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So I drew a single kid Stanley and then-


Power Rangers: Star League

Decades after the Silver Ranger Joe West had stepped away from crime fighting to build a family, a new threat arises in Central City. It’s a good thing he spent all that energy teaching Iris and Wally to fight. It’s an even better thing that his kids had become friends with research scientists Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon who had, along with their friend Dr. Caitlin Snow, done thorough research into the metahumans surge. It’s time for a new era of Rangers.

{image: eight gifs from The Flash and Power Rangers. each character is next to their corresponding Ranger. the character’s background matches their Ranger color. Iris is the Red Ranger, Wally is the Yellow Ranger, Barry is the Blue Ranger, and Cisco is the Green Ranger.}

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Smol child Prompto

(Beware some spoilers ahead)

Ah, smol child Prompto

  • Baby Prompto in a chocobo onesie, of course.
  • Baby Prompto in a carbuncle onesie.
  • Smol child Prompto wants to befriend everyone.
  • But also doesn’t.
  • Smol child Prompto wants to get close to other kids and say Hi first and befriend them.
  • But smol child Prompto doesn’t want other kids to make the first move.
  • It’s fightening.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is sat in the child seat when going shopping with either mama or papa.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is yelling HI (°▽°)/ at other kids in other carts.
  • 2 y.o. Prompto is exchanging lollipops/candies with the other kids of the other carts.
  • Smol child Prompto is sat at the conveyor belt. 
  • Smol child Prompto has no idea how he ended up there.
  • So don’t his parents.
  • Smol, tiny child Prompto is looking at all the products mama and papa buy because they have a barcode.
  • They’re like me .A.
  • He’s trying to figure what he has in common with those things.
  • “MOMMY, LOOK, this one has it too!”
  • “MOM, MOM, shampoo has it too!”
  • Beebee is one of his plush toys.
  • Smol child Prompto has assumed since he can remember and has for sure, just like the sky is blue and like the grass is green, that mama and papa bought him at the supermarket.
  • That’s why he has that barcorde.
  • Indeed, it was never a bother to him, or a drawing or a birthmark. It was his barcode because babies come from supermarkets, right?
  • Smol child Prompto never questioned where babies came from due to that previous assumption.
  • Smol child Prompto is a m a z e d by chocobos but has barely ever seen one.
  • Smol child Prompto’s screaming if he sees a chocobo plush.
  • You’re not shutting him up until you buy it to him.
  • Smol child Prompto is never taken nearby the toy section.
  • There’s too many chocobo themed things, his parents literally couldn’t afford all that if he sees them.
  • Smol child Prompto has more chocobo toys than memories with his parents.
  • They’re busy, don’t judge them.
  • Smol child Prompto can’t count how many chocobo plushies he has.
  • He hasn’t learned that many numbers. ;_____;
  • Smol child Prompto insists on sleeping with all of them.
  • All.
  • They don’t fit in the bed.
  • Smol child Prompto has a list:
  • This night, these first 10 chocobos sleep with him.
  • Next one, these other 10.
  • The next one, these other 10.
  • It’s never 10. 
  • Smol child Prompto has troubles counting, okay, leave him alone.
  • Smol child Prompto is never getting out of his chocobo onesie.
  • N e v e r.
  • You don’t try to take it off him, he’s screaming.
  • Mama puts him in place (thanks gods) and he can have it off for bath and sleeping.
  • But he’s putting it back on as a daily basis thing.
  • Smol child Prompto’s running around the kindergarten practicing his KWEH.
  • Also wants all the other kids to see his onesie.
  • Smol child Prompto’s more used to nannies than papa or mama. 
  • Parents arrive very late.
  • Smol child Prompto has tried to stay awake until they arrive.
  • Smol child Prompto’s always falling asleep.
  • Smol child Prompto thinks it’s his fault; it’s because he couldn’t stay up later that he fell asleep, and it’s because he stayed up late and still fell asleep why he overslept and woke up to papa and mama already gone again.
  • Smol child Prompto asked Chococaptain Commandocobo to keep watch at the window and tell him when his parents arrive.
  • Smol child Prompto always, always forgives Chococaptain Comandocobo for falling asleep, too.
  • He’s hugging him and telling him it’s fine, they’ll try later at night again.
  • Smol child Prompto LOVES MUSIC.
  • Smol child Prompto LOVES DANCING.
  • Smol kid Prompto is dancing in his room.
  • He’s falling onto his buttocks.
