...in blonde form

Can't understand why this didn't work for him...
  • Richkins: I'm just saying you should let me out of here and everything will be Super Great for Everyone. I will briefly put off murdering your children and you'll be the King's Sister which is totally like being the Queen except y'know, lesser.
  • Lizzie: And what about my hubby
  • Rickins: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Okay but Vlad And Mirena are actual couple, relationship, and family goals 😍😍

Like um if my future family life, and relationship isn’t like this then I don’t want it 😂😂

Honestly though Vlad and Mirena are one of my favourite couples 😍😍😍🖤🖤🖤

Until It’s Gone - Ch.7

Overview: Both brothers had loved and lost her. One night, Sam gets a phone call that changes everything.

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader

Warnings: Language, angst, bar fight

Word Count: 1,973

A/N: This is the seventh chapter in my newest ongoing series. As always, thank you @wheresthekillswitch and @hannahindie for affirming me in my writing. You both mean the world to me. Feedback is always loved and appreciated!

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“Look man,” the guy started, “I’m not sure who you are, but if I want to talk to Y/N I have every right to –”

He didn’t get to finish his sentence, because Dean’s fist connecting with his jaw knocked the words right out of his mouth and simultaneously ignited a wild pandemonium that quickly spread throughout the entire bar.


Before you could process what was happening, Sam had lifted you up and over the bar top. “Stay down,” he said, noticing the fire growing in your eyes, “Please.” Then he turned to grab one of three guys who were unsuccessfully trying to hold Dean down. The shattering of a beer bottle joined the yells and screams resounding throughout the bar.

Your earlier state of shock was quickly replaced with a growing anger. You stood just as a beer bottle whizzed towards you, and you had to sharply dodge to the left to avoid the shattering glass as it struck the wall. A few droplets of liquid hit your face, and you quickly wiped them off while surveying the chaos around you.

The bartender had joined in the efforts to break up the fight while several other slightly drunken men decided to wander over and swing a few punches of their own. You watched with satisfaction as Sam’s fist firmly connected with one of their jaws; the guy crumbled to the ground like paper. Your blonde haired nightmare was wiping blood from his nose and watching Dean as he broke free from a burly man’s grip and effectively knocked him to the ground with a solid, forward kick to the gut. Dean turned to his main target then, calm and poised as he advanced.

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Bagels and Blondes

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Bellamy almost wasn’t able to stifle his groan when someone walked into the shop at 5 AM. They were technically open, but very few people actually need bagels before 7, so those first two hours were Bellamy’s time to slowly wake up to the day.

But this little blonde woman just had to ruin it.

She grinned widely at him when she walked in and said a chipper “Good morning!” before looking through the glass at the bagel selection.

She’s the most annoyingly morning-person I’ve ever met, Bellamy thought to himself.

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Morning Light. A Rowaelin Fanfic.

Hiya guys! Here’s a new one for @readinglikewildfire

Prompt: Aelin and Rowando not want to go to their morning meeting.

The rosy morning light drifted in lazily as Rowan opened his eyes, Aelin’s soft breaths warming his neck.
Vaguely, he noticed Aelin’s weight cutting off the feeling in his arm, but he didn’t pull away, savoring the feeling of Aelin’s body pressed into his side.
 He glanced down towards his mate. Her blonde hair was splayed across the silk pillow, her leg thrown over his thighs, and he grinned a bit.

Mornings like these made him forget about his duties; about the kingdom and reality. Aelin mumbled something and pressed her head in closer to his neck. He smiled and glanced towards the clock on the mantle; eight-thirty. They had just an hour before their morning meeting. He frowned heavily and closed his eyes, maybe if he went back to sleep, the meeting would just disappear. But, with a sigh, Rowan turned onto his side, using his nearly numb arm to pull Aelin closer to him. 

She didn’t stir, and he frowned again. This was the part of mornings he didn’t like; waking Aelin.
With a tired groan, he pulled his arm out from beneath his queen.
“Aelin, love.” He murmured.
She only snuggled into his chest.
“Come on, Princess, we have a meeting.”
Aelin turned onto her stomach, dragging a pillow over her head. Rowan smiled and sat up, the sheets slipping down his body.
He reached down and pulled off Aelin’s pillow, running a careful hand through her tangled hair, the cool scent of jasmine caressing him.
 “Aelin.” He hummed, and Aelin groaned.
This, however, was the part he did enjoy.

