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Advice from a uni student

I’ve never really tried to give studying tips before but since so many are starting school, I thought I’d give my two cents as a hopeful second year uni student. Some are probably pretty obvious, but don’t take it for granted, think about it seriously instead.

1. Give it your all. Don’t half ass it because when you get a bad grade you’re going to be regretting watching cat videos for the whole semester. Even if you hate the subject, you need to get a good grade to pass.

2. Ideally, do your readings every week. If you can’t manage, or it’s a long boring chapter, try to at least find a video which explains the subject, and take notes again from the video (make sure said source is reputable, always).

3. When classes are over and it’s time to do readings or homework, if you’re feeling tired don’t force yourself! Unless it’s the week before exams, or a day before the deadline, just take a brief nap and get back to work. If you’re too tired you won’t do your work/ half ass it.

(Try not to leave homework/ assignments for last minute, it’s going to stress you out. A LOT)

4. Compile your bibliography as you’re writing your assignment!!!! Learn how to do footnotes properly, it will save you so much time later + grades are assigned to the bibliography too.

5. Take notes in class, and go to class even if attendance isn’t required. And actually refer to said notes before the exam because they will really help you. ( don’t 100% depend on them, unless you have good notes and you really just want to pass)

6. I’m sure we all have those days when we just can’t bring ourselves to study. Especially two days before an exam. It happens to the best of us. A method that works for me is to try to meditate, or some light exercise. Looking at studyblr pictures doesn’t mean studying.

7. Try to take classes at times when you are less likely to be productive, so that you leave the time when you’re most productive to when you have to study or work on an assignment. (This kind of advice really depends on the kind of person you are. If you are prone to skipping class if you do this, just skip this advice)

8. Lastly, keep some fruit bars or easy to eat food with you constantly. You’re gonna get random food cravings and they won’t let you study. So prepare for that event.

I’m sure there’s plenty more things that I haven’t included, but many other studyblrs have done these advice posts so I’m sure you’ll find what you need. I apologize for not including advice for working students, but since I am not one I can’t give you advice. This has all been advice based on my experience this past year in uni.

If you like these posts or want more tips just let me know ^.^

The studyblr community has pooled in a lot of amazing, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and fun ways to take notes and study. However, over the past few years, especially last semester when I took college classes, I realized that having one system really wasn’t helpful because I would have to scramble for different strategies when the classes drastically differed from one another. So, I made strategies for certain types of classes that were created specifically for those characteristics but flexible enough to adjust a bit if needed. Here is how I study:

  1. I want to start off by saying ALL strategies including reading. DO NOT SKIP IT. It’s hard, it’s boring, and it’s slow, but in the end you learn and create a strong foundation for yourself.
  2. I do not skip a word. I use three different colored post its, some page flags, and a writing utensil. I abhor highlighting on textbooks and books with a passion so I use post its instead: one for writing notes and key concepts, another for terminology, and the last color  for any questions I have. As I read, I write all of my notes and then stick them in my textbooks in the corresponding area. The flags are for when I feel like I just couldn’t get the information completely and I want to come back and double review. Finally, after I go through a chapter, I get my notebook and from the beginning of the chapter, I rewrite my post its into notes with the same color coding system.
  3. For the classrooms with power points: This is pretty simple. I print them before hand into handouts if they’re available before lecture and write everything that the teacher says in margins or highlight information. if they’re not available before hand, I still take notes from what the teacher is saying and writing and I make tiny notes of which slide it corresponds with. Then, I print the powerpoint later and write it into the powerpoint slides. To study, I just read over them. 
  4. When the teacher usually writes on the board, speaks all the time, and doesn’t use pp: This is where reading the textbook becomes your best friend. You won’t get as much details in lecture since a person can only talk and write so much in an allotted time period. Instead, I copy everything off of the board and don’t miss anything. At the same time I try to get everything he says onto my notebook also. As a back up, I have a voice recorder going on at the same time. Once I get home, I IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS rewrite those class notes since they probably look terrifying. After all, people speak faster than they can write.
  5. Finally, online classes. Most of it is learning by yourself so stay motivated and determined and you can do it! First, video transcripts are not your notes. Take notes from the video themselves while you’re watching them. For all of those online resources, write notes in every way you can. Print out all of your assignments that you do or put them somewhere where you can print them later to read over. Any reading excerpts? Print those and highlight all you want. Finally, READ THAT TEXTBOOK.
  6. The last part of my studying strategy is really only useful when it comes to tests. Do any and all practice questions that you can get your hands on. I don’t care if it says there’s 100 questions. Do them!! If anything got me through my classes, it would be all of those damn practice tests and textbook questions (Do every problem in the back of your book. Do them. When you do them, your teachers can throw anything at you and you’ll be able to do any scenario.).

All classes are different. Some are a mixture of the traditional powerpoint and traditional lectures. That’s why I really like my strategies because they’re at like two different extremes and I can use them at different amounts to meet that perfect spot where my class is.

Finally, I will say that my study strategies do rely on my organizational systems. I have different notebooks for different things, different binder arrangements for different classes, and so on. If you want a master post on that just give me a message (it’ll probably come at some point but i’m also really lazy and forgetful).

Good luck with studying. Just remember to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing <3


How to use Cornell note-taking method on OneNote - A tutorial on how to take class notes

Cornell note-taking method is really amazing, since it allows you to take clear notes and analyse it afterwards + can give you a brief idea on what the notes are about simply by looking at the key points. Of course, the last summary section can definitely help you to organise your ideas. All in all, it’s just a great motivation for you to go back on your notes after class.

This is often used by people who take notes by writing. Personally, I love taking notes using a laptop as it’s way faster + everything can be organised rather easily (especially with OneNote).

Tutorial on Cornell method

1. Course number as title for tabs; lecture no. as title for the page. I also insert the link of the class / any lecture materials provided here.

