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Your answer to that last anon was 100% spot on, can you please explain why I love shrinkyclinks so much??

hahhahaaha it’s now officially ‘ask Viper’ night. 

Okay, umm….. I’m not sure about other people, but for me it’s the size difference. I just fucking love size differences so damn much, and while we already sort of had that with pre-war Stucky, having someone who looks as menacing and deadly as Winter Soldier!Bucky does paired with cute, smol, breakable Stevie is just *squeals* <333333333


Except that’s just how it looks on the outside but in reality it’s completely the opposite, it’s a total role-reversal, because Bucky’s this big fucking softie and just basically and oversized teddy bear, and Steve…… Steve’s the farthest thing from breakable you could ever imagine. 

You know how dog trainers always say that Chihuahuas are always barking at other dogs because they mistakenly think they’re a lot bigger than they actually are? And they’re sort of constantly angry because they actually can’t do a lot of things that the bigger version of themselves that’s in their heads can?

That’s skinny!Steve. 

And when big!Steve shows vulnerability, that’s okay, because he gets to be strong most of the time. It’s a relief, even. But skinny!Steve can’t allow himself to show vulnerability, because he already hates being too weak all the time enough as it is (and he’s not, he’s not, but we’re always our worse judges). Only with Bucky he does allow himself to be vulnerable, and that makes it even more special.

And when Bucky’s not just Bucky, but even bigger and stronger and just *more* than he already was… that Steve can still let himself be vulnerable around him…  that makes it so much more meaningful. Especially when, at the same time, he can still be the bossy one, be the one comforting Bucky sometimes, be the protector and not just the protected, or just be what Bucky needs, too.

ok but if that’s really tom’s spotify then my entire world has been changed and i’m falling more in love with him.

the playlists are so good and i actually cried that he has car seat headrest on there bc they’re one of my favorite bands?? also alice in chains, black sabbath, lcd soundsystem, pixies, twin peaks, and beastie boys??? like i’d have so much to talk about???

pls let this be his spotify i swear