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[Article] Is TS to blame why BAP is not as big in K-pop?

Highlights of the truths laid down in this article include:

“B.A.P. is able to change and adjust to more than one dramatic style”

“Now B.A.P. has come back with ‘Wake Me Up,’ a title track song that is far more sociologically driven than any other song I have ever heard in K-pop. They are unafraid to perform about topics and issues that would be “unpopular” in K-pop but once again, it reaches out to a more international fan base as it touches their hearts and their minds.”

“So what happened that prevented B.A.P. from becoming big? I believe it is TS Entertainment.”

“In the case of B.A.P., TS Entertainment had ‘clauses that violate civil rights and go against what is outlined in the Fair Trade Commission.’ Not only that, the distribution of profit was unfair as it was stated that since their debut, B.A.P. made over $9 million, but only gave each member a measly $16,000. That is not even minimum wage!”

“Sadly, a whole year of no promotions, no music, no fan interaction hurt B.A.P. As for their reconciliation with TS Entertainment, K-pop fans were happy but cautious. It is possible that TS Entertainment would backstab B.A.P. and go back to their old ways that drove the wedge between musical artists and agency in the first place.”

“K-pop fans got to listen to some of the most entertaining and innovative music they have ever made..touching on subjects with a deeper meaning, we can only wonder how B.A.P. will continue to grow. For me, I will say just one to two more years. Give B.A.P. just that amount of time and they’ll be big if TS Entertainment doesn’t screw them over again.”

  • For complete tea spillage, read the full article here 
B.A.P - you don’t want to get up.

Request: Hey darling, can I request a reaction with B.A.P when their s/o doesen´t want to get/wake up in the morning? Like, them having a day off and having plans? Thank you in advance.!

Yongguk: "Princess, wake up.“ Your boyfriend whispered in your ear. "No, no.” You said and covered your face. “We have plans, don’t you remember?” “Can’t we just cancel and stay in bed all day?” You asked, looking at him. “If you want, we can.” “Please!” “Okay, plans canceled.” He said and hugged you.

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Himchan: "You know…we could stay asleep the rest of the day.“ You said sleepily. "You’re so lazy!” He said with a laugh. “I know. Please, we can cuddle.” “Okay, let’s cuddle.”

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Daehyun: The alarm rang and you two woke up. “Babe, do we really have to do something today?” You asked. “Not really, but we were going to the mall to get some things, remember?” “Yes. But I wanted to stay in bed.” You pouted. “Let’s just stay, then. Fuck the mall.” “YAY!”

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Youngjae: "Baby…“ he said looking at you. "Hm?” “Do you want to do something today?” “No.” You said  sleepily. “Let’s sleep more?” “That’s what I wanted to hear.” You smiled and snuggled close to him.

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Jongup: "Jagi, come on!“ He called you. "Where?” “We were going to the grocery store now, remember?” “No, let’s get some sleep.” “Oh really?” “Really.” He stared at you for a while, then shrugged and lay back on the bed. “Come here, let’s cuddle and sleep.” “You are the best.” “I know.”

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Zelo: You two had gone to bed late, because you were doing…things. Next morning, you were so tired to do anything. “Baby, can we stay in bed all day?” You asked. “Of course, let’s sleep more.” “Thanks!” You laughed and hugged him.

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BAP_YoungjaeAnticipate it. Because we are going to come back coolly ✌

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Ok here's the request again! Can you do a TFLN where Harry and the missus met and began dating the week before Harry starts a tour and when they've been dating for only like 1 or 2 weeks Harry sends flowers to her home?

Harry. Missus.

Thank you!

What for?

The beautiful flowers you sent me this morning.

They’re very beautiful.

That’s a very artsy photo.

You should stick that on Instagram.

Tag me in it, too.

Would that be okay?

Of course! I want people to know that I’m with you.

Are you sure?

100% sure.


Do you like them? Are they nice? They fit your house?

They’re perfect.

They smell divine, too.

Did you pick them yourself?

I went into the shop, yeah. Picked out the bouquet myself. I mean, I’ve only seen your house once. And that was in the dark, but, I thought they would fit nicely.

They’re gorgeous. Thank you.

Consider them as an ‘I miss you’.

I miss you, too.

How’s tour going?

It’s good. Missing you like crazy. It’s not fun waking up and realising I can’t come and see you. I woke up this morning, hoping to give you a call and pop over with a breakfast bap from Starbucks, but I realised I was in Glasgow and you were back in London.

I could have joined you on this leg.

I didn’t want take you from work.

I could have come for a week. Used my holiday days.

Nope. I want you to come and join me in Milan, through to Lisbon. We can make it a proper holiday, too. Sunbathe together and go out for dinners and then have the show and come back and sleep.

That sounds great.

I’ll let you go and do your stuff today. I’ve got some stuff to do myself. I’ll speak to you soon?

Speak later before the show. x



More flowers?

You deserve all the flowers. 

I’m running out of space.

I can send you some outdoorsy ones?

And where will I put them? I have no garden, you idiot.

You can stick them in my garden. I gave you a key for emergencies. You can go and plant them in my garden, if you want?


Of course. We can be like an old married couple and garden together when I’m home.

You’re an idiot.

