we also need to talk about what magnus’ spellbook implies which is that he’s singlehandedly created hundreds if not thousands of spells and that these are spells unique to him. meaning he’s the only one who can both cast and undo them, except for what he may have chosen to share to a select few. and that these are likely the spells warding the Institute, but not only that, the Clave is probably relying on many other spells he’s created.

basically what i’m saying is magnus bane has the greatest insurance policy ever because if he goes, all of his spells go with him.

✴️️ To Nullify a Spell ✴️️

sometimes spells just flop, and you want to redo them. but before you do that, you should nullify the first attempt, to prevent the first attempt creates conflicts with the second attempt of the spell. 



✴️️ gather the contents/ingredients of the spell you first cast it with

✴️️ separate the burnable and non-burning contents of the spell

✴️️ salt the burnable ingredients lightly (such as paper, herbs, etc)

✴️️ burn the ingredients, and cover the non-burning pieces with the ash.

✴️️ rinse the non-burning pieces clean and cleanse them. 


✴️️ gather as many of the same spell components as you used to cast it

✴️️ perform the spell backwards, speak any chants used backwards. 

however, sometimes it isn’t a spell you cast, and things can get a little trickier. how do you nullify a spell you didn’t cast?


✴️️ gather a bowl of salt water and a black candle

✴️️ place the candle in the center of the bowl

✴️️ burn a hair of fingernail clipping of yours on the flame

✴️️ let the flame burn down until it is extinguished by the water


✴️️ make black salt but combining ash and salt

✴️️ burn it safely. ward and cleanse your area. 

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Cleansing Idea

Hang up windchimes inside your room next to a window.  When you are ready to help give your room a bit of a refresher, open the window and allow the fresh air to come in and move the wind chimes.  Anoint the wind chimes with moon water or charge them in moonlight for an extra boost in positive energy!

The Exacting Art of Wand Making

“The magical rod is the verendum of the magus; it must not even be mentioned in any clear and precise manner; no one should boast of its possession, nor should its consecration ever be transmitted except under the conditions of absolute discretion and confidence.” - Eliphas Levi, “Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie” (1856)

It is a matter of fact that properly making a wand is a pain in the ass. It is a rather long process, with lots of detailed steps, none of which can be skipped. It takes more than a month of near daily work, invariably leads to both accidental and purposeful blood spill, not to mention all the mess.

Having lived in London for over a decade I can assure you that there is no Ollivanders in which to purchase a finished wand. And while many many sticks that have been nicely polished, often having had some baubles attached to them, are for sale from a variety of vendors they are not in any practical way a wand.

A wand must be cut by the practitioner themselves directly from the tree, must be worked to shape by the practitioner’s hands, tooled by the practitioner’s blade. It is a very necessary tool in the arsenal of witch and wizard alike, found throughout history in the practice of magic.

On the whole its a bothersome process; messy, meticulous, exacting and often tiresome. But at each point where you would shirk the necessary steps it is only in reminding yourself that the tool you make may save your life that you push on, doing every little bit that is needed to make it as strong as possible. Because like a parachute your life may hang in the balance of your wand having been made in an exacting process that I would personally never trust to something I bought online or in a shop.

The length of the wand varies from culture to culture and use to use. I myself prefer a length that is the distance from one’s nose when looking straight ahead to the tip of one’s fingers. Approximately three feet long (four spans) though tailored exactly to the body of its owner. The perfect length for tracing a circle on the ground without bending over.

It so happens that I had long held off on making myself a second hazel wand, my first being in storage in the US and something I had used for decades - though not seen in years. In its stead I have been using a very nice rowan wand I constructed about a year after I arrived in London, which works for most situations and is particularly adept at landscape magics. But then there are some things for which only a hazel wand will do the job properly.

Unfortunately my original hazel, cut from a deep and old wood in the states when I was a young man, has gone missing. Its whereabouts are a mystery, though where it should have been among my library storage materials it was not. Thus I have been slowly getting around to replacing it, and some near future work that needs doing has required my starting in order to finish before the vernal equinox.

So while the blackbird sang me a song of predawn delight I cut the hazel and have begun the process. As it dries I will gather the bits I need, offerings and ointments for its preparation, and by the first day of spring it should be ready for a bit of that old black magic.