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I was wondering if you would be willing to do a dark AU where the clones are really, probably unhealthily, possessive. Preferably one where the find the chips and order 66. Heck, maybe that's what triggers the whole kit and caboodle; the clones find out they're supposed to kill their Jedi and just nope the heck out and decide no one's going to harm their Jedi, or make them do it, either. Regardless of the methods they have to use. Thanks!

Lowering his cup slowly, Wolffe stared at Rex. “What do you kriffing mean that we’re suppose to kill them?” He growled out.

The captain growled back and shook the chip at the others. “That’s what this is going to make us do. That’s what Fives said and what Tup figured out. These things.” He shook the jar lightly. “Are wired up to wipe us of our loyalty to our Jedi and make us consider them traitors…and then we kill them.”

Cody touched his own head, staring at the glass jar. “We ALL have them?”

“Not all of the early generation but who’s left of them?” Rex looked around. “Four or five out of what? We are a whole army, a whole army against the Jedi? The old? The young? The disabled of them? What about the cores?”

Several vods paled until they looked like ghosts.

They could already imagine what would happen.

“And our Generals? Who trust us with their lives? Who shows us their backs? Stars light, Kenobi even lets Cody carry his lightsaber.”

Cody gave a full body spasm.

“How many blaster bolts can a Jedi dodge even with a saber?” Rex continued, driving in each point. He then looked to Wolffe. “What about General Koon in his ship with the Wolf pack behind him? He doesn’t stand a chance.”

Wolffe crushed the cup in his hand, water pouring over his glove as he stared at his vod.

“…Then what do we do?” Someone questioned.

“We do what we were made to do. We go to war and we serve and protect our generals.” Rex leaned in.


Rubbing a hand over his face, Obi-Wan slowly set his cup aside. “Force…I feel exhausted.” He sighed, wondering where the sudden tiredness came from.

“Perhaps a small rest or meditation then sir?” Cody asked. “We’d inform you if our situation changes of course.” He added when he saw the Jedi open his mouth to protest.

That got a small pause then Obi-Wan nodded. “Yes, that does sound good. Inform me if anything changes Cody.”

“Of course General.” Both Cody and the comm personnel watched the Jedi go, Cody slowly counting to twenty in his head as everyone else milled about as normal.

And then he turned to the comms. “Longshot?”

The clone smirked. “Come in Echo team, what’s your position?”

“Still hunting, the bitch is running. The General?”

“Currently sleeping, you have half an hour before he works the drugs out of his systems.”

“Copy that sir.”

Cody switched channels. “Commander Pond? How goes?”

“Droid bait is wearing down. He’ll burn soon.” Came the icy cold voice of Pond in return and Cody couldn’t help a vicious grin.

“Good. Any news from Captain Rex?”

“He has a dot on the Sith Master he says. Refuses to tell us who but he has him.”

Cody nodded that, taking a deep breath. From what Rex had hinted at it was something high up in the Senate and therefor anyone still chipped would not be told. Beside, what they didn’t know they couldn’t reveal.

“And Commander Bly?”

“Still tracking the Count. He says his General is getting suspicious though.”

Aayla Secura was one smart cookie and that could be a problem. “Does Bly have any plans of action.”

“Tranq. Its his only plan.” Pond suddenly went quiet for a few moments. “Kark, General Windu is waking up.” He hissed. “Razor, tranq him, now.”

‘We’re doing this for a reason, its for their sake.’ Cody reminds himself, fiddling with the tranq in his own utility belt. He hopes it won’t come to that point, he’d rather not have to drug his Jedi twice in one day.

It felt like forever until the comms suddenly crackled again.

“Echo squad reporting in. The bitch is down.” There was a blaster impact. “And dead.”

One Sith down, three left.

“Pond reporting in. Droid bait lit up like a bonfire.”


Cody had to leave the tent to distract his General when the third report came in.

“Count is cornered and scared. He’s surrendering to our General.” That was not part of the plan but obviously Bly couldn’t get around her. Well perhaps the information the count would give the Order would help.

And then Rex reported in. “And then there were none.” His voice sounded viciously satisfied.

Cody would have asked what Rex had done when the holo display suddenly light up, General Skywalker looking pale and shaken as he demanded to see Obi-Wan.

“Obi-Wan! The Chancellor is dead! A sniper!”

Cody exchanged a look, startled look with Longshot.

‘And then there were none.’

