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Seasons of Waiting

Some might dislike the time jumps but I for one love each one of them for different reasons because they suit the whole narrative and express what the characters are going through, especially the 3-year time jump. It perfectly underscores the THE THREE main themes of the entire story - ENDURING LOVE. From the very beginning, the SoSoo love story has been a ROMANCE DEFINED BY SEPARATION AND TRANSCENDING TIME (divided by 1000 years) AND SPACE, so it’s only apt that they would be separated by long distances for long periods of time - it’s the perfect symbolism. A LOVE ISN’T DEFINED BY THE TIME THEY SPENT TOGETHER BUT BY ITS CONSTANCY AND STRENGTH.

“I will wait for you.”

That’s inseparably connected with the theme OF WAITING - because all those years both of them have been waiting for each other, even though THEY DIDN’T MAKE ANY PROMISES NOR VOWS TO EACH OTHER, they were given no hope by the other person, but THEY’VE BEEN WAITING ANYWAY - LOYALLY, FAITHFULLY, STAYING TRUE TO EACH OTHER, THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER NEVER WAVERING. If a love can stand the TEST OF TIME AND SEPARATION, it will last forever.

“I guess you really have forgotten about me.”

And finally, there comes the theme of NOT FORGETTING/REMEMBERING and it’s impossibly powerful because we have a man here who used to always tell this woman that she should forget it all and she later told him to forget her, but BOTH HAVE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO FORGET EACH OTHER, NO MATTER HOW HARD THEY TRIED - THEY REMEMBER EVERY WORD, EVERY TOUCH, EVERY TEAR, even memories from 7 years ago when they barely knew each other… They have been LIVING ON THESE MEMORIES - they are what KEPT THEM ALIVE ALL THIS WHILE. They are engraved in their skins and hearts, just like their physical scars that will never disappear. HS kept the poem as a token, just like So kept the lotus hairpin with him when he’d left for Later Jin. Wang So can never forget Soo because everything in this world reminds him of her - the stars in the sky, the wind he feels when he rides his horse, the whisper of waves,… I mean, EVEN AFTER 3 YEARS HE STILL COLOR-COORDINATES HIS CLOTHES WITH HER SANGGOONG UNIFORM!

“Are you sleeping well? Eating well? Do you still… resent me?”

That backhug speaks of such a deep longing and desperation and it’s the thought that she might lose So forever, that he is once again leaving her and she doesn’t know if she would ever see him again, which spurs her into action. IT’S A DESPERATE ACT OF TRYING TO KEEP HIM WITH HER. And he tries to numb himself everytime he is around HS, but is failing miserably. It’s an unbearable torture for him to feel the warmth of her whole body against his own, her arms holding him - THE TOUCH HE’S BEEN STARVED FOR AND DREAMING ABOUT FOR 3 YEARS.

September Part One

Summary: You’re one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. You’ve had your fair share of dating guys and getting tired of them, so sometimes you just want a little fun. When you go to the Met Gala, you meet the cast of Civil War and end up having the time of your life dancing with Sebastian in particular. When you don’t see him for months, you figure it was just a coincidence-until you have to go to the Civil War premiere in Hollywood.

Characters: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Words: 1,533

Warnings: Fluff ;)

Tags: @rogersxbarnesx

September 21st. AKA the day of the long awaited Met Gala. AKA the day you dreaded most. Seeing everyone all dressed to the nines was fun, sure. But having to make small talk wasn’t really your thing. And every single time you went to something, some guy would want to ask you on a date and you would have to politely turn them down. You sat in your makeup chair while your stylist beat your face and played around with your hair.

Your best friend, Kristin walked in and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. You looked at her reflection and smiled weakly. “What’s wrong, doll?” She asked politely. You sighed and nibbled at the tip of your freshly manicured nail.

“Don’t want to go.” You tried your best to shorten your sentence while making sense. She let out a small chuckle and slapped your finger out of your mouth.

“Y/N you never want to go.” She smiled at the stylist as he finished and smiled at your reflection in the mirror. “She looks great, thank you.” He nodded and left in a hurry. You stood up and walked to the bed which laid out your long simple red mermaid gown with an open back and slit up your right thigh. It made your skin tone look a little darker than usual and your teeth a little whiter (which, quite frankly, you didn’t need any help of that).

After getting dressed and walking downstairs to get in the limo, you and Kristin sat in peace just prepping yourselves for who was at the gala. You weren’t sure, your publicist never told you that sort of stuff. But that’s why you had Kristin. She turned to you suddenly as you rubbed your lips together, to thin down the bright Apple red color plastered on them.

“So I heard that Chris Evans was going to be at this event.” You turned with a disgusted look on your face.

“Playboy-Chris-Evans?” She nodded excitedly. “Womanizer-Chris-Evans?” She nodded again. “On-again-off-again-can’t-keep-a-girl-Chris-Evans?” She nodded again, now annoyed.

“You think he’s cute, you just don’t want to admit it.” She poked at you. You but your lip. Sure, he was total man candy. But then again, man candy to you was all you ever had. You wanted something that felt real. And you weren’t sure if Hollywood could fulfill that.

“I mean, yeah, sure. But I want something real. Chris Evans hasn’t shown that yet. I don’t care anyway, I just want to dance with you and drink the night away. TMZ could use a new story anyway.” She nodded and sunk back down in her seat.