2. I type in key words and details (basically the two columns in Cornell method)

3. I format the two using “Heading 1″

4. Then i just take the lecture notes in the detail section using the outline method
- I also like to add in tags, like questions for any inspiring/thought-provoking questions posed my the lecturer, and important for key concepts (and to-do for coursework, if there’s any)

5. After class:
- I re-read the notes
- highlight anything i find important
- And input the key ideas in the left column for easy reference
- add in summary of the bottom of the page)

My highlighting system:
- Green: key words
- Yellow: ideas to note
- Orange: key points (for example like i will highlight the main categories of sth)
- Blue words: examples

Printing tip / Converting to pdf
If you want to print your notes, the onenote app on macbook usually do not format it well and cut the pages in a very weird way. Instead, you can print by accessing your notes on OneDrive (like through your internet browser). The last two pictures are how my notes for the first lecture turn out.

#9 || Link to my study tips series - i post once a week here!  (strive-for-da-best

captainswanandclintasha  asked:

Sophie you are like a real Captain Swan fanfiction library so I am coming to you to ask you: Do you know more stories that take place in Neverland or season 2? I read EVERYTHING you have in your lists (like, ALL your lists about Neverland and season 2) and I was wondering if you know some new stories because my heart and soul need those stories. PS: Love you for your perfect work.

Originally posted by allreactions

someone’s been nailing the fanfic class! a+ for you, young lady

there are a few i unitentionally left off, like To Your Beautiful Destiny (Emma, Queen of the Lost Boys) by @amagicalship CS AU - In which orphaned Emma never met Neal, and was instead whisked away to Neverland by Peter Pan, swiftly infiltrating his gang and becoming their leader. (not canon!neverland)

and  Accidental Acceptance by @somethingalltogether Neverland: Pan’s deal was accepted. The outcome was devastating and Emma fell deep into the abyss as Hook watched the world burn around him. He could only pull her forward with him, willing or not. One-shot. 

and now, let me introduce you to the wonders of @swaggercaption

Six Degrees of Separation by @swaggercaption The road to salvation is a bumpy one and, for a pirate and a savior, begins in a beautiful and lethal land: Neverland. Six events that led to Emma and Killian’s redemption inspired by the song, ‘Six Degrees of Separation.’ Starts in Neverland “3x01”. (i don’t know if complete or not)

Counting Stars He could only imagine how different it would be to kiss her softly, to cup her face and lean in slowly so she understood. He could only picture being about to wrap his arms around her waist as she smiled that elusive open smile. Set after saving Neal, Killian thinks about what could have been since he’s under the impression his chances with Emma are shot to hell. [One-shot] a must read

Swallowed by the Sea She could feel his surprise; his body going rigid as his eyes widened, shock emanating off him as she continued the exchange, the feel of his lips against hers nothing like she’d ever imagined. And then, as he seemed to realise, she felt him relax, his mouth moving gently against hers.

 Of Maps and Moons There was a split-second where Emma sighed in relief before suddenly she felt him shift, one arm shooting up to snake around her waist, pulling her flush against his chest as he spun them around. Her back hit the thin cloth covering his bed and she grunted at the impact as his body pinned hers down. Set during 3x02 Unapologetically Captain Swan

i’m thinking about compiling a list of Post-Neverland fics after this one, there is so much loging and possibilies in those


#100daysofproductivity & #100studytips STUDY TIPS ! STUDY TIPS !. Will try to continue with this for 100 days!! Let’s see anyway. Today’s tip ‘READ THE CONTENT BEFORE CLASS/LECTURE’. This is an absolutely amazing tip, and will most certainly make student life sooooo sooooo much more achievable, empowering and pleasant. Why would you do this? Here are some reasons:

1. If you write 20% of the time in class and listen 80%, you absorb more of the discussion is class and lectures. And you achieve this by reading the content first and taking notes before class. 

2. You can collect teacher cues on what will be on the exam, simply because you are listening and looking at the teacher more, instead of writing all the time. Teachers are always giving hints without knowing it. So if they start repeating themselves like they have a memory issue, or start yelling info like they’ve lost the plot, you know it’s on the exam.

3. By reading the content before class, you already have some background knowledge about the topic. So anything in class will be processed and pushed into your long term memory more effectively. 

4. You can ask intelligent questions in class which teachers and lecturers love (well, most of them), and you will look engaged, and be remembered at least. And, you will actually learn more.

5. Classes and lectures will make more sense. At least you will know what is going on, instead of being the cluelessness in the back. 

6. By reading and preparing (i.e. doing notes before class), you are already prepared for the exam. No cramming for later! 

7. You simply supplement your already written notes with any new info from class. Less stress. 

8. Just by being prepared you are ready to kick some serious a.. ! and get those  grades. 

Hope this tip is helpful. It totally helped me masses. 

Made on a #muji dotted notebook with #mildliners and #zebrasarasa pens

It has come to my attention that I’ve not yet shared my overly-lengthy Keith ethnicity headcanon with the internet, so I’m going to remedy that!

Okay, so. I headcanon Keith as mixed Japanese/Korean, born and raised in the US. His mom disappeared pretty much right after he was born, but he lived with his dad for the first several years of his life. His dad was Japanese, but like… second or third generation and not super connected to his Japanese roots. (And also not super involved in Keith’s life.) So pretty much the only tie Keith had to his culture was his last name, Kogane.

Anyways, eventually stuff happens and Keith ends up in the foster system. With mostly a whole bunch of white families. Eventually, he gets older and gets curious about his culture of origin, so he starts researching. He’s still a kid, though, so it’s little things like… buying Japanese Pokémon cards. Or watching Beyblade with subtitles instead of the dub. Or insisting his foster family buy chopsticks so he can practice eating with them.

As he gets older, he reads some more and tries to teach himself a little Japanese. But he’s not that great with languages so he doesn’t get far. He convinces one foster family to let him take karate classes, but the classes they enroll him in are taught by a white guy. Keith is really mad about that, but he likes punching things too much to quit.

Then one day as a teenager, he needs his birth certificate for something. Probably something to do with enrolling at the Garrison. And he’s absent-mindedly reading it over while he waits and suddenly… wait. Is his mom’s name Korean? Is he part Korean? How is he just finding this out now???

