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Allura pilots the Black Lion and gets annoyed when she finds out Black is hiding something from her. It's even worse when she finds out about Shiro. After some arguing with her, the Lion lets her see it. It's over an hour later when the others come looking for her. She's red faced and flustered. Black was hiding treasured memories of Shiro gushing about 'this most beautiful princess' to her.

i’m not crying i just have an OTP in my eye. please, for your consideration, think of shiro confiding to Black:

  • i just don’t know why she’d sacrifice herself for me. i mean, i’m just… and she’s-!
  • do you think she knows how i feel?
  • she has so much strength, but… it’s nice to know she feels she can be vulnerable about me. because she can, y’know? i want to help her in any way that i can.
  • god, black, i’m really screwed, aren’t i?
  • i mean, i fell in love with a princess who is strictly off limits for so many reasons and…
Kiss me baby. Do not let our eyes touch. Just kiss me, because if I look at you, I’ll fall ever so deeply in love. So touch me, caress me, kiss me with all that you have. But please, in the middle of it all, don’t look at me. Don’t hold my face close to yours and look me in the eyes. As I’ve been trying so hard not to fall in love with you, and if I do.. l might not make it out alive.
—  M.M. Writings
Animal - Jack Maynard Smut

Summary: “So grab me by the neck and don’t you ever let go, mess me up so good until I’m begging for more”

Word Count: 5317

Warnings: Sex, Oral Sex, Dirty Talk, Swearing

Requested: Yes!

Author’s note: This is the first time I’ve ever written smut, besides that tiny thing in the Conor imagine I posted last night, so please please please let me know how you like it. Also this is the longest imagine I’ve ever posted whoops.

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“You’re going to shatter that fucking thing if you’re not careful.”

You whipped your head around at the sound of your best friend’s voice, having not even realised that your grip on your glass had become worryingly tight. You gave him a sheepish smile as you looked up at Conor’s face, so different to that of his brother’s, and yet with the same piercing eyes that seemed to draw you in every god damn time. “Dunno what you’re on about,” you mumbled as you turned back to where you had been looking before, unsurprised at the lack of change in the scene in front of you.

“Just go and bloody talk to him,” Conor groaned as he wrapped his arm around your shoulders comfortingly. He had watched you and his little brother dance around your feelings for each other for the better part of two years now and he was getting right sick of it. All those secret glances when you thought nobody was looking and avoiding each other when the other had someone of the opposite sex around, it was beyond ridiculous. He had thought that after you and Jack had kissed at the Christmas party last month, that things would finally improve but they hadn’t, your relationship had merely shifted from ‘just friends’ to ‘just friends with benefits’ and as much as he was thankful that you were finally getting laid and working out some of that aggression, he could see how much it was hurting you, and he wasn’t okay with that.

“And cock block the master? I don’t think so,” you scoffed bitterly, your fingers tightening around the base of your glass again. You knew that the situation you had going at the moment wasn’t ideal, but it was Jack.  You had waited so long for him to see you as more than his brother’s best mate and now he did but it was non-exclusive. You knew that you should respect yourself enough to get out but you couldn’t, if this was all that you could have with him, then that was what you would have. It hurt though, being with him between the sheets and then seeing him with pretty girls in the streets.

“Alright that’s enough!” Conor’s voice almost shocked you into dropping your glass, you looked up at him with wide eyes as he pried the glass out from between your fingertips and placed in on the table behind you before offering you his hand. “Come on,” he urges you, wriggling his own fingers teasingly, “You and I are gonna go get a drink, and then we’re gonna go and dance, and you’re gonna forget all about my little brother and his tiny dick,” he smirked at you, making you laugh slightly before placing your hand in his and letting him tug you back towards the bar.

Truthfully, you had often wondered whether you were chasing the wrong Maynard. Conor had been your best friend for the better part of the past three years and you spent a lot of time together. He was handsome and charming and hilarious and sweet when he wanted to be, and you had drunkenly hooked up before so you knew he was a good kisser. Somehow though, you knew it just would be right. Because every single time the thought crossed your mind, you thought of Jack and you just couldn’t fathom being with anyone else.

Conor led you to the opposite side of the bar, far away from where Jack was currently chatting up some pretty blonde with double d’s who would plaster the news of their hook up across twitter/Instagram/snapchat/etc tomorrow. You could never take your eyes off of him, and especially not when he looked as unfairly gorgeous as he did tonight. It wasn’t until his eyes flickered to yours and that signature smirk spread across his face that you looked away, refocusing on your best friend and the alcohol in front of him.

You let out a loud groan when you noticed that Conor had ordered a round of tequila shots each for the both of you. Tequila had always been the one alcohol that would send you under the table, having been your university room mates poison of choice; any other alcohol and you could generally hold your own but Tequila was the one which would have you yelling drunkenly at Jack within the hour. “Conor, really?” you whined at your best friend, “You know Tequila is my weakness, I’ll be all over you in an hour,” you joked, having already accepted your fate as you picked up the shot.

Conor shrugged, “If that’s what happens, then it happens, no regrets,” he winked at you before picking up his own shot, the both of you throwing the shots back before slamming the glasses down on the bar. You grinned at him as you noticed his face twisting into a grimace at the taste of the tequila, knowing full well that he had only chosen the liquor in order to get you drunk. You could already feel yourself lightening up at the alcohol pumping through your veins. “Feel better now?” he asked you as he chugged back the vodka and soda in his hand, obviously keen to rid his mouth of the foul taste.

You let out a small giggle as  you nodded, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning up to kiss his cheek lightly, “Thank you,” you whispered to him, before holding out your hands, “Come on then!” you said loudly, “Thought you promised me a dance, Maynard?” you grinned at him, your smile growing as he slipped his hands into yours, tugging you into him for a tight hug before pulling you in the direction of the dance floor.

You refused to look behind you to where you could feel Jack’s eyes burning into your backside; if he wanted to use you and then throw you away then fine, he wasn’t the only one who could draw attention on the dance floor, and you were going to make sure of it, besides, was it just you, or was Conor looking particularly good tonight?


Across the bar, Jack could barely believe his eyes. You never drank tequila when you went out, you always skipped out on it when the boys organised shots, so why on earth would you down four shots with Conor? And why the hell were you letting him drag you onto the dance floor right now? The only person who you ever dance with when you went out was him, he was the only one who you let put their hands on you.