  • Zelda: I wonder.
  • Mipha: what's on your mind, Princess.
  • Zelda: It's just. He's always so silent. Rarely speaks any words. Now that I think about it, he's only really made grunts and screams when he fights.
  • Mipha: He used to talk more when he was younger. Now he rarely shares his thoughts.
  • Urbosa: I do sometimes wonder what is on his mind.
  • Daruk: His actions are all I need. Though I do wish he wasn't so quiet.
  • Revali: I find his silence to be his best quality. But there are times I also wonder what he is thinking.
  • Link: (Oh shit they're staring at me. Have they figured out I have no idea what I'm doing? No...just keep quiet and-man I'm hungry. I want food. I should have that tart I found. Wait I ate it already. Mmmhhmmm that was a good tart.)
  • Zelda: I think I know what he's thinking.
  • Mipha: I can tell he's thinking about food right now at least.
  • Urbosa: Maybe he isn't that hard to read.
  • Daruk: The drool is a good tip.
  • Revali: (I should have that tart now)

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Hiii. I love your writings they're amazing (just like you). I was wondering if I could request some hc's about what Draco would do if his muggleborn girlfriend told him she was pregnant? Either in or out of Hogwarts. Thank you xoxoxoxoxo

Hey sunshine,

Sure, I can do that. And it’s out of Hogwarts.

  • he doesn’t expect it
    • which you find funny because… well… he had to.
    • he is thrilled
    • he spends at least five minutes staring at you like an idiot
    • then he makes you repeats it at least ten times
    • and then he goes mad
      • he runs around
      • and laughs
      • and screams
      • and sings
      • and his wands does weird stuff
  • his parents are surprisingly calm
    • Narcissa yells at Lucifer before come to see you
      • she is thrilled
      • he is happy about grandkids
    • they don’t really care that you are not a pureblood because they think that Malfoys needs some new blood any way
    • also, Narcissa promised to shave Lucius if he says anything about you
  • Draco is caring… very… too caring, in a way
    • he is always there
    • always
    • whatever you need
    • you are sure that if you ask for some virgin blood, he’ll frown, then bring you a gallon
    • so you are very careful about what you say
    • he still tries to guess what it is you want
  • He reads
    • a lot
    • on pregnancy
    • on giving birth
      • he passed out there
    • on raising children
    • on being a good father
    • a ton of muggle books
    • a ton of muggle movies
    • and lectures
    • he is obsessed
    • he asked Potter for advice
    • and Weasley
      • well, he wanted to ask Weasley, then reconsidered
  • the moment the baby starts kicking, you can’t pull him away from your stomach
    • seriously
    • you need some help from elves
  • he wants a perfect name
    • so you have ten books with names
  • he wants a perfect room
    • so he runs around the whole mansion, checking every room according to every possible rule regarding the child raising
    • until you just say that the room has to be close to yours
  • he doesn’t give a crap that you are a muggleborn
    • he just hopes the baby will be blond as every other Malfoy, nothing else matters
    • he Stupefies one of his friends for saying something about your blood
  • he is in love with your child even before it is born
    • no matter the gender
    • but he still wants the gender
    • to decorate the room
    • and order special things

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Could you write about Shiro's s/o getting their arm amputated and a galra arm and when they're rescued they just smile and say "hey look shiro we match!"

A/N: I hope you like it! It’s got a cute little ending, I think, so… yeah! Have a nice day! 

Word Count: 711

I stared at where I hoped the doorway was, wondering how long it had been since I’d last seen sunlight–or any light, for that matter. 

I sighed, not beginning to reflect on what I had done to get thrown into solitary confinement. There was a young boy, probably not even a teenager by his species’ standards. He had been caught in the middle of a fight that he had nothing to do with, and in the end he was blamed for it. As he was being dragged away (kicking and screaming at the top of his lungs), I stepped in in his defense. I, too, was dragged away and put in solitary confinement. 

Put away in a cold metal box. It was so dark I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face, and not a single scrap of light got in from under the door. Did I mention it was cold? It was so cold that it made my prosthetic arm, which was metal, burn my skin sometimes. It was mostly just uncomfortable. 

I rubbed my hands together to warm them and placed one of them over my shoulder near my collar bone, where metal fused with skin. Relief spread through my shoulder, and I found myself wondering if I would ever feel the warmth of sunlight on my face again. I certainly didn’t want to be anywhere cold ever again. 

I closed my eyes and let my body slump further against the wall. Sleep was the only way to pass the time in here. Waves of comfortable weight soon pressed against my body lulling me to half consciousness, and finally to sleep. 

In my dreams, I was surrounded by friends. My boyfriend Shiro was standing next to me, laughing. Even though people all around us were being really loud, it was like we were alone. A was completely awake, at peace, and very warm. 