He’s SO MAD. He is so pissed off at every single adult in his life for not sharing this small but important piece of information with him.

Shortly thereafter, he meets Shiro, who starts teaching him about Japanese-American culture for real. Which is really good for both of them, honestly. But Keith is still flabbergasted about the fact that no one told him he’s Korean??? And Shiro isn’t Korean, so there’s only so much he can help with that.

sense-equus  asked:

What are your thoughts on RAW/BARF foods for dogs- whether pre-made ones you can buy, or making your own?

Many, and hesitant to share them. Pull up a chair. Grab a drink.

The BARF-feeders and raw food feeders are prone to zealotry, and back in my vet school days I was open minded enough to actually read ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ by Dr Tom Lonsdale in order to gain an understanding of feeding non-commercial diets to dogs and cats.

It’s basically a useless book. It paints all other veterinarians as willful conspirators trying to keep pets sick (compare this to anti-vaxxers in your own time) and provides a historical perspective about various veterinary organizations not giving Tom the attention he wanted, and wanting more evidence. Having met many of the people mentioned in his book, I would have taken him a bit more seriously if he hadn’t spent so long complaining that the paragon of cattle medicine, who literally cared about nothing but cows, didn’t care what dogs were eating. That’s just Jacob Malmo for you.

I was quite open to the idea, after all it’s tempting and a little big magical to believe that the creature sleeping by your feet and entirely devoted to you is actually a wolf in some way, it’s like something out of a fantasy novel. I was considering finding a way to do work experience at his practice, but being in Sydney that wasn’t all that easy. So I read his work instead. Only about 3% of the class even got that far. To be fair, he was mentioned in nutrition lectures as an option we could look at, not compulsory.

But I naively reviewed ‘Raw Meaty Bones’ on my vet student blog, ‘Nearly-Dr Ferox’. I expressed the above sentiments, and generally neutral view about feeding raw to dogs and cats. I did however mention that RMB is actually a totally useless book if you actually want information about feeding such a diet to your dog, there’s about two pages that are any actual use and not somebody whining about not being taken seriously enough.

You can see his response in this archived newsletter of his. The site carrying my old blog no longer exists.  It’s brief mention, it was probably the closest thing to media attention he was getting, but nevertheless my little blog was SWARMED with angry zealots. Because I didn’t adamantly recommend feeding raw or BARF, I was obviously a stupid, corrupt, evil, uncaring, blind, worthless waste of space.

It was like an attack mob, wanting me to repent and change my ways.

I tried to engage these commenters with actual nutritional facts and knowledge, but it didn’t matter because they were already convinced that I was corrupt. I got way more hate from them than I ever got for saying ‘Marijuana is toxic to dogs’.

So from experience, the ‘movement’ attracts the same sort of people that are likely to support the paleo diet, all organic foods, and think that vaccines and GMOs are bad.

The RAW/BARF diets themselves?


I’ve examined a great many dogs and cats, and can’t say that raw feeding magically makes healthy pets. In fact, I’d probably recommend against it more often than for it, for individual cases.

It’s no guarantee of healthy weight or healthy teeth. Thousands of racing greyhounds on RAW will attest to that, with their sewerage like mouths. Breeders that fed RAW or BARF were the bane of my existence for two years: Summers with the hospital full of their puppies, with bacterial enteritis (Campylobacter specifically, which infects humans too, by the way) because they insisted on feeding raw food to everything.

I’ve treated way too many dogs for constipation because of all the bones it’s fed, and lets not forget the intestinal obstructions.

Getting bones stuck in the mouth is pretty minor, but the bones stuck in the oesophagus will stick in my memory. It’s a big deal if you have to do surgery on the oesophagus to remove a bone. Only had to do it twice when the endoscope couldn’t get it. One patient died, the other was very, very close.

Let’s not ignore the relative tryptophan deficiency that can occur, resulting in aggression or anxiety, of the higher protein levels increasing workload for the liver or kidneys, or in my experience increased risk of struvite urinary crystals.

Oh, and the higher bacterial load carnivores fed BARF or RAW have in both their faecal output and their mouths. That’s a human health risk.

That’s not to say that these diets don’t have some uses. They can occasionally be useful for allergic skin/GI disease if the animal happens to be allergic to a preservative, or a denatured protein that only occurs at high temperatures. It’s physiologically possible to only be allergic to cooked beef, but not raw beef because of the way proteins denature. A raw diet of some sort can be therapeutically helpful in these scenarios. (I don’t ever consider an allergy ‘cured’, just managed.)

So there are two scenarios where I might encourage an owner to consider a raw diet for their dog or cat.

But the scenarios where I would NOT recommend, or actively recommend against a RAW based diet include:

  • Immuno-compromised people in the family
  • toddler’s or young children in the family
  • Urinary tract crystals
  • pancreatitis
  • recurring gastroenteritis (seriously, if I see a pet 4+ times a year for vomiting or diarrhoea I’d really like it if you stop feeding raw chicken!)
  • Kidney disease, even early stages
  • Liver disease, any
  • anxiety or aggression
  • certain breeds, including basically anything brachycephalic and miniature schnauzers
  • If the owner can’t organize themselves out of a paper bag.

But if the patient’s already eating it, and not having problems, I just remind the owner to practice good hygiene and be extra careful in Summer.

Now, I expect to cop a bunch of hate from posting this, as that’s historically what happens when you post about BARF or Raw Meaty Bones and don’t go “YES! Good! Very best! Everyone else is lying or corrupt!” but you did ask.

That said, most dogs and cats will be perfectly fine most of the time eating most foods. Every pet will be a little bit different, so the ‘perfect’ food for them might be different from one to the next, and that’s fine. Purebred dogs are so highly inbred that that’s expected.

Food is the product in the vet clinic that has the lowest markup. They dish out the least incentives to sell (bowls for puppies, free can lids, collars for kittens) and they actively make us the least money. We stock them so that when some new puppy or kitten owner comes in, feeding their new addition the ol’ weet-bix and milk and raw beef mince rubbish, we have a bag of something we can actually hand over and solve that problem before it starts. We stock prescription food because we use it like medicine to treat a problem.

