aline changed group name to “the three musgayteers”

raj changed group name to “rainbowhunters”

aline changed group name to “mine was better”

alec changed group name to “i miss magnus”

aline: soft

raj: why are u like thsi

alec: i miss him

raj: he left 20 minUTES AGO

aline: kldkskjfkst CU TE

raj: #teas


alec: im noT SOFT

raj: a Lie



alec: aline remember when u talked abt how pretty izzys eyes ar e for over 30 minutes and we had to block u out??

raj: mmmm m check and mate

aline: i rememb er that blatant lesbophobia yes

alec changed group name to “aline is the softest”

Boyfriend!Vernon (for my love @daddy-vern)

ilu @daddy-vern kiss kiss

-50% of your relationship is impromptu rap battles and the other 50% is that sound Tina from Bob’s Burgers make you know the one

-weird terms of endearment like avocado socks

-takes rly cute candids of you

-loves when you ask about his heritage and can actually have some amazingly enlightening and intelligent conversations 

-is pretty content w staying in bed all day watching anime

-invites you into hh unit group chat then takes you out after you brought up headlines

-wearing his clothes mmmm thas some good shi,.t

-seeing who can pull their hoodie drawstrings in the most

-writing phake deep ass songs at 4am then laughing over them in the morning

-forehead kisses!!!!!!!!!

-king of pep talks, no.1 hypeman, day one bro, b triple f

-celebrates your every success and supports you in your major life decisions, of course helping in any way possible. 

-likes to be the little spoon

-cute date ideas:trying not 2 burn dinner

-has moments where he just stares at you and admires you down to every freckle on your face


-serenades you from outside the bathroom door while you shower

-is still cut up abt that one time you two went up to pat a dog n it ignored him

-breathes you through meltdowns, taking you into his arms and humming quietly until you’ve calmed down

-sends u top qualitie memes

-banging to hotline bling


(b y e)

-tightens his grip around your waist when he gets possessive

-draws circles with his thumbs when you hold hands

-invites you out to the karaoke bar w the boys (to which you fukn wipe the floor w their asses)

-queue the most intense adlib competition btwn u n boo

-finds himself doing rly stupid stuff w you like jumping on the trampoline in the rain 

-overall just????? the cutest dork in the wholme world ??????

stan verken if u love your mother bye

Hnnnnn- ughhhh

H-homeworks….. Ugh… *cri*

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Como sabrás , para seleccionar a las chicas , las cuales yo hago las preguntas , son chicas que influyen en el fandom , osea saben que decir , asu manera pero saben que decir por eso te seleccione a ti y a 19 mas para que me digan sus puntos de vist , en cuestión a preguntas , no solo del WIGETTA si no, del fandom en sí , <3 ....... PREGUNTA: Según tu criterio , Cely¿Como ignoras , un bardo? ¿Qué piensas de tu aporte al FANDOM? ¿Que es lo que mas , amas de tu país?

1- Primero veo el por qué del bardo, la mayoría de las razones son estúpidas como las personas que lo provocan así que es fácil para mí ignorar JSADFJKLÑ

2- Mi aporteeee mmmm la verdad no sé ah

3- Lo que más amo es la comida sin duda adsfjlñk 

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Thanks for the link to the interview, had a great time listening to Jeremy's voice <strike> and not so subtly hint klance</strike> i did leave as soon as he was gone too lol

aw you’re welcome! jeremy is a gift i felt bad for him throughout the whole thing lmao….i did close the link too after he left but i was curious so this morning i actually rewatched the whole video and the hosts were like [about sh/eith] ‘something is definitely there’ and i was like mmmm that’s why the age discourse wasn’t convenient to them :))))

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do you think got7 is lowkey filming their new mv in the states? mmmm

who knows but the boys seems to be just flying everywhere and enjoying their time

A few years ago my dad (who’s a prof) did the convocation address for new students and had a silly gimmick where he took off his teaching robes to reveal a wetsuit underneath. Something about the suit you’ll actually wear idk. My brother and I were so embarrassed and only hoped everybody would forget about this.

But my town was small, so it became like a city-wide meme where ppl would show up to HS and college graduation ceremonies and pull off their robes onstage to reveal increasingly terrible wetsuits underneath. Like they sent out emails about this warning people to stop doing it. The uni eventually took down the original youtube video of it. Thank God.

But I was sitting in class today (I go to a completely different school far away from my hometown) about to take my final and our professor said he had something funny to show us that would lift our spirits. AND HE PULLED UP THE VIDEO THAT WAS SAVED TO HIS COMPUTER OF MY DAD TALKING TO 6,000 STUDENTS IN A WETSUIT.


I was already silently dying bc this was Awful™ but THEN a girl next to me, who I’ve never spoken to before in my life, leaned forward in her chair and said to me “Honestly, I think he’s kind of hot. Would you hit it?”