s so funny?” You said pouting “your hairs all messy.” You said still giggling. “Don’t make fun” he said pouting even more.

“I’m not making fun it’s just super cute.” You said with a big smile. “Well if I’m so cute why are you the whole way over there?” He said wiggling his eyebrows. You climbed back into the bed handing him the DVD’s. “So babe I hope your ok with spending the night” he said starting a movie and wrapping his arms around you. “Oh? Why am I staying the night?” You asked looking up at him.

“Because your not leaving my bed” he said smiling down at you placing another soft kiss to your lips. “Well the good news is I don’t wanna leave your bed” you said smiling. “Good cause I don’t want you to leave my arms” he said cupping your face “I love you.” You could hear him say that a 1,000 times and every single time your heart would skip a beat. “I love you to” he smiled as you felt your cheeks heat up. He leaned in for another kiss a little longer than the others “now let’s go to this movie!” He said his cheeks also a soft shade of red.

“Hey!” He said excited as he pulled the snacks out “my favorite!” You laughed “that’s why I got them!” He pretended to tear up “your the best” you both laughed at his dorkyness.

For all the haters out there, saying bad things about BAP like “Who are they anyway?” Or “They’re no one”. I was supposed to keep my mouth shut because i’m also a fan of the other groups you’re supporting but the hell, who are you to say that? REMEMBER THAT WHEN BAP WAS ON TOP BEFORE THEY FILED THE LAWSUIT, Your bias wasn’t that recognizable either. For a group to go through some hardship before they can even perform again, thats very rude and heartless to say. You wouldn’t even know because your heads too big with fame now. Gad, Im sorry to say this but i think you’re going out of line. Maybe because you never experienced desperately waiting for someone because we sure did and we’re just happy they came back, as a whole and we’re happy to support them until the end. So if you try to ruin that, then watch out. Our boys just came back and we wouldn’t want someone to try and put them down back again. DON’T EVEN TRY.

I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I figured I might as well be productive. I have now done 5 loads of laundry (because our dryer broke and we couldn’t hang dry things because it’s really cold, but now it is fixed yayy), made two batches of Scottish baps and some squash-apple-cranberry bake for Thanksgiving with my friends tonight. I also watched the Iron Giant while I was cooking. I’m currently roasting some seeds, and once that’s done… I’ll finally be able to take my shower!