Myself, if weight control is not a problem, and there are no medical indications for anything else, I tend to go mostly quality commercial food supplemented with either safe table scraps or varied cooked ingredients. Bones are always raw and supervised, with the intention that they’re not actually eaten, just chewed on.

And if a dog is big enough to swallow chicken necks whole, it’s getting absolutely zero benefit from eating those.


Oh, the joys of buying school supplies! But of course, we shouldn’t spend too much on them, no matter how much we love stationery. After spending so much time looking for good quality supplies without having to overspend, I finally have everything that I need! No, I didn’t buy all of these in one go… I wouldn’t spend that much (lol). Some are gifts, and some had been with me for more than a year!

Here are the school supplies that I’ll be using for this school year, and hopefully, I’ll be able to keep them well until next year, to avoid spending too much.

Just a heads up- the quality of my pictures are kinda low, since use my phone in taking pictures.


I’ve used Cattleya notebooks since 7th grade, and the quality is always great. This is my first time using a binder, and it took me more than an hour figuring out how to change the fillers! (If you’re wondering how, just message me!) I bought two binders, the other one for next year if I don’t use it. I wasn’t sure if I only need one. Also bought 3 packs of fillers, for the next semester. I tend to write EVERYTHING down, and then summaries. I end up finishing one notebook in one semester. (oops)


  • This is the first time I’m using a Limelight brand journal, and a ruled one at that… I’m quite hopeful, that this will be of good quality. Most people would say that buying a white journal is a no-no, but white is  really clean and bright, I just couldn’t resist!
  • Accordion envelopes are VERY important, especially when your teacher gives hand outs of your lectures. Those sheets may seem unecessary, but the moment you see your exams, you would know how important they are. What seems unimportant, becomes a big part of the test. (usually). So keep those handouts! It’s organized, and you don’t lose any paper given.
  • The denim pencil case is from Muji, a gift from my cousin. It can hold ALL of my pens and markers, which is a lot. And, the zipper never gets stuck. I hate it when I’m rushing to grab a pen and the zipper gets stuck. Trust me, it gets annoying. This pencil case may not be the cheapest, but it works really well. I’ve used this last year, but it’s still good as new!


Markers, pens and highlighters are my weaknesses. I just couldn’t resist. *sob*

  • Stabilo Fine Point 88 (0.4 mm)- These fine markers are of great quality. I use these for making summaries, reviewers, and for drawings. I rarely write on my books. But when I do, I always use colored markers, to remember important information. They say that the color blue helps in remembering important information, which is why I bought shades of blue. For the purple ones… Well, I like purple, so why not?
  • Pilot Hi-Tecpoint V5 and V7- These are the pens I use for exams, and the red ones are for checking papers when helping teachers. The quality is good as well, but the paper has to be quite thick so that the ink doesn’t bleed onto the next page.
  • Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters- I’ve been using this brand of highlighter for three years, and it hasn’t failed me yet. You know that one person in your class who highlights every single thing? That would be me. I always have that fear of missing a vital information, and that can be my weakness. This highlighter surprisingly stayed alive after I tortured it by painting a whole page neon (lol oops). Anyways, the quality is great, much love for these highlighters.
  • Muji Highlighters- These highlighters were a gift as well, and I’m impressed by the quality of this. And yes, I’m guilty of using this highlighter when doodling, and overall procrastinating (We all have those days). Some highlighters tend to be too much, and instead of wanting to read them, they end up hurting my eyes. But this highlighter has the amount of eye catching color without hurting people’s eyes.
  • Muji Hexagonal Retractable Pens- Hexagonal pens give easy grip, which makes this pen really nice. It’s of good quality as well. I’ve been using this pen since last year and it’s still doing great.
  • Pilot Super Color Broad Marker- I use this when making visual aids for class reports, and the ink is great.
  • Dong A Hexaplus Fineliner (0.4 mm)- Again, with the hexagonal. Whenever I’m hurriedly taking notes, I tend to have butter fingers and I drop my pen at least four times. I always need to get a grip- an idiom, but at the same time literal. I go hysterical when having to study a very difficult lesson (shoutout to trigonometry, just not my thing). Thus, my reason for always buying hexagonal pens.


  • Faber Castell Econ Mechanical Pencil (0.5 mm)- This pencil has a triangular barrel, for easy grip. I’ve always used mechanical pencil, because I hate sharpeners. They bring terrible memories of having dirt on my fingers every time i sharpen my pencil. I end up smudging them on my uniform… By the walls, that’s disgusting. The quality of this pencil is great, it doesn’t break easily, and 0.5 mm is perfect for drawing my beloved Eren Jaeger! (oops)
  • Orions Correction Tape- This correction tape doesn’t break easily, which is a good thing. Some correction tapes don’t budge, and when they do, the tape spills out and man, what a mess. It covers the mistakes quite well, and doesn’t leave a trace which is nice.
  • Muji Hexagonal Twin Markers- These markers have been with me for a year, and they’re still okay, aside from the black marker which ran out right away, probably because I used it for an exam. One side of this marker is fine marker, and the other side is medium marker. One pack has ten markers, and this comes with a hexagon case.


  • EasiGet Pins- I bought this pack of pins, magnets and clips for my cork board, which I am decorating and will be posted soon. 
  • Sticky Notes- When we say sticky notes, one would right away think of Post-It brands. But It’s kinda expensive, so I bought an alternative brand. The smaller one is for marking the pages of my books, for review and homeworks. The other, for additional info or terms.
  • Washi Tapes- These washi tapes were collected over time, because I didn’t want to buy all in one go. Think of it as a reward, like buying one roll of tape for every A+ you get. I’ll be using these for my bullet journal.


 This is a Youth Settlement Backpack, which is why it’s small for a regular backpack. It’s also a gift, because Herschel backpacks are of amazing quality and with quality comes price. Since I’ll be bringing only a binder and my pencil case for school, this is a perfect one.

