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vague idea for a 50s-ish style diner that brewster works in with a sibling of harriet’s(or general family member?)

they mainly serve desserts n coffee.

the design’s also barebones as heck because it’s just an idea oml

having a sibling of harriet made the most sense to me– and brewster actually kinda.. fits in nicely? it’s odd.

the doors on 2/2 would be employee only- you’d go in to work part time in the kitchen, or if u speak to the poodle, u can serve customers!

(or something™)


a few storyboards for a project i never actually finished, it was going to be a short film about an aromantic girl that can see people’s “red string of fate”


I really like the short purple garbage boys voiced by Hiro Shimono

(Fun fact: apparently Lucihara is 1cm shorter than Kokichi. I think that is very important)


–it’s called Success;; look into it!

⭐︎ Thank you ⭐︎

lets put a happy crying bb sans here (i actually want to draw angst but hey we need some happiness over here). Good news for me boiz coz I got no school starting today till in 2 WEEK YAY~ btw i’m back to blue again MWEHHEHEHHE

Masafumi Komatsu- Reflection

Colour Correction

(( OOC: Huge thanks to @the-frustrated-muggleborn for the idea and for playing the parts of the Gryffindor and Slytherin students! This was really fun to do. ))

Most Hogwarts students are very proud of their house and like to wear their house pride on their robes. But sometimes the house colours don’t match the students favourite colours…

A Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor are siting on a table, speaking about their house colours.



A Hufflepuff and a Slytherin join the conversation.


Hufflepuff: You know, black around the eyes…





Rat poison discussion

* Because warfarin can only stay in the body for 3-4 days with the variable being the health of the victim’s liver, Sangwoo was never really in too much danger if he had only a bit of the soup. Thallium sulfate ( which is an alternative in rat poison for warfarin ) and warfarin alike are both recorded as being salty

In either case, the arsenic in cigarettes would already be in his system, and so he’d be able to adjust much quicker.

With thallium sulfate, the effects would’ve been much quicker, and more strongly suited, but many people still survive it without treatment.

The rat poison in KS was suppose to be a quick killing brand, and in my research I found that in rat poisoning that contains Thallium Sulfate instead of Warfarin, because the effects are so much quicker, it has been used for murder.

Either way, he has already been introduced to the toxin of arsenic and so in both cases he has already built a semi-duality against it with his preset homeostasis patterns. And we have minimum signs of him drinking alcohol, so that means his liver is probably strong and his body can swiftly dispose of either poison.

Arsenic is the poison that made Bum vomit, not warfarin / thallium sulfate. This is why Sangwoo didn’t get sick. The arsenic is what causes the bleeding. The arsenic is what causes the stomach pains and blood loss.

Sangwoo does not have some bizarre immunity to warfarin or thallium sulfate. But he does have one to arsenic due to his smoking habits. And so his blood is thin, but he has not sustained any wounds that would cause internal bleeding. This connects to his easy bruising when he was punched, and the blood on his knuckles and its fluidity.

In any case, the drug was washed from his system already because he clearly did not have a strong enough dosage to cause him serious pain, and he is not still in danger to the rat poison.

Edit: thank you for correcting me on the alcohol thing!! I didn’t remember ^^

Got my first rude anon & just wanted to say if something as simple as artists reblogging art on their art blog bothers you, then what’re you here for? ¯\(o- o)/¯ 

The entitled attitude on this website confuses me. Don’t people blog for fun?… 

I don’t always have time to draw for fun because of school but I get new followers everyday so I reblog older work so they can see it (I know that I tend to miss a lot of things that people post because I’m so busy these days) 

anyway, I disabled anon & my hiatus will still continue until the end of april ^^; I might post schoolwork but this is mostly my hobby blog/a side project, so maybe not. I might make a separate blog for that type of work. 

If anyone’s interested though, I’m more active on twitter and sometimes post wips/schoolwork/studies  

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Narutos Sasukes Madaras and Tobiramas reaction to their s/o braiding their hair when they wake up 😍

I don’t know if you expected these to be cute- but I thought they were all kinda comical- this was fun to make. 

Did you want gifs- I didn’t read this right and I made it gifs anyways…


Originally posted by lexarakoon

  • Haha- he’s kinda surprised and confused, because his hair is so short. But he’s also a bit impressed, because you’re managing to braid it somehow??


Originally posted by murmmeow

  • Sasuke actually has a soft spot for his S/O playing with his hair. He’s also more affectionate in the morning right after he wakes up, so he’ll probably cuddle more and just be really content. Keep playing with it, he’ll be happy. 


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  • He already knows he has the hair of a god, so he’s used to you messing around with it. Normally, he tries to limit how much you play around with it, but the fact that you have resorted to messing with it even when he’s asleep leaves him with this expression. Expected better of you, but man, who can resist the mane?


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  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Braiding your hair-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Tobirama-”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Oh c’mon-”
  • “Don’t make me say it a third time.”