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Been thinking about middleschool ocs…..

Stella the “corviraptor” was part of a successful successful experiment to reverse engineer different birds into to non avian dinosaurs
But some of the the test subjects escape, including Stella, who is introduced to a local flock of crows by a single crow she met in her outdoor pen. However, not all is well when some of the escaped dinos turn up mysteriously dead, and a strange and terrifying creature begins haunting her dreams……

Inktober day 17: Graceful

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Tbh i really like following you because my life used to be a lot like yours, like i was bumblin my way through school pretty well and i used to chill and smoke with friends and keep things maintained. But then i got really sick and now im just bed bound and useless and school completely fell apart. But seeing you and your snapchat give me a lil reminder that it can all come back and gives me hope to keep going.

aw dude… ill come smoke with u

eyyy just a head’s up that I’m going to be visiting family over the weekend from Friday through to Sunday, so TPoH will update on Sunday but it will be posted late! Like, UK evening time late, so don’t you be staying up until 3am for it (yeah I see you back there American timezone folks I know what’s up)

also I wanted to get the doodle comic done before then but it ain’t gonna happen so sorry about that MAYBE NEXT WEEK

So a few days ago I booted up my laptop in front of my aunt, with bfu as my desktop background picture.

She gasped and asked me why I was making gay guys as my background pictures.

So I figured, if she thinks this is gay- then maybe my teachers and classmates will think so to! 

And since I go to an Anglican school, I figured that I should change it to something else. Something less… suggestive. Less gay. Gotta be more modest, because perhaps Shyan eye-fucking was too much. 

So I changed it to this.

Upon booting up my laptop in school, my best friend proceeds to ask me if they were gay. 

Fine! I thought. I’ll change it to something even less suggestive.

Which brings me to my final transformation:

I got asked by a total of 7 girls if they were gay.

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I just realized something. When Pidge is showing Matt around the castle, we get to see her messy and obviously personalized room. Then I made myself sad by thinking avout the fact that we've seen Keith's room in every single season before and it's always completely empty... I'm not sure how to read into this.

…….I think you know exactly how to read into this, you just don’t want to think about it. Because same.

Inktober 15 - Butterfly.

Me and Mary are doing Inktober half and half! (Check out Day 14)

@fellswap-gold fanart.