I love you. Thank you. x

You’re welcome, babe. x

I’ll keep some at home…

… and I’ll keep some in your house. x

That sounds like a great idea. x

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hi!!!! just wondering if you had any recs like your fic Understand Me??? xoxoxoxoxooxoxox

Hello!! FIRSTLY, I am so so sorry this took so long but a lot of these I haven’t read for a while or haven’t caught up on them so I had to go back all over them and just dhfsdhfadffh so I’m really sorry about that! Forgive me pls

(Also I’m not really sure what pairings you want so I’ll just share some of my fave fics that I’m reading/have read)

Lucky for you I read too many fics for my own good so if you’re looking for fics like Understand Me I have some nice angsty ones I’ve read AND some 2Jae/MarkJin if that’s the pairings you’re looking for ;)

Loves Quiet Place by niazkilam
Status - Ongoing. Not rated. College AU. This fic explores what most (even pro) writers stray away from - representing characters with common disabilities. The writer shows how we can adapt to include and support communities of deaf people. A lovely, fluffy, slow-burn fic with cute drawings sprinkled here and there to go along with the story. Gave me serious feels already. High expectations for how this fic will unravel.

Blue Neighbourhood by gotsichi7
Status - Completed. Mature. A wonderfully angsty AU, but beware of issues such as smoking and alcohol abuse throughout. Cleverly (and heavily) inspired by Troye Sivan’s studio album ‘Blue Neighbourhood’. Well-written with a few editing mistakes (but not enough to take away from the story). Graphic scenes of smut. Definitely listen to the album while reading.

No more empty chairs (Route 66) by jinyoungstuan
Status - Completed. Teen and Up. College AU in which Jinyoung is the main announcer on his university’s local radio station and Mark is a past street-racer. Deals with heavy topics such as depression and suicidal thoughts/attempts. Angst galore. Well-written with a few editing mistakes. I like a lot this writer’s fics and would recommend you read some more of theirs!

Oops, Sorry by VeryGhost
Status - Completed. Teen and Up. Wrong number texting AU in which Hoseok is a college student and Yoongi is an underground rapper. Very cute and low-key angsty.. Side NamJin and VMin. Quite a simple fic but it really made my heart hurt at points. Haven’t finished it yet but I love it so far.

A simple question by ItsaShrillFeeling
Status - Ongoing. General. Idol-verse AU like Understand Me. Sweet and fluffy. Quite simple but has an interesting story-line. This fic explores struggling with/ discovering ones sexuality. Interested in seeing how this story pans out.

Let’s Try and Try Again by forjimin
Status - Completed. Explicit. College/Friends with Benefits AU. It explores manipulation in a relationship and the effects of coping with traumatic life events in an unhealthy manner. As surprising as it may be it was one of the few fics that actually made me cry. Feel free to ask me why if you want.

The Letter Thief by d4wndust
Status - Completed. Teen and Up. Wrong number texting AU. Explores overcoming depression. Very simple but 100% guaranteed to make you sob by the last chapter. (I sobbed like a baby at the end) Must listen to each song mentioned for added effect. Side TaeKook. 

Mechanical by vixxedfeelings
Status - Ongoing. Teen and Up. Robot AU (I guess??) Mystery. Slow burn, angst and pining. Very interesting story-line. I anticipate the outcome and discovering just exactly what’s happening. Very slow updates. 

TaeGi: (Now for shameful exposure)
Where The Heart Is by roachprince
Status - Ongoing. Explicit. Pretend boyfriends AU. Quite funny with a slow burn and then suddenly goes from 0 to 100 (aka smut) It’s done for plot and if you read on far enough you’ll find out why. Quite well-written. Mentions of past CSA. Past YoonSeok and VMin. Side NamJin and JiHope.  

Finding Home by Bandit4Life
Status - Completed. Not rated. AU. Explores depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and attempted suicide. Please be respectful to the writer as this fic was wholly based on their real life experiences. Hurt my heart so much, but I loved this fic. 

JackBam: (I actually don’t ship JackBam lol but this fic is great)
Jupiter In Retrograde by amerithotkongs
Status - Ongoing. Explicit. 1980′s AU. Had me hooked from the very first sentence. Lovely, flowing writing style - clearly well-written and thought out. Dialogue is exceptional (since this is something writer’s often struggle with) sentences just seem to flow so naturally. Love it. High expectations. Side MarkJin.

Somewhere Far Away From Here by nonsensicalnonsense
Status - Completed. Not rated. High school AU. A lovely lil first person fic about discovering and accepting ones sexuality. Though it’s not tagged as such beware of tooth-rotting fluff. Angst fest. Very cute. Side JongKey. 

The Thin Space Between Us by Jishubunny
Status - Completed. Teen and Up. A one shot exploring into the mind of a person suffering with OCD. Very sweet. Fluffy and cute. A bit unrealistic but a nice and easy read. 

The World in a Grain of Sand by jezzberry
Status - Completed. Mature. Yoga Au (of all things…) Honestly such a guilty pleasure fic. Very artistically written. Most definitely well-written. Like honestly I was shook by the writing. Lots of metaphors but that just helps in drawing you in.

baby, baby by andnowforyaya
Status - Completed. General. Babysitting AU. Single parent Himchan and babysitter Daehyun. One of my personal faves. Just plain adorable. Cute, sweet fluffiness. Also funny. Quite well-written. Tugged on my heart strings a lot.

I’m actually so sorry but I thought long and hard about it before realising that I don’t really read a lot of 2Jae, like, I’m a 2Jae hoe but don’t really read any 2Jae fics :/ Also idol-verse fics are very hard to come across so I apologise that I couldn’t tailor to your request that well :(

Despite that, I hope you like some of these :) I specialise in rare pairs but you should definitely give them a try and also these fics a try cuz personally I think the majority are very good! (I’m just so shocked at how many of these were so explicit. Oops?) Please tell me if some of the links are faulty.