  • He’s standing up and retaking the dancing because it’s fine.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s going to take other kids by the hands and make them dance if he thinks they’re sad.
  • Dancing deletes sadness, you dance and you’re happy. :3
  • Also likes to sing.
  • He LOVES singing.
  • Smol child Prompto is singing everywhere.
  • Smol kid Prompto is singing in his room.
  • He’s singing in school.
  • He’s singing in the bathroom.
  • He’s singing through the park.
  • Through the living room.
  • Before sleeping.
  • At breakfast.
  • Any any eating time.
  • Smol kid Prompto is trying to eat but singing is more important.
  • He’s singing while chewing.
  • Food’s falling down his mouth.
  • He’s not shutting up, anyway.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s singing all the time.
  • He’s NEVER getting tired of singing.
  • This is what he and 2 of his kindergarten friends sound like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMhg84dfulY
  • Smol kid Prompto is the conductor of their singing.
  • Smol kid Prompto makes the songs, or chooses them.
  • Seriously, I can’t ever get tired of those adorable sounds, go click that link if you didn’t and picture tiny kid Prompto on duty.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to be musician when he grows up.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to teach chocobos to sing.
  • Smol kid Prompto has his own orchestra, but it’s more like a chorus, if you ask him.
  • It’s ALL his chocobos. They’re arranged on semi-circle in his room.
  • He’s conductor and has his own “music wand”.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s hands are flying everywhere around him when conducting.
  • Smol kid Prompto praises the chocobos and encourages them mid play.
  • Smol kid Prompto is clapping and cheering very loudly because he’s so damn proud of his orchestra.
  • He’s hugging them one by one after each presentation. They deserve it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s terrified of noises around the house.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s not hiding under the bedsheets.
  • …okay, he is.
  • BUT he’s also brave enough to go check what’s making those noises.
  • Chococaptain Commandocobo goes with him to have his back.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s constantly frightening himself checking for the source of the noises.
  • Smol kid Prompto HATES mirrors.
  • “They let ghosts in, mama”.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s glaring at and fighting his own reflection.
  • It’s a ghost trying to personify him and trying to take his place in the real world and cage him in the ghostland for all eternity and nobody would notice they’re living with a fake Prompto and it’s going to murder everyone. HE’S NOT GOING TO ALLOW THAT.
  • Please don’t question smol kid Prompto.
  • Smol kid Prompto doesn’t understand why Cor isn’t his dad.
  • Not as in “WHY!? >:’(”, it literally puzzles him.
  • Cor always remembers his birthday, visits him often, buys him new clothes, actually cooks for him, talks lots with him, helps him with homework, and he draws with him, he’s literally what Prompto has heard dads are supposed to do so this is his dad, right? Why is everyone insisting he’s not?
  • Okay, Cor may visit only once per month, but the day he spends with him is FAR more attention than he usually gets on the other 29 days from anyone else, so ¿¿¿¿?????
  • Smoler kid Prompto is bought/given new clothes by Cor because mom and dad forget how fast children grow up, and Cor’s usually visiting to find the shoes are basically crushing his toes.
  • Smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto used to think Cor was Dad and that his parents were Nannies that also hired their own Nannies. 
  • So every time Cor comes visit smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto believes and has for sure with entire security that he’s going home.
  • Smoler, tiny, younger kid Prompto is very puzzled when dad Cor leaves again and has to “leave him with the nannies”.
  • Smol kid Prompto wonders what his “real” house looks like, with papa Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto wonders what his real mommy looks like.
  • Smol kid Prompto thinks there’s two Cors.
  • Smol kid Prompto hears parents speak about some “serious, quiet, frowning” Cor.
  • But the Cor kid Prompto knows laughs, plays, and is always smiling.
  • Smol kid Prompto doesn’t realize Cor’s smiling only because they’re together.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s TERRIFIED at the idea of Cor being hurt by his “ghost reflection” and replaced by it and that’s why his parents speak of a man he can’t identify as the real Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s making sure Cor never passes in front of any mirror.
