I love animals and I love children I can’t wait to live on a ranch in chihuahua with my babies

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au where Miles is the tumblr aesthetic blog and Phoenix is the shitposter and they become mutuals

I love thinking abOUT THIS SO MUCH

everyone’s hcs of claudia/stiles/sheriff family have always been happy and melancholy but i love that it wasn’t like that? i love that she dealt with the harsher and more brutal parts of her illness, i love that stiles’ feelings about her and about that time make so much more sense now like that scene about his dad getting drunk and yelling at him as his worst fear and his guilty feelings over his mom dying because she literally thought he was killing her ha ha ha bye !

i love seeing behind the scenes stuff from taylor’s videos because she always looks so excited about the music videos and it just makes me so happy

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I really love how the cool kids are portrayed in this episode. They could have been like every other ‘cool kid’ in cartoons, kinda rude. But no. They treat Steven with respect and are just kinda…nice.

They remind me SO MUCH of my friends in high school i can’t even begin to tell you. I went to Nerd High (I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE), and the main group i hung with were pretty much THE nerdiest of the nerds, but that meant we were basically top of the social ladder, AND THIS IS SO FUCKING THEM OH MY GOD


u know what’s really painful about looking at hl pictures is like, you see it and you’re like, oh that’s cute they’re cute, and then you look again and you see something small like louis’s hand curled around harry’s waist or harry shifting in to be closer and you’re like, wow i love death and dying