Had you looked that good when they had gotten there? Had that dress always hugged your frame that fantastically? He gulped down the remainder of his joke and tried focusing on the girl in front of him, she had caught his eye when he’d come up here before, with her large chest and long curvy legs, but the longer he looked at her, the more he noticed the flaws in her appearance. Her eyes were dull and surrounded by too much eyeliner, they didn’t sparkle like yours did, he couldn’t see the emotions flash through them like he did in yours when you would lay in bed with him and tell him stories about from before you’d met him and the boys. Her lips were flat and looked sticky with lip gloss, they weren’t plump and red like yours always seemed to be, even more so after he had been kissing you.

He tried to pay attention to her, tried to focus on the way her lips moved, tried to imagine the way they would wrap around his cock like yours had this morning when he’d had you in the shower, but he merely cringed at the thought of her touching him like that. His eyes flitted over to where he could see you and Conor on the dance floor and his eyes nearly bugged out of his head, rage pumping through his blood stream and making him nearly blind with unadulterated fury.

You had your back to Conor’s chest as you guys danced to the overly loud EDM song which was pumping out of the speakers, your head was thrown back against his shoulder as you giggled at something that he was saying into your ear. Jack had no clue what his brother was saying, but he was pretty sure that whatever it was, wasn’t innocent. He clenched his fists together at his side as he watched Conor’s hands slide down to your hips, knowing god damn well that you didn’t wear proper underwear under that particular dress because of visible panty lines.

He snapped when he saw Conor’s head drop down and press to the crook of your neck, right where Jack knew that special spot was, the one that would drive you absolutely wild when Jack latched onto it. He was ditching the girl and surging across the bar towards the dance floor before he could second guess himself; all he knew was that he needed to get between the two of you before you ended up in Conor’s bed by the end of the night, because you were his.

It was a reasonably small and cosy club that the gang had found themselves in tonight, as opposed to some of the bigger ones that they frequented, so it didn’t take long until Jack was in front of you, and wanting to knock that dumb smirk right off of his older brothers face. You didn’t notice that Jack was there until he was right in front of your face, but as soon as he was, you barely registered that Conor was even there. A smile lit up your entire face that had Jack’s stomach doing backflips, you were so happy all of the time, how on earth could he even consider someone else?

“Jack!” You squealed as you wrapped your arms around his neck tightly, having to stand on your tip toes to wrap them around him properly. You could feel the warmth of him seeping in through your clothes as you buried your face into his neck like you always did. “Conor was just telling me the funniest story!” you giggled as you pulled back, whipping your head around to confirm the story, only to find that Conor was nowhere to be seen, “Hey where’d he go?” you pouted as you turned back to face Jack, only to find he had a peculiar look in his eye that you couldn’t quite decifer.

You also realised for the first time how close you were to him, “What happened to that girl?” You asked him curiously as he pulled you into his body, his arms wrapped tightly around your lower waist, “Looked like you two were really hitting it off,” you commented as your arms wrapped around his neck loosely, one hand tangling in his blonde strands as the other lingered around the hem of his shirt, the very shirt you had torn off of him this time last week.

Jack chuckled slightly as he bent his head down to be closer to you, “Why? Is someone jealous?” he asked, his mouth hot against your ear as his warm breath washed over your neck, making you subconsciously press yourself closer to him. You bit back a moan as he tugged on your ear lobe with his teeth gently before pressing a kiss to the spot behind your ear. He pulled back to gauge your reaction and wasn’t surprised when he noticed you rolling your eyes, despite the deep and dark blush on your face.

He brushed his lips against your jaw bone softly, barely even a whisper of a kiss against your skin, “You know you’re the only girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, dragging his mouth across your jaw and down your neck slowly, occasionally using his teeth to nip at the spots he knew were sure to set you off. He smirked against your skin when he felt your breath hitch, latching his mouth onto the special spot and giving in a particularly hard suck.

You chuckled breathlessly, using the hand that was in his hair to pull him away from you, “Last time I checked, this,” you gestured between the two of you, “was non-exclusive, that’s what you wanted, right?” you asked innocently. You were riling him up and you knew it, for some reason, he was being all weird and possessive and you were gonna revel in it for as long as you possibly could. You let out a squeak when he used his arms around your waist to haul you into him, your hips pressed together tightly as he growled into your ear.

“Don’t pretend that this is just sex, you know it and I know it, so don’t give me that shit,” he hissed against you before sinking his teeth into that special spot and making you throw your head back, your nails digging into the exposed skin of his shoulder as you pressed the whole length of your body against him, feeling his hardness press into your stomach firmly as he rutted against you.

Letting out a frustrated huff, you used your hands to tug his head up harshly, both of you breathing heavily as you looked at each other, his cheeks already red with the arousal that was pressed against your stomach, as well as the dampness that you could feel pooling in between your legs. “So are you just gonna talk shit or are you gonna actually do something about it?” you challenged him with a raised eyebrow. You knew exactly how to bait him, the same way he knew how to drive you insane.

He let out a low growl as he yanked you into him, his hands caged around your face as he kissed you harshly. You moaned into his mouth softly as you gripped his shirt in your hands, nipping at his bottom lip playfully as he kissed you with a bruising intensity. You let out a soft gasp as one of his hands slid from the back of your neck, down to your ass, squeezing you roughly. You felt him smirk against your mouth as your mouth fell open slightly, slipping his tongue in between your lips and deepening the kiss.

There was no denying it, the boy knew how to use his mouth, he was a phenomenal kisser, and was even better at using his mouth on other areas of your body. Right now you weren’t concerned about his mouth though, you were more interested with the rather hard appendage that he was currently grinding into your hip. The boy was hung as hell, and there was no getting around it. Memories of this morning came flashing through you like a flood, the memory of waking up with his head between your thighs making you whimper into his mouth, that boy knew all of you secret spots and was not shy about any of it.

Smirking, he pulled back from you, biting his lip at the sight of you looking up at him with pupils blown wide and lips swollen and bright red, the memory of you looking up at him from between his legs this morning making him swallow back a groan. He pressed his mouth against your ear again, “C’mon, let me take you home, you know I’ll make it worth your while,” he groaned into your ear, sending a sharp surge of pleasure shooting down your spine. Pulling back to see your reaction, he let out a relieved breath of hot air as you nodded quickly, his hand latching onto yours and tugging you behind him as you both made your way out of the sweltering hot club.

The tight grip that he had on your hand did not escape your notice as he pulled you out of the club and into a cab outside, letting out a deep breath as he slumped against the seat on one side. “What in the hell has gotten into you?” you demanded, crossing your arms over your chest as you turned your body to look at him, furrowing your eyebrows together tightly as you moved your eyes over his physique. You didn’t want to stay on one part too long, otherwise you’d become distracted by the different parts of his body that reminded you how beautiful he was.