  • “No what, Prom?”
  • Please no, Cor, he’s terrified.
  • “But why-”
  • Smol kid Prompto only has friends at kindergarten; papa and mama are usually out on evenings, so smol kid Prompto’s childhood lacked daily goes to the park (only now and then with the nannies) or other kids’ houses.
  • But he’s happeh with his kindergarten friends in kindergarten, and happeh home with his chocobo plush toy army.
  • Smol kid Prompto spends evenings playing with them.
  • You should see him play Seek and Hide with the chocobos…
  • …when it’s their turn to count.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s usually falling asleep in his hideout place.
  • Smol kid Prompto assumes chocobos are simply TERRIBLE at seeking and finding people.
  • Smol child Prompto is constantly getting sick.
  • You know, the genes and inside biology…he wasn’t meant to live like a person at all.
  • So he’s slowly getting adapted.
  • Hence, constantly catching colds.
  • Papa Cor’s attending him.
  • Smol kid Prompto LOVES movies.
  • Smol kid Prompto has learned to pause them.
  • He’s pausing movies in his favorite parts so he can stare at the frozen picture.
  • Gods, he loves pretty pictures.
  • He wants to have all these separate frozen fragments somewhere so he could keep them individually.
  • Smol kid Prompto likes to stare at things he likes pretty.
  • Smol kid Prompto likes to stare at things but they usually move or change.
  • He likes that they change but he also wishes he could keep one frozen picture of things because it’s just so pretty.
  • If only there was a device that could do that stuff…
  • Smol kid Prompto is terrified by teenage girls.
  • They are so tall and scary ;_____;
  • Smol kid Prompto’s terrified of fireflies.
  • But he’s amazed by trains and cars.
  • Smol kid Prompto is too sensitive to the cold.
  • Smol kid Prompto is constantly in that chocobo onesie to stay warm.
  • …of course, not like it’s an excuse just to wear it or anything.
  • Smol kid Prompto asks for a wish every time he sneezes.
  • Please don’t question him.
  • Smol kid Prompto thinks that the dots of his face are marks of raindrops.
  • He’s running away from rain.
  • Don’t let it touch him, my god.
  • Smol kid Prompto is finding out his friends don’t have codebars.
  • Smol kid Prompto at first thinks the other children were stolen or that the Astrals didn’t finish them and the parents bought them not noticing it.
  • Smol kid Prompto starts getting nervous when it’s more than just 4 children that don’t have codebars.
  • Smol kid Prompto realizes his parents don’t have one either.
  • Nor does Cor.
  • Smol kid Prompto has realized nobody but him has it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s starting to grow insecure because of it.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s crying and terrified of continuing playing with his friends because he thinks they’ll think he’s defective.
  • Mom’s constantly telling him he’s okay and fine, but smol kid Prompto’s grown too insecure.
  • Mommy tried to reassure him it’s fine, but she’s buying him wristbands to give him a little confidence because he’s just not convinced, hoping he’ll grow comfy to take them off when he grows up.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s TERRIFIED.
  • He’s panicked.
  • He’s running to his nanny.
  • Also realized he can’t see his forehead.
  • Don’t you DARE suggest he uses a mirror >:(
  • Smol kid Prompto DAMN LOVES ANIMALS.
  • He’d make good rescuer with kid Iggy.
  • Smol kid Prompto is hugging ALL THE DOGS that he sees.
  • He’s hugging all the kittens.
  • He’s trying to hug the birds.
  • Not petting. He’s hugging them.
  • Smol kid Prompto that has lost confidence to befriend other kids is befriending all the animals he sees.
  • His parents lose him at the park, but worry not.
  • He’s sat somewhere surrounded by three dogs, always.
  • Why are the dogs obeying him
  • How
  • Smol kid Prompto’s having therapy talk with the dogs.
  • Smol kid Prompto’s playing with the dogs.
  • Smol kid Prompto is befriended to all the dogs of the neighborhood.
  • Also most of the dogs of the park.
  • Smol kid Prompto wants to walk dogs.
  • He’s still too small :’(
  • Smol kid Prompto’s asking his parents for dog treats so he can carry them around every time he goes out with his parents or the nannies so he can feed ALL THE DOGS that he sees.
  • The dogs of the park now tackle him as soon as they see him.
  • Smol kid Prompto can’t have a dog of his own :’(
  • But he’s okay with being friends with all the local dogs.
  • They’ve never said anything mean about his codebar. <3
  • Dogs are so kind to him, he’s so moved :’3

