...i wonder what they're staring at

  • Zelda: I wonder.
  • Mipha: what's on your mind, Princess.
  • Zelda: It's just. He's always so silent. Rarely speaks any words. Now that I think about it, he's only really made grunts and screams when he fights.
  • Mipha: He used to talk more when he was younger. Now he rarely shares his thoughts.
  • Urbosa: I do sometimes wonder what is on his mind.
  • Daruk: His actions are all I need. Though I do wish he wasn't so quiet.
  • Revali: I find his silence to be his best quality. But there are times I also wonder what he is thinking.
  • Link: (Oh shit they're staring at me. Have they figured out I have no idea what I'm doing? No...just keep quiet and-man I'm hungry. I want food. I should have that tart I found. Wait I ate it already. Mmmhhmmm that was a good tart.)
  • Zelda: I think I know what he's thinking.
  • Mipha: I can tell he's thinking about food right now at least.
  • Urbosa: Maybe he isn't that hard to read.
  • Daruk: The drool is a good tip.
  • Revali: (I should have that tart now)

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When Steve's fighting alongside Diana when she's battling the soldiers with her lasso, it just makes me so... emotional. They're such an amazing team. I mean just. And there's a moment when she looks over at him with a certain LOOK and he stares back, keeps on fighting. She's the the Wonder Woman but she's also in awe of him and everything he stands for. Everything he is. I just really love Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. 😭😢

i think that’s what everyone loves about them. that steve is not useless sidekick but diana is still the heroine of the story. they fit well together, complete each other, there is not power imbalance even though she is techincally the stronger one….i just really love steve and diana too!


“OY! Who you callin’ a faker, Squishy?!”

(( Guest art by the wonderful and super talented @askmpregsonic / @blackskullz! Thanks so so SO much for answering this one for me! I love it! Heehee! ♥♥ ))

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HOWEVER Nevada was after David Mandel and that's the biggest Dan and Amy episode so it really doesn't make sense. Unless he just stared implementing his style later because that was only the second episode of season 5. It's just really frustrating that they had all this buildup and now they are acting like none of it ever happened and Amy and Dan have had virtually no interaction this season.

I can see why he wouldn’t want to lose their dynamic and the tension between them, but there’s so much that can be explored with them. It’s a shame they haven’t, especially since they’ve started to explore everything else. He’s so adamant about not giving people what they want and is super dismissive of fan criticism, no matter how valid it is. I think it’s a combination of not knowing what to write for them and simply not caring about the audience.

I agree, it is so frustrating to see, especially since they’ve been built since the very beginning and since their relationship was such an integral part of the show.

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 

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More Coffee shop AU? (´∀`) May I request Sakura telling Hinata about the cute Sasuke that works for the coffee shop and they both went there the next day, and she whispers to her about him, and would tell her, "That's him." Then Sasuke would look at the girls, having a slight blush on his cheek, and wondering what they're talking about?

[1000 years later] ENJOY! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ 


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  • Me: *starting a new anime, episode 1*
  • Me: Alright, so Boy A and Girl B are the main love interests here. They're really cute-
  • Me: Wait, Boy B was staring at Girl A weird, do you think that he might...? Nah, that can't be right.
  • Me: Girl A just said something really encouraging and sweet to Boy B! They make such a cute couple, I wonder if waitwaitSTOPSTOPSTOP
  • Me: Oh, I just had the cutest idea where Girl A and Boy B lived in an apartment together and
  • Me: Ah well, can't be helped. *starts writing fanfiction*

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Hello wonderful person! May I please request a reaction to them coming home and finding you curled up in a blanket caccoon on your bedroom floor holding an old teddy bear and listening to slow, calm music really quietly because you're mentally exhausted and stressed from work and school and you just needed some cuddles? Short reaction is fine, besides they get almost as detailed as long ones do (almost but not completely lol but they're lovely no matter what the lenth tbh) Thank you!! c:

Ahh this was super sweet~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin stared down at you, worry creasing his brow and filling his gaze, though he still managed a small smile as he asked how you were doing. And then, as carefully as he could, he lifted you from the floor, placed you onto the bed as gently as he could, and told you he’d be right back. It didn’t take him long to gather up all the comfort food he could find - he tended to keep it all in the same place - and soon he was returning to your side, placing the food on your left before climbing in to cuddle you from your right. He let you stay wrapped in your blankets, feeding you whatever you asked for and talking to you about whatever you felt like talking about.