You let out a squeak as he wrapped hand around your waist, hauling you over to his side of the cab abruptly and burying his face in the crook of your neck, “Didn’t like it,” he mumbled into your neck, humming contently as your hand reached up to run through his hair softly, your nails scratching against his scalp softly as he nuzzles his nose against the juncture of your neck and shoulder. “Didn’t like seeing Conor with his hands all over you,” he mumbled again, lifting his head up to look into your eyes that were wide in shock as you listened to him intently, your heart bashing against his chest. “You’re mine,” he whispered, his mouth pressing against your jaw again as you nodded blindly.

“Yours,” you mumbled hoarsely as his mouth moved down your neck again.





You didn’t remember how you made it from the cab to Jack’s apartment, partly because it happened so fast that you could barely blink, and partly because you had spent most of it with your mouth glued to Jack’s neck. As soon as you crossed the threshold into the apartment, both of your clothes were flying off, leaving a trail behind you both of your heels, Jack’s shirt and belt, with his shoes ending up somewhere near the kitchen. Before you knew it, you were flat on your back on Jack’s extremely plush bed, with Jack kneeling at the bottom of the bed and smirking at you.

Rolling your eyes, you propped yourself up on your elbows on the bed, balancing your weight on them as you cocked your head to the side slightly, “I’m not gonna magically transform into a perfect ten, y’know,” you chuckled softly, “This is as good as it’s gonna get, Maynard” you smirked. He simply shook his head at you before pushing your legs apart, your tight dress moving up and over your hips as he settled his body between your thighs, much like he had this morning.

He kissed a line across the top of your panties as his hands hooked behind your knees and dragged them over his shoulders, opening you up to him. You collapsed onto your back as he placed open mouthed kisses to you through the thin lace of your panties, your hands weaved into his hair as his mouth continued on it’s way down, placing kisses down your upper thighs before switching sides and kissing up the other thigh, just avoiding the place where you needed him the most.

Using his teeth, he dragged down your panties slowly, his nose brushing against you softly and causing you to let out the most pornographic sound you had ever heard in your life. He smirked up at you from between your thighs, discarding your panties behind him as he spread his hands out over your hips, holding you open to him as he physically licked his lips, oh this boy was going to be the absolute death of you.

Starting at your knee, he began placing feather light kisses to your inner thigh, slowly making his way up to the apex of your thighs where you laid bare and ready for him. “Such a good girl for me,” he murmured against your skin, “Always so ready for me,” he mumbled as he dug his fingertips into your hips, hard enough so that you were sure that you’d have matching bruises in the morning.

“Jaaaaack,” you whined, bucking your hips up in an attempt to create some friction, “Hurry U-ohhh,” a moan ripped out of your mouth as he suddenly licked a strip from top to bottom, the tip of his tongue flicking against your clit as he slid one finger inside of you.

You felt the pleasure began to build as he latched his mouth onto your bundle of nerves, sucking and flicking his tongue against your clit as he set a steady rhythm of pumping his finger in and out of you.

You slapped a hand over your mouth as you moaned even louder, your nails digging into his scalp and causing him the hum against you, the vibrations going through you like shock waves. You whined and bucked your hips against his face, desperate to go over that edge, causing him to wrap his arm around your waist to hold you in place as he added another finger into the mix.

Curving his fingers up to brush against that specific spot inside of you, you tugged on his hair harshly, making his smirk against you as he picked up the pace, pumping his fingers into you faster and making sure to press firmly against that spot every single time.

Finally, you could feel the coil of pleasure in your stomach begin to tighten almost painfully, your thighs shaking around his head as you threw your head back, “Oh oh my god, Jack! I-I’m g-gonna, oh! I’m almost there!” You moaned out loudly, trying to buck your hips up. Jack curved his fingers again, focusing on just rubbing against that spot until you were coming like a tidal wave. Your back arched up off of the bed as you fell apart beneath him, riding out the last waves of your orgasm until you were shaking, pushing him back as you tried to catch your breath.

Once you managed to regain your breath, you pushed yourself up again, intent on returning the favour, only to find Jack having already discarded his tight jeans and crawling up towards you. You never got used to seeing him like this, he was big but not too big and perfectly thick, in other words, the boy was hung as hell and you drooled slightly every time you saw him naked.

He crawled up over you, pushing your dress up your body and peeling it over your head as he went, his mouth pressing a line of hot, open mouthed kisses as he went. You didn’t object when he pulled your dress over your head, nor when he unclasped your lace bra and latched his mouth onto your nipple, dragging his teeth over it gently as his hand tended to the other one.

Your hand reached down between you, wrapping around his girth and beginning to pump him up and down. Jack let out a grunt as he grabbed onto your wrist burying his face in your neck as he pulled you off of him; that was different, Jack never said no to a hand job or blowjob. He chuckled against your skin as he brought your hand up beside your head, lacing it with one of his as he brought his head up to look at you. “I’m not gonna last if you put your hands on me,” he chuckled softly, brushing his nose against yours with unfamiliar gentleness as he leaned down to kiss you, dragging the tip of his cock up to rub against your clit, and sending a jolt of pleasure through you.

Biting your lip, you lifted one of your legs to wrap around his hips, you pulled him forward until he was right against you. Smirking, he wrapped his hand around your thigh, hooking the other one around his hips as he entered you in one smooth thrust. Throwing your head back at the feeling of him fully inside of you, you let out a loud moan, arching your back and wriggling your hips in a silent plea for him to move. He seemed to catch on as he braced his hands next to your head in a push up position as he set a quick rhythm straight up.

You dug your nails into his back as you arched into him, dragging them down his taut skin as he attached his mouth to your sweet spot, working on leaving a sizable mark on your neck as he hiked your leg up even higher on his waist, scraping his teeth against your neck as he gave a particularly hard thrust, his fingers digging into your thigh harshly.

“Ugh you’re so fucking tight,” Jack groaned into your ear, his breath hot against your neck as he snapped his hips against you even harder than he had been before. He let out a strangled grunt when you tightened around him, your walls squeezing him tightly as he picked up the pace, his hand wriggling between you two as his thumb pressed against your clit again.

You let out a high pitched moan as he slammed into you, knowing from the way he was quivering inside you, that he was nearing the peak. “Come on, baby, I’m almost there, go over the edge with me,” he grunted in your ear, the wet sound of skin slapping together filling the room, both of you covered in a thin layer of sweat as you bit your lip.

Using a brief lapse in his attention, you flipped him onto his back, arching your spine as the new angle allowed him to slip in just that little bit deeper, pressing harder onto that specific spot inside of you. Bracing yourself with your hands on his chest, you began bouncing up and down, moaning at the new feelings surging through you.

