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All I want for Christmas is...

the album launch Louis Tomlinson deserves, including but not limited to:

  • interviews focused on his music
  • interviews focused on his music on big radio stations during prime slots
  • interviews focused on his music / performances on talk shows during prime time 
  • social media focused on his music with working links and the whole shebang that should be a given
  • performances on nationally / globally broadcasted events

That’s not too much to ask, or is it?


have you found something to do that for you?
maybe, maybe.

its so……weird but also sorta Expected how poodles are seen as being super frilly and weak and sissy by some ppl when poodles are in fact one of the most intelligent, versatile, and all around chill dog breeds out there. they can be hunting dogs, swimming dogs, therapy dogs, even a guard dog if you please. they’re easy to train and the only stipulation w/ them is their grooming requirements [bc they get super wooly/matted if u dont brush them Trust Me] 

like poodles are all around badasses in terms of dog breeds tbfh i lov them

Okay I had to say it so here it is

I don’t like the idea of Matt being Lance’s doppelgänger ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt and I’m so glad Pidge found him and boy this powerful Holt duo they make is amazing

The thing that bothers me a lot is all the similarities Matt has with Lance. And I’m not only talking about his crush for Allura…

(we obviously know Lance has/had one on her)

And flirty-dorky behavior with her

(Lance is the master of it though)

I’m talking about the fact that he is a bit of a goofball, but also so caring with his sister

(isn’t Lance always the one there to comfort the other paladins ?)

He considers Shiro as his hero

(I meaaaaaan don’t we know someone else…)

He seems to develop a friendship with Keith

(Oh come on do I even have to explain this one ?)

He is skilled in battle

(Lance is the cool ninja sharpshooter)

And as we learnt from Pidge’s vlog, he is also very good at video games

(And who did we see lose his video game play ?)

We all know Lance has a lot of insecurities, how he feels like he is not important nor needed by the team, and then his perfect substitute appears ?

I feel like Lance is going to suffer a lot from it and I’m not liking it


A week ago I had the most incredible evening. And it was all because of the individuals you see here. All of these wonderful, incredible and beautiful people seen here made a magical night all the more magical. And I am so glad I’ve crossed paths with all of them, and for everyone that I met that night. Because of them, they turned one of the hardest years of my life into something so hopeful and positive. And I am grateful to all of them. So thank you. I love all of you ❤️

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When you accidentally wind up in the immediate vicinity of an Ovechkin-Backstrom eyefucking session.

Niall Horan's Stylist on Dressing for the 2017 AMAs, How His Look Has 'Evolved' Since One Direction
Since striking out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal music and style has developed greatly -- something he proved Sunday night at the 2017 American Music Awards.

Since striking out solo from One Direction, Niall Horan’s personal music and style has developed greatly – something he proved Sunday night at the 2017 American Music Awards. Aside from winning the new artist of the year honor, Horan stepped up his fashion game in multiple stylish looks. To give a better understanding of how the singer-songwriter’s sense of style has progressed over the years and the direction it’s going in the future, Billboard got the inside scoop speaking with the star’s stylist, Ellie Stidolph.

“I think Niall’s style has evolved naturally as he got older,” she said. “He likes classics with a twist and is interested in how well things are made. It’s been fun working on bespoke pieces with some of our favorite British brands like Percival, Folk and Oliver Spencer. Music and fashion go hand in hand and Niall’s style reflects the authentic, personal nature of his music.”

From the casual white T-shirts and sneakers he used to wear with his former bandmates, it’s clear his style has become more sophisticated. “Since 2015, it’s become our tradition to do a suit for the red carpet,” Stidolph revealed of Horan’s AMAs outfits. “I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase how great Niall looks in slick tailoring. He actually often says he would wear a suit everyday if he could.”

However, as we saw in the black henley he wore for his performance of “Slow Hands” during the show, Horan is also after comfort when it comes to his attire, especially on the road. “He’s pretty low-key for tour,” continued Stidolph. “We had fun shopping for vintage T-shirts together in L.A. and I’m forever scouring eBay for them. I’ve bought a lot of Eagles tees at 2 a.m. and then forgot about them until they’re delivered. A great T-shirt, pair of jeans, along with R M Williams boots and Niall’s a happy man onstage.”

No matter how much his wardrobe changes as time goes by, there’s one thing the singer will never get tired of: accessories. Though Horan typically just wears hats when he performs, Stidolph confirmed his eye for accessories is only growing. “Niall enjoys building on his look,” she mentioned. “My approach for accessories, in general, is to let him build. I bring unique options to shoots all the time. You see, I love collecting articles of clothing on my travels and Niall is the same.”