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wanna chat? pt.23

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i wrote this because being on tumblr and seeing posts about taz hurt my heart. i was going to make this silly and meme-y, but honestly? i wasn’t feeling it. ive been having a Weird Time, and having something so important to me end earlier the day i started this didn’t help.

and then today happened and just………i am So Tired

we’ll get back to the goofs next time, but i tried to make the end of this chapter a bit lighter? yeah i failed (multivitamin = adrien, mystic dragon = nino, monster alarm = alya, elfen whatever the heck = mari)

hail and well met all. i hope you enjoy

3:21 in orange wake up mari!!!

multivitamin: Do you ever stare at the ceiling and think about the future
And realize you have literally just
No clue what you’re doing
And you don’t know if you’ll be happy
Or successful
And you’re just looking at the ceiling
And debating your entire life
And looking at all these choices you have to make and paths you have to choose
And what you HAVE chosen so far and how it’s shaped your life
And how everything could be different if you had just changed
That one thing
But you didn’t
And now you’re here
Staring at the ceiling

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im writing this at 1am someone send me help

also,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a quick guide for reference

Bass: v low and deep. they have a dark tone [im funny i promise] and the typical range is F2-E4
Baritone: low but not as low. most common. typical range is A♭-A♭4
Tenor: highest of the common voice types!!! my fav tbh. typical range is C3-C5
Countertenor: the highest. basically like the lowest female voice types. Typical range is G3-F5


Dark would be a Bass definitely!!!!! Because,,,,,,,,,,, i w a n t  it. another reason: “dark tone”,,,,,,,need i say more,,,,,, also damn have u heard marks low notes in the fnaf musical night 2 because HOLY FUCK MARK

Wilford: hands down a Tenor. i just imagined him singing death of a bachelor. b/c can u imagine?? whooooo boy WILFORD SINGING WOULD GIVE ME LIFE!! LIKE!!!!!!

wtf was that


Google?? Baritone. I feel like he’d be able to hit high notes but also hit those smooth low notes. OH MYG O D PATRICK STUMP,,,,,,,,,, i bet oliver will play a fob song on the piano and google will sing the vocals and omg can u imagine the pHEONIx???? im ded lol bYEEEE


Oliver??????? um?? as if i didn’t know the answer to this immediately?? he’s SUCH a countertenor. like. its the only thing that makes sense.. ive never heard a countertenor but im sure if i did i would D I E !!!! because im all about those fucking high notes like,,,,,,,, HIGH NOTES MAN!!!! they make me happy and thats why its so fitting for my smol sweet son

Edwin is a toughie tbh. [thats the red goog btw]. going off about who i think he is he’s like an angry little bastard. like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Angery 24/7. but like??? how would he sing??? i think he’d be a bass because men w/ low vocal range can sing angry/furious REALLLLLLY well. [according to me, anyways.]

Leon [the green goog] is p hard too b/c whO IS HE??? i need to focus on edwin n leon more. i love oli and goog but cmON REBECCA GET WITH THE PROGRAM. i feel like he’d be a baritone????? i mean it is the most common type so why the fuck not

The Host is suCH A COUNTERTENOR!!! imagine his smol high voice, soft in the midst of everything!! oliver just gets up and becomes giddy because!!!! another countertenor!!!! aaaaaa this is the cutest thing ever omg!!! but honestly!!! imagine the host with high notes that are quiet and oh mu god!!!

Dr. Iplier is def a baritone? idk why but that range for him really sticks out to me??? i don’t know honestly???

