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Okay guys, totally unrelated to everything but since this is a text blog I thought I’d show you what autocorrect made me send to my boyfriend a minute ago, because it made me laugh so much 😂😂

okay but….BUT hear me out for a sec: blues clues was the best show. so obviously, because none of us here are IDIOTS, we know that blue and magenta totally had a thing goin. i mean, the chemistry was just off the charts. and i think its mostly common knowledge that blue was a girl BUT so was magenta. so DUDES blues clues gave us our first probably lesbian relationship on television and no one ever noticed. BUT BEYOND THAT i mean you gotta be obvious and look at mr. salt and mrs. pepper bc first of all #relationshipgoals and second of all, idk WHY but i always just automatically thought that the salt would be the woman? BUT IT WASN’T. IT’S MR. SALT AND MRS. PEPPER and they are,  i think it is safe to say, an interracial couple, making their lovely child peprika, biracial ( WHICH I THINK SOLVES HOW THEY GET PAPRIKA OUT OF THIS OKAY ) on top of that and on a totally unrelated note: mr. salt and mrs. pepper are also french so i mean clearly that means something but idk what.

Reasons to stay alive

Warm beds on cold days. Warm showers after long days. Long summer nights under skies filled with stars. Buses filled with people on Friday afternoons. Buses filled with only your thoughts. Colour. Sound. Music that makes you feel colours. Smiling. Smiles from loved ones. Smiles from strangers. Words from strangers telling you it’s okay to smile. Words from strangers that are totally unrelated to anything but that somehow still manage to brighten your day.

Making a promise and keeping it. Being forgiven after fucking up so bad that screwing up isn’t actually strong enough a term; you need to feel that expletive because you almost can’t live with the guilt. Forgiving another. Forgiving yourself. Being given anything for free, even if it’s a plastic bag. Plastic bags. Bags filled with presents. Bags filled with secrets. Bags under your partner’s eyes as they slips their tired fingers through yours because even total exhaustion doesn’t stop them from loving you with every fibre of their being. People who love you. People who pretend they don’t love you even though you both know the truth. People you have yet to love.

Holding someone, whether in your arms or in your fingers or even just in your sight, and realising that only this contact, your touch, prevents them from being broken. Waking wrapped around someone at 2am and falling back to sleep with a small smile on your face and arms pulled just a little bit tighter, just a little bit closer. Loving anything without a thought as to how or why. Touching someone, platonic, romantic, whatever. Just touching them. A hand on their knee. A head on their shoulder. Lips on their cheek. Letting them know that they are not alone. Letting them know that they have you, for whatever it’s worth, for however long they need it and then more. Comfortable silence with someone you have known for what feels like always. Finding a relationship that you feel like you’ve waited forever to find.

Waiting for something that will not come sooner for wanting it to. Waiting for anything in a muddle of excitement and nervousness. Longing for it to come just as keenly as you wish it would never arrive. Knowing that this instant is only happening now. Knowing that one day this instant will not matter. Making what you want of this knowledge.

Stories. Fictional characters that you wish were real. Fictional characters you would give your life to save. That one character you just want to hug more than anything. Hugs. Kisses. Kisses in broad daylight that anyone could see but no one does. Kisses stolen at midnight under a cover of darkness that does not quite hide the care in their eyes.

The small victories. Anything that for you is a victory, no matter how easy everyone else seems to find it. Eating breakfast every day for a week. Going to see a movie and not having to leave halfway through to calm yourself down from a shattering panic attack sitting on the rough carpet outside until your friends join you at the end with sympathetic smiles and barely concealed annoyance because they do not understand. Sitting in the family car which is just too damn claustrophobic and not having a melt-down at any point on the 2 hour journey to visit your Nan and then eating all your lunch and talking and smiling and then lasting the entire journey home. Getting to melt into your bed at night because that is a space that they are yet to take from you. Writing an essay. Writing a good essay. Getting the grade you want. Not worrying too much when you don’t. Plucking up the courage to do anything you find hard. Talking to someone new. Getting that haircut. Asking them out for coffee. Asking for help when you need it. Giving help when they need it. Helping a stranger for nothing other than a tired smile. Returning a lost toy to a child and watching their eyes light up in wonder and the silent gratitude on the faces of their parents.