Yoongi didn’t really understand why you’d chosen to lie down on the floor when the bed was so close, but he didn’t question it. He didn’t say much of anything, really. After dropping his things to the floor beside the door, he flopped down on top of you, restricting your movements even more than your blankets did. He nuzzled his face into your neck, wrapped his arms around you, and hoped that that would be enough to help you fall asleep. If it wasn’t, he’d lift one hand up to play with your hair or stroke your cheek as he quietly told you about his day, knowing that if his voice didn’t put you to sleep, there was something you really needed to talk about.

Hoseok would try to make the atmosphere as light as possible, forcing away the worried look that nearly formed on his face when he saw you and instead replacing it with a bright smile, greeting you with an airy, “Hey, Jagi. You look comfy. Mind if I join?” And then, without waiting for a response, he’d wriggle his way into the blanket cocoon, pull you so that you were draped overtop of him beneath the covers, and begin talking. He might ask about your day or if you had anything you wanted to talk about, but mostly he’d try to distract you from everything that was stressing you out by telling you all about the group’s antics in the studio that day.

Namjoon didn’t bother hiding the worry that crossed his expression as he found you lying on the ground; you’d be stiff if you didn’t get up and move to the bed soon, but he wasn’t about to tell you to move. So, with a muffled grunt, he lifted you from the floor and moved you over to the bed, making sure you were comfortable before climbing in right after you. He attempted to cuddle with you over your blanket, though the only thing he really wanted to do was talk. He kept his voice as soft as possible as he asked you about the things that were stressing you out, stroking your cheek with the backs of his fingers and hoping you’d open up to him.

Jimin figured that, if you were already wrapped up in a blanket and listening to calming music, you might as well go to sleep. So, after relocating you to the bed and taking your blanket so that he could drape it over the both of you, he would begin to sing. What he sang depended on what he thought you’d want to hear; either he’d make up lyrics that almost flowed with the song you were listening to to try to make you laugh, or he’d ignore the background music and sing songs that he knew you loved just to see that grateful smile you always gave him whenever he would finally cave and sing them to you after you’d begged for what had felt like hours.

Taehyung beamed when he entered your bedroom; he knew you were stressed and tired and all around miserable, but he figured frowning wasn’t going to help you any. So, after greeting you warmly - as he did every day - he dropped to the ground beside you, struggled to get into your blanket cocoon, and took the place of the teddy bear you’d been clinging to. He didn’t bother talking, instead just cuddling up to you in silence, occasionally squeezing you to remind you that you could cling to him if you needed to or humming with his lips pressed to your temple or neck because he knew that it always made you smile.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what you needed him to do, but he had a pretty good idea of what he thought he should do; you looked exhausted, both mentally and physically, and he figured sleep was the best way to fix that. He didn’t know if you wanted to be coddled, though, so he just moved into the room as if nothing was wrong, changing into more comfortable clothes as he said, “I know it’s early, but I’m tired, Jagi. Mind if we call it a night?” He wasn’t exactly waiting for an answer, though, having already changed into his normal sleepwear and moving to lift you from the floor. It was easy enough to move you to the bed, and he let you lay across him as he rubbed your back, hoping that simple action would be enough to help you drift off.

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What if the bro's s/o was extremely prone to daydreaming, even losing focus when they're trying to listen to their turtle. They don't do it on purpose but it's extremely difficult for them to control.