That’s all for my school supplies!

Just a reminder that these supplies are only a guide on your way to success, and what matters the most is your effort and dedication in your studies. These Items I’ve bought are rewards for my grades last year. What makes buying these stuff rewarding is when you buy them after working so hard on your studies. No matter how expensive your supplies are, what really counts is your hard work. Don’t think that you need expensive school supplies to be smart, okay? Do your best!

Ganbatte Kudasai!

Love, Eridani.

How To Study for a Math Test

(i.e., what I should be doing instead of writing this)

Note: this takes hours. I know, because I do it. And it works, at least for me. Also feel free to ignore this because I’m pretty much just making myself a to-do list. Or feel free to make additions. 

1. Get a notebook, or some notebook paper, the backs of old worksheets if you’re me, or something else to write on. This will be your study sheet(s), and it is very important. 

2. Go through your class notes. Read them, thoroughly, and write down anything that you’re not 100% sure you’ll remember on the study sheet. 

3. Reread lecture slides from class, if you can get them. Do the same as with your notes. 

4. Read the textbook. Research has shown that just reading and highlighting isn’t particularly useful for retention, so mostly just skim for stuff (theorems, formulas, different problem-solving strategies, etc.) that didn’t make it into your notes. Write these down too. 

5. Look through your old homework. If you’re anything like me this is hell on the ego, but you need to know what you got wrong so you can get it right on the test. If necessary write stuff down (ex: don’t forget dx and +C on integrals).

6. Rewrite the study sheet. Consolidate and rephrase the information in whatever way makes the most sense to you. Be completely certain you understand everything. Organize it however works best for you - some people like colorful pens or highlighters, bullet points, whatever. Rewriting has the added benefits of helping you memorize it, and hopefully now everything you need to learn is on that sheet. 

7. Do practice problems. If your teacher provides some, do those. Do problems from the textbook that are similar to problems from class or homework - often, those are what end up on the test. Do as many as you can. With as much variety as possible - you want to be ready for anything. If you figure out something you didn’t know before, add it to the study sheet. If you have to look up a formula or something to do a problem, add it to the study sheet. 

8. Possibly rewrite the study sheet again. The goal is to have everything you could possibly need to know in one place. Right before the test, make another one with only the things you don’t know. Spend as much time as possible staring at this. 

9. Pass the test, then either burn or frame your study sheet. 


Fandom: Mystic Messenger

Pairing: Jumin Han/V

Other Characters: None (unless you count the nameless security guards).

Links: FF | AO3

When Jumin finds himself woken at sometime-past-midnight-but-before-sunrise and not by his own design, he’s cross, until the security guard who’d shaken him awake informs him that V is at his door, the one person the guards are allowed to wake Jumin up for. Rubbing his eyes, he scrambles to his feet, digging his fingers into the mattress to help him gain his balance, then he’s at the front door, where V has already stepped inside. 

“V…?” Jumin raises a tired eyebrow, feeling odd at meeting his friend without even brushing his hair or his teeth first. V’s face is expressionless and a little blurry, as Jumin’s eyes haven’t yet quite adjusted to the light. “Are you all right?”

V musters an unconvincing nod, and Jumin beckons V to follow him to the chairs by the balcony. V walks slowly around the table and they take seats across from each other. The wooden chairs feel hard and cold compared to the bed Jumin was comfortably sleeping in barely a minute ago. He rubs his eyes again in an attempt to rid himself of some of the fogginess.

“What’s wrong?”

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Spotting you (closed rp)

It was only the first week of college but it has already proven just how stressful life was only about to get. Between the classes that Marinette took, trying to balance homework, her part time job (Thank you parents), and being Ladybug she was already on the verge of pulling her hair out. But that would be unbecoming of the fashion designer to show up with a spotchy patch of hair missing from her head. And what would Chat Noir think of that. The thought almost made her groan. But not as much as her phone vibrating in her pocket. A notice from her best friend. About their meet up at the coffee shop two blocks away. The meet up she nearly had forgotten about.

“I’m almost there Alya!!” She said aloud to no one in particular as she took off running down the street now. Long since Marinette stopped wearing the pink pants and flowered t-shirt and had started to roll different outfits in her wardrobe made by her hands only. And that day so happened to be a blazer with a black blouse tucked into a black skirt. The hemming hinted small lime green paw prints. A new addition to her ladybug and Chat Noir clothes line Alya some how talked her into doing. 

Now if Marinette would have read the text Alya had shot her way, she would have noticed her long time crushes name being in said text and the words joining. But that of course didn’t happen. Instead the petite woman rounded into the shop seeing Alya’s head and taking a seat opposite of her. Not once did her eyes move around the table to anyone else that might have been sitting there with them. “Sorry! Class just let out and my professor kept going on about the different stitches for silk and what would hold up best for the life time of the outfit….” Alya looked at her with raised brow before looking between her and the others at the table.


Ravenclaw Misconceptions

Ravenclaws are smart. They are not all A+ super nerdy smart kids. 

Ravenclaws work smart, not hard. That means:

  • Will forget to do an essay because they were too busy researching something far more interesting.
  • Refuse to do busy work because it has nothing to do with their progression in the class. 
  • Will turn in all their late work right before grading because they know the teacher has no time to review it all and (at least at my school) 0′s were not allowed. So they get credit for all their late work.
  • Will opt for extra credit  because they know it’s usually easier and will usually be project or essay oriented instead of dumb worksheets.
  • Will straight up leave your ass if you are about to do something stupid that will get you in trouble. Because they can already see what is about to happen and are not going to get blamed for your shenanigans. 
  • Read books above their year because they feel like what is being taught in class is too easy, but this ends up biting them in the ass because they aren’t doing the work for class.
  • Sleep through class because they already know what’s being taught and don’t need to pay attention. Plus they were up too late last night reading.
    • Not to mention they can be awoken from said nap by teacher and answer a question on the fly to prove they didn’t need to pay attention.
  • Are perhaps some of the best cheaters in the school. If they know they are not going to pass, they will put their effort NOT INTO STUDYING but into figuring out the best way to cheat without getting caught.
  • Know how to manipulate teachers into talking about something irrelevant for the entire class period when they know there is a pop quiz coming so everyone has more time to study. 
  • Do not sit at the front of the class because if they get bored with the lesson, they want to be able to read something else or sleep without the teacher noticing.
  • Take turns copying each others work because they are resourceful and know if they alternate doing work with other people, it gives them more time for what they want to do.
  • Know how to bullshit a word count with their hands tied behind their back. 5,000 word essay? Prepare for some truly extraordinary flowery verbiage. 
  • Opt for easy classes instead of the advanced class in harder subjects because they know they can get by with better grades while doing half the work load.
  • Are not afraid to call out a teacher when they are wrong and will spend the entire class debating them with references. 
  • Will march over to a teacher’s desk and explain loudly exactly why they cannot answer a question because it was never taught in class. Thus getting the rest of the class a free correct answer.
  • Is lovingly referred to as ‘smart-ass’ by adults.

Hi all! This is my first guide and I hope it will help some of you. Because if you’re anything like me, you can only learn and remember stuff when you actually “do” and “feel” it, but unfortunately visual learning (e.g. reading and writing) is one of the most convenient ways to study. Here are some ways I adapt those visual techniques so I can still benefit from them, and some general pointers on tactile learning.

(Please note that those tips are mostly for mathematical, technical and science subjects. I don’t really have any experience studying languages or other subjects, so some of these might not work that well for that.)

First things first: How do I know I’m a tactile learner?

Do you have trouble concentrating when reading the textbook or listening to the professor, but learn new concepts really quick when you use them in an actual problem? Congrats, then you’re most probably a tactile learner.

Yay! So what do I do now?

Unfortunately, most teaching environments don’t really accomodate tactile learning too much, and instead focus on visual and auditory methods. But fear not! This is what you do:

  1. Take notes in class. Don’t bother making them pretty or comprehensible - it’s not about the notes, it’s keeping you busy in some way while you’re trying to listen to the professor. Just write down some headings and key words so you know the rough topics being discussed. When you’re doing the assignment later on, it’s a good feeling to know you’ve already heard or seen this somewhere, even if you don’t recall everything from the lecture.
  2. Rewrite the lecture notes or textbook chapters. I like to do this on the weekend. Read through the material, line by line, and rewrite it in your mind’s language. Go crazy here. Use colors, make mind maps, tables and awesome illustrations. You’re not busy listening to the lecture or doing assignments, so take as much time as you need. If you have notes you actually understand, as opposed to the monstrous paragraphs in your textbook, you will be more inclined to use them.
  3. Do the assignment and reading simultaneously. Being a tactile learner means you usually can’t read about something, remember it and then use it in a problem - that would be too easy. However, starting the assignment and looking up the information you need as you go (see #2) lets you use the new knowledge immediately which helps you remember it a lot better.
  4. Disrespect Use your surroundings. I have a friend who has a dry erase board on every empty wall in his room, plus a freestanding one, and it’s amazing. Make use of that shit. Sit down on the floor and scatter your notes around you. Stick your post-its everywhere, even on your friends. Think outside the box, don’t confine yourself to just your desk space. Surround yourself with what you’re studying so that’s what your mind finds when it wanders. Was that deep or what? John Green 2.0 up in here yo
  5. Do short time intervals with lots of breaks. The pomodoro method is great for this: 25 minutes of work, and then a 5 minute break. This prevents you from burning out or losing interest by sitting around doing the same thing for hours on end, but also keeps you focused since the breaks are so short. However, don’t immediately grab your phone or open Facebook in those 5 minutes, rather do something that puts your brain into “idle mode” - draw geometric patterns, fill in an adult coloring book, or get up, do some stretches and grab a drink. And remember to get a longer 15-20 minute break after a couple of pomodoros!
  6. Explain the material to a friend. When you’re done studying a subject and doing problems, grab a friend and tell them what you just learned. Bonus points if they knew nothing about it before and you taught them something new. If you can’t find a friend, grab a rubber duck. No, really. (You probably shouldn’t do this in public spaces, though.) 
  7. Lastly, treat yourself (properly). Finished your assignments? Get yourself some pretty new markers. Done with studying for the day? Go buy a scented candle and light it when you’re studying the next day. Or splurge on that fancy Starbucks latte instead of the usual black coffee the next morning. But try to stick to things that won’t distract you from your work, especially if you’re in the middle of exams - need to keep that studious spirit up. And when you’ve finished your last exam, treat yourself to a Lush bath bomb or a new dress, because you’ve earned it.

Hope you found this guide helpful and if you have any questions or suggestions or just want to chat, feel free to message me any time!!!

- @iovelace

Forget Me Not - 9

Chapter 9

x x

“Madness, as you know, is like gravity. All it takes is a little push.” – The Joker

For all of my angsty Cas girls out there in hiding, this one’s for you.

Warning: ANGST. This is my break from fluff. There will be blood, gore, nightmares, mental illness, swearing, physical violence and pain. If any of this would be triggering for you, please do not read this. If you would prefer something lighter I have a few slightly less angsty fics on my masterlist that you may enjoy instead.

Word Count: 6,204

WARNING: Mind games, infidelity, and mentions of potential suicide

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

Chapter 1   Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5   Chapter 6 

Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12

Listen to the song that inspired me here.


Jonathan Miller came from a small, middle class family in Lincoln, Kansas. He was a quiet, blonde haired, blued eyed boy and he was his parent’s pride and joy. His father was the pastor of the local church and his mother was the town librarian. The town embraced them and accepted them as pillars of the moral community. Jonathan grew up as an only child and enjoyed the attention that he received as such. He was a studious and compassionate boy and followed in his father’s footsteps, devoted to God and His mission to share love with mankind.

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funny story

so when I was around 8 or 9 I was a pretty nosy child. one of my favorite past times was going to the bathroom and digging through my dad’s playboy stash (I’m a girl btw). at this time I was also really into writing. I wrote fantasy stories on the family computer, I kept a daily diary, I even liked to tell my parents my own made up bedtime stories instead of having them read to me.