The redgoldyelloworange mess of leaves crunching in early morning frost as autumn fades eagerly into winter. Hot chocolate and popcorn in front of a fire. Sunlight on bare skin in winter. The patter of raindrops against the window as you listen to quiet music at midnight when it is far too late to do anything and yet far too early to sleep and yet you are tired and yet you have never felt more comfortably alive. Watching little ones innocently still believing in magic and Santa Claus and perfection, and all the happiness it brings. Surrounding yourself with a blanket and hiding when it all gets too much. Making a sofa fort. Playing at being 6 again and making someone laugh as they crawl in next to you.

Streams of consciousness. Streams of water. Rain on a glass roof. Rain on anything. Rain on hot days. Storms on hot days. Thunder. Lightning. A light in a dark place. The light of a torch on a forest path. The crunch of frosty leaves under heavy boots. Dragon breath curling up from your mouth as a reminder that you are still breathing. Wolves howling far away. Someone whispering close by. A warm voice soft in your ear when the house is sleeping. Feeling like you are the only person in the whole world that is awake. Knowing that somewhere a new day is just beginning. New beginnings. Change. Stability. Wanting something you will soon have. Wanting something you will never have. Wanting. Wishing. Dreaming. Knowing that one day it will be better. Believing that one day it will be better. Days. Weeks. Months. Years. Decades. Centuries. A whole life stretching out in front of a newborn child. The end of a life fading from a contented soul.

Pain that is manageable. Pain that one day will fade. Staring at yourself in the bathroom mirror and refusing to just fade away. Not giving up, even though you could. Giving up because it’s too much but still scrabbling to hold on with slipping fingertips, still hoping. Empty hope. Hope without reason. Hope that exists only because you believe it can.

Being scared but taking a deep breath and doing it anyway. Putting your car in gear and driving away. Watching the earth turn. Watching as the sun slips below the horizon, painting the sky in colours more cheerful than you are. And then silence. And then just headlights against the darkness. And then only your thoughts and the quiet sound of steady breathing.

Understanding that this is all you have. Understanding that it is enough.

Home Base

Merry Christmas to @wakeup-doshit-gotosleep, who asked for Jazz, Danny, and Dani having a little sibling bonding. 

Amity’s town square was predictably crowded, even on a weeknight. So far into the month, winter still wasn’t very much of one at all. The crisp chill was tolerable and had yet to produce a single snowflake; all they needed were light jackets and a quick stop at Jazz’s favorite locally-owned coffee place to stay warm. Tiring as the incessant commercialism was, she felt a little more chronologically grounded being surrounded by hanging lights, last-minute shoppers, and wreaths. It felt like a nice and proper Christmas.

Danielle, utterly engulfed in a glaring orange eyesore of a scarf Jack had knitted her, blew into her hot chocolate and watched a man in a Santa suit chime his bell for donations. “So…are Mads and Jack like that every year?”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Jazz confirmed tiredly. 

Lagging behind them, Danny grumbled. “'Tis the season.”

“But they can’t actually be fighting about Santa Claus right? It’s gotta be like…a metaphor for something.”

Jazz sighed. “They’ve been doing it since I was little. I think it started because Mom didn’t want to raise us on “fairy tales” and Dad was more for the traditional ‘magic of season’ kind of Christmas like he had with his family. I guess it sort of snowballed over their personal belief-systems. Mom’s a hardcore scientist that doesn’t believe in anything without observable evidence and a peer-reviewed study, while Dad insists on room for faith and is willing to give anything the benefit of the doubt.”

