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I know you don't read many other webcomics, but do you and Tracy Butler have extended conversations about dynamic lighting, wacky action scenes, and ridiculous facial expressions?

Naw, we don’t know each other personally. I only admire her from afar. Sometimes she likes my tumblr posts and I get one of those “Senpai noticed me!” headrushes.

ok im tell you guys a kinda scary story. this morning my first alarm when off and I was like “girl naw ima nap some more” so I rolled over to sleep a couple more minutes and I felt something tickle inside my right nostril. So i wiggled my nose thinking maybe it was just my septum ring crooked in there. It tickled even more so I snorted a bit thinking maybe it was just my hair?? but no it tickled even more so I was like girl…………………. so I went to rub my nose with my finger and when I did I felt something wiggle and I screamed and snorted and a little spider came out of my nose. Needless to say I was 100% awake at that point lmao

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Do YA think amethyst can't actually beat pearl? What do you think she meant by that, Cus amethyst seems much stronger than pearl. (Sorry the gif U posted made me remember this)

naw, I think that was more or less just big talk, which is probably significant for Gems because their powers seem correlated to how they feel - being over-confidant and self-assured seems to make them stronger, so trying to demoralize their opponent or cast self-doubt seems like it could turn the tide of battle. That’s kind of just a complete assumption on my part though. But anyway, Pearl seems significantly weaker than the other two, although she’s certainly more skilled than Amethyst (strategy-wise, I mean) so as long as she can avoid getting hit by Amethyst she’d probably be fine by pretty much any time Amethyst lands a hit on her its devastating (compare to all the time Pearl lands a hit on Amethyst, she pretty much immediately recovers and keeps fighting). So Pearl asserting that Amethyst can’t beat her didn’t seem like it had basis in fact, Pearl just had to believe that to continue fighting.

of course there might be something about Kindergarten Gems we don’t know about that will explain that line, so it may well be very important and indicative of some kind of inherent flaw in Kindergarten Gems. It might also be because Pearl is ‘older’ than Amethyst. We’ll see.


So now I’m about to get heavy a little .

I understand both sides of this.

I understand Usagi because she’s like “ Hey We are in this together because you said so a couple days back.  She’s our daughter. It should be OUR responsibly together as future parents to protect her.  Not just yours.You shouldn’t be carrying this alone when I’m in this too.”  So in a sense she feels like that he’s being selfish by taking all the responsibly on his own instead of them sharing it.  Naw she aint getting no character development at all.. 

Mamo feels like it should be his responsibly to protect because he feels like he can protect Chibs while Usagi does her thing to try to save the world. It still apart of  him feeling like he can’t help her as much as he want to altho he’s been a major help to her in the past two episodes and this one later. So he feels like that he can do his part helping Chibs. So it’s still his insecurities creeping in also.

Both of them are still insecure. 

Both of them still still needs to realize that they are stronger together. 

Let me here to die. 

Best Little Bros Ever~


Lemmy: Sorry that you couldn’t go ‘cause you got grounded, Iggy.

Iggy: Eh… It’s cool, lil’ buddy. We’re gonna be racing on those tracks next week anyway, so I can see them then.

Lemmy: I can stay with you if you want.

Iggy: You’re not going with everyone else?

Lemmy: It won’t be fun if you’re not there.

Iggy: … Thanks, Lemmy. You’re the best little bro ever!

Larry: Hey, Lemmy. You sure you don’t wanna come?

Lemmy: Naw, I’m just gonna stay with Iggy so he’ll have company.

Larry: Okaaay… But y’know, I heard one of the courses we’re going to race in is Baby Park. Didn’t you say that you wan-

Lemmy: ?!

Lemmy: BABY PARK?! Why didn’t anyone tell me that, LET’S GO!!!

Iggy: Hey, wait!!! I thought you said you were going to stay here with me?!

Lemmy: Well.. yeah… But it’s BABY PARK! I’ve always wanted to go there! Bye, Iggy, I’ll bring you a souvenir!

Larry: Yeah, we’ll bring you back a slice of pizza from Cheese Land or something. Later, Bro!

Iggy: Gee, thanks a lot, guys…

  • some loser:feathered dinosaurs don't look scary!
  • me:hell naw they look cute as fuck. lemme cuddle that floofraptor yo
Noooo 😑

I bought my boyfriend a Michael sKors watch for his bday next month…
I told him I got him something MK and he’s like as long as it’s not a watch.
I was like whyyyy? He told me its a superstition that your relationship will end soon if you buy someone a watch.
I was like that’s stupid… And then I remembered I got my ex a watch and our 2 year relationship ended a month later……..


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So you'd rather have a homophobic republican as a president than Hillary Clinton? I'm not going to vote for her just because she's a woman. I'm going to vote for her because she is much better than any republican can be, so fuck you.

You’re an idiot. And I can tell that you’re an idiot just from this ask because you clearly haven’t researched your candidates. If you did then you’d probably know about Jim Webb but naw. Let’s pretend like Hillary is the only democratic candidate. It really makes you seem smart.

And yeah I forgot that as a gay person i can criticize homophobes all I want up until they’re democratic because when that happens I should just shut my ungrateful mouth right?


Wat u $ay cuh? Dont hide naw…lolol 😂😂😂😂

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Same big thighs brown eyes guy. I ain't hoping to be one of ur ex bf. Wanna be ur last bf and only husband

Haha Naw that’s cute.

Aw naw,
Conway and George Strait
never did it this way, back in the old days
All y'all
we ain’t a cliche, that ain’t no way
to treat a lady
Like a girl in a Country song
How in the world did it go so wrong?
Like all we’re good for
is looking good for you and your friends on the weekend,
nothing more
We used to get a little respect, Now we’re lucky if we even get
To climb up in your truck, keep our mouth’s shut and ride along
Down some old dirt road we don’t even wanna be on
And be the girl in a Country song