You moved faster, feeling the ball of fire in your stomach coil up even tighter as you picked up the pace, all you needed was that little push, and you’d go off of the edge with him. You let out a loud high pitched scream as his thumb pressed against your clit for the third time, white spots exploding behind your eyes as your second orgasm of the night hit you like a freight train. It wasn’t long until Jack was following after you, his hips snapping like pistons into your own until he was letting out a guttural grunt and holding your hips to his as he exploded inside of you.

You collapsed forward onto his chest, covered in sweat and coated in the combined juices of you two as he slowly slipped out of you, softening against your thigh as he wrapped his arms around your tired and clammy body. You rested your face in the crook of his neck, breathing in and out softly as you attempting to recollect yourself. You traced patterns onto his chest with the tip of your nail as you felt his chest still heaving up and down underneath your hand.

You had heard once that, if you have absolutely mind blowing sex (like you’d had just then) then the best thing for you to do, was not talk to the guy afterwards, so as to let him get his bearings back. With that in mind, you crawled out of his arms and made your way into the bathroom to clean up.

As you looked at yourself in the mirror, your mind went back to earlier tonight, had he been jealous of you and Conor? If so, why? It had been his idea to keep the arrangement as no strings attached, friends with benefits only. Why was he suddenly being so boyfriend?

That thought remained on your mind as you tugged his thrasher shirt over your head, your favourite of all his shirts, and padded back into his room, expecting to see him zonked out on the bed. You were not expecting to see a fully coherent Jack Maynard sitting up in bed and twirling your panties around in his hands.

Blushing, you hurried over and pulled them out of his grasp, pulling them back up your legs quickly before taking a seat next to him on the bed. He smiled at you dopily, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear gently, “You look beautiful in my shirts,” he mumbled softly, his smile widening when you blushed deeply but leaned into his hand nonetheless.

Biting your lip, you looked up at him again, “Why didn’t you take that girl home with you tonight?” you blurted out before you could stop yourself, your curiosity getting the better of you.

“Why does it matter, Y/N?” he asked as he looking down at his lap, remembering when you had been on it fifteen minutes ago. He hadn’t expected you to ask him that, not after you guys had just had the best sex you’d ever had before.

“Because you were totally into her, and then you ditched just to make sure I wasn’t going to hook up with Conor!” You exclaimed, throwing your hands in the air in exasperation. Jack was a master at avoiding direct questions and had been for as long as you’d known him, it was one of the things that made him so alluring to girls your age.

“Because he’s my brother!” He fired back, his expression twisting into a scowl at your persistence, “You have a club full of guys to choose from and you pick my brother?!” he sneered, crossing his arms across his chest in a huff.

“All I would have done is kiss him, and that shouldn’t even matter to you! You’re the one who chose this arrangement, not me!” you screeched, running a hand through your hair in agitation, “So tell me why you went home with me and not her? Because I’m easy? Because you don’t have to worry about me being a pain the next morning?” you badgered him, knowing that you were getting too worked up but being too far gone to stop it. Your words were spewing out of your mouth at an alarming rate and you couldn’t stop them.

“She wasn’t you, okay?!”

To say you were shocked at his words would have been a vast understatement.


He took a deep breath before looking at you again, “She wasn’t you, and the more I looked at her, I compared her to you and realised that I was being a fucking twat to you,” he sighed, running a hand through his blonde hair and making you bite your lip as his biceps tensed slightly. “You deserve the world, Y/N, you deserve a guy like Conor or Oli who can give it to you,” he muttered, avoiding your glance.

You let out a small laugh, unable to believe what was happening, Jack actually wanted you for more than sex.

After unsuccessfully trying to capture his gaze, you crawled into his lap, sitting back on his thighs as you hooked your hands around his jaw, dragging his head up to look at you and almost melting at the vulnerable look in his eyes. “Jack,” you said softly, your thumb rubbing against his jawbone gently, “You’re the only one I’ve ever wanted, I wouldn’t have agreed to any of this if it were any different,” you giggled. “So if you want to be with me, then I’m right here, but if you don’t, then I’m probably just gonna keep wanting you,” You told him in a soft voice, sure that your own vulnerability was shining through at that moment.

He let out a soft laugh before yanking you forwards and wrapping his arms around you tightly, “How could anyone possibly not want to be with you?” he grinned as he pressed kisses all over your face. You giggled loudly as he rolled you onto your side, tucking the blanket around you as he pressed a small kiss to your forehead.

You couldn’t help the smile that spread over your face at the action, so this is what it felt like when the person you wanted, wanted you back.


  • The morning always comes.
  • This will be your home, for now.
  • Look at you, you sorry drunk.
  • Don’t you worry. This will help you forget.
  • I’ve never been use to anyone.
  • I only wanted to help…
  • Your blood is tainted.
  • You shall not abscond your crimes!
  • Is it the blood, or are you just raving mad?
  • This can’t be the real you. …Please, stop.
  • I have no time for your petty lies.
  • I will never leave your side.
  • Your presence somehow soothes.
  • I only wanted…to be your….friend
  • Would you ever think to love me?
  • You let the blood get the best of you.
  • Remember yourself. You are not a beast.
  • You are no more than a beast. I should’ve known.
  • Too proud to show your true face, eh?
  • I don’t seem apt for this life anymore.
  • Please, just stop. Stop, please!
  • Of course…I do love you.
  • We are born of the blood, made men by the blood, undone by the blood.
  • My eyes grow heavy…Let me rest a while. I’ll be fine, just wait.
  • Whatever can be gained from this place, it will do more harm than good.
  • We must find a way to surpass our own stupidity. 
  • Isn’t it time someone put you out of your misery?
  • I’d like to tender my thanks, but I haven’t much to offer.
  • Just think about what you’re doing. It’s utter madness.
  • What good is your immortality now!
  • You’ll be one of them, sooner or later.
  • May you find your worth in the waking world.
  • Have you got a screw loose? Or is it your…animal intuition?
  • You hunters have got more blood on your hands.
  • Hunters are killers, nothing less!
  • You call me a beast? A beast? What would you know? I didn’t ask for this!
  • Without fear in our hearts, we’re little different from the beasts themselves.
  • You can’t bottle everything up inside. You mustn’t be afraid to share.
  • Rancid beasts, every last one of us.
  • I should think you still have dreams?
  • But…do the gods love their creations?
  • May the good blood guide your way.
  • You know not the value you posses. 
  • The things you hunt, they’re not beasts. They’re people.
  • If you insist on hunting them, then I will hunt you first. You understand me?
  • What is the meaning of this? Why turn your blade on me?
  • Oh don’t you worry. Whatever happens, you may think it all a mere bad dream.

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The Party: part 9/?

K: Lance, wait don’t touch that!!!

L: What, Keith What are you talking about?