Waking up, I was disappointed that I was cold again. That disappointment soon ended, however, and I was terrified by shouting and banging that came from the hallway outside my room. I leapt up and pressed myself against the wall that I hoped had a door. The pew pew of laser guns and screams of pain from Galra echoed through my room. Whoever was coming, I hoped they didn’t come to my room. 

“Holy on!” shouted someone, probably a male, from outside. “There’s one more!”

I pressed myself further into a corner. Maybe they wouldn’t look my way. What if there were here to res-

The door swooshed open. Light, the first of it that I had seen in a really, really long time spilled into the room. Somebody poked their head into the room. The person was a young man, with short brown hair. We made eye contact and he grinned. “Hey!” he said cheerfully. “We’re here to rescue you!” He moved out of the room. “Shiro! We got someone!”

Shiro? I stood up and bolted out of the room, shoving the brown-haired boy aside. I looked down the hall in the direction the boy had. There, just a little ways away, stood my boyfriend, Shiro. I’d thought I would never see him again… 

My throat felt constricted as a smile broke onto my face. “Shiro!” I called. 

He turned around. His eyes widened when he saw me. “Y/N?” 

At the same time, we ran toward each other and jumped into each other’s arms. We held each other tighter than we ever had before. 

Then I noticed something. His arm was hard around my back. I took his hand and pulled one of his gloves off. A metal hand glistened under the light. I smiled and laughed. 

“Look, Shiro!” I showed him my prosthetic arm, pulling the sleeve of my shirt up so that he could see where it ended at my collar bone. “We match!”

Shiro laughed (a sound I must admit I had never been more welcome to hear in my entire life, as it is lovely and deep and richer than any chocolate cake back on Earth) and shook his head. He pressed a short, sweet kiss onto my lips before pulling me away. “We need to leave,” he said, “but we can talk more about this later.” 

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I love the way you write the Clones and Obi Wan. I was wondering if you'd write something where Omega Obi Wan mates with one of the clones but because they're all biologically identical oops turns out Obi Wan is now technically mated to every clone in the galaxy!

“Is it true?” Rex dropped down in the chair in front of Cody, staring at the other man with wide eyes. “Its all over the barracks but is it true?” He hissed quietly.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” The commander offered in return as he took a sip of caff then ate more of his food, raising an eyebrow at the captain.

“Cut the crap vod, is it true that you mated with General Kenobi and now every clone feels like he’s their mate?” Rex pressed the issue.

And then he sat back in surprise as Cody nodded. “Fucking little stars.” He breathed out. “Really?”

“Personality wise and spiritually we’re all our own people but genetically…we’re alike down to the wire with minor tweaks that comes out in how we look.” Cody sighed, setting his fork down to look at his vod. It was best to get this out of the way. “The Medic says that Obi-Wan will recognize every clone he meets as mate and react to them accordingly.”

“Oh that can’t make the high generals happy.”

“They weren’t happy from the start.” Cody snorted. “But there’s not a lot you can do when you’ve been locked into a room with an omega going into heat. I don’t have an iron will.” And his general had always been gorgeous, even before he hit his heat in front of Cody.

“But…what does that mean for the General and the 212, you’re the ones who interact with him the most…” Rex blinked.

“Don’t rightly know yet. I don’t feel like fighting every vod for trying to poach my mate so there’s something at least.”

“I guess…first light.” Rex rubbed his hand over his hair. “I mean don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice lap full but I kind of wished to choose my own ma-mate…” He took a deep breath and then turned, looking to the doors when a sweet smell reached his nose.

The general was standing at the threshold of the dining hall doors, looking around with his hands clasped behind his back.

Cody gave a low curse and got to his feet, moving towards him quickly.

The Jedi gave a relieved smile when he saw Cody and nodded. “Commander, I was hoping to find you quickly.” He said when the other reached him.

“Have you been here long?” Cody demanded and surprised himself. Koth he was already acting like some kind of hormonal alpha!

Obi-Wan however didn’t seem to care as he shook his head. “No, not long. I couldn’t reach you through the comms. The Healers back at the temple would like to see you. Something about tweaking the mating bond or so they hope.”


It didn’t work.

Obi-Wan still registered every vod he meet as his mate and every vod reacted to Obi-Wan.

Cody halfway wanted to drown himself in whiskey just to not feel embarrassed about having basically tied the Jedi to millions of men.

Or he was until those very instincts started to save the General on the battlefield, the 212 more attuned to the General, his moods and his tactics then ever.

Still had some minor issue when he found Obi-Wan pinned against a solid surface with a trooper against him but sacrifices to be made in hindsight to keep the Jedi safe because Jedi were fucking insane loons.

His general more then any.

Skywalker had certainly learned from the master of reckless behavior.