Thanks so much for the ask btw!!

I generally don’t do this stuff but I wanted to show my appreciation to the awesome people I’m following mutuals or non mutuals. Thank you all for making this blue hell hole of a site a much better place to be! 

There are more cool blogs that I do follow which you can check out in my blogroll page

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Bad Girl Ch 6: Playing Gangster

“I’m done with this Yongguk oppa, we set the price and the date together, there is no reason the shipment shouldn’t be here yet,” I remind the elder.

He chuckles nervously and runs his hand through his hair, “Jooyoung-ah don’t be so cruel with your oppas, you know we would never wrong you in anyway. There was just an issue with the ships, just give us one more day and we will have it for you.”

I nod, “I have no issue with waiting, my issue is handing over the money. I don’t pay until I have what I want.”

“You don’t trust me?” He snaps.

Jiho takes a step forward but I hold my hand out to stop him. I cross my arms over my chest and scan the faces of the five men in front me, noting that their youngest member is missing. “I don’t trust anyone that isn’t part of my gang. This matter isn’t up for debate Oppa, I’ll give you your money when I receive my product like we have done a dozen times before, don’t make this difficult. Why are you in such dire need of this money?” My group behind me seems to come closer, preparing for some kind of out break.

Yongguk groans and combs his fingers through his hair again, “These little bastards, some new gang that is trying to get a hold of our territory, took Zelo. They sent us notes about a ransomed either 100,000 dollars for his head or our territory.”

“I know you guys have that much, what is the problem?”

“We are short 10,000 due to some issues but we need that money to get him back tonight, so please Jooyoung-ah, do this for us this once,” I surprised when the prideful man drops to his knees and bows his head.

“This is not our problem,” Jiho warns me but I ignore him and look behind me, past him, to Hanbin who is watching intensely.

“Hanbin oppa, go find the kid,” I command.

“Jooyoung,” Jiho snaps.

“I’m not paying the ransom for them, just go bust in and get the kid. This new gang could cause some problems for us if they are already starting trouble with people as powerful as BAP. Plus I’m not just doing it out of the kindness of my heart, we will be receiving a very good deal when the next few shipments come in, right Yongguk oppa?” I smile bitter-sweetly at the older man.

He nods eagerly, revealing his gummy smile, “Thank you so much white dragon.” The other five quickly drop to their knees along side him and bow so their foreheads rest on the dirty ground of the warehouse we are occupying.

I click my tongue and nudge them with my heel, “None of that, I will see you tomorrow for the shipment, all of you, so rest easy night. But just a little reminder, if something like this ever happens again while my beloved back dragon is here this won’t end so nicely, got it?” Turning on my heel I face the eight men that usually accompany me on my business adventures. They follow me, well Jiho is actually leading, to the SUV that is waiting out side the warehouse. Jiho opens the back door for me to slide in the middle while the others go around to climb in the back or sit on my other side. Bobby is on my left while Junhoe is on my right, Hanbin takes the front, which means the other three were forced in the back. The minute Jiho gets into the drivers seat we lock eyes in the review mirror.

“You have to stop being so nice,” He scolds me.

“I wasn’t that nice, I gave him a pretty good threat at the end, right Junhoe-ya?” I elbow the younger.

He nods quickly, “Of course, you were terrifying; had me shaking in my boots.”

“Don’t feed into her delusion,” Hanbin glares at the poor boy.

“You’re just mad that you can’t go out tonight now,” I lean forward and poke Hanbin’s cheek teasingly. He tries to bite my finger, earning a flick on the forehead from Jiho.

“I know she’s being a little mouthy but you bite her, I’ll beat you,” Jiho threatens.

“Calm down guard dog,” I pat him on his head, “How about some lunch? I’m starving.”

“We actually have to go get ready for tonight,” Bobby reminds us, “So if you could drop us off near head quarters that would be great.”

Jiho nods, “Sure thing, pretty bird you actually have plans so you wouldn’t have been able to anyway.”

I lean forward and rest my elbows on the center console, “Oh really, with whom?”

He flicks my forehead while the others pull me back and secure my seat belt, “The boss man of course.”

The drive to head quarters in aggressively playful, Hanbin tries not to smile as I tease his men and harass Bobby to the extreme. By the time we get there Hanbin, Chanwoo and Jinhwan are dying of laughter while the others about fling themselves out of the still moving car to get away from me. The minute the car stops Bobby and Junhoe basically fall out of the car but quickly try to recover by brushing the dirt off their suits. The others quickly follow, bowing before heading into the tall building. I climb into the front seat, ignoring Jiho’s whining about how I should have got out and walked around.

I straighten my clothes and flash him a smile, “So where is my beloved?”

“At home, he said he was going to cook you lunch,” Jiho answers as he rolls his eyes and pulls back into traffic. I stare absentmindedly out the window when he starts humming my favorite song.

“What song is that?” I ask.

“I don’t know, I heard it a long time ago and I just kind of stuck. Why, does it sound familiar or something?”

I shake my head, “You just hum it all the time and I really love it. I find it comforting.”

He chuckles, “Really?”

“Yep, because it makes me think of you and you always make me feel safe. I know I don’t tell you this enough Jiho oppa but I love you, like a brother of course but I want you to know that I love and appreciate everything you do for me.” I lean across the console to peck his cheek.

“Where is all of this coming from?”

“Zelo’s situation made me think about when I was kidnapped and how you saved me.”

Again he chuckles, but this time there is an edge to it, “I let you get kidnapped.”

