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*sends in sexy Amos to do your bidding* *hands you a bag of "tricks"* Have a nice day!

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Not sure what you were trying to imply but uh… you give me a sexy Amos and mention some tricks and uh… you know where we’re headed

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Random scenes with Oscar Isaac 1/?

Oscar Isaac demonstrates his impeccable dexterity to Elizabeth Olsson in In Secret (2013) (x)

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Okay, so like many of you fellow Richonners, I’m still obsessed rejoicing over the Richonne kiss and afterglow shot. But… my smutty creative little mind can’t help but wonder what those lost hours were like between the couch and the bed scene. Well, watching some of Andy Lincoln’s past work (From the 39 min mark for about 2 mins) I think I have an idea of EXACTLY how it went down…

Y’all I’m weak in the knees…his groans..

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Just picture that wonderful sista being Michonne and umm….


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I know this is part of her stand up, and she’s not doing it seriously (and she’s doing somehing on stage to make the audience laugh) but this is still…just…wow…