This is smol child Prompto.

Here’s smol child Noctis.
Here’s smol child Gladio.
Here’s smol child Iggy.

The squad is complete.

These are the Chocobabies. They are adorable and need your love.

Love them.

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i was going to add this beautiful human being to the last post but they’re a little different so uh! wowzers what a sweetheart! i’m still not going to get over how i inspired/influenced you so much to make your blog and how much you look up to me but know it means an awful lot to me! i’m ever so glad you messaged me that one time because i really can’t imagine what it’s like to not be chatting to you and stuff now! don’t be so down on yourself and your art because i love everything you do! i’ll always be here to support you through whatever you need, i’m sure i don’t need to tell you that because i already say it enough but it’s the truth! love u!!!!


“The water’s sweet but blood is thicker.”

So, here is my new child Ichor Havoc. He’s a Geno x Ink ship child that wasn’t supposed to become one of my main, but hell why the not now he’s like one of my favorites.

So Ichor Havoc, who mostly just goes by Ichor, is a ship kid/fusion(?) of Geno and Ink. He’s very very shy, usually keeps to himself, but it doesn’t take much to get him invested in you since he’s friendly. He’s calm but often melancholic because of shortage of emotion.

He has a shortage of emotion because he uses A LOT of ink to sustain his soul and body up, not wanting to consume even more ink, he just drinks ever so slightly out of the ink vials Ink has given him. Even then, Ink often forgets that Ichor needs those refilled so sometimes he runs out of certain emotions (or all of them) and becomes a hollow shell. Even then, he still tries to act happy for the sake of others (since he’s not an ass like his father)

He lives in a small universe that is entirely HIS. He is the “vessel” to sustain his universe and it only has connections to the doodle sphere, meaning you can’t access it from anywhere else but there. He isn’t lonely though because he can visit the doodle sphere himself and look at all the universes, and talks with the star sanses.

He is Genderfluid because he’s half ink, but predominantly uses he/they pronouns and a male figure.

His backstory and specifics about his body will come later. A comic for the backstory and more character cards for his body specifics. But, the stuff coming out of his right eye is INK and has ink markings where Geno’s scars were, with the main cut being inked in dark red.

So there we go, another child. Man I’m gettin’ on the high end. Fucking four children. I hope y'all are happy. I love him, and you better love him too.

casual reminder that while the unholy trinity is by no means a good example of what a stable relationship should look like, they do portray a realistic dynamic between three very damaged people. and i no doubt believe that all three would lay down their lives for each other– regardless of circumstance. jesse, tulip, and cassidy are family, and nothing will ever change that.