I also had a huge crush on this boy in my class, bailey. I worked him into my stories here and there but one day, after getting some inspiration from one of the magazines, I decided to work him into a different kind of story. I wrote nearly a whole page in my diary of the things I thought I wanted him to do to me and vice versa. everything is fine until I come home from school a few days later.

Immediately I know something is up because both of my parents are sitting on the couch and my diary is on the coffee table. my parents spent like 2 hours interrogating me, asking why I would write this, where I got it from, was somebody doing those things to me, did I tell any other kids about the story. even thinking about it now nearly 15 years later I’m still mortified. 

there was plenty of crying, apologizing, I was grounded for what seemed like an eternity, and after I was sent to my room I distinctly remember my mom and dad arguing about the magazines and my dad freaking out about how pissed my mom was and throwing them all into the trash. I’ve never EVER brought it up again because I’m pretty sure they’re still traumatized too.

how to deal with a boring lecturer

1. Attend the lectures in person. DO NOT listen to them online.
If you can barely handle a boring lecturer in person, how on earth are you going to have the discipline to listen to it in your own time? Everything else you have to be doing will suddenly be so much more attractive: even your chores. Attending these lecturers in person forces you to be present in the class and, at the very least, you’ll be looking at the lecture slides and picking up on occasional sentences.

2. Try not to take a morning lesson with them.
You’ll be tired from late nights or early starts, and the boring voice/content will make you even more exhausted. The best thing to do with boring lecturers is to get it done the first time around, so that you don’t have to listen to the lecture more than once. Try to schedule your class for a time when you know you’ll be awake/alert.

3. Don’t sit with your friends.
Sitting with someone is just asking for you to not pay attention. You’ll exchange notes, browse the internet together, and probably do everything except listen to the content. Sitting on your own in a boring class is painful, but it’ll pay off, I swear.

4. Do as much preparation as you can.
If you’re prepared, there’ll be less of a struggle in class to stay awake, because you already know what’s going on (and you know what key words to listen for!)

5. Study groups!
If you have a lecturer you don’t click with, chances are that you’ve missed some information, no matter how hard you’ve tried to pay attention. A study buddy or a study group is a really fantastic resource in this case: exchanging notes and teaching each other the content not only helps you guys understand it better, but it means that you’re less likely to miss important information because the lecturer’s voice put you to sleep.

6. Try to make it fun.
A boring lecturer means that you’re going to end up finding the content boring, even if you were interested to begin with. Try to regain some of your interest when you’re studying: read the info aloud, treat yourself after doing a certain amount of work, make your notes colourful, etc. Anything that makes it look more visually appealing might remind you why you wanted to take this class in the first place.

7. Just do your best.
No matter how disciplined you might be, having a boring lecturer is going to be painful, and you’re going to want to slack off. Do your best, and focus on the future instead of the now in order to motivate yourself. For example, I had a really boring history lecturer last semester. Instead of thinking about how I had to sit through two hours of his class every week, I reminded myself why I was taking his class: because I love history, and my end goal is to teach it. Reminding yourself of your goal will motivate you, and make it a little bit easier. 

Good luck!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm 14 years old and I want to exercise to keep myself fit but I can't find time to incorporate it into my daily schedule due to school, homework etc. Can you please give me tips to keep myself fit or find a way to exercise? (1/2- 1 hr exercise periods)

I’m kinda in the same boat as you, and some things I try to do are:

  1. Walk Everywhere. Whether that’s just to the tram stop, your local shops, etc. To be able to get to school, you’d have to go that way anyway, so instead of getting driven or taking the bus, incorporate just a little more time into your schedule to walk that way. It may not seem like a long way, but it adds up over time, and plus: better something than nothing at all.
  2. Instead of hitting snooze 5 times in the morning, get up on the first go, and do some meditation/yoga in the morning to get your mind and body ready for the day ahead. It honestly helps a lot!
  3. During break times at school, (depending on your available facilities at your school) go to the gym and shoot some hoops with your friends, skip rope, or anything really. Don’t forget to eat and drink as well though :)
  4. When you’re doing homework, try and change it up a bit, and maybe take your textbook with outside and walk and recite at the same time in the local park. (Or if you’re supposed to be reading a book for english class, find the audio book online instead and listen to it on your ipod/phone whilst walking/working out)
  5. If you have the opportunity or chance maybe choose Sport as one of your subjects at school, and make the most out of each hour. That way you’re doing both your required school work and keeping fit :)

Good luck and hope some of these tips help :)

Much love, 
Lotta x

anonymous asked:

hi! idk if you've ever watched boys over flowers before, but if you have, could you do a sort of au i guess where they're the F4? or F13 i guess in this case!! if you haven't watched it before, F4 is basically like these really handsome/rich/popular guys and they're kind of snobby idk i'M JUST CURIOUS BUT IF I DON'T MAKE SENSE THEN NO BIG DEAL //sweats

(boys over flowers was like my third ever kdrama icry)

Leader of F13, the flirty prince charming type who literally makes everyone swoon with his smile. He’s never given up the chance to be a total greaseball and he probably has once or twice sent a wink your way. Has an affinity for using back pickup lines on everyone 

Silent, but sweet type who never really says more than he has to, but when he does talk no one else does because his voice and his face is beautiful. He’s basically a sweetheart whose kind to everyone, tends to the flowers in the school garden, and would offer you his handkerchief if he ever saw you crying.

Self-proclaimed gentleman, who is also the older brother type. He worries constantly about everyone and is well known for telling people to always be safe and keep their health in priority. Probably tilts people’s chins and says things like; “Don’t look at him, just look at me. I’ll protect you” 

Second after Seungcheol, he is also the flirty type. But instead - he’s the flirty bad boy type. Comes to school in a leather jacket. Sleeps with his feet on his desk but still manages to get top grades. Probably leans over your shoulder and steals the food off your chopsticks, kisses your cheek when he’s done, walks off whistling like he totally didn’t just do that.

