Romantic Encapsulated Handmade Jewelry by Kay Bells

Artist and owner Kay Bells of the indie boutique Ruby Robin creates stunning handmade pieces, which are encapsulated with quiet reminders of nature. Bells aim is to capture the inspiring beauty and vulnerability of flowers into a romantic token, which could be worn every day. With a whimsical and victorian sensibility, Bells’ handmade jewelry resembles an object worn by fairies in a mystical forest. She explains:

“My handcrafted jewellery is designed to allow the quiet beauty of nature to shine, to stir the imagination, inspire wonder and encapsulate a microcosm of long forgotten memories. I make my jewellery using a range of strange and beautiful curiosities, found in the woods and on the mountain sides, on the windswept beaches and wild meadows.”

You can find more ethereal designs on her Etsy shop.

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Stormbornwitch’s Storm Ward


  • 4 Branches that fell from trees during a storm (oak branches are best as oak is known to protect against lightning strikes)
  • Wool Yarn (black, charcoal, light grey, and robins egg blue)
  • Storm water
  • Rock salt
  • Crow feathers

Note: This spell will take a while because not only do you need to collect the materials, the ward itself must also be made during a storm. Once completed this ward can be hung on a wall or in a window of a home to protect it against storms and severe weather.

Step 1

Fill a bowl with storm water and a cup of rock salt. Stir until the salt has completely dissolved. Soak the woollen yarn in the water overnight (on a stormy night) so that it absorbs the properties of the storm water and the salt. Allow the yarn to dry completely.

Step 2

Collect four branches that fell from trees during the storm the night before. As mentioned above, oak branches are the best option as oak is known to protect against lightning strikes.

Step 3

On a stormy day when you’ve got nothing planned, pull out the sticks and the string. Weaving this storm ward will take a good few hours to complete but it is well worth it in the end. 

Lay the sticks so that they create a star (with the 2 thicker branches at the top and the 2 thinner branches at the bottom). This will help create a octagonal ‘spider web’ pattern which is designed to catch and snare any severe weather and prevent it from damaging the home.

Step 4

To begin the weaving process of the eye of the storm, place the end of the black yarn in the centre of the top two thicker sticks. Begin weaving from one stick to the other (weave the yarn over the stick, then wind it around the stick and then layering it over the string you just placed - to hold it in place. Continue on to the next stick. After five times around the centre of the sticks you should start to see a diamond pattern.)

As you weave, visualise passing through the storm unharmed. Visualise your home surrounded in a ward (I like to visualise a protective bubble) which prevents the storm from damaging it.

To alternate to a different colour you will need to trim the yarn so that it can just reach the middle of the back of the ward after completing a securing loop on one of the sicks. Tie the next colour to that piece of yarn and continue weaving at the opposite end of the ward (hiding the knot at the back of the ward). Continue alternating colours until you are happy with the centre ‘eye of the storm’.

Step 5

Once you have completed the eye of the storm ward you will begin including the outer points of the storm ward (the 2 thinner sticks). Ensure that your loops on the thinner sticks are higher up than the loops on the thicker sticks. Continue weaving and alternating colours until you have completed the octagonal shape.

At the base of the ward. Weave the crow feathers through the string. This symbolises passing through the storm unharmed. A crow feather should be added for each member of the household so that each person is protected as well as the house itself.

- Marci


Doin’ a lot of traditional sketching and figured I didn’t really do much for the AUs I’ve played with, so I decided to try and go for a new one! I just… I have so many in my head that I’d love to share, and I simply can’t stay away from RariTwi for long. ;_;

So as you could probably guess, this AU is (once again) focused on my typically favorite pairings: RariTwi, AppleDash, and PinkieShy. This time, the idea is a Goddess!AU because I thought it’d be very cool to see the dynamic the characters would have with half of them being of divine blood, while the other half are mortals. The general idea behind it is this:

Rarity isn’t just a normal seamstress, but also one of the priestesses of Ponyville who have sworn to protect their home and give the proper tending to the Gods and Goddesses that watch over them. Ponyville has been getting an influx of attacks from shadow-like monsters, and while the warriors and priests/priestesses have been able to fend them off thus far, things are slowly starting to deteriorate. The town does their thing and pray to the gods for help, but Rarity decides to take things further and essentially offer herself in exchange for help ridding Ponyville of their growing problem.

One night, she makes a summoning circle and calls upon the one she thinks could help her most: The Guardian of Magic. Who’s the Guardian of Magic, you ask? Twilight Sparkle, of course, although the mortals don’t know of her actual name. Anyway, Twi is summoned and the two have an interaction (how the interaction goes is up to you). In the end though, the two come up with a deal: Twilight protects Ponyville in exchange of something from Rarity. I personally already have an idea of what it could be, ranging from:

-Twi protects the town in exchange for Rarity’s help in her investigation on why so many shadow-monsters are attacking the town so frequently (hint it has something to do with the Elements of Harmony). This is the one I already have some of the plot thought of and might seem to be a little darker in content.

-Twi tells Rarity that she must become either her clergy or her lover in order to enact an oath that will guarantee Twi’s hand in protecting the town (basically, she will come almost every time she’s summoned upon). The option of lover is, of course, the one that guarantees all of Twi’s protection, including protection from other gods and mortals who might set their eyes on Rarity for one reason or another. This one would allow far more shenanigans and freedom to do a lot more with while still give room for the plot to go in whatever direction you want.

Which one do you guys think would be more interesting to hear about? Either way, I already have some worldbuilding at the ready, so be prepared for a few sketches detailing that as well as introducing the rest of the characters as they appear in this AU. ^.^ Also, before I go:

Fun Fact 1- Twilight does have wings in this AU but I’m torn between having her wings be stolen from her and her looking for a way to get them back (a bit similar to Maleficent in that aspect), or they’re completely intact. Which do you think would work better? O:

Fun Fact 2- Twilight is a demigod (half mortal half divine). Her mother is the Deity of Knowledge and her father is a mortal, but the two live happily together.

Anyway, let me know what ya’ll think, and thank you for taking a look! ^.^

Sometimes I have to catch myself when talking to gorgeous ass black girls. Like I’ll meet a girl for the first time and I’ll end up complimenting her so much like, “Omg, girl, you are soooooo gorgeous!! Like your lips are perfect and your skin is everything! Like you’re so fucking ethereal!! How the fuck you out here in this stupid ass world looking cute as fuck?? Like yo fine ass outchere making niggas weak!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍” and then I’ll be like “OK, I’m sorry if my compliments make you uncomfortable you’re just so beautiful like Omg. I’m straight…

Telethia - Starbound Magic

Drew Telethia in a similar outfit as to what she wears in SB atm, replacing the Manipulator with a magi-tech gauntlet, as it fits her theme better. And then I just kept adding details.

My (Upgraded) Flame Portal Staff is ♥ - cost me a lot of resources to enhance and still takes a good while to channel the spell, but each fireball hits for like 126 damage :Dc
Thank god for mods.

Ingame she is human, since I didn’t have any mods at the time when I created her, but it’s not like I can make a race that both looks accurate and also has the right height for her (since she’s about ½ the size of a normal character) anyway :P

Potentially may have to look into getting some pixel art for her hair and ears as a hat and back item (since the pigtails should move while running XD)

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