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Someone told Yuri: “if you put your sunglasses on, you can stare at whatever you like on the sly”… but he did not understand it the right way… 😂😂😂

I had to be coding for my web developing class, not drawing funny situations with my OTP… but it was worth it. I need a break sometimes~

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 Changes beget Choices

March 1998

An attempt at distancing Eric…

“It took two months for the Diversion program to begin. In the meantime, Tom and I worked together to tighten the reins at home. We created a curfew schedule, limited Dylan’s social activities, took away his computer keyboard, and restricted his driving privileges. We searched his room regularly, and told him he could not spend any free time with Eric. He was expected to spend time with us, and to be cooperative when he did. Work and his participation in plays at the school were constructive influences, and he would continue to be able to do those things.

Dylan did make efforts to extricate himself from the relationship with Eric. My guilt about this, in particular, fills me with despair. After the two boys got into trouble in their junior year, Dylan made an attempt to distance himself, and he asked for my help. We developed an internal shorthand: If Eric called to ask Dylan to do something, he’d say, “Let me ask my mom,” and shake his head at me. I’d say, loudly enough to be heard on the other end of the line, “I’m sorry, but you can’t go out tonight, Dylan. You promised you’d clean your room/do your homework/join us for dinner.”

At the time, I was simply happy that Dylan wanted distance. I had told both my sons they always use me as an excuse in an emergency. I was thinking particularly of drinking and driving, but I meant any unsafe situation. So I was pleased, not only that Dylan had taken me up on my long-standing offer, but that he’d found a way to separate from his friend without hurting Eric’s feelings.

After I saw the dynamic between Eric and Dylan on the Basement Tapes, I found myself revisiting this episode in a new light. If Dylan didn’t want to go out with Zack or Nate or Robyn or any of his other friends, he simply told them so: “Nah, I can’t this weekend. I need to write this paper.” Only with Eric did he need me to bail him out. I never wondered about that or thought to ask Dylan: “Why can’t you just say no?” Asking for my help seemed like a sign of his good judgment, but afterward I realized that it was a portent of something much more disturbing. It was a sign I had missed until it was too late..”  
- Sue Klebold

Summer  1997 and 1998

Zack distancing Dylan - Dylan aligning with Eric - Eric distancing Zack

“The Subject stated that during that summer (’97), he (Zack Heckler) had met a girl identified as Devon and that ht two of them spent a lot of time together.  The subject stated that he went to Pennsylvania for two weeks during this summer and that during that time, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had built their first pipe bomb.

The subject stated that this past summer, 1998, Eric Harris really didn’t like him for some unknown reason, but the subject stated that he was still good friends with Dylan Klebold.”  - Zack Heckler from the 11k

June 1998
    Dylan writes…

i think i don’t care

Forever fate, up & down spiral

1.5 human years … so much changed in small time, my
friends (at my choice) are depleting & collapsing under
each other (Eric & redacted (Zack) ) like I thought they would,
I am ready to be with [redacted]  The ups & downs
of fate are forever, good & bad equal me.   
the lost highway, downward spiral never end. existence
is like infinity times itself.

..the dynamic is solidified; the wheels are set in motion……

User guide to your INFJ

Your INFJ comes with: 

  • One (1) crystal ball 
  • One (1) social mirror
  • Five hundred (500) calendars 
  • Unlimited stock of fears and worries 


Ni: This feature makes the INFJ able to think of any consequence of their action, making them seem psychic. Ni also leads to sudden realizations. 

Fe: This feature makes the othervwise socially awkward INFJ able to socialize by mimicing the features of their interlocutor. Fe does sometimes fail. When this happens make sure the INFJ doesnt start digging a hole for themself to live in.

Ti: This feature makes the INFJ able to overanalyse the crap out of people, pay too much attention to insignificant detail and read too much into said detail. 

Se: This feature is the INFJs appendix. You should might consider to have this feature removed, as it causes the INFJ to occasionally overeat, oversleep, binge drink etc. Call the service number for advice if this is wanted.


The INFJ may forget to eat, and they may overeat. When your INFJ haven eaten in a long time, suggest that they should eat something. They will appreciate this and take it as a sign of care. However, do not speak about their overeating. EVER.

Your INFJ will (usually) make sure to get enough sleep. The exception is if they are in a particularly stressful period. In such periods they might end up pulling all-nighters, or they might just sleep to avoid the stressful problem. 

Your INFJ will have an ok hygiene. This is because of their fair of smelling or in other ways making themselves look bad to other people. With some INFJs this will comepletely change if they are alone for the day. They might forget that brushing their teeth is even a thing. 

If the INFJ is put under too much pressure and get stressed, the INFJ might:
a) become emotionally cold, forget essential needs and become too focused on work.
b) overindulge in certain activities, like watching a lot of TV, overeating, binge drinking etc. 

Other needs:
Your INFJ will need hugs and words of affirmation. However, they will usually not initiate it or ask for it. As much as they hate to admit it, they also need advice sometimes. If your INFJ seems to be having troubles with opening up, you can always give them some alcohol. NB: your drunk INFJ may just end up handing you all the drinks. This is because they fear being the drunkest one at the party. 

Relationships with other units:

NTs: Your INFJ might feel intimidated by the xNTJs, but usually love the company of xNTPs. 

NFs: In interaction with other xNFJs, the INFJ and the other unit will usually just mirror each others behaviour, opinions and feelings. It usually works out fine. In company with certain NFPs the INFJ will sometimes feel scared to voice an opinon. With other NFPs this isnt an issue at all. 

SPs: The INFJ will usually get along ok with the SPs, but might get tired of their need for adrenaline, as this will tire out the INFJs Ni. 

SJs: Your INFJ will usually get along great with xSFJs. The xSTJs, like the xNTJs, might intimidate the INFJ. 


There seems to be a problem with my INFJ’s speech, how can i fix this?
Theres nothing wrong with your INFJ. Not being able to speak properly is one of the INFJ’s “charming” characteristics. You can however give the INFJ something to write on, and they will comminicate like a poet. 

Why is my INFJ so emo? 
e are trying to fix this problem, but have not found a cause yet. When this is fixed, there will be a softwere update available. 

My INFJ is being really socially awkward and asking me weird and boring questions, what should i do?
Nothing. The INFJ will usually be very stressed out when talking to new people. This will get better as your INFJ feels more comfortable around you. 

My INFJ is just like me, does this mean i am an INFJ myself?
Nah bro, they want you to think you’re alike. 

Can my INFJ read minds?
What no ofc not huh hehehe ehm hehe….. 

My INFJ knows things about me haven’t told it. Has it developed AI?
We are aware of this feature in the INFJ, but can’t offer any answer to how they do it. 