The daring, adventurous type. He’s always out of class, up to no good. All your classmates think he’s a little dangerous and edgy, but they admire him because he’s a top dancer - everyone sneaks in front of the windows of the practice room to watch him. He’s the type to take your hand and whisper “Let’s cut class and go get some snacks instead?”

The silent, but hot type. Literally he’s never uttered a word to anyone but his friends. Likes to listen to music and read books and everyone thinks he’s super mysterious and probably has a tragic, romantic past while in reality all he wants is peace and quiet. You probably found him in a nook in the library trying to escape in silence. He’s asleep so you cover him with your jacket, when he gives it back to you in class and says thank you - everyone is SHOCKED.

The sharp-tongued, ‘I totally don’t like you!’ type. He’s basically always talking back to people and being sarcastic and getting into trouble with the teachers for being too witty. People flaunt over him because he’s outspoken and talented. You think he’s a little aggressive, but he just rolls his eyes and says that it’s not like he care for your opinion - but he actually totally does! 

The aloof, silly type. He doesn’t really seem to care about anything much at all aside from his secret talent - singing! No one else knows about it, most people like him because he makes good jokes and has a shining smile, but somehow you manage to hear his beautiful voice one day and from then on in - you two share very special secret.

The tall, gentle giant type. He intimidates everyone easily with his height and so people shy away from actually talking to him. This actually makes him quite upset because he’s actually a very nice person. You meet him accidentally when he helps you pick up your books after you bump into him and get super scared that he’ll be mad. You’re surprised to see he has a very warm smile and isn’t as standoffish as you had expected.

The athletic type who seems more interested in sports than in love. All of your school watches him practice wushu or bboying and they all gush over how good he is. He’s only friends with the other twelve, doesn’t bother to try and make friendly with anyone else. You learn there’s a reason for this, he’s actually just not that good in Korean! When you find out he embarrassingly asks if maybe you could…..teach him? 

The center of attention type who always knows what to say to make the whole room crack up or agree. He’s smart and so in class he shows off a lot with his conversational skills. He looks super confident and happy, but you learn that he has a big fear of being alone. When you two get lost on a school trip, he clings to you for dear life and this new vulnerable side makes him pretty cute…

Comes off as the snobby type, but in reality he isn’t like that at all. It’s only image he keeps up so others won’t hurt him with hurtful words. There are many rumors about him and where he’s from, but no one knows the truth. You find out they’re all lies when you bump into him at the park where he’s with his little sister. He begs you not to tell anyone and you agree, but you wonder what it is he’s really hiding from……

The young, innocent type. He just wants to have fun with his hyungs and be friends with everyone. He doesn’t even notice that people like him, when someone confesses he just smiles and thanks them - doesn’t even really give an answer. He likes to dance and sing along to songs in class and everyone thinks he’s super cute and sweet, but you find out that sometimes he feels as if those around him don’t take him seriously….he has a dream after all…..

”When I first had the idea to start the Productivity Project, it started with this - how do different people, around the world, start their days everyday, and how does that affect the rest of their day? I thought that if I could learn more about this, I could figure out how to make the most out of the few minutes before you leave for school so that the rest of your day could be even more productive. And so, the project was born. So without further ado, the post that started it all.

What is a morning routine?

Simply put, it’s something you do everyone morning, day after day. You most likely have one, even if you don’t know it. For example - for most of my life (and even some days still) mine looked like this: wake up, panic, throw on clothes, blame someone for not waking my up earlier, run out the door. Definitly not doing anything to make my day more productive.

How studyblrs spend their mornings:

Abby (yours truly), 17, wake up time: 8am, night owl

“My day starts with drinking a cup of chai while I scroll through Twitter. Then I take my dogs out to feed them, throw on some workout clothes and grab my bag that I packed the night before, and head out for my Pilates class. I’ll usually eat a granola bar or some yogurt on the way, and I do my makeup after Pilates to save time. Starting the day with a workout really wakes me up, so on the days that I don’t have class I’ll do yoga instead.”

Isabella, 18, wake up time: 7am, morning person

“Wake up, get a blanket and curl up at my desk and check emails and school notifications, then i make tea/coffee and read or prepare for tests/exams.”

cyatheajpeg, 17, wake up time: 6am, morning person

“1. Wake up, get dressed, pack bag 2. Meditation (5-15 mins) 3. Morning pages (10-20 mins) 4. Goal review (5-10 mins) 5. Stretch (5-15 mins) 6. Read (10-30 mins) 7. Bullet Journal (as long as it takes)”

nessie, wake up time: 8am, morning person

“First thing in the morning, I drink a glass of water. Then I do a very easy, quick yoga routine and meditate for 5min. My breakfast is always a healthy one. Low-sugar! And that’s it. It helps getting your cardiovascular system going and prevents a low because of sugary food, which normally occurs about 3-4h after the breakfast.”

How to make the most out of your morning

  • First thing’s first, give yourself plenty of time.

There are few things worse than waking up three minutes before you have to leave. A rushed morning is not how you wanna start your day, so do what you have to do to get up on time. Set multiple alarms, set it early enough to hit snooze a couple times if that’s your thing. Save time by setting everything out the night before, so you’re not running late because you couldn’t find socks.

  • Get plenty of sleep

This is a little different for everyone, but most people need around eight hours. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but get in as many hours as you can. Find a night time routine that will help you get to sleep faster and be as consistent with your bedtime as possible.

  • Make it productive

If you get even one or two little things done, it can help your productivity so much for the rest of the day. Try making up your bed and tidying up your room after you get dressed, or knocking one quick thing off your to-do list.

Build your perfect morning routine - some questions to get you started

  • Figure out how much time you want it to take - are you willing to wake up early to have a slow morning, or do you want a few extra minutes of sleep?
  • How do you want your morning to make you feel? Relaxed? Energetic? Prepared?
  • What are the basics you have to get done?
  • What are the things you want to do?
  • How can you set yourself up for a productive day?

For more tips and to see my answers to these questions, read below the cut!

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