Soon enough, after announcements were made, fake red carpet pictures were snapped, and fake small talks were had, you and Kristin sat down at a very long table quietly. You looked around. “Who the hell is sitting with us?” You asked. Kristin picked up a name tag sitting at the plate next to her and her eyes widened. She looked at you and mouthed ‘Chris Evans’ in astonishment and all you could do was roll your eyes. You looked at the name tag next to you and saw it said ‘Sebastian Stan’. You were sure you heard that name somewhere.

“Is there a problem, miss?” A deep and intriguing voice asked in your ear. You turned, ready to go bitch mode on the waiter in your personal space, but froze when you saw a man with dark hair and scruff in a tuxedo smiling down at you seductively. You were speechless, and usually men didn’t leave you speechless. You looked at Kristin who was now gawking at Chris Evans who had just taken his seat next to her.

Elizabeth Olsen, Anthony Mackie, Jeremy Renner, and Robert Downey Jr. all filed into their seats at your table as Sebastian took his seat next to you. You just couldn’t take in all of the features on this man at once. Every piece, every detail was taken in separately. The piercing grey-blue eyes, the perfectly chiseled jaw, the slicked back hair, the lips. Everything about him was beautiful. He looked at you and you suddenly averted your eyes elsewhere so he wouldn’t catch you staring. He held out his hand. “Sebastian Stan.” He told you, as if you weren’t aware.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” He smiled and held onto your hand a bit longer than he should have. He noticed this and quickly slipped his hand down, clearing his throat. Kristin kicked your shin under the table and you shot her a dirty look. She pointed to Chris and mouthed something but you couldn’t quite make it out, so you shook your head to which she rolled her eyes to. Suddenly the speakers came on, with some feedback from the mic, making everyone cover their ears and cringe.

“Haha, sorry about that…” The announcer said awkwardly. “Thank you for coming to the Met Gala! Ladies and gentlemen, your evening will begin shortly with a gourmet meal prepared by our wonderful chefs and tonight’s sponsors.” Everybody clapped and the announcer turned the mic off.

Sebastian turned to you and sucked in a breath like he was trying to think of something to say. You decided to speak instead.

“Congrats on the new movie, by the way. I’m a marvel fan.” You told him and nodded. He let out a relieved smile.

“Thank you. It was a lot of fun to film, really.”

“I love your music.” Chris chimed in to you. You looked at him with a thankful thin smile. You didn’t think this kind of cast would listen to the music you sang. But you were thankful because, well, a fan is a fan. And you loved your fans.

“Oh yeah, we blasted ‘Into You’ on set one time. Total dance party.” Sebastian explained to you. You noticed Robert and Jeremy watching the conversation and they decided to chime in.

“Yeah, Rob over here was attempting to dance and fell flat on his ass.” Jeremy pointed. Robert cocked his head to the side.

“Yeah that wasn’t my proudest moment.” You all laughed and Kristin smiled at you. You were sure that this group was an amazing one. The night continued this way, all getting to know each other and trying to top each other’s stories. After dinner, the music had started and everyone was kind of dancing in their seats. Jeremy and Elizabeth left to go dance and Rob had found Susan and made their way to the dance floor as well. You, Kristin, Chris, and Sebastian all looked at each other awkwardly.

“Well, if no one’s going to say it, I will. Kristin would you like to dance?” He stood up and she took his hand and turned to you with an excited smile. One you haven’t seen since her recent breakup with her two year boyfriend. They left you and Sebastian to sit there awkwardly.

“So, um, you and Kristin are inseparable huh?” He asked you. You turned to him.

“Yeah, kinda. She broke up with her boyfriend of two years not even a month ago and she’s been leaning on me for support.” You explained. He nodded and ‘Me’ by The 1975 came on.

“Oh, I love this song.” He gushed, making you smile. “Well, Miss Y/L/N, would you care to dance?” He asked, standing up and holding out his hand. You smiled and took it.

“I would love to.” He led you to the dance floor, putting a band around your waist and the other holding your hand. You put your other hand around his shoulder. You both slowly swayed to the beat, getting lost in each other’s eyes. You rested your head on his shoulder, suddenly feeling comfortable. And you wondered if he could hear your heart beating, because, well, you were sure the entire room could hear it. But you didn’t have to wonder much longer because you felt his beating twice as hard. You smiled to yourself softly, because this wasn’t something that usually happened with all of the other guys you’ve danced with. He began to hum the lyrics to you, and feeling his voice in his chest made your heart warm.

“Hey look up.” He whispered to you and you did. The night sky was beautiful. The Stars were all shining so brightly and taking your breath away. He looked back down at you and you looked at him, suddenly finding your eyes on his lips. He licked them and leaned into you, stopping when your noses softly touched as if asking permission. You crashes your lips into his, your mouths fitting like pieces into place.

You pulled away and smiled resting your foreheads on each other. The song suddenly changed to your favorite, September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. You noticed Kristin and Chris running up to you both and you all began to dance together, following all the bodies surrounding you. You all laughed and danced the night away, belting out the lyrics as you went.

But what you didn’t know, was that you wouldn’t hear from any of those people again. Well, except for Kristin. And that broke your heart.

Part Two coming soon! Let me know if you want to be tagged in it! Sorry it’s awful, I’m not usually good at this stuff! Check out my Bucky Barnes x Reader fanfic, Stranger Things Part 1


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