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I just discovered your stuff and I love it! If it's too much to ask can I see a Junkrat Soulmate Au where any injury sustained on one Soulmate the other suffers as well. The s/o wonders what kind of life their soulmate lives for them to get so many wounds all the time. Even more so after they lose their arm and leg. They're covered in scars when Junkrat finally meets them.

I do love soul mate AU’s ahhh and ahhh thank you smol bean -puts you in his pocket-

- Junkrat had gotten a cut knee when he was young, it was odd, for once he didn’t trip or fall or hurt himself.. it just bled and ached. It wasn’t until he met Roadhog did he learn about soulmates and the linked they shared.

- He stared at his fake arm and blinked before also looking at the pegleg, wiggling it a little “Mate.. does that mean me other ‘alf ‘as the same? do we match?” he asked Roadhog with a frown and winced when the large man nodded.

- He rubbed his flesh arm feeling a little bad, he’d only felt the odd bruise in the past, maybe a broken toe on his not long gone leg but it had never been much, his poor partner..

- Despite that it didn’t stop the haphazard life style Junkrat would lead, he didn’t think he would ever meet the person he was destined to be with so what was the point? he’d grown up in such a dog eat dog world he’d pushed things to the back of his head.

- You on the other hand had grown up with so many burns, your skin littered with dark coloured patches from fire and heat that you had never gone near in your life.  Your parents hated that your soulmate was so careless and felt so bad for you, they had explained.

- You should have been mad when you lost your arm and leg, feeling such intense pain you thought you were going to die but in fact all you could think about was your soul mate… what sort of life did they have? all the pain they felt on an almost day to day?

- Would you ever meet them?

- You happened to be walking home late from work. Your fake leg and arm on display, wasn’t the most fancy kit but it looked nice, not human but you didn’t mind. Good mech gear regardless.

- You heard an alarm and you were curious to what was going on, a loud crash and a bang. You saw a massive man walking out the store with a big bag under his arm, you just stared in shock, had he just robbed that arcade? He turned and saw you….

- Junkrat was laughing like a manic as he clutched a few plushies they had lifted from the place before he ran right into Hog’s arm “Oi! the fuck ya doin’ Hog?” he huffed and stood to his full height in annoyance before his bodyguard nodded to where you stood.

- You couldn’t believe it.. there stood a man with the same missing arm and leg as you, you kept looking at the fake limbs as did he.. He frowned and picked up a piece of glass from the road, getting his flesh hand and cutting along his palm, not too deep but when you cried out and blood slipped from your hand… that’s when you both realized.

- You couldn’t believe it.. this person was your soul mate? you realized you reconised them as the criminals that had been on a rampage.. and one was your soul mate?

- “I neva thought I’d meet ya…” he mumbled and hobbled over to you, dropping what he had been carrying and eyed you up. You didn’t move as he looked you over once more.

-“Are you ok?” you asked, only thing you could say “I don’t think you had it easy, not like me, I think I only broke my toe like five years ago..” you chuckled awkwardly.

- “Oh I remember tha’ fuckin’ stung like a cunt” he said with his own chuckle and itched the side of his neck. Now he felt bad about the dangerous lifestyle he had been leading, here you stood.. half a person near enough just like him and it had been his fault.

- “I’m sorry” he mumbled as you moved closer. He had flinched when you grabbed his flesh hand and took a tissue out your pocket and tried to dab up the blood. “It’s fine… we found each other, and I’ll make sure you take care of yourself from now on…”

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When Steve's fighting alongside Diana when she's battling the soldiers with her lasso, it just makes me so... emotional. They're such an amazing team. I mean just. And there's a moment when she looks over at him with a certain LOOK and he stares back, keeps on fighting. She's the the Wonder Woman but she's also in awe of him and everything he stands for. Everything he is. I just really love Steve Trevor and Diana Prince. 😭😢

i think that’s what everyone loves about them. that steve is not useless sidekick but diana is still the heroine of the story. they fit well together, complete each other, there is not power imbalance even though she is techincally the stronger one….i just really love steve and diana too!


“OY! Who you callin’ a faker, Squishy?!”

(( Guest art by the wonderful and super talented @askmpregsonic / @blackskullz! Thanks so so SO much for answering this one for me! I love it! Heehee! ♥♥ ))

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Feel free to ignore this, especially if you're busy, but I really love your Senator!Skywalker fics! So I was wondering what they do about the media and how Obi-Wan takes it when he finds out that they're focused on him? Thank you! Ps- I adore your blog, it's amazing and you are such a good writer. I enjoy all of your stories!

“…Song bird?