L: Also sorry I got caught up with talking to people, I’ve been looking all over for you, I’m glad I finally found you-

K: But I don’t 

K: Your face is…. 

K: Whatever, we should get out of here-

L: Keith your face what’s the matter with it!?

K: the uh… plant I guess it burned me-

L: That looks bad does it hurt?!

K: Uhm.. yeah

K: …It looks like a burn to you?

L: What the hell else would it be?!

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Little Brother Raptor Mask and Tail for Sale! 

>>>Tail video<<<

You may notice: How odd! White tail and white hood with a colored face…. 
Well, the plan was, these two were going to have a set design as premades. However, I decided that if I’m going to sell them fast, I should make them more customizable! 

Here is what I can alter or add: 

Cheek membranes of your choice color. 
Different colored eyes
Head feathers
Tail feathers
Personalized hood and Tail paint/patterning
I can even change the colors of the face! 

This head will fit a 22-23 inch head. 
Please let me know if you need to wear glasses! 

This raptor mask and it’s tail can be yours for a flat price of $2,000!

Want it to look like a specific bird? I’m on it. Lizard or snake? Lets do it!
Like it as is? Cool! I can finish it up, NO problem!

I DO take partial payments and payment plans.

I would like half down, and $200 every other week beyond that.

Any questions, PLEASE feel free to comment here, or email me! Serious buyers only. 



Jealousy Pt3

Word Count: 1974

    A/N: oh my gosh again with the angst. I’m hoping that maybe part 4 will be the end, I just have so many things I want to put into this series! I’d love to know your feedback, and if you have any requests please let me know! Hope you enjoy!

    “Someone text you?” Y/N asked.

    “Yeah, Jughead.” he said, and he watched as her face fell. He opened the text, and sighed.

    “What does it say?” she asked quietly.

    “Please tell me Y/N is okay. I really messed up with her and I can’t stand the thought that I hurt her. I love her Archie, and I think I’m ready to admit it.” Archie read the text out loud, and Y/N backed up to the couch slowly.

    “He…he what?” she whispered. Archie’s heart fell, how could he give her up after tonight. She obviously felt something, why else would she almost kiss him. Or was it out of desperation? Only time would tell.


    It had been two days since the incident at the diner, and Y/N hadn’t talked to Jughead or Archie since then. Not only that, but she decided to skip school for both those days, deciding that she just needed some time for herself.

She’s my cherry pie! Cool drink of water such a sweet surprise! Tastes so good make a grown man cry, Sweet Cherry Pie!

    Y/n rolled over on her bed and turned off her alarm, and stared at the ceiling.

    “Nope, I can’t do this today, I’m staying home.” she mumbled, turning onto her side and closing her eyes. She fell asleep quickly.

“Jughead?” she asked, as the raven haired boy walked to her. He grabbed her hand and they walked together into the diner. He pulled her to his favourite booth in the back and they sat side by side. She snuggled into his chest, and he typed away on his laptop, occasionally leaning down and kissing her forehead. She looked up at him, and he met her gaze. She stared lovingly up into his eyes and he leaned down and planted a kiss to her lips. She closed her eyes, relishing in the moment. When she opened them again, she was met with a red headed boy in a letterman jacket. He smiled down at her, and winked.

    “Y/N! Get up!” she heard someone yell. Slowly she woke up, blinking as the light burned her eyes. She stared up at the figure hovering above her, and sure enough, it was Archie. “You need to get up, sleepyhead. Your ass is not sleeping all day.” he teased.

    “Archie leave me be.” she said, burying her head into her comforter. He quickly ripped it away from her and she groaned. “Andrews I swear to god I will end you!” she said, trying to sound annoyed, but secretly she was enjoying the company.

    “That wasn’t me.” Archie said, leaning against the door frame. Just then a weight dropped onto the other side of the mattress sending her up into the air with a shriek. She landed next to the weight, which had been Kevin. He laughed as she punched his shoulder. “Are you going to get up now?” Archie asked.

    “Nope.” Y/N stubbornly said, crossing her arms across her chest. Archie started towards her bed, and she quickly scrambled into Kevin’s arms, and buried herself into his side. “Save me from the ginger!” she yelled. Kevin wrapped his arms around Y/N.

    “You heard the girl, I have to help her.” Kevin teased and Archie groaned, sitting on the bed. “By the way, this is a nice place you’ve got here, Y/N. You live here alone?” Kevin asked.

    “Yeah, why?” she answered, unsure where the conversation was going.

    “Mind if I borrow it from time to time. I’ve got stuff I wanna do without my dad home.” Kevin said, winking down at her. Y/N rolled her eyes, and suddenly four others barged themselves into the room.

    “Sorry Kevin, she’s actually got a roommate.” Jughead said. Y/Ns gaze shot up at him, feeling the butterflies in her stomach she got anytime he was around her. As much as she hated to admit it, she missed that feeling the last couple of days. He was standing behind Betty, Veronica and Cheryl.

    “Hi Y/N.” Cheryl said, giving a sweet smile Y/N had never seen. At least not directed to her at least. She nodded a response to Cheryl, and her attention went right back to Jughead. As her gaze went back to him, she caught him staring. He smiled at her, and she quickly looked over to Betty and Veronica. The room became silent, and the seven of them stood there in a small cramped room not saying anything.

    “You going to school today?” Veronica asked, breaking the silence.

    “Nah, it’s Friday and I don’t feel like wanting to jump off a bridge today.” Y/N joked, and everyone nodded and laughed.

    “Well in that case, we’ll skip with you.” Betty said cheerily. Y/N shook her head furiously.

    “Betty, your mom will actually kill you if you skip, same with yours Cheryl. And your dad will Kevin, and so will yours Archie. And Jughead…” Jughead perked up at the sound of you saying his name. He missed the way you said it the last couple of days, it felt like home in your voice. “You need the education.”

    “Are you trying to say I’m stupid?” Jughead asked, faking offense. Y/N jumped off the bed and walked over to Jughead. She whacked him upside the head and rolled her eyes.

    “No, I’m saying you guys need to go to school. You’re smart Juggie, so be smart enough to make the decision to go.” He pretended to think about it for a second, and sighed.

    “Yeah, I don’t think so.” he said, dropping his backpack on the floor. Y/N glared up at him, and he laughed.

    “So, are you gonna let us stay or what?” Veronica asked. Y/N turned to her, and Betty gave a pleading smile.

    “Please let us stay!” She begged. Y/N thought about it for a second. She looked around at the room full of people who came to see her, to check in on her. They cared for her, which isn’t something she could say about her old family, not that they mattered, she had a new one. And they were crowding her room.