Bim!! Trimmer!! Is!! A!! Tenor!! This man with his fine-as-all-hell suit and nice-ass hair just fucking sCREAMS the range T E N O R to me!!! like I just imagined him singing “Something’s Coming” from West Side Story and fuck!! He would make the B E S T Tony for WST!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Bing would be secret about his vocal range which is, respectively, a bass because he’s an [b]ASS. that was bad why. anwaYS leon would tell google [b/c he’s a little shithead] and,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well lets just say that google needs a new update

i wrote this at 1am someone help me

mm headcanons - painting your bedrooms

//i just painted my own bedroom white and i couldn’t stop thinking about this?? whoops - also i use Seven’s real name and there’s swearing in his section//


  • his mom probably made him help when they were ever painting a room in their house.
  • he knows what to do but isn’t really that good at lining the molding or spreading the paint evenly so he just leaves that to you
  • he’s the dj
  • he puts slathers a bunch of paint on and then you smooth it out w a roller
  • he goes to cut the top of the wall but isn’t tall enough on his own so he uses a lil step stool
  • afterwards, even though he didn’t do too much, he’s got paint literally EVERYWHERE. it’s on his t-shirt (yoosung looks really good in that t shirt too btw), his shorts, his hair, and even his socks but?? he wasn’t wearing any socks??
  • “MC i think im getting the hang of this!!”
  • “sorry to burst your bubble, but i can see patches of beige (let’s say you’re painting a beige room green??”
  • “heh… well… that’s why you’re here i guess”
  • “and not because we live together?? and you’re my boyfriend??” jfc yoosung

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anonymous asked:

Heyy can i'm a new dan of sterek and i want yo know what episode of teen wolf that there is sterek moments? Maybe you have a list?? Thank you! Really love your blog btw ^^

1.01 bam straight away first episode. the beginning of it all. scott n stiles are in the woods and suddenly creeper!derek comes out in his cute black ensemble trying and failing to be menacing whilst saying “this is private property.” cue a flustered stiles and Gazing and Silence and Looks and this is his ACTUAL face when derek walks away lmaooo

me 2 stiles. me 2

1.02 derek gets arrested and so of course stiles goes to confront him in the sheriff’s car. there is lots of Gazing and Silence and Looks and derek asking “why are you so worried about me?” and honestly the LOOKS

literally chill the fuck out guys .. literally just kidding don’t ever stop

(this got long guys. this got real long and real messy. i’m pretty sure it just devolved into me putting in almost every stiles x derek moment. LUV IT)

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Honestly, after episode 8, some people started trashing on Kanaan and shit. Im not one to butt (hehe booty) in, but this pisses me off. Like why would you do that???

Ok i understand the KanaMari scene that got everyone crying ( ;;w;; im still crying like a bitch in the inside, thats for sure ) is one thing to talk about, but dont talk shit about our edgy mermaid just cause she rejected Mari’s hug.
(*wispers to Mari*: its ok bb ill hug u, along with suwa)

I really do feel bad for our fav Engrish chara, but dont think shes the only one suffering. In this very episode, you see crying. Hell this isnt Sunshine!! at all, this anime should call Love Live! Feels!

okokokok i should stahp.
But seriously, i think Kanan is the one suffering the most. I know how it feels to be scared of something that gave you a bad memory, especially if it was something you loved doing. And she also have to witness seeing her childhood friend go through the same situation (kinda)

Some random person: “B-But she’s not real… “

…..IK, BUT IDC I WILL PROTECT KANAAN! (and hanamaru eating her snacks)

btw i went all out on this like, what????? thats me that drew that???? wtf i dont believe it, im so speechless

anonymous asked:

Hi can u recommend me some lesbian films or like any one with lesbians in it. Ive watched like 4 today including imagine me & you which im inlove with also watched lost and delirious which was not into :/ I really prefer happier ones can u help im looking everywhere. Btw if this seems like a strange request sorry ive recently come out to myself and i like these kinda movies and its good to watch them without feeling guilty or questing why i like them so much

i feel you, i’m wishing u the best as you get comfortable! Tbh this is a Real Problem, it doesn’t help that there aren’t many films with lesbians that don’t end in angst or involve Disapproval or affairs or dark forbidden things and leave you feeling kind of miserable? Like?!??! in my Gay opinion, in addition to happy lesbian films, there should be blockbuster fantasy/ scifi /action etc films that just happen to hav lesbians, and i want the lesbians to b treated as casually as straight people in the same sort of films w/o anyone making a giant deal out of it being a Lesbian™ film… im… it needs 2 not be so rare so lovely ppl like u won’t feel guilty about it!