“Yeah I don’t know why they are calling you that Obi-Wan.” Anakin sighed, running his fingers through his curls in annoyance as the other stared at the news feed of him and Anakin dancing. “Much less my song bird.”

“You did help me. I guess that might be it.” Obi-Wan shrugged slightly, gnawing on his bottom lip. “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing unless you want to. I need to give a statement to the media about you though. About what…about this.” Anakin gestured to them dancing.

Green eyes blinked in confusion at him and Anakin sighed. “They seem to think we are…involved. As if I would do that to you when you’re just now getting comfortable.” He flopped back in his seat, rubbing back his hair.

“They think we’re…fucking?” Obi-Wan asked quietly and Anakin hesitated, a few of the rumors floated indicated that was exactly what some where thinking by now. He nodded.

Obi-Wan sighed quietly. “I imagine they’re quite malicious those rumors, considering you’re fighting against slavery and I’m a former slave.” Very reluctantly Anakin nodded again. “If I…spoke to the media, would they be…easier on you? Would it steam the rumors?”

“Some people will always believe in them Obi-Wan.” Anakin put his hands on the others wrist. “You don’t have to do anything.”

“But I could ally some of these rumors, couldn’t I?” Green eyes peered at him and Anakin felt his heart stutter. He didn’t want to put the others recovery back damn it! Obi-Wan was only now starting to meet his eye and didn’t refer to him as sir all the time.

“You…would.” He reluctantly confessed.

“Okay then.”


“Well…color me impressed.” Padme whispered quietly to Anakin as they watched Obi-Wan answer questions.

So far the man was handling the media rather well, answering honestly to each of the holoshills though sometimes flinching a bit at personal questions. But he had a soft voice for them tinged with his Coruscantian accent and softer smile.

“I still don’t like this.” Anakin sighed to her. Obi-Wan had asked him to stay back while he answered whatever questions the media had of him and Anakin understood why but damn it he did not LIKE it.

So far Obi-Wan had however been good, only flinching at some questioning about his life at the Jedi temple and the attack that lead to him being a slave in the first place.

“Is it true you were a sex slave?”

Anakin’s neck snapped with the speed he turned his head towards the journalists, a fearsome glare on his face but he couldn’t identify who had said it as the whole room quieted down. So help him to honest moon goddesse-

But to his surprise Obi-Wan only looked confused by the question. “Yes, I thought that was fairly obvious.” He tilted his head slowly, steadily blinking. “I was not in charge of my own life, so people took what they wanted from me, regardless of consent. That is the lives of slaves, we own nothing, not even our lives or our bodies.” Protective fury rose in Anakin but to his amusement there was an uncomfortable shift among the speakers.

Obi-Wan had without explicitly stating it told them that he was used and abused without his consent. That this was the true life that Anakin was fighting to improve.

“That’s why I’m so grateful to Senator Skywalker.” Obi-Wan glanced back at Anakin and gave him a tiny smile. “He always asks what I want and if I say no he will let me be, its…a new state of affair for me. But I’ve come to appreciate it. I’m hopeful that my future can be…” He seemed to mull over the words to use and Anakin held his breath.

‘Yes, your future Obi-Wan?’

The copper haired man shifted on his feet then looked up, smiling slightly. “I hope that my future can be safe. That’s all I want now. Safety.”

“…Anakin you better look after that man or I swear, he’s getting an apartment on Naboo.” Padme hissed at him, Obi-Wan’s smile tugging at her heartstrings.

The blond just grunted before stepping forward, gently touching Obi-Wan’s shoulder to get him to step aside. Obi-Wan did so happily, shifting a bit behind his taller friend to hide. “I think with that…question.” He let his displeasure show, glowering at the crowd. “We end this meet-up. You’ve asked your questions and gotten your clarification. I hope to see the truth printed or I will have to speak to my lawyers about slander in the news.” He gave a slight bow and turned to Obi-Wan and offered his arm to the other man.

Obi-Wan was quick to take it and Anakin could feel him cling to it even as he saw Bail offer his arm to Padme to escort her. He was grateful for his friends standing with him in this case.

“You know, you might just have done my case of slavery debate in the Senate a whole lot of good.” He offered Obi-Wan quietly.

“Oh?” The blond glanced at him.

“Most aren’t confronted with slavery everyday. You’re a living proof of what it is and your words are genuine. It will speak to the people who hears it at least.” Anakin squeezed the others wrist gratefully.

“That’s good. I’m glad something good came from this.” Obi-Wan offered shyly.

“Something good did come from all of this. You.” Anakin smiled at his friend and Obi-Wan actually flushed a bit. “I enjoy your company Obi-Wan. I know it might not seem it but its nice to have someone around, company and you’re not a moron. You got a sound mind underneath that copper hair of yours.”