My INFJ has been sitting in the corner of their room staring into the air for three days. What should i do?
In this situation you have a few possible solutions:
a) Let your INFJ sit there. They will get back to normal in not too long… (hopefully)
b) Give your INFJ chocolate and hugs .
c) introduce your INFJ to an ENTP. The INFJ will hopefully get so distracted from their thoughts that they forget all about them.
d) try turning your INFJ off and on again. 


(Requested by Anon)

You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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Fremione! "I can't believe you talked me into this"

Everything was ready. The plan was flawless and they’d been going over it for weeks. Today was the day, today it was finally going to happen.

And then, hopefully, George would shut his big fat mouth.

Fred’s face couldn’t help but contort into a blissful grin as he envisioned a future where his brother and Angelina finally got together, meaning that Fred finally got to go ten seconds without hearing his twin talking about how amazing Angelina was or having him ask Fred if he too had noticed the confidence she carried now as their team captain.

Ugh …

Instead, Fred held out hope that the two of them getting together would mean less talk and more snog, strange as that might sound. But if it was for the greater good! Even Lee, who never shied away from expressing admiration for any lady, was growing tired of the rambles of a lovesick idiot.

It was near Christmas and mistletoes existed in abundance, but the one Fred had designed was engineered to nail down anyone who stepped underneath and wouldn’t let go until they’d kissed properly—as in none of that friendly peck on the cheeks nonsense. There would be no room for misinterpretation. All that remained was for Lee to steer the lovebirds to stand beneath the archway on the fourth floor. It was secluded and quite romantic with its view of the snow-covered grounds and the looming sunset. It was the perfect setting for his plan …


Fred startled, flying up from his crouched position where he’d been peeking around the corner to where the archway was, and turned around meeting Hermione Granger’s suspicious gaze. She raised an eyebrow. “What are you up to?”

Recovering from the surprise, Fred plastered on the most innocent smile available in his repertoire. “Hermione,” he said, “good evening.”

She wasn’t fooled and crossed her arms, making her robes move and call attention to the shining Prefect badge on her chest. “What are you up to?”

“I—“ There was a tingling sensation and Fred stopped in horror. He looked to the side, with Hermione following his move, and as he’d predicted, there was his brother. But he wasn’t alone.

“Angelina?” Hermione’s frown from before let up and was replaced with a look of surprise. “I thought you were on your way to the Quidditch pitch?”

Angelina grimaced. Fred could hear the gears in Hermione’s brain working next to him, attempting to discern the cause of Angelina’s guilt-ridden face.

Fred addressed his brother, “George, tell me you didn’t do what I think you did.”

George—who unlike Angelina bore no signs of feeling bad—smirked. “I did nothing that you hadn’t already planned on doing to me, Freddie.”

“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” grumbled Angelina as the twins were fighting a battle with their eyes. “I’m so sorry, Hermione.”

Hermione’s eyes bulged. “What? What is happening, Angelina? Why can’t I move?”

Fred broke away from glaring at his brother and pointed up, sighing, “Mistletoe.”

Hermione groaned. “Merlin …”

“Now, we’re merciful enough to not gather you an audience, but hopefully this’ll remind you to not meddle,” said George, catching Fred’s attention again.


Fred ignored Hermione’s questioning eyes, knowing that she wanted to know how much he was to blame for their situation. He instead busied himself shouting obscenities at his brother, who did nothing but wave unconcernedly whilst walking away, Angelina trailing behind him and sending a last ‘sorry’ Hermione’s way.  

Once they were around the corner and out of sight, Fred stopped his shouting but continued cursing his twin in his mind. If they had the connection everyone always claimed they had, then George would be hearing him loud and clear.

“What do we do now?” Hermione asked after a moment of silence.

“There’s nothing to do,” admitted Fred, facing her at last. “This thing isn’t going to let up until we’ve done as told.”

“I can’t believe someone with your genius didn’t build in a failsafe.”

“Failsafe?” asked Fred, hint of a smile growing wider, “And excuse me, did you say genius?”

Hermione ignored him, “Failsafe, as in a code word in case you wanted to abort the mission.”

“Why would I want to do that?”

“Oh, I don’t know—perhaps for situations like this one!”

Fred grinned, “You know, we could really use brains like yours developing products.”

Hermione rolled her eyes, which did nothing to hide the fact that the flattery had got to her, “This is not the time to try and recruit me. Honestly, what are we going to do?”

Fred took some time to think, going over the various precautions he’d taken to ensure that whoever ended up beneath the mistletoe wouldn’t be able to get out. There really was nothing else to do but … He swallowed at the thought. This was not how he’d imagined this would go. He’d built up this image of what he was going to do for so long now that the fact that reality had caught up with him made him question everything. Surely, Hermione couldn’t be looking at him with those gorgeous and clever brown eyes of hers, asking him for a solution. Surely, she wasn’t standing so close that he could feel the warmth of her against his front (he forgot that this was because of the gravitation spell he’d cast on the mistletoe) and that he could count the freckles on her nose that were infinitely fewer than his. Surely, she wasn’t there for him to kiss. It was insane. It was preposterous. But somehow, it was reality.

Hermione spoke then, her eyes taking on an amused glint, “I think this is the first time I’ve seen you speechless.”

Fred couldn’t help it, he chuckled. “You do have that effect on me.” He summoned some courage and willed his hand to move a lock of hair behind her ear.

To his delight, a furious blush appeared on the witch’s face. “I …erm, that is …”

“Look,” said Fred, “there really only is one way to get away from this mistletoe and …I’m  afraid that—“

“Fred, I’d rather give you a small kiss than stand here any longer, so perhaps we should just get it over with.” Hermione’s face remained red, but she looked determined. Fred felt sorry as soon as he told her it wouldn’t be that easy, and watched her determination faltered.

“Bloody hell, I need to build one of those failsafes next time.”

Hermione bit her lip and nodded in agreement. “All right, we should …we should just go ahead. And do it. I mean, do the kissing. That.”

Fred let out a long breath. “All right. Try to not fall in love with me after this, Granger,” he added with a wink to cover up how nervous he was.

To his surprise this made Hermione’s eyes widen in horror. Something inside Fred stirred at the look. “Granger?” he asked. “…Hermione?”

“I …” Hermione avoided looking at him now. She shook her head. “Nevermind, it’s nothing. Let’s just do this and you can leave to do your pranks.”

Something wasn’t quite right, but before Fred could ask what was wrong, Hermione had grabbed him by his tie and crushed her lips against him.

At first, there was surprise. Then, amazement at the feel of her soft mouth caressing his and the way her body molded itself against him, making him clutch her tighter at the waist with one hand and tangling into her hair with the other. And after that, Fred’s sense made a slow return and he noticed the desperation emanating from the girl he was kissing. The only girl he’d wanted to kiss for months now. But somehow, he didn’t think she knew that. So he made sure she knew.

