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do u know any good supercorp fan fics

do i ever (these aren’t in any particular order, but they are all complete. i’ve got a whole separate rec list for wip fics if you want it)

  • Oblivious: kara danvers getting jealous of herself for getting to make out with lena is so relatable (lena dates supergirl to make kara jealous)
  • heroism is a full time job: who doesnt want to live with lena honestly??? (protective custody au)
  • the way we mend: domestic! incredible! im gonna cry! (fluff! fluff! fluff!)
  • exception: do u need some musings about love in your life? well ive got just the fic for u! (romance! romance! fluff!)
  • i’ll be there for you (in your darkest nights): fix-it fics have fixed my soul (fix-it fic)
  • I Always Want You: this made me ascend into another plane where everything is okay and life is Good and Nice and Gay (harry potter au)
  • inevitable: i cant believe kara just failed at inventing lying. i cant believe im kara (supergirl reveal fic)
  • when all is shaken: im the one shaken after this fic wow (hurt/comfort)
  • Something to Write About: this is most definitely something to write about (kinda social media au?)
  • Sunlit Honey and Lavender Sunsets: catch me screaming about this fic forever! oh my god! i love jess! i love this fic! aaah! (jess-centric fic!!!)
  • (Super)Man’s Best Friend: im the dog that kara just straight up randomly gives lena (dog fic!!)
  • such unruly heads and hearts: so um i lied this is the one wip on this list because honestly it Changed Me and literally invented the concept of love (harry potter au)
  • negotiations and commands: ever imagined what life would be like if we had gotten krypto in that pod? now u dont have to just imagine it (dog fic!!)
  • Her Brother’s Keeper: i literally cried more than five times while reading this. holy shit. im thinking about it and crying again (angst and fluff and Wow)
  • Did we do that?: theyre so cute! i cant handle it!! theyre s o c u t e!!!! (domestic)
  • no more ferris wheels: i hate ferris wheels too but i love this fic!! (strangers go to a carnival au)
  • Drunk Puppy: i also talk about lena’s eyes when im drunk so this fic really speaks to me (kara appears at lena’s office drunk)
  • For as Long as You’ll Let Me: i cant believe kara just invented support and comfort (hurt/comfort)
  • somewhere i have never travelled: this fic travelled straight into my heart and saved my life from canon supergirl (character study/au)
  • Don’t Let Her Go: protective cat grant? And supercorp? u better believe it!!! (love and cat grant that’s all i need to say)
  • Puppy Love: this fic? cured my depression, made me love dogs even more than i already do, watered my crops,, (dog fic!!!)
  • sun is gonna shine above: ive said this multiple times now but this fic also made me cry several times. and yes i cry a lot but seriously!! this fic!! is so good!! (supercorp with kids au!!)
  • Almost.: fun fact! lena luthor is a nerd who thinks about kissing kara 24/7 i cant believe this is canon (romance romance romance)
  • The Enchanted Florist: its so gay and so touching and i cried reading this one too (lena goes to a flower shop)
  • pain: look i know im ending a fic rec list with a fic named pain but i swear itll only pain u with how good it is (soulmate au)

i love the despair designs !


FINALLY The Last part of the Bitty comic, (Im so Sorry it took so Long T.T) yeah I went for the Pibbidy ending cause swap!Palette needs more love❤ ALSO THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO READ THIS UP TILL NOW!! I’m REALLY REALLY Happy to be able to make this and for you guys to read it(even though its a mess😅) I was Inspired to draw more and to do art in general because of all the Nice comments and just knowing some actually like the things I do O-O(Like WOAH) BUT Anyway THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE SUPPORT! And SPECIAL THANKS TO Nekophy, Angexci & thegreatrouge you guys inspired me very much and knowing that you’ve liked my stuff is huu no words to describe how happy I am. Also @Nekophy so much thanks like so much for all the reblogs, tags & comments without all that i’m not sure if I would have finished this. SO THANK YOU ALL❤
Credits and Disclaimers:
Palette & fell!Palette(Icing) @angexci
Goth & fell!Goth(Cupcake) @nekophy
wolf!Goth @echoiart
L!Goth @bunabelldraws
sailor!werewolf!Palette, Cc!Palette, Caretaker!Palette, Gloom, Pibbidi, Pj’s Daycare, NaJ & LJH @blogthegreatrouge

Comic art & Eve by Me @butterflypea

If you want to see the other bitty comics, Go click on these (I suggest in this order, starting from bottom to top):

Bonus 2 *Holiday special*
3.2                                                                                     3.1                                                                                         Bonus  1                                                                                 2                                                                                           1 

hello, i decided to make a follow forever because it is almost the end of the year, and because i hit my first goal, +3k a few days ago! i’m very thankful for everyone, not just my mutuals, but really everyone who have followed my every days and supported my works ( & blog ). 

i would like to say thank you for those wonderful people i met here and who’ve became my friends.  i hope we are still going to be friends years later, because i would be really lost here without some of you guys! 

also sorry for this poor quality graphic and drawing, i just really didn’t know what style i wanted to make this follow forever, so in the end it turned out to be like this lmao 

anyways, i wish everyone a successful new year, and i hope you are going to stay with me in 2017 too. thank you!!!
love, dorka! ♡

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its been so long but im still trying to figure out how you could go from “i love you” to “i don’t care about you anymore” in such a short amount of time


One Punch Man x ME!ME!ME! Crossover


josuke didnt really think this through