Anyway, with the exception of a few, some of these aren’t great great… but I hope at least like some end up being worth it, bc like at least these don’t have miserable endings,,

  • Masterlist Recs: *use this one* / 1 / 2 / 3 (these aren’t necessarily all happy ending films though… i want to warn you though, that blue is the warmest color is on some of these lists and i personally do not recommend it idk.)
  • Carol (2015): I’m sure you’ve seen/know about this by now and obviously it’s excellent and beautiful and has Cate Blanchett and is the standard to which all other films with lesbians should aspire to in my opinion, maybe all films with lesbians should feature Cate Blanchett, i wish e v e r y lesbian film was this high quality and dreamy but they aren’t
  • But I’m a Cheerleader (1999): comedy with a popular cheerleader who’s parents decide she’s gay and LITERALLY send her to a ‘recovery’ camp, like! so it backfires and she falls in love with this girl and there’s lots of pastel colors and 90′s music and softness and the cheerleader’s played by nicky from oitnb which makes it funnier im,
  • I Can’t Think Straight (2008): elegant, involves a lady that’s about to get Married to this guy but then she meets a woman that she falls in love with, it has Lisa Ray and Sheetal Sheth and they have onscreen chemistry and passion mostly
  • Kyss Mig (2011): Swedish film similar to Imagine Me and You, since you said you liked that one, this film is /ok/ and well written but it’s just… also, like, awkward-ish in my opinion but
  • My Summer of Love (2004): OK so i lied this doesn’t necessarily have a happy ending and it actually has triggering subject matter (also reviewers will pass it off as a Gals Being Pals film which….. is vaguely annoying) but i just stuck this in here bc i guess it’s kinda good and has emily blunt and you might want to check it out later or whatever
  • Viola di Mare (2009): film set in rural 1800s Italy about two women that fall in love, based on a true story, sometimes the soundtrack is rlly annoying, not really a happy ending idk
  • Desert Hearts (1985): this lady is stressed out from her divorce and moves to nevada in the late 50s, or whatever, but then she meets this lady who works at a casino and, yeah
  • D.E.B.S. (2005): a girl who was admitted to this elite secret spy academy falls for the Attractive villain… cute, ridiculous lots of guns and actions and plaid skirts, it has bad reviews but like… c'mon… it’s one of those sleepover type films… it’s not meant to be Deep…
  • Show Me Love (1998): i watched this forever ago it’s Swedish lesbians-discovering-themselves film abt a girl falling for the ‘popular girl’ and it has grainy cinematography. decent with a decent ending. (trigger warnings: homophobia, abelism) the soundtrack gets annoying
  • The Incredibly True Adventure of Two Girls in Love: I saw this awhile ago but I recall it being mediocre but relaxed it takes place in the 60’s/70’s and involves an interracial relationship between high school girls so it’s kind of a bb lesbians discovering themselves film
what’s the stitch? | pt.1

on ao3

from the high school senior that brought you wanna chat? comes another chat fic that no one asked for

just so we’re all on the same page, alya has the fox miraculous, nino the turtle, and chloe the bee. i latched onto this team of miraculous holders a while back and now i’m just throwing up random stuff. initially i wasn’t going to write more than a small snip of this but @breeeliss​ is a horrible enabler (<3)

i’m still working on the dynamics for them, especially since they’re still getting to know each other, so sorry if it’s rough

anyway let’s do this


Cat: What does this do?

Bee: what in fresh hell is this

Turtle: yo wassup this is rad
wait lemme see…


Ladybug: Chat what the hell did you do

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if you have already answered this before but can I ask why do you adore mino so much? I'm too a trash for him but I can't seem to put my adoration for him into words!?!

wow this ask is packed i’m actually speechless. um, i think we all have different reasons why we ‘adore’ people and i don’t think i’m any different from you because i’m literally blanking right now i don’t know what to write and how to answer this question but

i think my ‘adoration’ for him grew into what it is now when i started seeing him as more than just an idol, a rapper. more than just the amazing artist that he is, and i started seeing him as a real human person who can very well be one of my friends. that it’s so easy to be fazed by the mistakes that you make or to give up but he doesn’t. and that’s only the tip of the iceberg if we’re talking about stuff that you should appreciate song minho for.