Hermione made a startled noise as his kiss deepened, but he could feel confusion gradually replace the emotions from before. After a while, the two of them broke apart gasping for air and Hermione’s eyes searched frantically over his face.

“Fred,” she asked, her eyebrows pulling close together, “are you …?”

“Yes,” he said, determined to meet her uncertain gaze as steadily as he could. “For a long time now.”

“Bloody hell,” she breathed. And then she pulled him close again, neither of them noticing that the mistletoe above them had burst into colours before disappearing.


“It’s worse than I imagined,” Lee groaned, watching Fred and Hermione. He righted himself and looked back at Angelina and George standing next to him behind the wall. “But hopefully this’ll put a stop to his ramblings, the lovesick idiot that he is.”

Wing-woman ( Jason Todd x Reader )

A/N : I have been watching way too much ‘How I Met Your Mother’ recently and this story is a little inspired by it. I also stayed up way too late writing this so it’s a beautifully horrible mixture of bad jokes and my tired brain, I really don’t know what it is, but it’s something. EnJoYyy.

Word Count : 1204


It was a Friday night and as usual it was Jason’s one night off and the pair of you had gone out. Not in a date way, in fact quite the contrary. You were Jason’s wing-man or wing-woman, not to be confused with nightwing or batwing…man, you could really go from wings right now. Anywho it had become a tradition almost. For years you had helped Jason pick up women. It was not always a one night stand thing, in fact most of the few long term relationships he had were thanks to you.

“I ordered us some chicken!” you announced making your way over to Jason at the booth with two beers in hand, “So master of romance what is the game plan for this evening ?”.

Jason seemed a little dazed, you knew he had a rougher then usual week and he just cracked open a massive case but you were determined to ease him out of his miserable state and get him a little action.

“Hmm…oh yeah. Right…how about we just go for the usual ?” he droned.

“Jay ! get your head in the game, we can’t have you looking all forlorn !” you jabbed his shoulder, in a failed attempt to wake him up for his trance of boringness.

“Chics love the forlorn look, tell them my dog died or something” he smirked, rolling his eyes at you and your scheming.

“That’s the spirit !” you cheered, bolting out of your seat choosing your target. You spotted a girl at the back wearing the most fantastic gold heels you had ever seen. “Locked a loaded” you said, subtly moving your eyes to the girl so Jason got the hint. He just replied with a snarky thumbs up ,obviously unenthused by the idea.

You wandered up to the girl preparing exactly what you were going to say. You ‘accidently’ bumped into her on your way to ‘the bar’.

“Oh my god!-Oh sorry” she frantically apologized.

“Oh no problem at all, I was just on my way to get some drinks for me and my friend- and oh my god I love your shoes” you said with the cheesiest, fakest grin on your face.

“Oh thanks, I got them on sale, don’t tell anyone” she giggled.

“So are you here with anyone tonight ?” you asked with particular glee.

“I met up with a couple of friends earlier but they all left, there’s not much point of me leaving I am catching a bus home and it only comes every hour” she smiled.

“No way !, you should totally come sit with my friend Jason and I over there” you pointed out Jason. He waved at the two of you.

She peered at him, before turning back to you with a pouty face “he looks so sad-is he alright ?” the girl with the golden shoes asked, she probably would not be half as concerned for his well being if Jason was not so damn attractive.

You breathed in “Oh, he is fine. It’s just” you paused for a second to ‘recollect your thoughts’ “his dog just died” you looked to the ground and pushed a strand of hair behind your ear “you should go over and talked to him, he could really use all the support he can get at the moment” you said before skillfully adding in “your just his type too”.

She almost dived over to where you and Jason had decided to sit as you giggled and walked to get drinks for the group.

“300 points for slytherin-to your pants” you announced under your breath continuing to laugh at yourself.


Jason looked over at you as you gave him a thumbs up whilsts you mouthed something clearly unintelligent and unknown to him. In perfect time the girl who you had picked had shown up at the table and before you could get a word in she started talking.

“The girl over there talked to me and said that you just lost your dog and I know what the two of you are getting at, I am sure we could find a hotel not so far away from here and maybe figure somethi-” She said uncomfortably flirtily. His eyes winded at the pure bluntness before he interrupted

“Hey, I am sure your a nice and…uh…proficient girl but not matter what (Y/N) says I am not really looking for that right now” he confessed somewhat apologetically, if you even can be in that situation.

“Oh-uh-okay then-sorry-I shoul-” she picked up her bag and walked out the door of the bar. Whilst you came back to the seating arrangement with a very concerned look on your face.

“Uh-Jay?, what just happened” you raised an eyebrow

“It must have been something I said” he brushed his fingers through his perfectly knotted brunette hair, “It’s fine anyway, maybe it’s time for us to grow up”.

“Grow up Jason ?? we are in our twenties this is what life’s all about” you pounded your fist on the table theatrically to mark the end of your sentence. Jason just laughed at your painful dramaticness.

There was chemistry between the two of you and there always had been. It was something you just did not address. Of course other people would but you tended to ignore it. Though in more recent times Jason had maybe for the worse become slightly more aware of said chemistry than yourself and developed feelings. It was a now or never situation for the boy.

“Not for everyone (Y/N)…I found a that girl I really like”, this was when your whole mood changed from frustrated to all giddy and excited.

“OH MY GOD ! JASON ! why have you not told me this before, this is so exciting. Whats her name ? where does she work, does she have facebook ?” you continued question on top of question until Jason answered all with one simple statement.

“I don’t know why don’t you tell me ?”  for a second and a half he had the smuggest look on his face bathing in the smoothness of his phrase, that smug looked quickly turned into a look of fear as he waited for a response.

It took you a couple seconds to process what he had just said before responding perfectly with “I heard she has a great facebook page”. The two of you shared a warm fuzzy feeling that folks like yourselves don’t get very often you moved over to give him a hug.

“So- how’s next Friday and none of your scheming. It’s just us now” he said

You had to think about it for a little. It was weird, one of those things that only works in spontaneity. It was a lovely feeling but you could not deny you had unreviewed feelings for your friend and now it was out of the bag you most definitely would not mind looking into it.

“Sounds great !” your voice was muffled in his chest and you shot up a thumb of approval before smiling at him “I knew you had a crush on me” you teased at him, you mostly defiantly did not know he had a crush on you.

He just laughed and pulled you closer. 

Shame/Less 3/7

New part

The beeping got to you first.

           “Five more minutes,” you muttered groggily, and reached over to turn off your alarm. Instead of that, though, you hit the base of a lamp and sent it toppling.