With a little sigh, he moved over her, setting back on his knees over her legs, careful not to set his full weight atop her.
Rowan placed his fingers on her sides and leaned forward, pressing his lips to the exposed skin of her neck.
“Time to get up, Princess.”
“No,” she mumbled, and he just grinned. “Well, you know what comes next.”
Aelin tensed beneath him, “No, come on, it’s too early—”
He shook his head, “No, you’ve got to wake up.” Aelin raised her head, and glared at him over her shoulder, “Rowan, no, please!”
He ignored her pleas as he began to flutter his fingers along her sides furiously, smiling as she began to writhe and shriek beneath him. “Rowan!” She shrieked, a laugh bubbling out of her lips.
“Rowan— please, come on—,” she sucked in a breath and twisted onto her back, her already mused hair becoming even worse as she twisted and turned.  
Her laugh began to fill the room, echoing off the walls. A few moments later, he stopped, laughing as Aelin smacked his chest. “You ass!”
 He just gave her a crooked smile. “You are awake, though.”
She just gave him a glare, but her laugh gave her away. “Get off me you oaf,” she said with a laugh, running her hand through her frizzed hair.
Rowan smiled down at her and pressed a soft kiss to her lips, she hummed against him and propped herself up on to her elbows to better reach his lips.
But, before he could even react, Aelin had flipped him over and had pinned his wrists behind his head.

Aelin smiled down at him, no doubt reveling in the surprise on his face. “Nice one, Princess.” He whispered into the silence. Her light pressed down on his waist, and he felt her trail her fingertips along his hands.
 Then Aelin bit her lips, and he knew trouble was coming.
Aelin slowly let go of his wrists, but sat forward, bracing her hands on either side of his head. She leaned her head down close enough for them share breath.
“You know,” she said softly as she scanned his face, her blonde hair forming a curtain around them. “I would give almost anything,” she whispered into his ear, and Rowan shuddered under her light ministrations.
A slow kiss was placed below his ear, “To just stay in bed with you today.”
Rowan felt the air leave his body, and he turned his head in request. Aelin quickly complied.

 Aelin hummed against her mate’s lips, letting out a breathy little sigh when Rowan began to stroke her waist. His broad hands encompassed nearly all of her waist, his fingers bunching in the silk of her nightgown.  Gods, his hands. His hands were sometimes the reason they missed a meeting, or why she sometimes was forced to drag him out of a dinner party and into a deserted room. Suppressing a smile, Aelin opened her mouth for him, moaning into the kiss. At that moan, Rowan’s hands tightened, but he pulled away, his breath ragged. Aelin gasped for air and raised an eyebrow. “Why’d you stop,” she purred, a little laugh bubbling within her as Rowan gave a weak groan.
 “Meeting.” Was all he said.
She nodded, but tucked her head into the crook of his neck, breathing him in. Rowan huffed a laugh and pressed a kiss to the crown of her head, “Come on, Princess. Up and at em’.”
 She rolled off him reluctantly, awkwardly sliding off the huge bed and onto the cold floor. “This had better be one hell of council meeting,” she grumbled as she walked to the closet.
 “Well, be prepared to be thoroughly disappointed, Your Majesty.” Rowan called from the bed. Aelin glared at him, then flipped him a wonderful little gesture.
“Very Queenly!” he shouted. “You bet!” She called back.

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Nalu + "Give me a chance"

Title: For Her

Rated: T

Words: 671

Prompt from here

He stared at her, tears threatening to fall from his eyes, heart shattered into multiple pieces. 

He dropped to his knees as he took in her form, blonde hair sprawled along the ground, eyes staring at him, void of the joy and fire he was so used to. 

“Na-natsu.” Her voice wobbled and cracked, her fear evident. His face crumpled- he couldn’t take it. He moved closer, gently picking her up and placing her head against his chest and pulled her close as he leaned against a nearby wall, hand moving to stroke her hair. 

He could barely feel his legs. 

His arms didn’t want to function. 

But he blocked it all out, needing to be there for her. 

“Please Lucy,” he could feel himself starting to break down, but he had to stay strong. For her. For his Lucy. “Please stay.” His voice was barely above a whisper, and he moved to rest his chin on top of her head, arms coming around to lightly hug her, weary of her injury, never wanting to let go. 

She let out a low whine, hand weakly rising to rest on his as she gave a small squeeze. 

He could barely feel it. 

“Lucy,” he cried, tears quietly streaming down from his eyes. He let out a long and shaky breath.

He couldn’t lose her.

He just couldn’t.

“Please,” he begged, desperation clear in his voice, turning a hand over to clasp hers gently, and he could hear her sigh, from pain or from his touch, he didn’t know. “Please just- just give me a chance. I can go find Wendy, or, fuck, something. I’ll get you somewhere safe. Please just wait a little bit longer Lucy, please.” 