mino is hardworking, passionate (even non-fans admire this about him) and very inspiring. his story literally breaks my heart everytime i think about it. he trained to be part of block b but, because of personal reasons, had to leave before he could debut with them (which is one of the only two times that zico ever cried ever ever). he debuts with b.o.m soon after but the group had to eventually disband because of ‘lack of popularity’, then he had to be part of a survival show before he gets into yg to be part of (you guessed it) ANOTHER SURVIVAL SHOW. he was the last member to join winner but was made to be the leader of the group (as if it’s not hard enough to try to fit in an already established group of people, yg just has to put him in charge of these four kids as well) just for that position be taken away from him because of an injury. ultimately, team a wins the competition and all his hard work finally pays off, proven by the group’s successful debut.

HE IS SO TALENTED. and this is evident in all the tracks that he had put out before and after debuting with winner. he was part of an underground hiphop crew called royal class and has been writing his own lyrics ever since he was young. his dad used to be a dj which is why he was inspired to do music. with winner’s debut album, mino puts out his solo song ‘i’m him’ which literally has way too many references and punchlines for a normal human to understand in just one listen. it’s great though, and even better with the mv.

then enters smtm4 which literally gave him the good, the bad, and the ugly all in one. but more than all the amazing tracks that he’s released (bless u zico), the witty lyrics he wrote, the collaborations he did in the course of his participation on the show, i think what smtm4 really showed us is how headstrong and brave mino was. that amidst all the controversies, the issues, and the criticisms thrown at him, he remained standing and continued fighting until the end. there were times when i worried about his well-being and all i wanted was to protect him from everything but every time he would come out with a smile on his face and he would give nothing less than his best in everything that he does.

mino loves his family. like, it literally makes me sob thinking of his love for his family and the fact that he’s not afraid to show that to them and to everyone. he’s used to showing affection to his mom and is not ashamed to do that even if ‘he’s already 22’ lmao. he dedicated his smtm4 semi finals song to his dad and even sent a heart to his mom during his stage. he’s loves his younger sister danah so much and took care of her ever since they were young. mino has a close relationship with his family which i really admire because those are the values that you would want in guy.

he’s a great friend and i say this in a sense that he literally can make friends in a newly discovered territory even if he’s just been there for two seconds because he has that glow about him and that charm that just sucks people in. his bestfriends (who are also great guys, btw) are legit his ride or dies he calls them ‘his shoulders’ because they’ve always been there for each other from the very start and i can only hope i had the same ability to maintain friendships like he does tbh he needs to do a seminar on this or smth bc i’m here for all that

and have i talked about his sense of humour? this guy literally couldn’t give two fucks about how he looks like as long as he could make people laugh. everytime, on interviews, when the members are asked about mino’s role in the group, they never fail to mention how funny he is and how he’s the mood-maker of winner. seungyoon once said that when the members are tired, mino will be there to cheer them up and recharge them. he also says the most random shit that will just have you ?????? and make you question if you’re the stupid one for not getting what he means. to top it all off, he’s there to laugh at himself with you. with his most beautiful smile that’s brighter than a thousand suns @minhosducks​ will back me up on this

lastly, though i think this is already pretty obvious, mino is so damn handsome he literally could model for banana republic and he’d fit right in with them other gorgeous males. AND THAT MELANIN THO god bless his dad for giving him such beautiful sun-kissed tanned skin <3 #StopWhiteWashingSongMinho2k15 and can we talk about his shoulders though like i’m pretty sure that’s got its own zip code or smth it’s so damn wide a plane could land on it tbh AND HE’S TALL TOO GOOD GOD IM A GONER

now to wrap this up (i have to stop at some point but tbh i can go on forever talking about this) song minho is an amazing artist, a good son and brother, a great friend, and just an overall amazing person. there’s so many things to love about him and i hope more people see that.