           You blinked, realized where you were, and focused on Wanda, who was sitting by your hospital bed and smiling. “…Ow.”

           “I know,” Wanda told you sympathetically. “Tony, Bruce, and Dr. Cho flushed all of the pills out of your system.”

           A wave of horror crashed through you, and before you thought about it, you attempted to sit up. The consequence was an unbelievable throb of pain throughout your entire body, and you collapsed back onto the mattress, breathless.

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A/N: Yet another supernatural Imagine that just came to me out of complete boredom XD Happy Valentines day to my American friends!

Pairings: Dean x reader

Summary: Y/N has been hunting with the boys ever since she met Sam after the death of her friend Jess. However over the years, while Sam looked at her like a best friend, Dean developed more romantic feelings towards her.  Now those feelings come to light, although not in the way he anticipated

Warnings: Some foul language


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It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to a simple salt and burn and be home in time for Game of thrones. That was the plan after all.

Thats how it was supposed to go. However, the witch had other plans for you and the Winchester brothers

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Cisco Ramon Headcanon

. You and Cisco have been friends since freshman year

. Your dad is a mechanic so you know a thing or two about cars

. You noticed that Cisco had no friends so you decided to talk to him 

. You guys became close and talked about EVERYTHANG

. Cisco obviously had feelings for you, but it wasn’t until sophomore year you developed feelings for him too

. You ignored these feelings because you didn’t want to lose what you guys had 

. Both of you went to the same uni

. He was studying for mechanical engineering and you were studying for electrical/ electronic engineering

.  You found work before he did, your dear friend Felicity Smoak landed you a job at Mercury Labs (’cus she got connections i guess) 

. You wanted to work at Star Labs, I mean why not? But you told Cisco about the job and he got it

. You guys drifted apart because of work and well, because of him and Allens situation 

. Cisco told you about barry and you helped the team out from time to time

. You lost your virginity to each other 

. When it comes on to sex you are the dominant one 

. Cisco goes crazy when you call him ‘papi’

. Instead of talking dirty he loves it when you speak spanish 
‘Bebe, te gusta eso?

. He gets hard, like real hard, hard like a rock

Sorry if this was shit….and if it killed your brain cells  Tell me if you want me to do another one. 

Klaus & Marcel - I Don’t Know Who To Choose.

Words Count: 1814

Warning: None


@my-little-wolfe said:

Can I have 2 and 13 with Marcel and Nik for your drabble please? Thank you in advance.

2) ‘Let go of me! You’re a monster’

13) ‘After all this time

You’re a very old vampire, you lost count after 489 years, and who knows how long ago that was. You were turned by Kol Mikaelson. Kol doesn’t turn that many people but you’re one of the lucky ones that he did. You were a witch before you were a vampire, but you had an illness that was incurable. Kol had grown to like you, as a friend that is, so he did the only thing that he could think of to help you, he turned you. At first you hated yourself and what you have become, but with time and Kol’s help you got used to it and you flourished in being a strong vampire.

In the 241 years that you stayed with Kol after that, you got to meet his family whenever you and Kol were in the same city they were in. All of his family. Will all but Finn that is. You got along well with Elijah and Rebekah very well. You found a friendship in them. Rebekah was quite glad to have a female friend that won’t age and die. Elijah and you enjoyed sophisticated talks about philosophers and what not (This bit is weird, sorry). Klaus however, you and Klaus were attracted to each other, you both never acted on your feelings and that attraction. Whenever you two were in the same room there was this sexual tension present. Everyone could feel it. Kol didn’t like it as he was afraid something would happen to you like all those who got close to Klaus.  

But after a few about 241 years you decided to travel on your own. Only when you heard that the Mikaelson family is in New Orleans did you go there. You longed to meet Kol(let’s pretend Jeremy didn’t kill him).

When you got to New Orleans you met Klaus before any of his other siblings, and he was with Marcel as well. Klaus was surprised to see you, and Marcel was bewitched by you. He found you quite interesting, but you payed them both no mind, you just wanted to see your best friend.

“Hello Niklaus.” You said as you walked up to the Klaus and the unknown man beside him.

“(Y/N)?” Klaus said surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“Nothing, just heard that a certain family moved back in here, and I decided to visit.”  You told him with a laugh. “And there was this Mikaelson brother that I miss.”

“Well love I always knew you’d come back for me.” Klaus said smirking, you returned the smirk and put a hand on his shoulder and got closer to him.

“Nice try, but no I’m looking for Kol.” You said and pulled back completely. Marcel then laughed, at what you just did and at Klaus’ face.

“I’m Marcel.” Marcel said extending his hand out for you to shake, you shock his hand and then looked at the two in front of you.

“Now where’s Kol?”

And that is the day it all started. Both Marcel and Klaus started fighting over you, trying to impress you and make you feel especial. Kol was amused as both of the old men acted as teenagers. You were taking full advantage of the situation. But you did think seriously about who you’d chose, for you have come to develop feelings for both of them.

“I don’t know Kol, they both have their good and bad.” You told Kol laying on his bed, as he got ready for the party that was going to happen down stairs, or had already began. You were all dolled up, but were in your robe, waiting for Kol to finish and you’d wear your dress then.

“Well you have an eternity to choose, and besides I find them quite entertaining.” You rolled your eyes and whined a ‘Kooool.’ “Okay, fine, to be honest, they both haven’t showed you their true selves, so I think you should see who they really are, and believe me only then would you be able to really choose.”

“And how do I make them show me who they truly are?” You asked Kol in interest.

“Don’t worry they’ll show themselves to you sooner or later.” Kol said, you then sat up and walked to Kol fixing his bow tie before walking to your dress, you quickly changed not worrying about Kol. He’s seen you in your underwear before. And besides you don’t see why women freak out when a man sees them in their underwear, when men see them in their bikinis. Anyways you quickly fixed your hair. “Here I’ll help you.”

Kol said and he zipped up your dress. “Come on then.”

You both left Kol’s room and you descended the stairs with your hand in Kol’s. You both had a bit of attention, just the way you liked it. But once you were on the ground floor, you both went your separate ways. Soon you were joined but Klaus.

“You look lovely tonight.” Klaus said and you smiled.

“Why thank you Mr. Mikaelson.” You gave him a once over. “You clean up nice as well.”

You looked around the house that was full of supernatural creatures, and the few humans that knew about the supernatural. The thing that you noticed however is that not a lot of witches are in New Orleans or at least you haven’t seen a lot. You still preferred witches to any supernatural creature.

“Klaus?” You decided to ask Klaus.

“Yes?” Before you could ask however you were interrupted.

