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#we stan dear friends who suffer through trauma and abuse from the same man. #save one another. risk death together to escape. #and come out on the other side.

Almost killed a Wayne this weekend.

So me and some coworkers were assigned to work the Wayne charity event this past weekend. The three of us are close since we are all around the same age, so to kill time before Bruce’s opening speech we have a game we usually play.

Basically the three of us all pick a Gotham vigilante/hero and try and convince the others their the best. I picked Red Robin, my friend Ella picked Nightwing and John picked Redhood. So the three of us are standing there with our reporters badges low key arguing over masked man.

So Ella goes, “you gotta Stan nightwing, have you seen his ass?!” And John returns with “yeah but the Redhood has thighs that could kill a man.” So I take a big gulp from my champagne flute and look at them with a straight face and say. “Red Robin could dick me down anytime anywhere and I’d say thank you.”

Behind us we hear something that sound vaguely like a dying animal. We all turn to look and it’s fucking Tim Drake-Wayne bent over, champagne flute half emptied and coughing up a storm and Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne watching. He quickly looks at us and while coughing and goes, “thank you? You’d just say thank you.”

So yeah. This weekend I almost made Tim Drake-Wayne die via champagne and was so damn flustered and ashamed at being caught thirsting over Red Robin I bearly was able to concentrate on Bruce Wayne’s speech.

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Heyya Tosh! Anyone ever tell ya your bangs look like floppy rabbit ears? Cause they totally do!

Nana: Haha they really do, don’t they?

Sorahiko: *snrrk* The resemblance is uncanny, huh!

Toshinori: Pls…….

Me: reactivates OKCupid for the sheer craic of it

Also me: immediately receives a message from a man who describes his approach to life as ‘my body is a temple full of semen’