    “Make yourselves at home.” Y/N said, and everyone smiled. “But I’m not going down for the blame if any of your parents find out.” she teased.

    “Don’t worry, we’ll take the blame.” Archie said, laying down on Y/Ns bed. He turned his head over to the tv that sat in front of her bed, and he quickly sat up. “Damn you have a nice tv in here!” he said.

    “If you live alone, how’d you even afford that?” Cheryl asked. Y/N knew she didn’t mean for it to come out snobby, but she felt a bit offended by the comment.

    “I stole it from my old house. My parents never used it anyways, they were always out. And besides, they have 2 others that are nicer.” Y/N laughed.

    “Did they even care?” Betty asked.

    “No, they didn’t care about the tv, they cared more about the PlayStation 3 I took with me. Plus all the games, there was no way in hell I was leaving that.” She pointed to under the tv, on the mini entertainment center. There sat a PlayStation 3 and a stack of games beside it. Everyone turned to Y/N shocked looks on their faces.

    “Isn’t that stealing? You could get in trouble for that!” Betty exclaimed.

    “No, its mine. My uncle gave it to me before he passed away.” Y/Ns voice caught in her throat. “He was the only reason I stayed where I was for so long. So when he passed, I packed everything and left.” Everyone’s faces fell, and Y/N gave a nervous laugh. “It’s alright guys, I promise.”

    “Little Big Planet, Valkyria Chronicles, Fallout New Vegas…” Archie named off the games he saw, throwing them on the bed.

    “Hey be careful with Fallout! That ones my favourite!” Y/N said, quickly grabbing the game and holding it to her chest. Jughead laughed, and Y/N turned her head to smile up at him because he was the only one who would know that, but when she looked over, him and Betty where talking in the corner standing rather close. Kevin leaned over to Y/N.

    “I’m surprised you’re taking it so well.” Kevin whispered. “With you being madly in love with him and all.” Y/N turned to face him, and Kevin swallowed hard seeing the confusion written on her face.

    “What am I taking well?” She asked. Kevin put his finger up to his lips and shushed her.

    “Be quiet, I didn’t know you had no idea. Just drop it.” he said.

    “Kevin you are never one to drop the subject of gossip, now tell me what I don’t know!” Y/N yelled, anger bubbling up. Everyone in the room stared over to Y/N. She stood to the side of her bed with her fists balled up.

    “Kevin you told her?” Betty asked, worry very present in her voice. Y/Ns gaze shot back to Betty, and then Jughead. Both of them looked guilty as all hell, and Y/N started to put pieces together, her heart breaking. Archie stood up from the bed, obviously confused as well, and Cheryl looked just as lost.

    “Y/N sweetie-” Veronica started but Y/N shoved her hand in her face.

    “Kevin…” she said slowly. “Tell me right now.” Kevin gulped, and slowly stood from the bed, his hands in the air.

    “Betty and Jughead kissed.” he whispered. Y/n fell silent and the room got eerily quiet.

    “I am so sorry…” Betty started. “I was helping him feel better and he helped me with my sister and things just happened! Please tell me you forgive me!” Betty begged. Y/N turned to the door and stormed out. Cheryl looked at Betty and Jughead, giving them shocked looks.

    “Damn that was low. Hell even I wouldn’t do that.” she said. She turned to the door and chased after Y/N. Archie looked over to Betty, and then Jughead as well. He watched as a tear rolled down Jugheads face.

    “Who kissed who first?” Archie asked. Betty looked back to Jughead, and he stared at the ground. “Was it you Jughead?” But he didn’t get an answer. Archie rolled his eyes at the raven haired boy and then looked to the blonde. “You both knew she was in love with him, you both knew she was hurting. Jughead, you said you were ready to tell her, what the hell happened?” Archie yelled .

    “I don’t know!” Jughead yelled. “It was a mistake, we both agreed that it was! I… I can’t tell you why it happened, I guess I was so heartbroken that she hadn’t talked to me in days that I needed something…. something to make me feel better, to feel wanted!”

    “Did you even try to call Y/N?” Archie asked. Jughead opened his mouth to say something, but no words could come out.

    “Don’t even start with me Archie! I heard you tell your football friends that you came super close to kissing Y/N that night after the diner!” Jughead argued, finally finding his voice.

    “But I didn’t go through with it, because I didn’t want to ruin what you had with her! Trust me, if I wasn’t half of the decent person I am now, I would have. And I wouldn’t break her heart over and over again.” Archie turned for the door, and stopped at the frame.

    “I’m going to give you a week to fix things with her before I come in and take her for my own. You better hope she takes you back.” Archie said before leaving.

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To whoever is able to see BTS live for this tour: I hope you have fun. Give them love for me and others. Scream off the top of your lungs so your voice is gone the next day. Wake up the next morning with a smile on your face. Know that you’re lucky to see them, unlike some (including me) who can’t because they’re not even in the country or continent. Or simply because some can’t afford it. Cherish those moments.

If you see them at any hotels, restaurants, etc. please treat them with respect. Don’t invade their privacy. Let them rest as they deserve it. ❤

Off The Hook - 1940s!Bucky Barnes x Reader (baby drabble)

Words: 100
A/n: why not

“Doll, come back!” Your boyfriend called after you as you ran around the building.

“No!” Giggling, you continued to run, “Shit.” You realized you were at a dead end.

Bucky slowly walked up to you with a smirk on his face and his hands in his pockets. “Look what we have here.”

“Bucky, please, spare me. I’m too young to die.” You began to beg.

Bucky smiled, and you really thought he was going to let you off the hook. But before you could even say another word, Bucky jumped for you and tickled you. “You’ll never get away from me!”

maybe one day ill make this into a full imagine

Man Face Monday - Fifty Shades of Pretty Edition

Heya Gorgeous!

How are you doing today? Survive the weekend? I hope so. Because I have some pretty for you! Let’s do this! Because, as always, you deserve pretty, my friend. 

Doubting pretty.

Sincerious pretty. 

Baby Arrow pretty. 

Worried pretty.

Heart eyes pretty.

No idea what’s going to happen next pretty. 

And there you have it, Face Friends! I hope you like the gallery today. I made it with love for you (and the pretty face itself). I hope that your week ahead is simply gorgeous!

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Not Over You pt. 1

Prompt: “I was getting over you, why did you have to come back?” or it’s been a year since you and Steve broke up. He’s moved on, you haven’t.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,414

Warnings: angst

A/N: this is the first fic i’ve posted on tumblr. please leave comments! let me know if you want to be tagged in the coming parts. i’m actually really into this story and seeing where it’ll go.