“Could I have this dance?” Marcel asked from beside you. You gave Klaus a last look before you took Marcel’s hand. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you Marcel, you look handsome.” You told him and smiled as you both danced, Marcel pulled you close slightly.

“I don’t understand how you and Kol get along.” Marcel said confused, as he caught Kol’s eyes, who gave him a warning look, that basically mean hurt her and you’re dead.

“Well Kol did save my life.” You told Marcel. “I was friends with Kol when I got ill and there was no cure, so he did the only thing he could to save me, and unlike the many he turned, he stayed to teach me the way of being a vampire. He made sure I was okay with the turn. Mind you I never dreamed of being a vampire, in all of my existence.”

“You were human before you turned, right?” Marcel asked frowning.

“No-.” You were cut of as the music stopped. You let go of Marcel and frowned. A few women and men appeared from the crowed. All looking at you.

“You’re (Y/F/N) right?” The woman in the middle asked.

“Yes, who are you?” You asked her confused, as Kol, Klaus and Marcel stood y you, Elijah and Rebekah not far.

“We’re the witches of New Orleans.” She said and you smiled, you tried taking a step forward but Marcel hed your hand to stop you. You glared at him.

“What are you doing Marcel? Let go of me.” You demanded.

“(Y/N) they’re not safe, don’t go near them?” Marcel said glaring at the witches.

“Marcel let (Y/N) go.” Kol said glaring at Marcel too.

“Let her go? Kol you knew what they did. You know what happened to Davina.” Marcel said.

“You don’t know.” The woman stated her eyebrows creasing slightly. “Marcel foreboded the witches of New Orleans to do magic, and he killed our elders when we were preforming the harvest ritual.”

You were shocked from what you just heard.

Let go of me! you’re a monster!” You screamed and ripped your hand from Marcel’s hand. “How could you do that?”

“How could I they were killing young girls, for the rest of the coven to have power!” Marcel shouted back at you.

“Marcel! I AM A HARVEST GIRL!” You could’ve heard a pin drop. “I was a witch before Kol turned me, and my coven only got their power because of the harvest ritual, the harvest girls come back alive, stronger and wiser than the rest of the coven. And you forebode them from doing magic? How could you do that? Witches that depend on ancestral magic cant up and leave, they’d lose their powers.”

“Look (y/n) I-.” “You nothing, Marcel don’t talk to me, don’t come near me, don’t even think about me.”

With that you left with the witches. You couldn’t believe what Marcel has done, and all the Mikaelsons knew and no one thought that you should know.

“You’re dead mate.” Kol said and snapped Marcel’s neck.

“Kol!” Rebekah screamed.

“What? He deserved this.” Kol said angrily. “And now (Y/N) won’t talk to any of us! And it’s his fault.”

With that Kol was gone, Klaus then was gone as well and he followed you. It took him a while but he found you in the end, you were with the witches.

“(Y/N) I need to talk to you.” Klaus said making his presence known.

“I don’t want to talk Klaus.”

“Just give me a minute.” Klaus said and you sighed when you saw the desperation in his eyes. You followed him to a more secluded area and leaned against a wall as you watched Klaus closely. “(Y/N) you must understand that I care about you, and I haven’t killed a witch since the day I met you. I would never hurt you intentionally.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about Marcel?” You asked him.

“I knew that he fancied you as well and I didn’t want you to think that I just used that information to make you choose me.” Klaus said.

“After all this time you still don’t get it Klaus.”

“Get what?”

“Klaus I’m not an object you and Marcel can fight over.” You said shaking your head. “I can choose who to be with and I would never be with either of you, yes it was cute and nice to have you both fight over me for a while, but I’m over your little teenage behavior. Once I make sure the witches of New Orleans are okay, I’m leaving New Orleans.”

“No (Y/N) wait! You can’t leave.” Klaus said blocking your way.

“Why not? Klaus I can’t be here.” You told him before calming down. “If you really care about me, you’d let me go Klaus, and who knows we may meet again, after all we’re immortals.”

Klaus watched you go, out of his life once again. You did leave New Orleans after two weeks. You left with Kol, who stayed with you for a long time, he’d leave and visit his family every once and a while but most of the time you two traveled alone. Both having great friendship yet missing the person who’ll complete your lives. But you were okay with is. For now at lease, and who knew. You both had forever after all.

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Judal vs Kougyoku?

Hey guys! I’m here with one hell random of a theory, maybe influenced by the absolute desire of seeing Kougyoku fighting in the final arc :’) just be patient with me and my JuKou feels

Here we are: I think Kougyoku might join the battle in the Baal Dungeon to help Sinbad - of course ‘cause she’s controlled lol - and fight Judal. Why?

1. I have this thought Sinbad won’t be alone in each dungeon, he’ll bring his mind controlled allies to help him. This could totally make the final battles even more epic and make things even more harder for our poor heroes…

2. Why should Kougyoku appear in Baal’s dungeon? Probably because Baal is the djinn most suitable with Vinea’s powers - I mean, water and lightnings go pretty well togheter. 

3. A fight between Judal and Kougyoku will be very good for both characters’ development (in particular Judal’s): they’re very good friends, they grew up togheter and will be interesting to see how Judal deals with it. Also, Kougyoku’s strongest fear is to hurt the ones she loves so, yeah, this coul bring a really good (and further!) character development to her too: we could see her trying to fight Sinbad’s control from the inside and I think it could be interesting.

4. Parallelism. Do you remember that time in Sindria, when Judal told Kougyoku to return home with him and she choose to remain with Sinbad? 

This time situation would be the same but overturned… And it would be great to see her choosing the right hand this time x’D

5. I need JuKou feels. What do you mean by “this isn’t a valid reason”??

Sooo… I’m curious! What are your thoughts about it? ^^

Proof That Dipper Pines Has a Girlfriend

Guess who finally got around to writing that fic mxxymx suggested?

Read on Ao3

After hearing that Dipper’s classmates don’t believe that he actually has a girlfriend back in Gravity Falls, Pacifica decides to prove her existence to them all.

Dipper had gotten used to bullies and people teasing him as he grew up, since it had been happening for literally as long as he could remember.  He’d always been the strange, sweaty, paranoid kid who was a social pariah to the general population.  Just because he was used to it, though, didn’t mean that his twin sister was going to just sit back and allow it to happen.  Not without a fight, that is.  No matter how many times Dipper asked her to leave it alone, Mabel was always ready to charge in and defend his honor if need be.  It just so happened that this was one of those such events.

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Tumblr-Girl (Part 5)

Tumblr – Girl (series)

Part 1
Part 4
Part 6


Pairing: Misha Collins x reader
Summary: you made a new friend, didn’t you?
Word Count: 2.080
Warnings: panic attack, angst, depression, mental illness, self doubt


thanks soooo much to @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki​ for beta-reading so fast, so that I can throw it out for you guys even faster. 