“No, you protected me. Because of you, I made it out of there alive and I’m eternally grateful.”

He is silent for a minute and stares back at me until the light turns green, “Stop with all of this emotional stuff, you’re hurting my heart.”

“Come on Oppa, say it back,” I pout playfully as I take his hand, “You are the best big brother a girl could ask for, I love you.”

“Stop confessing to me,” He pulls his hand away and flicks me, “I would prefer to not loose my job.”

I sigh and accept defeat, already knowing his brotherly love for me. He pulls into the underground parking lot and parks the car in its spot before hopping out of the car. I walk around the car, distracted by my nails, I don’t see Jiho stopping in front of me. He turns around and pulls me into a tight hug, I find myself thinking back to when we first met on the street and smile, look how far we’ve come.

“I love you little sister,” He mumbles softly and kisses the top of my head. He releases me and leads me to the elevator like usual. We don’t talk the whole ride up but it’s a comfortable silence that makes a smile form on my face. He drops me off at my floor first before going down to his own. I step off the elevator and am automatically welcomed by our two guard dogs.

“Hello Leo, hello Ken,” I coo at the two dogs happily.

“How come the pets get greeted before me?” Jiyong whines as he comes out of the kitchen to give me a hug.

“Because they came to the door first, you have to be quick.” I sniff the air and pout, “You haven’t started lunch yet?”

He shakes his head, “Someone else called and left a very lovely voice message about how she needs to see you to apologize about what happened a few days ago.”

“You should just ignore her,” I whine, I really want to spend time with him today, as much as love Haneul I miss Jiyong.

“Too late, I already told her I was bring you over after you got back, speaking of which can I get a full view of this beautiful outfit,” He gives me a big smile as he steps back to check me out. I can’t hold in my laugh as he full on checks me out, going around in circles and everything. I strike a few poses for him, I’m wearing a fitting pin stripped suit, something Jiyong had costumed made for me. “You look like a real gangster,” He pecks my lips.

“Well I have to look the part if I’m playing gangster for the day.”

“Do you want to change before you go?” He wonders.

I groan, “Oppa, I don’t want to go, I want to take off my pants and lay in bed with you for the rest of the day.”

“Well after lunch we still have the rest of the day so don’t worry.”

“No, I want to have lunch with you.”

He chuckles, “You are so stubborn.”

I scoff, “Look who is talking, why are you trying so hard to get rid of me? Huh?”

“I just want you to enjoy your last bits of freedom.”

“Last bits of freedom?”

He nods, “Because in one month, we will be standing on the beach on some random tropical island with at most ten people saying our vows. After that we will not be leaving our villa for a whole month,” He nibbles on my neck playfully. “And then after that we will be traveling the world together for awhile, who knows when we will be back! Could be forever! I might just try to keep you all to myself for the rest of time.”

“Are you sure you want me to go?”

“I want you to have fun with your friends, you will see me tonight, and the next night and for the rest of time, you will be stuck with me. So as I said, enjoy your freedom while you can.”

A massive smile spreads across my face, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” We kiss lightly, I get ready to deepen the kiss when he pulls away and begins pulling me down the hall eagerly. “I almost forgot! I have a present for you!” I follow him without much choice, giggling at his childish happiness. He stops outside of our office doors, my old bedroom doors, and places his hands on the handle, ready for an exciting revel. “Okay, so I know that you were really upset about how you had to stop talking to Jihyo because you decided to step into my life so I wanted to give you a little something to remember her by.”

With that he throws the door open, I step inside and automatically get ready to bust into tears. Hanging above my desk is mine and Jihyo’s mug shots from years ago. Jiyong is behind me, his arms wrap around my waist, and his chin rests on my shoulder.

“Do you like it?” He hums.

I turn around in his embrace and return his hug, “Thank you so much,” I cry into his button up. Jiyong and I had talked about how I wanted to handle stuff with my family and friends when I first moved in. He recommended writing them letters and telling them I running away so that they wouldn’t get pulled into the drama and at first I was against it. But after really thinking it through I realized how right he was and agreed. It was one of the hardest moment in my life explaining to Jihyo in that letter about how much I’ll miss her and that she shouldn’t look for me.

“Please no crying, you’re breaking my heart love.”

I sniffle and wipe away my tears, “I’m sorry but Jihyo has the same set up above her bed at home it just made me miss her a bit.”

He kisses the top of my head, “One day you will be able to talk to her again, I promise, when things aren’t so crazy in our world we can go back to visit the real world.”

“Thank you.”

“You guys are annoyingly cute, you know that?” Haneul gages once again after she closes the front door and leads me into her house. We leave the entry way and head into the kitchen where she is cooking a delicious smelling lunch.

“I’m sorry that we don’t enjoy the same pet names as you and your princess,” I tease as I kick off my shoes and leap on to the counter.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m the king in our relationship,” She playfully snaps with a spatula pointed at me.

“Speaking of which I’m still waiting on your love story.”

“And I’m waiting on yours,” She eyes me, “that is another story for another time when we both feel comfortable sharing how we got to where we are.”

I nod, “Where is your Princess anyway?”

She sighs, “With his depressing cousins, he has been trying so hard to get them to leave that god damn house. He barely got them out the night of the party but the moment he mentioned that Jiyong would be there five of them seemed all for it. The other seven have sticks up their asses. I’m so sorry about what happened a couple of days ago, if it makes you feel any better Taemin got a beating when we got home.”

“What you guys do in the bedroom is none of my business,” I click my tongues at her.

“Get your mind out of the gutter and make yourself useful, can you make three settings on the dining room table?” She swats at me with a rag.

