This inscription, NON OMNIS MORIAR, is engraved beneath the image of a snake on a tombstone in the Greyfriars churchyard in Edinburgh–where J. K. Rowling found a number of character names she would later use in the Harry Potter series, including Tom Riddle. I used to wander around there a lot but just noticed this for the first time on my last visit and was for obvious reasons struck by the imagery and the accompanying aphorism–NON OMNIS MORIAR. “Not all of me shall die.” Think this might have been inspiration for Voldemort’s last horcrux or Slytherin House? I don’t know, but you’d have a hard time convincing me it wasn’t.


Give me that role reversal AU with Prince Merlin where Arthur doesn’t have magic, is a deposed Uther Pendragon’s son and somehow becomes Merlin’s fakely magical manservant with a bitchy Gaius in tow. Arthur is the one who has to hide his identity as Once and Future King because… his friend Merlin is Crown Prince.

Give me Arthur pretending to have magic through science and sheer problem solving ability. Or how he doesn’t get credit for doing difficult things because he’s supposed to have magic anyway. And how much he adores watching Merlin do frivolous, beautiful magics  that he can’t even dream of doing.

Give me Arthur hiding Excalibur in his room when he’s not using it to defeat Undead Knights or plotting High Priestesses. Tell me about Merlin not knowing he’s Emrys, and just being a chilled out Prince who doesn’t know that Arthur has no magic at all and is actually in constant danger All The Time.

And bonus chalice, because Nimueh and Morgause are the evil queens of Camelot who don’t want to see the prophecy come true.

Hello! this is the preview of my submission for the AT s7 zine that @nonakiiins is making! the episode is “May I Come In?” from Stakes because oh god i really love it, i’m lucky it wasn’t full already! i enjoyed a lot making this and trying out a new coloring sooo.. ye!

On Being a grown ass woman

       I’d never really had the courage to go into a Victoria’s Secret, And while I’m gonna put my kinda lengthy dissertation about my experience below the cut, the gist of it is that I’m convinced Victoria’s secret is that she is a timelord and she is using her powers to deliver extreme ethereal comfort to my tits.

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Just try to focus on the fact that you are still here, fighting and breathing. After everything you’ve been through, you are still alive. You survived all these awful days and nights. Just think about that. You are so strong and brave! I couldn’t be more proud of you.

Maybe these fears and insecurities will not leave you right now, but one day everything will get better. One day you will see the light and everything will be clearer.

I know you can fight this. You can get through this. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, I believe in you. I believe in you enough for both of us and one day, you will believe in yourself, you will love yourself. You will see that you are enough! Until there I don’t want you to feel alone. I want you to know that I am here. Maybe you’ll think that I’m pretending that I care, but I’m not. I do care. I do love you and I want you to be alive.

When your nights are darker than ever and you can’t see a thing, I’ll try my best to bring a light. One day you will be able to hold this light by yourself. But until there, don’t worry… I’ll be there with you. I’ll keep the lights on until you feel that you are enough to keep them on by yourself. I’ll hold you hands if you want to. I will try to say some good words. If you don’t want any of these things, I’ll be there by your side in silence. Anything that make you feel confortable and safe, I’ll do it. And one day, one amazing day, all the lights will be on and you will learn how to fight the dark. You’ll learn how to be alone and feel safe in being alone. You’ll love to be with yourself just like I love being with you.

I just want you guys to be safe, okay? Hope you have a great day and if you don’t, I know that a better day is coming. You will get there. You will make it because you already made it this far. Nothing will stop you because you are so important and so capable. 

You are not a waste of space, you are what make this space something. You are the reason it exists and I want you to feel proud about this. Even if you believe that is a messy space, it’s yours! You can make it better. You can clean it up and I can help you. We can make it a better place. And one day, you’ll be able to keep it clean by yourself. Sometimes everything will get messy again. Some storms and hurricanes can happen and everything will seen lost again. But you can start over each day! You can clean it again and redecorate it sometimes. I will help you. I’ve got you.

Life is not easy. Death seems the easier answer sometimes I know… I believed in this once. I almost made something that I would never be able to undone. I was almost gone, but I can say that I’m proud of being here today. I should be, right? I’m a fighter and so are you. I am real. YOU are real! I know you can fight this! I love you so much and I can’t actually put into words how much I want you to be okay. I will always look after you.

So that’s it. Drink some water. Eat something. Take a deep breath. Stay safe. Stay alive. 


mob psycho 100 episode 3:
                      ➩shigeo kageyama

I’m gonna admit, the way Marinette accidentally compliments Adrien when trying to speak to him made me want to think of her as the kind of person who just can’t insult anyone.

I mean she tells off Chloé plenty but as far as I remember Mari has never resorted to petty jabs at appearance or anything, which gives me the humorous picture of, like, if she ever gets into an altercation with a classmate it’s like




Like every time their on teams for gym class everyone’s like “Mari please leave the trash talk to us okay?”


This is about you. This is about everything it took you to get to this point, everything it cost you, and everyone who laughed when you dared to dream of something big and bright. […] This is is your night. This is your game. This is your moment. Seize it with everything you’ve got. Pull out all the stops and lay it on the line. Fight because you don’t know how to die quietly. Win because you don’t know how to lose. This king’s ruled long enough–it’s time to tear his castle down. (x)