She coughed, blood spitting everywhere around them, and he could hear her cry again, from the pain and frustration and utter defeat.

He squeezed his eyes shut, letting out a sob when he couldn’t hold it back any longer.

“Please don’t leave me.”

He couldn’t take it.

She had to make it through this, he needed her to.

For her. For him.

He didn’t care-he was selfish. He didn’t know what he’d do without her. She was his everything.

“Natsu, I-I…” Lucy whimpered, wanted to help him, to comfort him, he knew, and he cracked a smile at that. He knew the situation wasn’t nothing to smile at, but it was just so like her, to think about those around her before herself.

“Shh, it’s okay,” he soothed as best as he could, squeezing her hand lightly. “It’s okay. We’ll be okay.” 

She sniffled, and he knew she didn’t believe him. But he didn’t know what else to do, to say. She was dying, she was dying in his arms and he couldn’t do a damn thing about it. 

He breathed out her name, pressing a kiss to the top her her head, bringing a hand to stroke her hair. 

“Have I ever told you how much I love you?”

And christ, he loved her so much it was hard for even him to understand it most of the time. 

She coughed again, more blood spewing from her mouth, and his heart broke all over again, the tears never falling from his face.

“Stay with me Luce, just stay with me.”

Her breathing started to slow, and he could barely hear her heart anymore. Her eyes closed, and he started to panic. He couldn’t- just couldn’t, lose her.


No response.

Lucy.” He shook her gently, sobs escaping from him. “Wake up. Please don’t- come back. Come back.”

And then he heard footsteps.

And suddenly a flash of blue was in front of them, a white light surrounding him and he couldn’t think, couldn’t feel, because they were here.

They would save her.

It would be okay. 

And he knew without a shadow of a doubt he wouldn’t ever let this happen again. He would always protect her, no matter what.

Because if it was for her, he was willing to give up the world. 

It’s Been A Long Time - Charles Xavier x Reader

It’s Been A Long Time - (Charles Xavier x Reader)

Words - 2294

Warnings - Reader has time manipulating powers. Few swears, I think. 

AN - Thank you to Nonny, for sending me a Charles Idea. I’ve been wanting one of these, all day. This is also my first Charles x Reader, so feedback is much loved.

London, 1959

Sitting in the University Coffee Shop, was not how one expected their morning to begin. However, after the heating in your Dormitory had broke, and your roommate had scarpered off to her boyfriend’s Dorm, you had nowhere else to go, which was as warm, and provided a nice cup of coffee.

So here you were, sitting in one of the armchairs, indulged in a book, whilst your eyes darted from the pages, to your drink, warm and inviting. You reached your hand, picking up the china cup, taking a sip, before the door of the Cafe opened, letting in a blast of cold air. 

Entering from the doorway, was a man. Blue coat, dark hair, and blue eyes. You were sure you’d seen that face around the Campus, always with a beautiful blonde girl. His eyes darted around the room, before settling on your for a moment. Feeling what he was doing, he pulled his gaze away, a grin on your face.

Who was he? Why was he staring. It didn’t bother you. Your eyes turned back to to book, hearing his footsteps approach the counter, and then his voice, asking for a drink.

Focus on the book. Focus on the book. Focus on the-

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So I just had a thought that I’d write some Werewolf Avengers after I post the Stuckony Porn fic. (When will that be? I have no idea honestly. Also this got kind of long so if you’re interested watch out for under the cut!)

So here’s the thought process: All of the Avengers barring Thor are werewolves. Clint, Natasha, and Tony were all born wolves. Steve and Bruce were turned via the Serum and the gamma rays. Tony is the only one that experienced a functional pack–Clint still joined the circus and Natasha was still raised via Red Room. When they come together, they are a pack of broken wolves. Steve’s only pack ever consisted of the Howling Commandos and they were all human. He has no idea how to run an actual pack of werewolves, and Tony is somewhat tight-lipped about how normal werewolves interact with each other.

Howard was not a werewolf, but he had no problem with Maria being one. (I have and always will believe that Howard loved his wife. No one will take this from me.) In fact, one of Tony’s earliest memories is his mom dragging Howard into the den to snuggle in front of the fire with them. Maria’s biggest regret for her pup is that she could never make him understand that Howard, a human, would never truly give him the affection he longed for; her biggest regret for her mate is that he failed Tony without even trying, without even being at fault, simply because he was human, and she didn’t know how to help ease their relationship.

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