“Three?” I hop off the counter and wander over to where the dishes are.

“Tae should be back and if not we can eat his portion,” She gives me an evil grin as she stirs the beef soup, one of Taemin’s favorite foods. I shake my head and head into the dining room with all the needed dishes, even grabbing some of the sides that she already dished up. As I’m setting up the long dining table I hear the front door open and almost rush to greet, or actually tease, Taemin when I hear other voices.

Oh no.

“Jagiya, I brought my cousins over for lunch, I hope that’s okay!” Taemin yells as he walks closer. I panic and quickly scramble under the table. This can’t be happening again.

“Princess!” Haneul snarls, “I told you Jooyoung was coming over, I doubt she wants to see them after what she saw at the party.”

“Aw, did we scare your friend that night?” Baekhyun muses.

“We don’t want to frighten her, in fact we want to apologize,” Chanyeol plays along, what the hell are they up to though?

“They were really eager to come when I mentioned her being here so I thought maybe they could be friends?” Tae suggests innocently, hoping he’ll be able to avoid whatever punishment Haneul is already thinking of.

Hanuel scoffs, “Jiyong would rather get skinned alive than let these guys near her. I’m going to take her upstairs, you guys can have the dinning room.” I hear her shuffling around, her slippers come into view when she comes into the dining room and just as I’m about to climb out of my hiding spot six pairs of boots quickly follow her. “Jooyoung-ah? Where did you go?” She calls for me but I can’t get myself to respond.

“Jooyoung-ah, oh Jooyoung-ah,” Baekhyun sing songs.

“I want to see this pretty little thing I’ve heard so much about,” Tao hums behind him, not sounding as playful as Baekhyun, he almost sounds desperate.

“Come on out,” Chanyeol joins in, he even whistles making me glare at his boots.

“She isn’t a fucking dog,” Haneul spits.

“Little one,” A sweet voice calls and my heart drops. “Come here little one.”

I should have stayed home.

listen here, you all, Bang Yongguk just freakin returned with his hair flipped back and honestly is a mistery how can some peoples caN’T FIND HIM ATTRACTIVE AND SAYS HE’S UGLY!


Make a wish..

Originally posted by yong-guks

I ask myself difficult questions when I see him. But I still find myself walking after his footsteps, hoping that he’ll take me to the answers.

My first encounter with Yongguk was on a Sunday afternoon. The skyline has cut the sun in half, redden the sky and the clouds. The atmosphere was fresh but every creatures seemed to have gone back to their home. They were too tired to enjoy this. You might ask why am I here, walking along the bank of Han river with my uniform still on. I’ve always been one of those people who would take a longer route home just to listen to one more song. I didn’t feel like tucking my headphones back into my book bag and returning to the real world yet. So I kept them on and put my playlist on repeat. At least I could still see the beautiful outside world in my own tiny world. Both of them harmonized so well, making me want to stay there for the rest of my days. But something came between my own world and reality that day. A boy with his camera, grabbing every moment of this beautiful sunset as much as he could. His curly hair twirled in the gentle wind. He has on himself a black tee and ripped skinny jeans. He has that bad boy vibe, which is made more obvious by the tattoo on his wrist. He took a few then check his progress, occasionally bloom a smile showing his gums. I didn’t blush, I didn’t smile, but I stared constantly. He fascinated me. Every single movement of his held back a beat of my heart. My feet didn’t hesitate to follow him. The view of his back, wide and thick, exerts a curiosity in me. If I leaned on it, would I ever fall?

“You’ve been following me a whole lot often.” He suddenly turned around, stiffened my feet and glued them to the ground. My head processed quickly all the excuses I could make to not creep him out, at the same time explain why I was following him in a reasonable way.

“I’m sorry… I was just curious about what you were taking?” I stumbled over my words, talked like a five-year-old child who just learned how to pronounce decently.

“Oh really? Here I’ll show you, this is what I’ve taken so far.” He started showing me all the pictures he took. By the skills shown through the pictures, I could tell he was not a rookie in photography. The pictures he took mainly did not include people. They were just pure landscapes, from skies to stars, from flowers to rains. The common calm but thoughtful auras caught my eyes. Joyful was the most positive feeling out of them. He had his name carved on his camera. Yongguk. Bang Yongguk.

Since that day my route back home became longer. I continued to find myself looking at his back as we walk from and to different locations. I wonder if my love for Yongguk’s passion ever ends? The way he looked so happy when he took those photos full of sadness, or even just the pause when he became the photo himself, they all made so much sense to me. He didn’t have to notice me, all he needed to to was just staying there so I can immerse myself into him.

“Hey an you help me with something?” - It’s the first time he asked for my help.


“Can you hold this dandelion and blow it?”

I took the dandelion from his dry hands. Dandelion confuses me. At first they grew as these beautiful golden flowers, so strong and bright under the sun. But after times they changed themselves to something weaker, something more vulnerable until they eventually die. I took a good look at the dandelion on my hand until Yongguk was ready with his camera. I blew on his queue. As if it was something so familiar, wind instantly took all of its pieces away. Who knew where they went? They just float without any concerns of the destination. I heard the sound of camera. He must have taken a lot.

Yongguk put down his camera and stared at me for a long while, long enough that I could sense something abnormal. He approaches me until the distances between us is smaller than the length of my fist. His face lowered to the same level as mine. His breath was hot against my lips, causing it to tremble uncontrollably. He looked deep into my eyes, there were hardly any blinks. My fingers dug deep into the dress of my uniform as I felt my body tensed up. He reaches his hands up and place it on my hair. Then he pulled out something on my hair while giggling. I didn’t understand, my body was still trying to digest this tension down my throat.