“Wow,” Dani said. “That sounds…really deep.”

“Not really. They’re seriously just arguing about Santa Claus.”

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mosylufanfic said: I would read a one-shot just of the fourth paragraph. Pleeeeease?

It’s the way he stands. She can’t quite explain it—not at first, anyway—but the slump of his shoulders, feet planted just the right width apart… it all seemed so familiar to her, so natural to her every day that it was almost unnoticeable. Almost. She meets him, and she smiles at him, and he smiles back, and it starts; she notices.

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anonymous asked:

So I'm supposed to believe that the tweet from Dax with #EndBabygate and then a story about Louis being seen with Freddie are totally unrelated? No foreshadowing or straight up shade? Yeah okay. Convenient timing considering we've been speculating the contract with SYCO up end of March.

Definitely related. The timing of the tweet and story is not a coincidence. End it.

The Kingsman fandom is totally A-OKAY, nothing wrong here, no sir. Here’s an unrelated and very serious playlist.

01. Everything is Awesome!!! - The Lego Movie 
02. The Boys Are Back in Town - Thin Lizzy
03. Only The Good Die Young - BIlly Joel
04. Alive With The Glory of Love - Say Anything
05. I’m Alive - Next to Normal
06. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough - Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
07. Monks Chant / He is Not Dead Yet - Spamalot
08. Still Alive - Portal
09. The Best is Yet To come - Ella Fitzgerald

Rick can’t be happy because your fave isn’t happy.

In another episode of ‘Bitter Lemons,’ Rick Grimes has the audacity to find happiness with the woman he loves, Michonne (who is happy as well because she finally found what she wanted). Meanwhile, in a totally UNRELATED scene, very unhappy Carol who hasn’t been okay since ha! not her banishment, but the K&D incident, LEFT ON HER OWN ACCORD and in another scene poor Denise was murder by a man that DARYL knew, not Rick, DARYL. 

But, let’s blame EVERYTHING on Rick. Because it’s totally Rick’s fault that Carol is feeling the way she’s feeling, I mean he’s the one who put the gun to her head and made her kill all those people, right?  It’s totally Rick’s fault that he forced Daryl to help Dwight only for it to backfire on Daryl, right? What the fuck Rick, why do YOU get to be happy for THREE WHOLE DAYS, huh? You stupid white man who clearly have been playing hopscotch and killing folks all willy nilly for the past 6 seasons now, you have never had to suffer like *insert fave* b/c only *insert fave* has had it the worst even though there are a shit ton of characters who have suffered, but don’t get even half the focus on their issues like *insert fave.*

Fuck you Rick and fuck you too Michonne because Rick being happy makes you happy and vice versa. And obviously you guys don’t deserve any of that over *insert fave* 

something I noticed

Its really ironic
how a children’s show can portray something and then like its pretty much a reality a few years later

I was rewatching the first season of The Legend of Korra and there is an entire scene where the city government is using police brutality to oppress innocent non-benders only because they were non-benders.

oh yeah i forgot to mention they were given a curfew and their power shit off solely because they are non-benders

and when Korra and her friends try to step up and reason with the police/ stop them, they are arrested immediately


Look at this cartoon, a fictitious creation of a world where people have powers to control elements, yet it still has a large amount of realistic human relations

Then look at these photos of a real life protest happening in the current time, police brutality, oppression, unreasonable assult on peaceful protesters 

Isnt it funny how a cartoon can tells us that this kind of oppression and act against a certain group of people is totally wrong, in no way justified, and an attack on innocent lives who have done nothing wrong?
And yet, an american police system can create the same situation a few years later as if its something that is okay to happen? Ironic

(On a totally unrelated side note to the point of this post, this shows that Legend of Korra/Avatar is a really great show that portrays real life issues and covers topics about the world and humanity that happen but shouldnt happen. Like in ATLA, there is a war going on between nations which happens so much in the real world)