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The Losers Club as Teachers

- health teacher
- The students watch documentaries like every day
- Along with worksheets with the movies too
- But will lecture the fuck outta the class too like he goes hard
- “You all should wash your hands after this class, do you know how many other students have sat in these seats and touched the desk’
- Loves the kids so much he’s actually really chill
- Takes them on a walk on their school trail occasionally

Richie -
- drama teacher (also dabbles in choir)
- loves the kids so much
- Will put on a play and as many mini plays as he can
- Will take the kids to a Shakespeare museum
- Cusses in front of the kids but the office and board don’t know and never will
- “Okay listen you lil shits we are gonna have a field trip to Mr. Kaspbraks- I mean Mr. Toziers room I left him my charger and I need it back every man for himself
- He and Eddie are married I forgot to mention that

Beverly -
- art teacher
- Is literally a mom for the kids
- “Do you need to talk about anything?”
- Encourages kids to paint and draw whatever they want, she hates the guidelines and standardized testing
- On the last day of school she gets as many supplies as she can and does a project with them
- Like shaving cream on the desk
- Or a big tarp set up outside to throw paint on
- Or for the seniors, she gets a big rock and tells them to write whatever they want
- Cool Mom™

Mike -
- history teacher
- Very passionate, I think that’s why all the kids love him
- Cause they actually learn instead some mediocre teacher drilling useless information in their skulls
- Loves field trips
- “Okay y’all movie day”
- Brings food for the students in case they get hungry or can’t wait till lunch or still hungry after lunch cause he’s so sweet
- Likes to talk about not only history but his history with friends and family and the students just love it

- English teacher
- Library days are on Friday
- “Today is Friday come on let’s go!”
- Likes to take them outside to read when they do book reports
- He still writes poems for Beverly
- Whenever she stops by his class, before she leaves, she says “your hair is winter fire, January embers’
- And Ben is blushing in front of his students but he still says ‘my heart burns there too’
- And the whole class feels like they’re third wheeling

- Science teacher
- Takes his first period outside to see if the the moon is still up
- Takes them on a field trip to a bird sanctuary
- Loves the kids but he’s still so done with them too
- “If y’all don’t quiet down I’ll release a hawk on you guys”
- Rarely puts on movies but does like to discuss with the class ideas for projects and experiments
- “Have a nice weekend now get outta my class”

- psychology teacher
- Watched documentaries on the reg
- “Quiet down and watch the movie please’
- Sadly he still stutters a bit but the students are super sweet and give him time
- A kid wrote a book when they graduated and based a super cool character off ‘their favorite teacher ever’
- Bill cried
- No field trips cause it’s an elective but he does like to do debates and take them to the auditorium to do tests and quizzes

Georgie -
- wants to work in art like Beverly
- Still in college tho
- Volunteers at daycares and likes to do arts and crafts with the kids
- ‘Finger painting day!”
- Loves his brother and friends

They all work at the same school (besides Georgie) and everyone calls them the teachers club cause they’re all together when they get the chance, but they still deem themselves as the Losers Club

The Losers Club: At The Mall (Modern AU)

-They all get their food from the food court and run around to find the best table (fighting over the best spot) while Bill trails behind them walking slowly and carefully with the large tray of food.

- Richie rides around on one of those animal scooters and Eddie tries to stop him but ends up having to chase after him.

-Stan sooo wants to go in Bath & Body Works but is too embarrassed. Bev see this and ushers him inside because ‘She wants to go in’.

-Bill loves to go to the Tea place and has all the Losers try the tea. Richie spits it out, Eddie wants to like it because he knows it’s good for you but he hates the taste. Stan loves it too.

- Richie gets in trouble for walking up the down escalator and proceeds to make fun of the security guard behind his back. The Losers try not to laugh.

-Stan always pretends like he’s gonna jump off the ledge.

-they all get real food from the food court but Richie gets soft pretzels.

-Stan loves White Barn and goes in to smell the candles but it bothers him if he doesn’t smell like the whole shelf. So he’s in there for like thirty minutes.

-They get frozen yogurt for dessert and Eddie gets plain vanilla but Richie gets every possible topping.

-Mike falls asleep in a really comfortable chair in one of the furniture stores so Richie takes the whip cream off his frozen yogurt and puts it all over his palm and tickles Mike’s nose.

-Mike slaps Richie instead.

-Bill shops at like Jcpenny and the Gap and they tease him for being boring.

-Bev loves Spencer’s, and Hot Rags and searches time and time again for good band t-shirts.

-Ben buys a giant stuffed bear from a toy store. (For himself)

-Bill comforts a sad lost little boy and helps him find his mother, holding his hand the whole time.

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hellooo! if you're still doing the drabble challenge, a mix of 86/2 for reddie?? <3

Sorry about the wait. I just really wanted this one to be good. I hope you enjoy it! -

Eddie loved his friends, but he hated sleepovers. All the other losers managed to sleep soundly through the night, but not Eddie. He was always suddenly bolting upright. Head filled with twisting and turning thoughts and noises and faces. He hated it when one person inevitably awoke and saw him like that. He hated looking weak. He wasn’t a child anymore. He could take care of himself. Which is why he felt a bit of perverse delight along with reasonable concern when someone was injured. He would be able to help them, to take care of them, to prove he was capable. The delight simply wasn’t there the night he saw how broken Richie was.