Also I wanted to thank y’all for sticking around (it took a while writing this one) and giving me so much strenght with your comments! I really had some hard days, but your appreciation helped me a lot! Love you guys! 

Now enjoy chapter 5!

Your POV

Some time passed, a few days, maybe a week, the medication you got stood untouched on the sink in your bathroom, your arm hurt awfully, but you couldn’t get yourself to take the painkillers. You had some more talks with Dr. Richard; he was nice, he seemed like he cared about you. You found out he was just a few years older than you, he lived alone, a bit outside the city. Every time you met him you both continued your question-answer game, it never was boring, you got to know him better and your relationship turned. Dr Richards was no longer Dr Richards to you, but now Jacob, and you often met with Jacob for some coffee, lunch or even for a drink in the evening together. He became a very good friend and you found yourself telling him things that you would normally tell Dmitri. However you still didn’t feel that comfortable to tell him everything about you, so you weren’t as honest with the Doctor as you were with your your Tumblr friend. ,

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Unanswered Questions - Part 4

Note: A couple of people have asked to be put onto a tag list for this fic so one is now open. If you would like to be added to it then send a message my way to let me know! :)

Peter Pan/Felix x Reader

Words: 1400

Warnings: None

Originally posted by livingstills

This guy was insane. That had to be it. This island was currently being enveloped in some invisible substance and it was warping the minds of everyone inhabiting it….it would certainly explain their strange choice in attire and the whole ‘Lord of the Flies’ vibe I was getting here.

But then I remembered that I had witnessed Pan’s magic with my own eyes…did that mean I was affected too? As soon as that thought crossed my mind I quickly raised my hand u[p to my face and covered both my mouth and my nose as best as I could. Not the easiest thing to do when you still needed to breathe but what choice did I have?

The tall blonde that I now knew to be called Felix raised a quizzical brow at me once I had done that and looked at me as though I was crazy.

“[y/n] what are you doing?”

“I am try-“ My voice was far too muffled to understand thanks to my hand and so I removed it rather hesitantly so that he was able to hear what I had tried to say. “I am trying to protect myself from the gas.”

Apparently my explanation didn’t do much for Felix’s confusion because his facial expression didn’t change at all. If anything it only confirmed to him even more that I was beginning to lose my marbles.

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bamerk-art  asked:

Oolaa! Só queria fazer um cumprimento em portugues porque fiquei feliz demais quando vi que você é brasileira haha Mas vou fazer a pergunta em ingles porque a maioria dos seus segudores não falam pt acredito eu.. So.. I was just wondering if you ever gone to an art school (uni or a course)? And do you think it's worth it?

Olá e muito obrigada!! :D

Vou responder em inglês então! 

Yes, I went to art school (uni). It was so valueble. The lessons I’ve learned and the advices from teacher helped me to find out who I am as an artist. Helped me to find focus to draw everyday - and made me realise that sketches defines my personality as an artist. There are ups and downs to every situation. Not everyone can afford going to art school. So I believe being an artist is all on you, not school or teacher. If I was told to draw 10 sketches, I did 50 and that was the thing that made a difference, that helped to keep improving every year and being recognized by teachers. Developing my digital painting and drawing skills are all about constant practice outside school (and gumroad tutorials :D) because I simply love making art. Working, hobby, all of it. I can’t see it only as a profession - it’s literally my life.

anonymous asked:

Have you watched season 4 recently? I'm in the middle of rewatching it. It's really hard to watch that Piper, esp after watching season 5 Piper. But I'm up to ep 9 now, so it's the beginning of the good Piper again. Anyway, have you written anything to understand that version of Piper and her turn around after the branding?

I think I did maybe. I can’t remember but just in case:

Piper’s evil streak started back in season 3 and I personally think it was triggered. Basically what happened was Piper stopped giving a fuck. Why? because Piper has been spending the majority of her time trying to do good things and trying to be a good person with good intentions and every time she fails and people constantly tell her that she’s a bad person, that she’s a horrible person, that she is fucked up. The final straw was Alex. When Piper decided to confess and tell Alex the truth that she had been the reason Alex was back in prison, Alex went nuclear and called her a manipulative cunt. Piper was so hurt by what Alex said that when she lied awake in her bunk that night she couldn’t even repeat the words.

Piper struggles with a serious moral dilemma when it comes to lying and telling the truth that goes all the way back to her childhood. Her family lives the life of delusion: lie to keep everyone happy. That’s the Chapman way. As a kid she was punished by her mother shortly after telling her that her dad was cheating on her. Piper associates telling the truth with getting in trouble.

In the end Piper gives up because no matter how hard she tries she feels she can’t do anything right. She lies she gets in trouble, she tells the truth she gets in trouble despite her efforts to do good people call her a horrible person. Alex, the love of her life called her a manipulative cunt and I think that hurt the most coming from her. So Piper just says fine I give up. I’m done feeling guilty, I’m done trying. Thus evil Piper was born. They called her a monster and that’s what she became.

Now at the time Alex is dealing with the threat of someone coming into the prison and trying to kill her. She tells Piper this many times and Piper is hearing her but she’s not listening. She literally can’t believe Alex is in any real danger because that would mean acknowledging that it was her fault for putting Alex back in there with her which means feeling guilt. Piper is done feeling guilty right now.

Fast forward to season 4 in the cornfield. She and Alex have both reached their lowest points. Piper has been branded and Alex has committed murder and they both open up to each other about the fucked up shit that has been going on with them. Piper develops some self awareness on her situation and for the first time Piper is listening to Alex. Not just hearing her but really listening. And thank god for Tay’s acting because you can really see it in Piper’s face as she’s processing what Alex told her. You can almost see the thoughts: She was all on her own, she tried to tell me, I didn’t listen, I didn’t want to listen. Now she’s in pain. Alex is in pain.

She voices those words out loud in her bunk. “I can’t believe she did what she did, if I had known I would’ve done something. She’s in pain” That’s all she can think about. When she’s being re-branded she’s not even thinking about her own pain, she’s thinking about Alex’s pain. Afterward, Piper has officially made Alex her number 1 priority, dedicating herself to being there for her. This is why the marriage proposal was so important it represents permanence, it eliminates all insecurities of Piper possibly leaving again.

And I know people like to do the side by side gif sets of the girlfriend proposal and the marriage proposal but to be honest the more I think about the girlfriend proposal the more I like it less. Reasons being because the marriage proposal felt more honest. Piper’s girlfriend proposal, as cute and adorable as it was, just felt almost spiteful and like a slap in the face to her mom. And the way she told her mom was very immature she didn’t even say Alex’s name at the time. In season 5 Piper very maturely tells her mom that Alex is basically her new priority now and she is who she wants to be with. She’s afraid of dying because she wants to stick around for Alex. And she said her name. There’s no malice, just pure honesty. Piper has made a complete turn around. She wants to live for Alex.

