Ok science-witchy part of tumblr I have something for you.

As someone who has very limited knowledge of 4D space, I was wondering if it would be possible that ghosts are 4D beings seeing the world in 3D? As our human selves are 3D beings seeing in 2D, we cannot see or comprehend a 4D being, so in an attempt to patch the gaps our brains come up with some of the commonly associated ghost-related happenings.

Again, I have only started researching ghosts and spirits recently, and I have only a beginner’s-first-tiny-steps grasp of 4D space.


30 day studyblr challenge day two // your work space 

for the sake of honesty, i took two pictures. one before The Great Unfuckening of my work space and one after. unfortunately, i have a tendency to let clutter build and build until i am completely unable to function. but, i bought a desk organizer that i’d been meaning to buy for months and now i have a place to put ll the free-floating shit that creates most of the clutter.

currently, my work space against the back wall of my living room. eventually, my goal is to move into the spare bedroom that is currently the junk room and the room where we keep cleaning supplies since we bought a house without considering the fact that it has literally no storage space. unfucking that room will be a P R O C E S S.


Hey guys! Recently it came to my attention that people have been editing text off my art so they can use it?
Which I normally wouldn’t mind (depending on the edit) but it was a little disconcerting to find out after the fact.
So… If you’d like to use my art for something, I would really appreciate if you asked first, at the very least so I can know!
Especially if you’re planning on changing anything about it. It’s not a huge thing, I’d just like to know how it’s being used.
So yeah… If you can tell me before using or editing my art, that would be wonderful! Thank you