“You had a piece of dandelion on your hair.” He laughed, again showing his gummy smile. What could he have been laughing at? The fact that I had a piece of dandelion on my hair or the fact that I was stiff and blushing while he was just inches away? Again, I saw the view of his back and again, I followed.

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He was the highlight of my day, the person whose heart so pure that sometimes even my heart takes advantage of.

I laid my head on Jungkook’s lap, letting the sun run through the leaves and blind my vision. He took his hand to shield the sun away from my eyes. His eyes looked down on me gently. Moments like this sooth my mind, they remind me that happiness is not something complicated.

“You’re going to sleep? - Jungkook asked me just as how the routine should go.

“Maybe.” I closed my eyes, not to sleep, but the feel everything around me better. Somebody once said, not that I remembered who, you feel more if you lost your eyes. When closing my eyes, I could feel the waves of wind brushing against my skin so loud and clear. I could feel the warmth of the sun running through Jungkook’s fingers. Suddenly the world seemed so small, so attainable.
Jungkook is somewhere between a friend and a significant other. We never say the word love to each other romantically, but our relationship screams that we’re a couple. For example, lying on Jungkook’s lap and sleep is something so common for me. Our dates were as much fun as lovers could ever have. We share the same cookie, the same umbrella, the same sweater. Still that doesn’t mean the idea of being more than just friends never came across my mind. I’ve thought of us dating, holding hands, kissing but they were all dust on a surface. They flew away as soon as I swept them. A relationship without destination was how I liked us to be, so that none of us can hurt each other.

“Jungkook can you help me with something?” A female voice awakened me. I turned my head to the source. A girl probably about our age, wearing our school uniform also. I might have seen her somewhere before, but who knew, I was never interested in remembering the girls who were running after Jungkook anyways.

“Okay so what do you need help with?” I got up from his lap and stood straight. My hands fixed my dress and my little red bow tie. My face showed no interest in her and it frustrated her I could tell, more than that the scheme wasn’t just asking for help.

“I was asking Jungkook, not you.” She glared at me, giving death eyes like bullets but little did she know, I was bulletproof.

“Jungkook injured his wrist so he can’t help with anything now. If you need anything just tell me.” She was taken back by both my lifeless expression and my response. Then she looked at Jungkook, waiting for a disagreement but as expected, she got none. Her back turned towards out faces and disappeared into the distance. As for me, I returned to my previous position - lethargically resting on Jungkook muscular legs.

“Hey what if I was really going to help that girl?” He leaned back, propped his hands on the green sharp grass.

“Where do you think you’re going? I’m still here.” I spoke with my eyes barely opened.

The sun brightened the darkness under my eyes. The sound of leaves collided like thousand claps. My forehead felt as if someone’s lips printed on it. I still kept my eyes closed and used every other senses to analyze these lips and my emotions. My heart races faster than horse, louder than thunder. Did he hear it? Did he notice how unstable it is?

The next day Jungkook became shyer near me. I could see his little blushes whenever our hands touched, how he sometimes laughed when he looked at me. Unexpectedly, I found these actions cute. I wanted to see more of this side, I wanted to see the Jungkook in love, the Jungkook who gets embarrassed over tiny things. I wanted him to stamp my forehead with another kiss. It was strange. I was changing.

Lately these days, I stopped going home with Jungkook. My destination was Han river and his wasn’t. Jungkook seemed bothered by the fact he didn’t know where I was going and why didn’t I tell him. But he never followed me. He still respect my decisions and show me the attention I want. He always try so hard not to be bothersome to me but he could never hide the truth that’s dominating his emotions. Slowly and slowly, he was bursting out.

“Hey, I have something to talk to you.” Jungkook yelled as he ran to the school gate.

“I have to go now so maybe later okay?” I didn’t look at his face and answered like a habit.

“Can you just go home with me today?” His voice got more serious.

“No. Sorry.” I turned my back to him and walk away. One step… two steps… three steps…

“I like you”

I stopped.

For the anon (who I knew who) requested a Yongguk fluff and @lifehurts-everday (sorry I don’t know why I can’t tag you in) some fluff-ish one shots. I’ll be getting back to smut more in Christmas break so read these to sooth your mind first.

Getting into a Heated Argument With Them: B.A.P



Gukkie would need a bit of time to cool himself down before realizing that he was the one who did the wrong. After that, he would scroll through all of the mutual friends that you two had, trying to find out your whereabouts so he could properly apologise, not just through a text.


Normally, I don’t consider HimChan to be very hot-headed. He would put a lot of thought into what right words to say to not make the situation worse as it is. If the argument actually came to a point where you had to run-away from home then I don’t believe he’d see what he has done and it would take a lot of smaller conflicts with his members to get him back on the right track.


DaeHyun is probably the one person that blows up really fast for no reason at all. He would not feel the argument escalating until he felt his hand going up, seeing red as you cowered away from him before your own hands. As you saw no more threat you instantly tried to leave, but he never let you as he embraced you in his arms and apologized over and over again for not treating you the right way; for being stupid. He promised you the world right then and there.


It’s not that he meant to make the argument escalate, but you simply had a hard week and his stupid little sass-filled questions and nags annoyed you to no end, making you explode all of a sudden. He didn’t take you seriously when you left, but it was becoming worrying when you didn’t come back that night.  He would call you numerous of times and text you a billion and one of instances just to get a hold of you.