Rant over. Also Alex Pearl Vause would like to subtly remind everyone that she is engaged lol.

anonymous asked:

I'm so scared we're gonna have to watch Arizona fall in love again :/ I was getting used to Minnick and their "relationship" I don't want to have to readjust 😩

See, I still don’t think we’ll watch Arizona fall in love again.

I think this year’s story line with Minnick was as serious as we’re going to get – we saw Arizona move on, be happy with someone, have some kind of monogamous/steady relationship with someone, fall in “like”. She proved to herself that she’s okay. She can be happy again. She’s “free” of Callie, for all intents and purposes – or at least as free as she’ll ever be. So I think we’ll see some kind of equivalent, but we’re not going to see another epic Callie/Arizona style love story.

I feel the same about Meredith with this whole Megan situation now. We saw Meredith move on this season, with great difficulty. We saw her be happy, start to develop a new relationship with someone she truly cared about. She also proved to herself that she’s okay post-McDreamy, and that she can be happy with someone else if she chooses to be. And who knows if Riggs will end up back together with Megan, or if he’ll come back to Meredith once the dust settles - but I think the story was told, you know? And again, I think Meredith/Arizona have a lot of parallels.

anonymous asked:

otayuri isnt a good ship one of them is literally a child and the other is an adult

Alrighty here we go. 

A. The age difference between the two of them at this point in time is literally between that of a sophomore and a senior in high school. Maybe a freshman and a senior if you really want to reach, which you know, shows up in television a lot, which, you know, has never been called out, but since you need an excuse to hate then well, go crazy. 

B. Since when did a 2.5 year age difference mean you can’t??? Talk??? to someone???? I certainly had friends in high school 2, 3, and more years older???

C. Being in a relationship does not mean having sex.

D. As I’ve been told time and time again, actually to my slight irritation because of how many times I’ve been told, the age of consent in Russia and Kazakstan is 16, which Yurio will be in March.

E. If you even bothered to look through my blog, which evidently you haven’t, that even despite all this evidence of it not being an issue, I, as an adult, am personally uncomfortable with shipping underage Yurio in a sexual situations and thus I headcanon that they move slow and develop a relationship/friendship first and wait until Yurio is older to move further. But that is a personal preference.

 Honestly, I doubt this will do anything to appease you since that’s how fandom mob mentality works but hey I guess I gave it a shot. If I get any other asks telling me not to ship Otayuri I’ll just respond with more Otayuri :)

Little Pink Plus Sign - Rose POV - Part 6/?

T…twins?” I heard myself say incredulously. Beside me, Dimitri’s breathy laugh sounded almost surreal.

Dr. Ashland nodded. “I can’t believe it either, but there they are.” He studied the screen for a moment before letting out a small sigh. “We won’t be sure if they’re identical or not until they’re born. Even then, we may not know right away.” He set everything down and turned to face us. “Your babies don’t share a placenta. That’s good. That means much fewer complications, and in your already high risk pregnancy, we don’t need any more complications added to the mix. This makes them dichorionic diamniotic, or DCDA.”

Removing his gloves, he explained, “All fraternal twins are DCDA, but there’s a 1/3 chance that identical twins will also be DCDA. Basically, if you have a girl and a boy in there, we’ll know for sure they’re fraternal. Otherwise, we’ll have to do blood tests and rely on physical features like eye and hair color to really know if your twins are fraternal or identical.”

Finally Dimitri spoke, “What do we need to do to lower our risks?”

The doctor smiled. “You’re going to have to make sure she doesn’t work, and that she takes those prenatal vitamins I gave her.”

“Done and done,” he smiled before taking my hand in his. “We’re having twins. Twins.”

“I’ll let you two have some time alone,” the doctor said before dismissing himself.

My cheeks grew warm, and my eyes clouded over with tears. “We get to have two babies. I didn’t fail.”

Dimitri pulled me into a hug and buried his face in my hair. “Roza, I love you so much.” Holding my head in his hands, he gently wiped away a tear that managed to escape. “You’re going to be the best mother.” Suddenly his face grew serious. “You heard the doctor. No more working. Can you do that?”

Laughing, I placed a hand on his cheek. “Yes, Mom. I can do that.”

“You be careful, Rosemarie. That tone of voice won’t fly in this house,” he joked.

Giggling, I kissed him softly, warmth making its way through my entire body. His hands found their way to my back and pulled me up into the kiss. I couldn’t help but feel butterflies which made it hard to breathe. I loved him so much.

After getting dressed, Dimitri and I decided to pay a visit to Liss and Christian to tell them the good news. As we left the doctor, I realized I hadn’t told Dimitri about their amazing news. It’s for the best, I decided. He should hear it from them.

“What’s with the smile?” he asked. “You look like you’re planning something.”

Shaking my head, I avoided his eyes. I knew that he’d see right through any lies I’d try to feed him, so instead I responded truthfully, “I’m just so happy.”

Putting his arm around my shoulders, he pulled me close to him and kissed the top of my head. “What do you think they’ll say?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know if Lissa told Christian.”

“Then he’s in for one hell of a surprise.” We took a few steps in silence before he added, “I’m sure she did. I mean if Lissa told you news that big, you’d tell me right?”

Shit. I mustered up all the confidence I had before answering. “I mean probably, but I don’t know…there’s something sort of special about hearing it straight from the source, don’t you think?”

Shrugging, he said, “I guess, but I know you, Rose. You’d be so excited. You couldn’t keep something like that from me. I’m willing to bet Lissa is the same.”

Chocking back laughter, I nodded. “You’re probably right.” Just you wait…, I added silently.

Smiling at the guardian posted at Lissa’s door, I knocked perhaps a bit too vivaciously. It took a bit of time, but eventually Lissa found her way to the door, her hair an absolute mess.

“Were you two making out?” I whispered, trying to tame her wild hair.

“Maybe just a little,” she giggled. “Christian, it’s Rose and Dimitri!” she called, no doubt warning him to put his clothes back on.

Christian emerged from the bedroom, his hair too, a mess. “You two have impeccable timing,” he said, sarcasm dripping from his every word. “To what do we owe this pleasure?”

I glanced at Lissa. The sly look on her face told me that Christian knew nothing about our pregnancy, although I’m sure she’d told him about theirs as we’d just interrupted their celebration.

“We should probably sit down,” Lissa suggested, smirking at me. “Can I offer anyone anything?”

“Belikov, you want a beer with me?” Christian offered. Dimitri nodded, taking a seat next to me on the couch. “What about you, Rose?”