Obi-Wan ducked his head, peeking up through his fringes but he was smiling. A wide, gleeful smile.

And then it dropped sharply as the former slave suddenly shoved Anakin to the side, just in time for a blaster shot to impact the floor where the senator had stood moments ago. Another shot, this one Anakin sidestepped himself before he firmly grabbed Obi-Wan and hid him behind himself as screams erupted and the security guard finally reacted.

“Apparently, your legislation aren’t as popular with everyone.” Obi-Wan whispered.

“You don’t say.” Anakin sighed and tightened his grip on Obi-Wan’s arm. Time to call his mom before the news hit Naboo about this.

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More Coffee shop AU? (´∀`) May I request Sakura telling Hinata about the cute Sasuke that works for the coffee shop and they both went there the next day, and she whispers to her about him, and would tell her, "That's him." Then Sasuke would look at the girls, having a slight blush on his cheek, and wondering what they're talking about?

[1000 years later] ENJOY! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ 


Keep reading

Chapitre 83 - The Final Obstacle

In which the ultimate family roadtrip is an Actual Literal Roadtrip. 



I N C O L O U R.

And this is how you know that Clamp secretly loves me. (For now)

But can we talk about how the family is shamelessly and unapologetically wearing matching shirts? Not even stylish matching shirts, but straight up tourist-shop-esque shirts with tiny feather patterns that THEY ALL AGREED TO WEAR TOGETHER AS THEY DROVE A JEEP THROUGH A SUNFLOWER FIELD. 


Please never show Tomoyo any evidence that this ever took place. 

  • Me: *starting a new anime, episode 1*
  • Me: Alright, so Boy A and Girl B are the main love interests here. They're really cute-
  • Me: Wait, Boy B was staring at Girl A weird, do you think that he might...? Nah, that can't be right.
  • Me: Girl A just said something really encouraging and sweet to Boy B! They make such a cute couple, I wonder if waitwaitSTOPSTOPSTOP
  • Me: Oh, I just had the cutest idea where Girl A and Boy B lived in an apartment together and
  • Me: Ah well, can't be helped. *starts writing fanfiction*

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What if the bro's s/o was extremely prone to daydreaming, even losing focus when they're trying to listen to their turtle. They don't do it on purpose but it's extremely difficult for them to control.

I daydream a lot too.  I’ve irritated plenty of people XD


He finds it cute in a way, but not when you stop listening to him when he’s talking, then he gets annoyed.  But he’ll catch you drifting off into your own little world with the most cutest look on your face, eyes focused but your mind gone.  He wonders what you daydream about quite often.


He’ll catch you staring off into nowhere, your eyes and mind off into some other world or dream.  He’ll simply watch you to see if you do anything, like how quick you snap out of it or wonder what’s on your mind.  He’s had you zone out on him a couple of times, but he quickly snaps his fingers to get your attention so it doesn’t really bother him.  He knows it’s hard for you so there’s no need to get irritated with it.


He does the same thing to you, drifting off whenever you’re talking so he can relate with you.  If you’re talking with him and you zone out he’ll simply smile and wait a moment to take in your features, then proceed to wake you.  He doesn’t mind it at all if you do this; it’s actually quite cute.


“Dreamin’ about me angelcake?” he’d say as he watches you from across the room.  Mikey knew you day dreamt a lot, it only makes you cuter.  You’ll be sitting there with the most emotion filled features, eyes staring off into nothing but yet they are.  What exactly are you thinking about?  He doesn’t mind it.

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Hello wonderful person! May I please request a reaction to them coming home and finding you curled up in a blanket caccoon on your bedroom floor holding an old teddy bear and listening to slow, calm music really quietly because you're mentally exhausted and stressed from work and school and you just needed some cuddles? Short reaction is fine, besides they get almost as detailed as long ones do (almost but not completely lol but they're lovely no matter what the lenth tbh) Thank you!! c:

Ahh this was super sweet~

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Seokjin stared down at you, worry creasing his brow and filling his gaze, though he still managed a small smile as he asked how you were doing. And then, as carefully as he could, he lifted you from the floor, placed you onto the bed as gently as he could, and told you he’d be right back. It didn’t take him long to gather up all the comfort food he could find - he tended to keep it all in the same place - and soon he was returning to your side, placing the food on your left before climbing in to cuddle you from your right. He let you stay wrapped in your blankets, feeding you whatever you asked for and talking to you about whatever you felt like talking about.