A Year. That’s all it had been. And your insides still ached when you heard his name, when you saw an article about him, or his face on the news. You supposed that was the problem with dating someone so high profile. The newspaper on the stand in the corner was an example of that. There he was, the front page. You silently cursed the writer. Why as it always the front page? You knew though. He was nothing short of front page material. Not with his strong jaw, his blue eyes, and his chiseled muscles…

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anonymous asked:

Can you so a scenario where the S and M brothers lay their head down on their S/O lap and she smiles a bit and strokes their and tells them that they remind her of a little kid when they do that


Shu - Besides the fact that he’s practically purring at your touch… “Quiet lewd woman you started this.”

Reiji - It’s not often that you can get Reiji to relax and let his guard down around you like this are you sure you want to say that? “How rude, to demean me to child just for resting… I don’t want to have to punish you.”

Ayato - Ayato’s face would go red at your comment, he’d even pout a little. “Shut it Pancake, you belong to Your’s Truly and I’ll do as I please, no matter if you do see me as a child!”

Kanato - Kanato would be so quiet that it’d be disturbing if you said it, he almost looked like he was asleep. “Hey, just don’t mess up my hair…”

Laito - Laito is not really one to have his hair played with, it’s not that he hates it more so that he’s indifferent. “How about you play with something else, ehh Little Bitch? Maybe then you can’t compare me to a child.”

Subaru - His hair is so fluffy and soft, how can you now play with it? That is if he’d let you, he’s not one to lay in your lap so saying something like that would definitely set him off to leave. “Hey, idiot what are you doing?! Ahh, alright j-just don’t mess it up… And don’t say that.”


Ruki - Ruki’s weak glare at your words says it all while he was reading a book. “Don’t make me have to punish you livestock, I’m just getting to the good part of this novel.”

Kou - Kou does not like for his hair to be played with but he can tolerate it, just don’t compare him to a child. “Hey Masokitty it’s best to not underestimate a pretty face.”

Yuma - Yuma would grunt at your words but would not move, his weak threats were still a little unnerving. “Don’t test me Sow, now move a little to front.”

Azusa - Azusa does not care about your words, he was in heaven as soon as your fingers started to comb through his locks.

“I Dreamed About You Last Night | Yugyeom Drabble

y'all fuck me up with this one I’m gonna die i know it ~Admin Hedgehog

“Y/N, wake up.” You were not aware of your surroundings at the current moment, all you knew was that you were warm, cozy, and happy to be asleep.

And then your boyfriend, Yugyeom, had to go and change that. 

“Yah, Jagi!!! Wake up!!” He whined. You groaned and threw your elbow across your face, not wanting to face the day. 

“No. No. Please no. Yugyeommmmm stop!” You complained as he gently pushed you a few times, still trying to wake you up completely.

“Pleeeeeease jagi, I want morning kisses before I have to go~” He squished his whole face against your stomach, blowing raspberries into it and grinning as you squealed and tried to shove his head away. 

“Nooo!! Let me be warm and happy in my covers! I want to be a cozy blanket burrito-” Yugyeom interrupted you by scooping his arms under your knees and upper back, and hoisting you up in the air, spinning you around and around. “Put me down you giant!! This is too far away from my bed!” You screamed as he threw you onto the bed, and hovered over you, smiling and laughing.

“I think you mean this is our bed, I helped pay for it after all!” He teased, poking your sides. 

“Yeah, only because you helped to break it!!” You poked his nose. “I’m never letting you and BamBam over here unsupervised ever again!” You sat up on you elbows, making Yugyeom slide off your stomach and lay down next to you, tucking his arm behind his head so he could look at you. “You’d think that you guys are old enough to not jump on beds like four-year-olds, but I guess I’m mistaken!” Yugyeom made a face and tried to bite your hand you had outstretched to pinch at his cheeks. 

“Its not my fault! That was BamBam’s idea one-hundred percent, I had nothing to do with it.” He defended.

“Oh nice!” you pushed him onto his back and sat on his stomach. “Just throw your best friend under the bus like that, huh?! What kind of a friend are you! I’m gonna call him and tell him you said that!” You lunged for your phone. 

“No!!” Yugyeom grabbed your waist and tackled you back onto the bed. “He’ll be forever salty about it! I live with him! We’re in the same room I’ll never be able to sleep again!” He shouted.

“You should have thought of that before you exposed him like that!” You shouted back, laughing breathlessly. He giggled and leaned in to kiss you, the two of you sharing a sweet, smile filled kiss.

I dreamed about you last night.” He said abruptly. You raised an eyebrow. 

“Oh? Nothing too scandalous I hope?” 

“Oh you wish.” Yugyeom winked. “No, it was just…weird.” 

“Weird in what way?” You sat up. 

“Not like, a bad kind of weird, just different from the normal kind of dreams I have about you.” You laughed.

“Yeah, I know very well what kind of dreams you have about me!” You teased. 

“But this was different. This was like, a future kind of dream.” He looked down at the bed, playing with his fingers.

“What kind of future dream?” You asked curiously.

“Well…” Yugyeom blushed, avoiding eye contact. “…I was at an awards show. With the hyungs, of course. But you were there too.” He took a breath. “I remember we were on stage, accepting an award for Artist of the Year and Album of the Year, and I looked out and-” He paused, overwhelmed. You put your hand on his, silently encouraging him to go on. “Well you were there, and you had this little girl in your arms that looked just like you, but had my eyes and a little mole under her eye, like me.” 

“Oh. That kind of future dream.” You said quietly.

“Yeah. And I know we’re both pretty young and you might take this the wrong way but,” He sat up and looked into your eyes, the most serious expression on his face. “I know I don’t know a lot about life right now since I’m not capable of giving you that right now, but I know that I really really loved that image and I can’t get it out of my head. So…” He hesitated, leaning in to barely brush his lips against yours. “…Do you think we could have that some day?” You smiled and laced his fingers with yours, kissing his soft lips.

“I think I would like nothing better.”

  • Pathologist: *enters the morgue*
  • Sherlock: *examining a body*
  • Pathologist: *rolls his eyes* Excuse me, sir, this area is out of bounds to-
  • Sherlock: *still looking at the body* It's okay.
  • Pathologist: *sighs* If you don't leave, I'll have to call security.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I said it's fine.
  • Pathologist: *frowns* Why is it fine?
  • Sherlock: *smirks* I'm sleeping with the boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
  • Pathologist: *confused* You're sleeping with Stamford?
  • Sherlock: *looks up; annoyed* The other boss.
  • Molly: *enters the morgue, carrying coffees; irritated* Here's your bloody coffee, you git. Have you finished now so I can do my job?
  • Sherlock: *steps aside; takes the coffee, grinning* Yes, boss.
  • Pathologist: ...
No Secret (M)

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Pairing: Hwasa x Reader

Genre: girl x girl, smut (yeah boi my first female on female smut)

Word Count: 464 words  (this is really short, i know. but. damn hwasa’s thighs have always had me fucked. can she go away and let me love moonbyul in peace, please *cries*)

It was no secret Hwasa had amazing, thick thighs. It was no secret what you loved having them tighten around your head as you brought her closer to her orgasm. The image of Hwasa having her legs spread wide for you, her whines and moans, her fucked out face when she came harder than before had you hot and bothered within no time and on any given day. 