He was torn out of sleep by muffled noises. He turned and looked next to him. The blankets were moving. Someone was crying.

“Richie?” Eddie rubbed his eyes and mumbled groggily. Richie’s best of blankets jerked in response.

“Richie? I’m going to move the covers so… if you’re jacking off… please don’t be jacking off.” Eddie pulled away the blankets.

Richie’s eyes were squeezed tight and fear was etched clearly onto his face. “Richie!” Eddie whispered and shook his shoulder. Richie’s eyes snapped open. “Eddie?“ he whispered in disbelief.
Eddie nodded. “Are you o-”
Richie yanked him into a hug. He was still shaking. Eddie was shocked at first, but quickly melted into the hug, trying to soothe his friend. He didn’t feel any of the excitement he usually felt when someone scraped their knee. As he rubbed Richie’s back silently he felt a completely different emotion. Something he couldn’t quite place.

“You’re okay, Rich.” Eddie muttered into the crook of Richie’s neck. He kissed his forehead. “You’re okay.” He felt his face heat up. Why had he done that? Why had it felt so natural?

Richie whimpered into Eddie’s shoulder. He was doubled over himself for the height difference to work but he didn’t care. It was helping.

“Lets go somewhere else.” Eddie whispered. He had no idea what he was saying. Eddie kaspbrak, was suggesting they sneak out. Since when did he ever do that? Eddie took one look at Richie’s face and decided. Eddie Kaspbrak suggested things like sneaking out since now.

They crept up another set of stairs and out a window, onto the roof. Richie staid uncharacteristically silent, staring at Eddie, clinging to him, as if he was worried he’d disappear. “Do you want to tell me why you woke up crying?” Eddie prompted after a while of silence.

This seemed to snap richie out of whatever trance he was in. He smiled sadly. “Nah, don’t worry yourself, eds.”

“Don’t call me that,” Eddie rolled his eyes fondly. “And I’m already worried so don’t start that shit, either.”

“You’re truly a peach, deeah. A geeorgeeah-”

“Beep beep, Asswipe.” Eddie chuckled.

The music of crickets filled the silence.

“It was a nightmare.” Richie whispered. Eddie turned to him. He was folding in on himself, hugging his knees to his chest. Eddie waited for him to say more.

He didn’t.

“I kind of figured that.” Eddie nodded slowly moving closer to Richie. Richie turned his eyes away.

“I- I was thinking about it.” He was trembling. “About all its faces. And the room. It-”
Richie seemed to choke on his own voice.

“Hey, hey. Calm down.” Eddie tried to coax Richie into looking at him. “Breathe.”
Eddie was glad he knew breathing exercises because Richie was a mess.
“They can’t hurt you anymore.” Eddie whispered into his hair. He pressed a kiss to Richie’s head again. “You’re safe.”

Richie just kept shaking his head. “No.” He muttered.

“What do you mean no?” Eddie asked pulling away. “You’re okay.”

Richie shook his head.

“Are you okay?” Eddie asked.

Richie nodded.

“Then everything’s fine.” Eddie moved in for a hug again, but Richie refused him. He shook his head again. “No.”

“Richie, what’s wrong?”

Richie didn’t answer.

“Fine, don’t say anything and make me worry. Let’s just go back inside.” Eddie opened the window. Richie grabbed his arm.

“It was you.”


“When it lured me into the clown room…” Richie trailed off. Eddie moved so that the bespectacled boy had no choice but to look at him.

“It was you. It knew I’d go after you.” Richie picked at the roof tiles. “It didn’t even bother trying to be convincing.” He laughed bitterly. “In the dream it-”

“I’d go after you too, Rich.” Eddie whispered. Richie froze. “What?”

“I’d walk into a room full of lepers if I thought you were in there.” Eddie said simply. Richie smiled. It was a gooey smile, spreading across his face like butter.

“Are you okay?”

Richie nodded. “Let’s not go inside just yet.”

Edie sat back on the roof and gazed at the sky. He glanced at Richie to find he was already looking. His face turned pink. Richie slowly intertwined their fingers.

Richie’s hands were probably filthy…. Eddie didn’t want him to let go.

“The stars… um.. they’re pretty.”
“Yeah. You know who’s prettier?”

Eddie felt warmth spread across his cheeks.

“Your mom.” Richie grinned.

Eddie shoved him. “I will push you off this roof, Tozier!”

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Random things about book Eddie

-he’s pretty mechanical

-he’s a great navigator

-his favorite superhero was Plastic Man

-he has anxiety and panic attacks

-he wore a captain midnight ring on his pinky

-his father died of cancer

-he laughed in Henry bowers face when he broke his arm

-he knew his asthma medication was bullshit but he made an agreement with his mom to keep using it

-he owned an extremely successful limousine business driving celebrities

-he bought a house for $200,000 (equivalent to around $600,000+ today) just because he could

Feel free to add!