Seventeen Based Off YikYak Posts
  • S.Coups: I walk around like everything is fine, but deep down, inside my shoe, my sock is sliding off.
  • Jeonghan: Sometimes I think I should get into art, but then I realize that I am art and someone needs to get into me.
  • Joshua: Chem final got me like NaBrO.
  • Jun: Haven't lost my virginity because I never lose.
  • Hoshi: I want to open a coffee shop, but I'm really bad at writing with chalk.
  • Wonwoo: I just looked at my bank account and figured out I can live comfortably for the rest of my life as long as I die Saturday.
  • Woozi: Tried to type "What a time to be alive", but iPhone corrected "alive" to "alone." I can't decide which one is more accurate.
  • DK: Three exams next week and I'm doing a Buzzfeed quiz to see what type of coffee I am.
  • Mingyu: How do people forget to eat? Like, I'm counting down the minutes until it's socially acceptable to have another meal.
  • The8: Your dick was in my mouth last night, the least you could do is wave back.
  • Seungkwan: Why do you think it's okay to take my seat this far into the semester. Dishonor on you. Dishonor on your cow.
  • Vernon: Got her number in Chem class, call that significant digits.
  • Dino: After much research, experimentation, and consideration, I have decided that adulthood is not for me. Thank you for your time.
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i feel like it’s been several months since i last started this thread, but heyyyyyy “older” omgcp, how ya doin’? do we all know each other by now?

Crazy Week!

So, on Monday I came into one of my windows open. And graffiti was all over it. But I didn’t think anything of it because apparently it’s too early in the morning for me to think much of anything, especially after a 45 minute drive. Some kids snuck onto campus over the weekend. They stole a box of pencils and some Gatorade from another sixth grade teacher. 

Monday and Tuesday was Math and Reading STAAR Benchmark. On Tuesday, I went into the teacher’s lounge because the library was closed during my mandated break. One of the 6th grade math teachers was in there as well, and the science & social studies IC was in the room with all the testing materials. I was scrolling through Uber Eats, debating if I wanted to order something and twirling my hair as I am wont to do when I have idle hands. Hubby teased me about it the weekend before. 

A sub was in the teachers lounge, shouting into her phone. But whatever, I’m not paying attention. Until the sub verbally ATTACKS me for twirling my hair! She just HAD to tell me that it was a distraction, unattractive, and disgusting. I couldn’t say anything, so she kept going. The IC came to my aide, and then left to get the principal and the 6th grade AP. The sub was kicked off of campus and will no longer sub for our school. I heard a rumor that she subbed for the 6th grade SS teacher. Supposed she stuck her middle finger at them and told them they wouldn’t graduate high school because they were all Mexican. Glad she won’t be around anymore! 

Now people keep telling me to stop twirling my hair, even when I’m not. Okay.

And Friday I had my 15 minute observation. I thought it went pretty well. And then I (and the other first year teachers) got an e-mail for a meeting about discussing How-To Questioning strategies. I couldn’t ask about it because the eighth grade ELA team was in their office forever afterschool and I wanted to go home. 

Wonder what this week will turn up with! 

tfw all your favorite characters are minor characters the fandom casts aside as unimportant and you don’t enjoy drawing the popular ones

Imagine the Seventeen members sending you multiple pictures of Woozi when he’s asleep.

BONUS: When he finds out about it, he just smiles gently at you and shows no sign of anger but he’s actually secretly planning how to punish the others.


I get the appeal of Josh, I honestly do. He was a sweet guy, he was genuinely interested in Tina, and he was not afraid to show it. Hell, when I watch “Two for Tina,” I’m always glad that Tina chooses to go to the dance with him over Jimmy Junior. 

It’s easy to hate Jimmy Junior if you look at just one episode. He’s been a real jerk on a few occasions, there’s no denying it. But I think it’s a mistake to completely write him off. It’s important to look at the whole picture. So just let me take a few minutes to talk in the defense of Jimmy Junior and why I personally prefer him over Josh.

I believe that most of Jimmy Junior’s actions can be explained by looking at his family life. This is verging into the realm of headcanon a bit, but I think it’s probably safe to say that there’s a lot going on with Jimmy Junior that we’re just not seeing. We don’t get much insight into the Pesto household, but from what little glimpses we do get, it does not seem like he has a very good relationship with his father. We know at the very least that his dad does not support his dancing. I assume that this was a driving factor behind his joining the wrestling team; it was an attempt to win approval from his dad. This might even be initially what was behind his friendship with Zeke as well, who ends up being another distraction for him.

In any case, if Jimmy Junior was just trying to be closer to his dad like I think he was, there is no way he would accomplish that while also getting closer to the daughter of his dad’s enemy. So even though he likes Tina, he ends up pushing her away. It’s not right, but it’s what happens.

But the Jimmy Junior we’ve been seeing recently has matured a lot. I think the events of “Two for Tina” were a wake up call for him. He has finally realized he cannot take Tina for granted any more. That’s why in “Gene It On” he approaches Tina first, and when Louise makes it seem like she might be trying to blow him off, he immediately asks her out, because he knows he has to fight for her now. And let’s not forget how happy he looked asking Tina where she wanted to go on their date, or how he was disappointed that they wouldn’t be alone, or how he wanted to kiss her too. And while we’re at it, I have to also bring up how in “World Wharf II: The Wharfening,” he was showing off his perfectly tailored pants to Tina and he looked so proud when she said they were nice.

So you can talk about how Jimmy Junior was such a jerk in “Two for Tina” all you want, and you can even argue that he was still a jerk in “Presto Tina-o,” but those are just two episodes. You’re ignoring all the times he wasn’t a jerk, like in “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?” and “My Fuzzy Valentine” and “The Unnatural.” And you’re ignoring the fact that his most recent appearances strongly imply that their relationship is going somewhere, or at least that he is now openly interested in her.

Additionally, how much do Tina and Josh have in common, really? They supposedly have this great chemistry, but when it comes down to it, what is there? He goes to a different school, he’s older than her, he hasn’t grown up in a same environment as her. He lifts right out. Jimmy Junior, on the other hand, goes to Wagstaff with her, shares friends with her, lives across the street from her, and grew up in a restaurant just like her. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier, and make a lot more sense, for Tina to build a relationship with someone like Jimmy Junior?

And finally, just look at these kisses. Just look at them. Look at how Tina kisses Jimmy Junior and compare that to how she kisses Josh. That’s a huge difference. With Josh it looks like they’re trying to touch as little as possible. That’s like the minimum amount of what can be considered a kiss. And with Jimmy Junior? Well, we know for sure tongue was used on both accounts. I think that speaks for itself. Tina clearly wants Jimmy Junior the most, and she deserves to get who she wants. And I believe she will, because Jimmy Junior has finally started to mature into someone who deserves her. And that is something you can’t ignore. 

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this is probably ridic question by why u ship nijiaka and what is the good thing about them?

wowwwiee I never expect this question coming but okay I’m gonna answer this based on their relationship in manga as well. 

Warning: long post so more or less likely nijiaka essay(????)

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There’s gonna be this program at the Carnegie concert and it has to have to have pictures of each featured ensemble w/ their director and we’re taking our picture tomorrow night after the concert. This is really happening. We’ve gotten two pieces we’re gonna play at Carnegie Hall, we’re taking the super snazzy picture tomorrow. I might die from excitement before we even get to New York!