Yoongi didn’t really understand why you’d chosen to lie down on the floor when the bed was so close, but he didn’t question it. He didn’t say much of anything, really. After dropping his things to the floor beside the door, he flopped down on top of you, restricting your movements even more than your blankets did. He nuzzled his face into your neck, wrapped his arms around you, and hoped that that would be enough to help you fall asleep. If it wasn’t, he’d lift one hand up to play with your hair or stroke your cheek as he quietly told you about his day, knowing that if his voice didn’t put you to sleep, there was something you really needed to talk about.

Hoseok would try to make the atmosphere as light as possible, forcing away the worried look that nearly formed on his face when he saw you and instead replacing it with a bright smile, greeting you with an airy, “Hey, Jagi. You look comfy. Mind if I join?” And then, without waiting for a response, he’d wriggle his way into the blanket cocoon, pull you so that you were draped overtop of him beneath the covers, and begin talking. He might ask about your day or if you had anything you wanted to talk about, but mostly he’d try to distract you from everything that was stressing you out by telling you all about the group’s antics in the studio that day.

Namjoon didn’t bother hiding the worry that crossed his expression as he found you lying on the ground; you’d be stiff if you didn’t get up and move to the bed soon, but he wasn’t about to tell you to move. So, with a muffled grunt, he lifted you from the floor and moved you over to the bed, making sure you were comfortable before climbing in right after you. He attempted to cuddle with you over your blanket, though the only thing he really wanted to do was talk. He kept his voice as soft as possible as he asked you about the things that were stressing you out, stroking your cheek with the backs of his fingers and hoping you’d open up to him.

Jimin figured that, if you were already wrapped up in a blanket and listening to calming music, you might as well go to sleep. So, after relocating you to the bed and taking your blanket so that he could drape it over the both of you, he would begin to sing. What he sang depended on what he thought you’d want to hear; either he’d make up lyrics that almost flowed with the song you were listening to to try to make you laugh, or he’d ignore the background music and sing songs that he knew you loved just to see that grateful smile you always gave him whenever he would finally cave and sing them to you after you’d begged for what had felt like hours.

Taehyung beamed when he entered your bedroom; he knew you were stressed and tired and all around miserable, but he figured frowning wasn’t going to help you any. So, after greeting you warmly - as he did every day - he dropped to the ground beside you, struggled to get into your blanket cocoon, and took the place of the teddy bear you’d been clinging to. He didn’t bother talking, instead just cuddling up to you in silence, occasionally squeezing you to remind you that you could cling to him if you needed to or humming with his lips pressed to your temple or neck because he knew that it always made you smile.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what you needed him to do, but he had a pretty good idea of what he thought he should do; you looked exhausted, both mentally and physically, and he figured sleep was the best way to fix that. He didn’t know if you wanted to be coddled, though, so he just moved into the room as if nothing was wrong, changing into more comfortable clothes as he said, “I know it’s early, but I’m tired, Jagi. Mind if we call it a night?” He wasn’t exactly waiting for an answer, though, having already changed into his normal sleepwear and moving to lift you from the floor. It was easy enough to move you to the bed, and he let you lay across him as he rubbed your back, hoping that simple action would be enough to help you drift off.

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Jaw. Dropped. Yourwords au, the Resistance TORTURES???!!! ObiWan???!!! With that list of inflicted injury there must be a fair bit of internal injury. Dehydration alone... plus infection in the gum line can lead to heart issues; maybe a systemic sepsis, either blood or bone, from the hatchet jobs on the limbs... And flushing a long term Force suppressant out of the body, Vader had better be there when the Force rush hits... Poor ObiWan!!!! help him please!!!

Waking up is a slow and numb experience.

He doesn’t expect to be alive but he is as he opens his eyes to a sterile room, the hum of ships engine and smell of bacta in the air.

For a moment Obi-Wan wonders if everything has been a dream.

And then the black mask comes into view and he knows it wasn’t.

He wants to jerk away, to cry out but all that escapes him is a piteous little whimper as he desperately tries to crawl away to protect himself against someone he loved with all his broken, shattered heart.

Obi-Wan doesn’t have the energy to do anything more then to whimper despite wanting to do so much more.

And then a gloved hand touched his face gently. “Be calm Obi-Wan.”

The hiss is mechanical is not calming and obviously Vader realizes this as he reaches up and to Obi-Wan’s astounding, removes the helmet.

Obi-Wan expects…

He’s not sure what he expects.

But not what he is shown.

Its Anakin’s face.

A bald Anakin but still fully Anakin’s face, slightly pink with several burn like scars on his face. He even has some faint eyebrows!