JongUp is a sweet man that really hates arguments. He’s a pacifist so usually, he would simply give up in any impending argument that might happen. Therefore, the arguments that you two shared were less. However, when they did happen, they were on a scale of catastrophe and so the both of you agreed that after such an argument you would simply give each-other some time alone to get the stress off.


He’s a baby, why would you even have an argument with him in the first place? He wouldn’t know how to deal with your sudden absence and would probably go crazy of worry for your well-being. Who knew where you were and what you were doing? Thoughts of you getting into an accident would flood his mind and it would be up to his hyungs to actually ask of you to finally come back, because their dongsaeng is going mental.

▏My Everything ▏Yongguk ▏♡ ▏

Request: Could I request a yongguk scenario. Just smth with angst and then some slight fluff in the end

Comments: Recently been loving Ariana Grande’s new album a lot, so this is based off of her song, “My Everything”. The bolded & italics throughout the story are the lyrics. Enjoy :)

⇢ Listen to “My Everything” by Ariana Grande here

“He wasn’t my everything ‘till we were nothing, and it’s taken me a lot to say. Now that he’s gone, my heart is missing something, so it’s time I pushed my pride away…”

         “Good morning!”

         You looked up at your boss and forced a smile, although you were sure your traces of sadness still shined through. Is it really a good morning? “Morning,” you mumbled blankly, casting your gaze to the floor.

         Your boss sauntered over and patted your back. “Cheer up a little bit. Customers won’t really like walking up to you when you’re looking depressed like that.”

         You nodded. “Yes, sorry. I’ll try.”

         “Good.” He smiled and walked away, heading to one of the many aisles of books in the store.         

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21 Months (2/3)

Or, having three babies in the house at once is like, really fucking hard, Henry is occasionally still creeped out by his brother in law, the demon, Stan is pretty much Grandpa, and Mabel definitely has her hands full.

Or, oh shit this is three chapters now, help.

First chapter here!

Second chapter under this handy read more!

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Let’s Makeout in the Back Seat (x)

01. JYJ - Back Seat // 02. MBLAQ - Sexy Beat // 03. Bi Rain - Rainism // 04. Sunmi - 24 Hours // 05. 2PM - A.D.T.O.Y. // 06. TVXQ - Before You Go // 07. Xiah Junsu - Intoxication // 07. Super Junior - Sorry Sorry Answer // 08. Shinee - Symptoms // 09. EXO K - What is Love // 10. BAP - Body&Soul // 11. Jay Park - Turn Off Your Phone // 12. Jinyoung (B1A4) - Be My Girl

in celebration of JYJ’s new comeback here’s an 8 tracks playlist of some of the most sensual kpop songs

It makes us sad for some of you who actually feel like the members of PLAY don’t deserve to be on stage and shine just as brightly for dancing as B.A.P does for performing. They wouldn’t shine if B.A.P didn’t want them to do so. To act like the back-up dancers should be separated from B.A.P more distinctly and to treat them like minor players on that stage is so blatantly disrespectful. Not only to the dancers themselves but to B.A.P as well.

B.A.P welcomes their back-up dancers’ input. The V App video of Jun Hong’s behind the scenes for his choreography for “Be Happy” features some of the dancers. They practice just as hard as B.A.P does to be able to perform with them on stage. They travel globally with B.A.P. They go out eating with B.A.P. They celebrate wins and birthdays with B.A.P. They might not be singing idols but they are just as important a member of that stage as anyone else.

Please think about how the words you say can make things uncomfortable for B.A.P, who has no issue with their back-up dancer team, and for the people around them.

when hatred becomes real.

okay so let me give a really quick overview for anyone who doesnt know whats going on. pretty much, in korea, ALL high schools have a special field trip for upperclassmen. the most common place to go is the jeju island. i know this has been a tradition since even my parents were in high school. well, jeju being an island, you obviously have to take a boat, but most high schools take a bus down south, then take a short boat trip. but the high school this incident involved decided to take a long boat trip, the official who decided this probably thinking it would be a fun experience. 

well, a part of the ocean they had to cross isnt very calm, as in rocky waves, bad storms. the boat, unfortunately got stuck in a storm i believe and therefore, the accident occurred. 

now, pay attention please.

some of the reasons why the korean gov hasnt been able to act right away is because the ocean is so dangerous that a rescue boat going out could easily capsize too and then we would have 2+ boats to save. 

also, for a diver to make the trip down to the boat would be a severe risk. this isnt some lala scuba diving trip in hawaii okay. the waves are rocky enough to overturn a massive ship, do you really think a single person in a divesuit with an airtank could do much?

another thing, when they found out that there was still a section of a boat that was airtight, they wanted to keep the people in there alive as long as possible until they could find a chance to rescue the boat. there are people screaming why the korean gov isnt acting quickly to save these people. its because if they just used a crane to lift the boat, the chances of water flooding into the compartment are high and do you know how long an average human can survive under water? about 4-5 min. it would take a few hours to get the boat out. 

alright so that’s what i found out after doing some research. its so frustrating for me to go through the tag #prayforsouthkorea, wanting to get updates about the incident and see complete bullshit on there like a gif of yongguk from bap saying “please come back safely” with the caption “omg oppa is so caringggg <3”

but whats worse is the reactions some kpop fans are giving. so many people are angry because comebacks/debuts/dramas/tv shows have been postponed because of everyone being busy in korea, trying to help as best as they can. im sorry to break it to you, but in korea, people’s lives are more important than kpop. thats why your fucking oppas havent had their comeback yet, okay? 

if you cant understand the severity of this situation because youre too immature or have no empathy or youre just a fucking insensitive bitch, then i would recommend keeping your thoughts to yourself. i do NOT give a shit about whether exo wore all black without accessories to the airport or not. 

also, for all of you people bashing on koreans and the korean government for not doing anything/not caring, please just shut up. you’re obviously just some foreigner who does NOT know what’s really going on or understand anything. you really have no right to talk shit about my country and my people.

this isnt the first time ive hated the kpop fandom before but wow, this time, i’m seriously not okay. 

