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This is your friendly reminder that Pikelan is canon and I’m still not over it.

Pike is me (kinnvelier)
Scanlan is acecasinova who is also not wearing pants in true scanlan fashion

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Episode 38: interrogating Riskel Daxio   

MATT: His eyes narrow and he looks for a moment almost disappointed in confusion. “Just kill me now. I grow impatient with this existence.”

TRAVIS: That’s not a problem. Is there somewhere where you would like to go after you die? Or are you going to wake up right after you die?

MATT: “I guess we’ll find out.”

MARISHA: Yeah, and are you going to wake up like a baby so we have like 20 years before we have to worry about you again?

LAURA: Or are you like a zombie, straight, straight away up and at ‘em?

TRAVIS: He might come back as like a dog.

MATT: “Please, please, kill me now. End this paltry existence.”

LAURA: What if you come back as like a fish and then you’re screwed and stuck in the water?

TRAVIS: Yeah, or like a penguin, so he’s like a bird that can’t fly and he can only swim.

LAURA: And he’s stuck waddling around. That’d be so sad.

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Since I want to spread some happy Gwenvid on this fine late night (should be sleeping but eh): David tries to at LEAST have one date night every week, because he loves Gwen so much. So he'll take her out for ice-skating, movies, dinners, stargazing, trips to the mall, etc. He just wants her to know how much he loves her. And Gwen, in return, tries to use their Sundays to go hike. Doesn't have to be long hikes, but just some fun hikes for the two of them (and Max, when they can convince him).

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Me at you


Who else is geeky enough to play Pokemon Sun and Moon Ultra with their rodents? No one? Just us?

Well Mortimer and I are cuddling on the couch while we play and Jason is letting the rats play Pokemon on the couch with him. They stole the joystick cover off his DS though and then he was a little bit grumpy. #guineapig #pokemon #familynightatthepipsqueakery #geeks

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SOME MORE DATE GWENVID FOR YOU! "David, what are you doing?" "It's a romantic date under the stars!" "I can see that, dummy. I mean, WHY are you doing this?" "Because I love you and I want to show you how much I love you, Gwen." "David... You big old sap... Fuck, I love you so much." "And I love you just as much." "...You did all this, for me?" "Yepp. Just you and me, under the stars." "You're such a romantic, do you know that?" "Yepp." "You're amazing, David." "And you're perfect."

i really needed this thank you