I daydream a lot too.  I’ve irritated plenty of people XD


He finds it cute in a way, but not when you stop listening to him when he’s talking, then he gets annoyed.  But he’ll catch you drifting off into your own little world with the most cutest look on your face, eyes focused but your mind gone.  He wonders what you daydream about quite often.


He’ll catch you staring off into nowhere, your eyes and mind off into some other world or dream.  He’ll simply watch you to see if you do anything, like how quick you snap out of it or wonder what’s on your mind.  He’s had you zone out on him a couple of times, but he quickly snaps his fingers to get your attention so it doesn’t really bother him.  He knows it’s hard for you so there’s no need to get irritated with it.


He does the same thing to you, drifting off whenever you’re talking so he can relate with you.  If you’re talking with him and you zone out he’ll simply smile and wait a moment to take in your features, then proceed to wake you.  He doesn’t mind it at all if you do this; it’s actually quite cute.


“Dreamin’ about me angelcake?” he’d say as he watches you from across the room.  Mikey knew you day dreamt a lot, it only makes you cuter.  You’ll be sitting there with the most emotion filled features, eyes staring off into nothing but yet they are.  What exactly are you thinking about?  He doesn’t mind it.

Block B Reaction: When you say that they're your ideal type in an interview

Taeil: “Wait… what did she just… Did she…?” *Can’t believe his ears*

B-Bomb: *Accepts, wondering if he should pursue this*

Jaehyo: “Of course I am - just look at me.” *Mostly joking, but gets beat up anyway*

U-Kwon: *Laughs, fanboying, flustered and unsure what else to do*

Kyung: “So, I’m your ideal type, hm~?” *Calls you after he finishes watching the show*

Zico: *Shocked, staring with his jaw dropped* “Hyungs, did you hear that? I’m her ideal type! *Proceeds to brag after regaining his composure*

P.O: "M-me? Really!?” *Excited makane is excited*


That wasn’t the Jaehyo GIF I wanted. I wanted the one where everyone throws like paper or something at it. I looked extensively, but I eventually grew too lazy to finish my quest so I took what I had and turned back. *nodnod*

GIF’s aren’t mine

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Hello love ^_^ reaction to seeing you grabbing your boobs when you run down stairs? They're big and IT HURTS OTHER WISE TT______TT

Jin : is a gentleman and doesn’t look nor say anything

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Yoongi : “why do you even run ? just take your time and walk !”

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Hoseok : “don’t complain… they’re wonderful” hypnotized

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Namjoon : If you ever need help just call me

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Jimin : “well if you’d wear a bra it might be better…”

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Taehyung : stuffs his shirt with socks and imitates you to see what you mean

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Hi Harrie! I love your blog, it's really helpful. I was wondering if you have any tips on drawing a character looking at the audience? My characters tend to look kind of... unhinged when they're staring at the reader. But what can I do, I like breaking the fourth wall haha

Here’s a very tiny excerpt from Tracy JB’s tutorial on expressions (http://tracyjb.deviantart.com/art/Lackadaisy-Expressions-193978013)

Most likely what’s up is your character’s eyes look unfocused!

