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THE STORY BEGINS WITH A BOY, a boy with a necklace of cursed gold. a shipwreck, of all things, leading him toward the answers he seeks. who is he? where does he come from? an HONEST blacksmith by trade, the young man doesn’t realize that a seemingly unfortunate alliance with a PIRATE is the beginning of his destiny. a destiny that, in time, will lead the young man into the depths or a world filled with treachery, swashbuckling, more salt water than one might ever hope to see, and the realization that perhaps the life of a PIRATE is one he’s been meant to live all along.  INDEPENDENT WILL TURNER. HIGHLY SELECTIVE AND PRIVATE. LIKE AND / OR REBLOG IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN INTERACTING!

hey , hi , hello ! Wisteria is my name & i am bringing to you all a brand new blog for the lovely AZURA / AQUA from the video game franchise : Fire Emblem. this blog is multi - ship , multi - versed , private & selective. please note that there will be , on occasion , tagged NSFW content. 

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also reminder to support autistic girls and chronically ill girls and girls who are wheelchair users and girls with invisible disabilities and girls who are amputees and girls who are deaf or blind and basically just support every disabled girl

if ur feminism doesn’t include disabled girls then ur feminism is shit 👏👏👏

Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]
Voltron Theme [Epic Trailer Version]

tfw voltron hits the Big Screen™. so here’s my attempt scoring some music for Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender, as if it were a cinematic trailer. Some notes on composition below. Enjoy!!  

note: original VLD Opening Titles written by Alexander Geringas. This is most definitely a homage to his work.

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