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Dear minors shipping Otayuri,

If you’re a minor and you ship otayuri I just want to say say: I understand. When you’re 15/16 you do feel old. You feel like you could be in an adult relationship, you see yourself as being no different from adults, you don’t understand why people are making such a big deal about it because you feel like you are your own proof that 16 is old enough to be adult, to be sexual. I felt like this too when I was your age.

But trust me, please, I’m begging you. Between the ages of 18-21 you will change in ways that you can’t imagine yet. Once you leave school and start to have more adult responsibilities and experiences you WILL change. Living on your own, being independent, looking after yourself, being legally responsible for yourself and (most importantly) discovering that it’s your responsibility to protect other minors now, are all life shaping experiences.

The moment you hit 18 you have to constantly be looking at your behaviour and making sure you’re keeping the invisible line between yourself and children intact. If you don’t do that then you’ve failed in your responsibility as an adult. Yes, there’s a grey area if you’re 18 and dating someone who is 17 and in the same school/college year as you. But at this time in life the age gap between 15/16 and 18 is massive and it’s not the same as an age gap between 20 and 22, for example.

One of the most basic things that you find yourself doing as an adult that you didn’t really do or care about that much as a child is CHECKING HOW OLD SOMEONE IS. I do it all the time. It’s something that comes up casually in conversation between adults all the time. All responsible adults do it.

It’s not your responsibility to look after yourself online and to police the content you’re seeing, it’s the responsibility of the adults around you. Adults who ship Otayuri should know better, they should know that it’s wrong for them to be imagining and fantasizing about a 15/16 year old boy in sexual, adult situations (especially when they’re with an 18 year old). (TW FOR DEPICTIONS OF CHILD ABUSE TO THE END OF THIS PARAGRAPH DON’T READ THIS IF YOU ARE TRIGGERED BY ABUSE SCENARIOS - now edited to be less distressing for abuse survivors) Think about this. Imagine a 30 year old adult looking at a 15 year old’s body and wanting to have sex with them. It’s disgusting. It’s terrifying.

So if you’re a minor, just know that we’re not trying to fight you, we’re trying to protect you from being surrounded by irresponsible adults. When I make anti posts saying that I don’t give a fuck about otayuri shippers’ feelings, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about the adults around you. You’ll always be safe from me.

So if you feel like any of this applies to you, or you feel upset, or confused, or you don’t know what to do, my inbox is always open and I have anon switched on. I don’t know many other people in this community but I can say that my friend @antiotayurgle is also safe and okay to talk to about this. Please try to stay safe.


Samantha Drake Giddings


Ashley and Josh keep searching for the truth, and Chris is skeptical as always. Also, Nadine learns that she’s expected to lie, and Chloe has to teach her a “lesson” later on.

@ bighit i mean it when i say dont fuck the styles up for them. i want zayn and shawn mendes and the weeknd shakin in their boots when the boys step outta that car. i want every artist in there to stare at them in awe and realize their own stylists aint shit. i want drake falling in love with jimin

IMPORTANT message to the STYLIST NOONA for the BBMAS:

DEAR stylist, 

Please don’t put some weird clothes on BTS while trying to grab the attention. They have their faces already that can do the job just fine. Something from BS&T ERA will be ideal. THANK YOU !

Sincerly, An ARMY who wants the boys to SLAY THAT US RED CARPET DEBUT

BBMAs: BTS will NOT be performing

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BBMAs: Top Social Artist award is not given on stage

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**Note: From what I’ve read on Tumblr, the award has only ever been given on the RED CARPET not on the actual stage/ceremony (but with the attention this year, let’s pray that they’ll present it on-stage). I’ve never watched the BBMAs so I’m not sure if this is true or not. Sorry if this confused any of you!

  • Jungkook: [rocking himself in a fetal position]
  • Jimin: Are you okay?!
  • Jungkook: [sniffles]
  • Jimin: Why are you crying??
  • Jungkook: I'm gonna be under the same roof breathing the same air as Justin sunbaenim!