God, you loved everything about her. You loved hearing her little moans above you. How her hips slowly bucked up as your finger gently brushed over her hole, only to smirk up at her and move your hand away. You loved the way her mouth looked wrapped around your fingers as she sucked, a low moan coming from her mouth being muffled out by the finger. The way her tongue licked up your finger, the way her hands would wrap around your wrist, pushing your finger into her mouth to make her choke, had you going crazy.

You loved the way she would whine as you would force her legs apart, only to kiss up her thighs, lips just hovering over her wet, glistening folds only to move away with an airy chuckle. You would love the way her mouth parted and the way her breath would hitch when your lips wrapped around her pussy after neglecting it for so long. Hwasa would look so pretty, so beautiful as you ate her out. Her back slowly arching off the bed, moans and whimpers becoming louder and louder as she approached her release. Lewd sounds would echo around the room.

Hwasa would start to shake, her hands tightening around your head, pulling at the strands of your hair but it only made you groan into her pussy, a delicious feeling of pleasure running through her body, fueling her orgasm even more. She’s tighten her thighs around your head, keeping you in place. You wouldn’t have it any other way. You adored the way her body shook as she came, her thighs would shake too. Your tongue would keep rubbing over her clit, her hips would be moving to get your mouth closer to get if possible, until the euphoric feeling would take over her body.

Your name would fly out of her mouth like a mantra, mixed in with broken moans. Smirking into her pussy, you couldn’t pull away until she was pushing your head weakly away from her body, the over stimulation beginning to kick in. Even then, you’d slowly place a finger inside of her, pulling it back out and seeing it covered in her white, sticky cum and placing it in your mouth with a low moan and smiling down at her, muttering something that mentioned how sweet she tasted, because she always did.

SO with Sombra now added to the shipping chart I’d go back and give this another go, considering some of my ships have kinda shifted and everything. I’d like to clarify a few things:
-Winston. Bastion and Torb being circled is me saying I don’t feel like they should be shipped with anyone cause 1. Bastion is too cute and innocent for romance 2. Winston is a gorilla it’s beastiality and 3. Torb is a lil anti-omnic asshole…plus his only love is his turret let’s face it.

-Pharah/Ana and Genji/Hanzo are a please don’t cause incest, if that’s your thing good for you.

-Symmetra is tied to both Sombra and Pharah cause I can’t decide which is cuter.

-If you don’t see any connections between the characters (e.g. Mercy/Pharah, Mercy/Reaper, Lucio/Tracer etc) it’s mainly just I don’t feel like they have a connection to note for me, sorry!


PLEASE can I not have a repeat of the last time I did this and get like attacked cause I happen to like straight ships, just please don’t. We are all entitled to ship whatever we want regardless of whether it’s m/f or m/m or f/f, just like we are all entitled to identify as whatever sexuality we identify as.

Kol Mikaelson (Imagine/The Originals)

“When are you going to tell your family that we’re dating Kol?“, you asked your boyfriend annoyed. "Soon Y/N… I promise!” “You always say that! But today is Valentine’s Day and Klaus is throwing a Gala for it. I’m invited and i will attend the Ball, with or without you!” With these words you’re storming out of your room. “Y/N, darling, please wait…let me explain it!”
You turn on your heels and face him angrily: “What Kol?! What do you have to explain?! That I’m human and you’re a vampire and that your family will tell me to stay away from you, because you’re dangerous? Because they think you’re a monster?” “Y/N, please…” “I don’t care what they think you are and it won’t frighten me off! And you know that! You are just to afraid to stand up to them! You can’t handle what they might say about you. You are afraid that I might leave! But Kol…look me in the eyes!” He lifts his head, which was hanging to the ground, and locked his eyes with yours. “I love you! And whatever your family is going to say, I will never leave you! So either your gonna be a coward about this and ruin Valentine’s Day for both of us or you’re going to find your balls and stand up to what you really want!”
With these words you leave the house to go shopping for the big Gala tonight.

8 hours later

The minute you arrived one pair of eyes couldn’t leave you alone. Sadly it wasn’t the pair of dark brown eyes you were expecting to see.
“Hello my love, I was expecting to see you!” Klaus Mikaelson took your hand and gave a soft kiss to the back of your hand. You chuckled a little, because this gesture reminded you so much of Kol.
“Thank you so much for the invitation. I heard a lot about the Mikaelson Balls, but it is even more marvelous seeing it for myself!”
Klaus gave you a charming smile before he asked you: “So Miss Y/L/N, it looks like you attended my Ball without any company!” In that moment your eye catches Kol, who is leaning against the staircase watching you and Klaus. “I…ahem…I actually thought I would attend it with my boyfriend, but it looks like he is a bigger coward than I thought!” You knew that Kol could hear you, even from all across the room. Klaus just grinned: “If your ‘boyfriend’ should not come out of his shell and miss his chance with such a wonderful young lady, I will be at the bar waiting for you!” He winked at you before he turned around to walk to the bar. You glanced back to the staircase, but to your disappointment Kol already left his spot.
The rest of the night didn’t really change much. You danced on the dance floor with Freya and Rebekah Mikaelson, but not even dancing could cheer you up. It looked like Kol was trying to avoid you, until you found him sitting at the bar right next to Klaus chatting about something hilarious. That’s it! He doesn’t get the right to treat you like this AND still have fun!
You storm over to the bar and Klaus is the first one that takes a glance at you. “Look who decided to join me!”, he grinned. But before you could reply Kol leaned over to Klaus and said - loud enough that you can hear it - “I think Y/N, came here to see her boyfriend and not you.” He stood up and walked over to you, ignoring Klaus startled look. “And her boyfriend owes her a big apology for being such a coward! I’m really sorry Y/N, I should have fought for my relationship with you instead of hiding it in the dark. You’re right I was a chicken about not standing up to my family about us! But you just showed me that you are worth to confront my family. And I love you Y/N!” With that he leaned down to you and kissed you passionately. You return the kiss, blending out the applause that started around you.
The only thing you couldn’t ignore was Klaus deep voice: “And I thought he’d never have the guts to tell us!”    

By Lisa