On the bus to Dublin
  • DD: (gets on bus, sits down)
  • Bus seat: (egregious creaking sound)
  • DD: (Oh God, the back of this thing is broken.)
  • DD: (moves to seat next to that one)
  • People on the bus: (stare)
  • DD: (waits for bus to stop at next stop: moves to new seat across aisle)
  • People on the bus: (stare)
  • DD: (Dammit, this seat doesn't have a seat belt. And neither does the one next to it.)
  • DD: (moves to another seat)
  • People on the bus: (*stare*)
  • DD: (Ok. This seat isn't broken. This seat has a seat belt.)
  • DD: (starts to buckle up)
  • DD's olfactory sense: You know...
  • DD: (What?)
  • DD's olfactory sense: I have a feeling...
  • DD: (What??)
  • DD's olfactory sense: That somebody has peed on this seat recently.
  • DD: (Oh God.)
  • DD's olfactory sense: (In fact, VERY recently.)
  • DD: (Oh, GAWD.)
  • DD: (starts to move)
  • People on the bus: (STARE)
  • DD's Insecurity Department: (If you move again they're all going to wonder what's wrong with you.)
  • DD's favorite long leather coat: You're not doing me any favors here...
  • DD: (rolls eyes, MOVES)
  • People on the bus: (STARE AND START WHISPERING)
  • DD: (sits down, evaluates seat. Not broken. Seat belt. No pee. Lets out long breath.)
  • The Lone Power: (located, for reference purposes, in the next seat) Hey, I need to talk to you about this complicated and REALLY NASTY character business in book 11.
  • DD: (gives empty air in next seat the stink-eye)
  • People in the bus: (turn away nervously, start fumbling for phones to dial 999)
  • DD: (sags back in seat, sighs) What a lovely day this is turning into already.
  • Seat Back Of Impeccable Comic Timing: (...BREAKS LOUDLY)
  • DD: ...
  • lauren: so.. tell me more about ur crush...
  • camila: well, she is..
  • lauren: wait, she? u mean it's a girl?
  • camila: no a- i mean, he-
  • lauren: no don't tell me. ur crush is a girl right *stares at camila*
  • camila: ye-es...
  • lauren: ok continue
  • camila: *stares back at lauren* ok this girl is just so.. annoying but so irresistible at the same time. she drives me insanely crazy. i can't get over how amazing she is and how charming she is in every way... oh and her eyes, they're like the stars from the sky, the way they stare at mine makes me feel like i'm in heaven, i could get lost in them. sometimes i wonder why can't i kiss her lips already.. just, everything about her is what i call perfection. like i wish, she's the one i get to wake to every single day and cuddle with anytime...
  • lauren: she must be so lucky... *sighs* anymore about her?
  • camila: very lucky... *smiles* um.. words can't even describe her Lauren
  • lauren: does she go to the same school as us?
  • camila: *nods* yeah...
  • lauren: i wanna meet her
  • camila: you already know her Lo,
  • lauren: i don't know unless u tell me her name or introduce her to me...
  • camila: okay hold on let me call her.. *picks out phone from pocket and dials Lauren's number*
  • few seconds...
  • lauren: oh wait, my phone's ringing, i think it's mum, *answers the call* Camila? *slightly frowns*
  • camila: ... *hangs up*
  • lauren: i love you *pulls camila into a tight hug*
  • camila: i love you too *hugs back tightly*

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Hi all! Ok I was wondering if you could help me - I've seen a photo of H and L sat linking arms and they're staring out to the sea or something, and Harry is wearing his hat? And I think it's fairly recent as they had their tattoos and stuff... I'm hoping you know what I'm talking about! Is it a manip or...? Where did it come from?! Thank you!


It was when they were in Rio. 

they were next to each other and they were enjoying the view from The Statue Of Christ The Redeemer… 


I guess the left bottom one is the one you’re talking about. BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE. I LOVE THEM. AND NO, IT’S NOT A MANIP DEAR. THEY WERE ACTUALLY LIKE THAT. 

-Marina xx. 

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Stephen and his beautiful, Starbucks-drinking face makes me so angry. Like I haven't gotten any work done today, because I can't stop staring at all the wonderful gifs. what the hell, Stephen? lol

you are so not alone, anon

just looking at this gif upsets me

look away from the camera, amell, look away from the fucking camera (just kidding, never look away), and excuse you wrapping your stupid lips around that cup. 

stop it

(He knows exactly what he’s doing - it’s ridiculous.)

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i wonder what the hero's human family feels when the hero disappears. they must be worried sick for their child's/sibling's/lover's return. and then the hero comes back, but they aren't the same. they don't talk about where they've been. they walk unsteady on two legs and mumble about missing their tail. sometimes, they stare at the stars wistfully, telling snippets of stories of fantastic adventures that nobody thinks are true. until one day, they're gone again, and they never come back.