“Nah, I’m fine.”

He peeked his head around the corner, looking at me as if I’d grown another head. “Never heard you turn down a beer. What’s going on?”

“That’s what we’re here to talk to you about, actually,” Dimitri said, smiling.

“Oh, I get it. Rose going dry with Lissa?” Christian asked. It took all I had not to burst into laughter.

“What?” Dimitri’s eyebrows furrowed together.

Christian handed the beer to him and shrugging said, “Well I just figured, Rose would’ve told you.”

Dimitri suddenly spun around, searching my face for answers. Winking, I said simply, “Checkmate, Comrade.”

Turning back to Christian, Dimitri asked, “You two are having a baby?”

“Well yeah,” Christian responded, putting his arm around Lissa. “What else would you come here to talk about?”

Finally, unable to hold it in any longer, I folded over in laughter. I could hear Lissa laughing as well. She stroked Christian’s face. “Oh honey…neither of us can drink right now.”

I looked up, meeting Christian’s look of confusion, and explained the situation to him leaving out the latest development. He looked from me to Lissa before his eyes made their way to Dimitri.

“Leave it to these two to be pregnant at the same time,” he said holding up his beer bottle.

Dimitri tapped his against Christian’s and nodded. “Always inseparable and no doubt the kids will be the same way.” He turned to me and smiled.

“Oh, of course!” Lissa interjected enthusiastically. “The two of them will be thick as thieves!”

I shook my head, causing Lissa’s smile to turn into the slightest frown. “No. Not the two of them,” I said, placing a hand on my stomach. “The three of them.”

EXO Reaction when you’re sick and you don’t tell them, but they find out

BTS Version by Admin Audrey

ahhh this was so sad ;( 

- Admin Mocha

Originally posted by taekwoon-the-aegyo-fairy

Xiumin: Xiumin would feel the weight of the world on his shoulders and he would simply begin to tear up because of how much sorrow he felt. He would be looking around the apartment you two shared for something he needed that was a legal document and was put in a special place. Because he wouldn’t be able to find it, he would look in your documents and imagine that his must have accidentally ended up in your pile when he then found the diagnosis of your disease. He would cry alone but I don’t think he would immediately bring it up between you two, he would want to pretend that everything was okay for at least one day before things got heavy. 

Originally posted by sehunphilia

Suho: Suho would have gotten a call from your doctor, telling him that your disease had entered a very dangerous stage and certain procedures were required to be done. He would be shocked as he explained with a few nervous chuckles that the doctor had the wrong number and that you were perfectly healthy, but when he learned that you never told him about your condition, his heart would sink. He would excuse himself from the call and immediately find you, questioning it until you finally told the truth. He would be at a loss for words and would burst into tears, holding you close as he sobbed and told you he would take care of you.

Originally posted by lobbu-lobbu

Lay: Lay would be in denial, his brows would furrow together as a mutual friend accidentally let your secret slip and then had to explain it all to Lay. He would be shaking his head and frowning, telling the friend to stop joking about something so serious - you told Lay you trusted and loved him, you would never lie about something threatening your life to him, right? at least, that’s what he thought. He would be quiet and distant the next time you saw him, and when you finally asked him about it, he would be in tears as he asked you why you didn’t tell him. He would think that you didn’t take your relationship together seriously and you didn’t love him, he would also be worried sick.

Originally posted by exoturnback

Baekhyun: I feel like the small child in Baekhyun would vanish completely, and you would see a side of him that you would have never dreamed could exist. He would suddenly look very worn out and exhausted to you, he would have deep bags residing underneath his eyes and he would use his talented voice to sigh instead of sing. He would just be so disappointed that you had this awful condition, but you also never told him. He would sympathize with you and toss his feelings to the side because you would be more important than them, but he would still feel like he was unimportant due to the fact you hid such an important thing from him. He would really want to focus on getting you cured.

Originally posted by oh-prankster

Chen: Chen would initially be really angry because he’s someone that cares so deeply and loves too much, and the fact you tore his heart in half and lied to him would really, really hurt him. He would instictively demand to know why you didn’t tell him, letting his rage get the best of him. When he noticed that you looked upset and scared, he would then break down and begin to weep, softly asking why you didn’t tell him. He would feel as though he failed as a boyfriend because he couldn’t keep you safe, he would feel useless and you would both end up holding each other and crying. At the end of the sob session, he would tell you that everything was going to be okay because he could now help you.

Originally posted by yeollovemebaek

Chanyeol: Chanyeol would have gotten a call from the ER, telling him that you had collapsed and you were receiving emergency treatment. He would be a mess as he learned that you had hid your condition from him all these years, and he would be so lost in the hospital as all your memories togehter would flood through his mind. He would try not to cry, but a few tears would definitely leak through as he pictured your smile and the fact he might not ever see it again. When you recovered, he would be soft yet stern as he scolded you lightly and told you that if you were to be with him, you couldn’t lie about something like that. He would inform you that he wanted you to recieve all sorts of treatment though and he was glad you were okay.

Originally posted by daenso

Kyungsoo: Kyungsoo would have a very difficult time dealing with the realization that you not only lied to him, but you were terminally ill and he could lose you at any point. He wouldn’t want to tell you that he knew just because he would want to keep living in a fool’s paradise like before. It would be so hard for him to smile and perform on stage when his heart was tearing in half and his thoughts would only go back to you and wonder if you were okay. He would try his hardest to be strong, but I think that at one point, he would simply break down and he would finally reveal to you that he was aware of your sickness even though you didn’t tell him. He would cry in your arms and finally allow himself to allow his sadness to shine through his mask.

Originally posted by porokrong

Kai: Kai would be a mess and I think he would emotionally collapse because he would have absolutely no idea what to do. He’s still quite young and he’s never dealt with one of his close friends having a condition where their life is threatened, he would get so frustrated and upset because he simply would have no idea where to start. He would get so mad with himself and that would end up with him in tears and shaking, and you would have to try and console him and tell him that everything would be okay. I think after a really long sleep and some coffee, Kai would take the lead and turn the tables. He would focus al of his energy on consoling you and helping you get cured.

Originally posted by wooyoung

Sehun: I can’t believe that I’m saying this, but I think that Sehun would probably be the calmest in this situation despite the fact he’s the youngest and most inexperienced with love. I think he would be angry that you never told him and it would take him a few minutes of silence to relax and realize that his emotions weren’t the issue here. He would take a few deep breaths and tell you that it was fine, he still loved you, and he cared for your health and feelings above everything else. You would be shocked, but he would be the sweetest thing ever. He would want to develop a system where you two went to the doctors together on a regular basis, he would make up codes for when the pain was too much and you wanted to go home. He would be so caring.