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Heyy ^.^ Just a quick question. Is v and yongguk your bias? Could you pls do BAP and BTS reaction to their gf having their period cramps?

Hey, thanks for the request! Actually, neither Yongguk nor V are my biases in their respective groups! 


BTS Version HERE!

*When his girlfriend is having period cramps*

Yongguk: Aw, I’ll distract you from the pain, jagi! *makes funny faces and noises, but sees no reaction from you* You know what, I’ll just grab you some Midol. 

Daehyun: Hey, babe, are you doing okay? I’m running a hot bath for you now, so just hold on a little longer, ne? You’ll feel a lot better soon.

Himchan: *puts on a movie and pulls her to him with a blanket* Relax, jagi. Just try and relax. *massages her stomach and lower back* It’ll pass soon.

Jongup: *slightly panicky* *would get her flowers and do everything for her until she felt better* Anything else you need, jagi? I’ll get it for you— you just relax.

Youngjae: *Lies with her in bed and pulls her close* Is my jagi hurting? Don’t worry *smiles* we’ll take the day off, so just go back to sleep, alright? I won’t leave you. A song? Arasso, Arasso.*softly sings her to sleep*

Zelo: *Has no idea how to handle this situation* U-um, is there anything you want me to get you? Some milk or… chocolate… *Stands there awkwardly*

I woke up at 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep, so I figured I might as well be productive. I have now done 5 loads of laundry (because our dryer broke and we couldn’t hang dry things because it’s really cold, but now it is fixed yayy), made two batches of Scottish baps and some squash-apple-cranberry bake for Thanksgiving with my friends tonight. I also watched the Iron Giant while I was cooking. I’m currently roasting some seeds, and once that’s done… I’ll finally be able to take my shower!

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Omg, that little daejae was so cute! ;A; how about daejae, first kiss as boyfriends in their teen years? ;D

This is in response to this ask/drabble. I decided to make it an extended addition to the previous ask, and it’s become its own AU in my head because who doesn’t love childhood bestfriends!Daejae~ :D

Daehyun flopped back into the grass, tucking his arms behind his head as he stared up at the sky. “Youngjae…”

“Yeah?” Youngjae was stretched out next to him, propped up on his elbows as he worked from the text book that was laying in the grass in front of him. 

“Do you remember when we were kids?”

Youngjae scoffed, rolling his eyes, “Daehyun, you’re like… 15… not 50… we are still children.”

Daehyun made a loud noise, flailing his arms, “Oh my god, Youngjae, you take everything so literally!!” He whined, rolling onto his side to stare up at his best friend, and as of recently, boyfriend. Though the term was still forgien to both of them and they both were to akward to do anything more then just hold hands, which honestly, they did before they decided to try the ‘next step’ in their friendship. “You know what I meant…”

Youngjae cracked a smile, still looking at his text book as he scribbled in the answer for the next problem he was working through. “Okay, assume that I did… which part do you want me to remember…”

“The day Himchan hyung was making fun of you…”

Youngjae looked confused, setting down his pencil and finally turning to look at Daehyun, “Hyung always made fun of me, Dae… you really need to be more specific…”

Daehyun let out a groan, flopping face first into the grass and letting out an unintelligable noise.

Youngjae laughed, “You’re so weird, Dae… stop making a scene, please…”

“I am not weird, take that back, Jae!”

“Let me finish my homework, and I will.”

Daehyun pouted but pipped down anyways. He folded his arms and rested his cheek against his forearms as he stared at Youngjae, waiting patiently. Finally, the younger let out a heavy sigh.

“Daehyun, please stop staring at me…” he said, smiling at Daehyun.

Daehyun grinned back, “Why though… I like staring…” he untucked one arm, reaching up and pinching Youngjae’s cheek, “You’re cheeks are still adorably squishy…”

“Daehyun!!! Stop that!!!” Youngjae swatted at Daehyun’s hands, trying to get the elder away from assaulting his cheeks. The two continued their play fighting, and soon, Daehyun had Youngjae pinned down in the grass, the text book and school work long forgotten. Youngjae blinked up at Daehyun, a slow smile spreading onto his lips, “Why are you staring at me like that, anyways Daehyun?”

Daehyun grinned, shaking his head, “It’s nothing… just… Youngjae…” he rubbed his thumb gently across the flushed skin of Youngjae’s cheeks both from his earlier pinching and the laughter. “Did you know you were my first kiss?”

Youngjae pouted a little, turning his head to the side, “What do you mean?”

“Remember… that day Himchan hyung was making fun of you because you hadn’t kissed anyone yet… we were what… five?… and I kissed you…”

Youngjae blinked, thinking back to the time in question. A sly smile formed on his lips and he shook his head, “Nope, I don’t remember…” He reached up, looping his arms around Daehyun’s neck, “You should remind me.”

Daehyun laughed as Youngjae pulled him down. Maybe with a bit to much force as their lips crashed together. To Daehyun though, it was perfect.

… even if Youngjae complained about him slobbering all over him again. Some things just never change.