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Catching them masturbating, Evan Peters characters, Character preference

Requested by: @ahstatejames ,  “OK so you did if the Evans caught you masturbating but what if the reader caught them? 😉😉😉” and a couple anons.

A/N: This is kind of a part two to them catching you {here} I didn’t include Rory or Edward but feel free to request something with them :) Also this is shit I’m sorry.


Relationship: Friends

When you walked into the room you weren’t expecting to find him in the act, you got a fright and as soon as he noticed you he pulled the blankets over himself. “Y-YN, I’m so sorry please don’t hate me.” You just laughed and seductively replied with: “Tate it’s not like I mind.”


Relationship: Dating

He got scared because he thought that you would think that you weren’t enough for him. You had been very busy at work recently and didn’t really get to spend time with Kit. You assured him that it was alright and made it up to him that night ;)

-Pre-death Kyle-

Relationship: Friends

When you heard Kyle moaning through the door you smirked because you knew exactly what he was doing. Your facial expression quickly changed when you heard what he was moaning, “Y/N, oh God yes.” You walked in without really thinking and his face went beet red when he saw you. He tried explaining himself but you quickly shushed him and told him you had feelings for him too. It’s not the most romantic way to confess your attraction for each other but everyone was happy that you two finally admitted it.


Relationship: Dating

Jimmy looked a bit startled at first but after you moved closer to him he grinned and pulled you down to him. Let’s just say he didn’t have to finish himself off. 


Relationship: Married

James would freak. He would immediately get himself decent before rushing over to you and embracing you. You weren’t exactly mad, just confused. He insisted that you two do nothing sexual for a while so that he could punish himself for what he had done. You thought this was stupid so you reached an agreement where you would do stuff but it would be focused on you ;)


Relationship: Friends

Well since the little shit has super speed it’s quite easy for him to get out of such a compromising position. After he’s up he looks confused because you’re laughing at his actions.”Y/N, what’s so funny?” “You should’ve called me, you know I’d help you with anything, Peter.” *Insert an audible gulp from Peter here, followed by a wink*

I’ve been reading all these voltron Band au’s and for the most part there’s very little I’d change.

I like to think that people who aren’t in band assume that he’s on the football team or something.

I don’t know about you guys, but I really want Shiro to play something like the flute.

Hear me out, ok?

New kids like incoming freshman and transfers see this majestic upperclassmen right? And they think he must play some grand Badass instrument, something bold.

But then he just shows up to practice with this teeny tiny case, yknow, itty bitty. Especially compared to his stature.

And the music he plays??

Elegant as fuck. The first time you hear him play is a religious experience that pushes you right to the brink of tears… and that’s just his warm-up.

He doesn’t just play melodic ballads though, oooh no. He’ll play the the most astoundingly complex music, music so fast. Guys you don’t even know.

To top it all off he’ll stop playing and grin all embarrassed because “uh-oh” he’s drawn a crowd and people are watching him slack-jawed and teary eyed