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i had a blast today, for the first time in a while

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I frankly find it weird that the writers put up such a fight to make a Finn and PB relationship seem like a possibility. Obviously she’s older than she appears, but otherwise coded as an early 20s adult.

yeah that’s a plot point i dont like

she’s 18 supposedly but also 760something and just doesnt age, idk, they did shut it down in the latter seasons and now they’re just platonic best friends

the main storyboarder who usually pushed for that stuff left the show i don’t think we’ll be seein more




So yeap here’s the lovely announcement that yess the con that I’ve been burning my ass off for the past two months + the sneaks from my previous posts.
I’ll be partaking in is AFASG! So if by chance any of ya all are in the vicinity or coming by, it would be my greatest pleasure to meet ya! I will be sharing a booth with my friends & here’s the catalogue of prints that I will be releasing for sale.

Moving forward from the whole chaos, I’ve decided to just release my mchanzo piece as well because truly I invested way too much into this piece. 

I wasn’t joking either when I said I nearly tore my arm for it. Literally visited the doctor for medications because I was trying to be superhuman with it ontop of my internship stuff if ya all still rmb the period I almost had to stop drawing. I was working 7 days a week nonstop drawing for god knows how many hours until I lost my grip. Heck, even my eyesight shot up. Hence I had no option but to stop intensive drawing and jus stick with doodlings till I got better. It was one very low point for me but I really wanted to give my full worth & till now I still don’t regret it. Except now this whole situation is just leaving me so empty as it is the same with the other contributors/artists/writers who got hit really hard.

 Please give them your maximum supports! 

But hey you know I’m not gonna just let one dreadful setback drag me back into a hole of negativity. I’m done with setbacks and shit, heck I just want to not stop and keep moving forward. - like our fave frogboy says: “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop!” 

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TumblrFrostbite's Public Message: How cute would you describe Louis Agreste (when he was a baby)?

he wasn’t just cute…HE WAS A CUTIE PATOOT! ;v;



Another inktober i had to color just because 

With special dedication for @blacksmiley-c because I don’t know anyone who could love Gabe more than she does 🍩