The question must be plain on his face before Vader opens his mouth. “Countless surgeries, Sidious spared nothing to fix me.” He removed his right glove and showed him a flesh hand, one Obi-Wan is sure that he cut off that fateful day on Mustafar. “Cloned limbs.” He murmured before settling on the medical bedside.

He lifted his other hand and wiggled those fingers. “This one is still mechanical though, too old to be replaced.” He smiled bitterly.

Obi-Wan stared at him.

“…How drugged up am I?” He whispered out finally, voice rough and broken.

“Very. You’re in… you’re in a terrible condition Obi-Wan.” Vader reached out and brushed his ungloved fingertips over Obi-Wan’s cheek, feeling the dirty beard against the skin.

Swallowing heavily, Obi-Wan felt tears start to roll from his remaining eye.

Watching him, Vader continued to gently brush his fingertips over the skin. “…Obi-Wan, the medic found rectal scarring… was that part of your torture?” He questioned carefully, wanted to know how bad the Rebellion really was.

Obi-Wan swallowed then gave a little shake. “No, not…sanctioned at least… there are scum on every side and I couldn’t…fight it…” He sighed and swallowed heavily. “What’s gonna happen to me?” He cracked out.

“You’re not exactly any kind of threat right now.” Vader offered dryly. “You’re coming home with me and I’ll see to your recovery.”

The redhead stared up at him. “…I thought you hated me.” He whispered, his voice a statement.

Resting his hand on the others cheek, Vader sighed. “…Its hard to hate someone in this state and there’s a fine line between love and hate.”

The two stared at each other.

Vader’s eyes flashed a bit. “Beside… you wouldn’t betray me to them… how can I not repay the favor?”

“And Sidious?”

“Can suck my burnt cock if he has anything to say.”

Obi-Wan couldn’t help it, he let out a gasp of a laugh that quickly turned to tears.

Vader let him cry, not for the first time wondering how everything went so wrong.

Grateful Attack
  • *Sonic watches Saitama walk out of a store across the street and lean down offering his hand to a cat before it runs off*
  • Saitama: *sighs and hangs his head*
  • Sonic: ....
  • ---------------
  • *The next day Saitama and Genos walk down the street as Sonic leaps onto their path*
  • Sonic: Ha! Hero Saitama! You found me!
  • Saitama: Eh? I wasn't looking for y-
  • Sonic: Luckily for you I don't have time for a useless fight with you and your tin can right now. Until we can really battle, hero! *chucks a ball towards Saitama*
  • Saitama: *Catches it* What the- *The ball explodes into a dust cloud* Ah!
  • Genos: Sensei! *Scowls at Sonic*
  • Saitama: GENOS!
  • Genos: !!! *turns back around as Saitama stares up at him with eyes full of wonder, several neighborhood cats rubbing up against the hero purring*
  • Saitama: LOOK! Look at all of them! THEY'RE LETTING ME PET THEM! *pets one of the cats as it purrs*
  • Genos: *holds his hand out as small leaf flakes fall in his hand from the cloud. Sniffs it lightly* It's...cat nip. *Looks back at Sonic*
  • Sonic: ....
  • Genos: ....*Nods*
  • Sonic: ...*nods before disappearing*
  • Saitama: THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER! *Lays on the ground as the cats climb on him* Genos! Look! This one has a funny spot on it!
  • Genos: *Smiles*
Block B Reaction: When you say that they're your ideal type in an interview

Taeil: “Wait… what did she just… Did she…?” *Can’t believe his ears*

B-Bomb: *Accepts, wondering if he should pursue this*

Jaehyo: “Of course I am - just look at me.” *Mostly joking, but gets beat up anyway*

U-Kwon: *Laughs, fanboying, flustered and unsure what else to do*

Kyung: “So, I’m your ideal type, hm~?” *Calls you after he finishes watching the show*

Zico: *Shocked, staring with his jaw dropped* “Hyungs, did you hear that? I’m her ideal type! *Proceeds to brag after regaining his composure*

P.O: "M-me? Really!?” *Excited makane is excited*


That wasn’t the Jaehyo GIF I wanted. I wanted the one where everyone throws like paper or something at it. I looked extensively, but I eventually grew too lazy to finish my quest so I took what I had and turned back. *nodnod*

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Hi Harrie! I love your blog, it's really helpful. I was wondering if you have any tips on drawing a character looking at the audience? My characters tend to look kind of... unhinged when they're staring at the reader. But what can I do, I like breaking the fourth wall haha

Here’s a very tiny excerpt from Tracy JB’s tutorial on expressions (http://tracyjb.deviantart.com/art/Lackadaisy-Expressions-193978013)

Most likely what’s up is your character’s eyes look unfocused!