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How Fusion relationships work

“How many Gems are you now?”
“Six! Maybe more … if we meet the right Gem.”

In the episode “Off Colors,” Fluorite makes it clear she’s a relationship of SIX Gems and is open to more. I was joking around trying to think of what her fusion dance would look like if she added another Gem to this relationship, thinking it would be kind of adorable seeing one smaller Gem dancing to fuse with this huge amalgam. But then I wondered about a few things and I collected enough Thinky Thoughts to ramble for a bit.

For a long time before “Super Watermelon Island,” we fans were curious about Alexandrite’s fusion dance. We knew Garnet, as a Fusion herself, prefers to form Fusions with others when she’s already in her Fusion state–as in, she certainly doesn’t split up first to dance with the others one on one when she wants to form Sugilite or Sardonyx. 

We figured hey, maybe it’s easier to synchronize two Gems rather than trying to synchronize three at the same time, and therefore maybe Alexandrite was formed with Pearl and Amethyst fusing into Opal first before dancing with Garnet. 

In “Super Watermelon Island,” we see that’s not so.

Which is not to say that Opal and Garnet COULDN’T decide to fuse that way, but they didn’t in this case. And we can see that if they’re prepared to do it, a three-way synchronization can work without previously synchronizing the components into Fusions.

Fusions can fuse with individuals. With TWO individuals. And individual Gems can of course make Fusions. So basically, it’s free-for-all mix-n-match however the Gems involved are comfortable doing it. 

And I got to wondering what that means for the Fusions themselves. Fusions are relationships. So theoretically, Fusions are the relationships of the component Gems with each other, even in more complicated Fusions like Alexandrite. But essentially, Alexandrite seems like she is the relationship of Amethyst and Pearl with Garnet, not so much the relationship of Amethyst and Pearl and Ruby and Sapphire. If they were to all four fuse in a single fusion dance, they would still make Alexandrite, but Pearl and Amethyst probably don’t HAVE much of a relationship with Ruby or with Sapphire individually. When Pearl first met Garnet in any meaningful way, she was already fused.

So when Pearl makes Sardonyx with Garnet, that relationship is by definition Ruby, Sapphire, and Pearl’s relationship, but practically speaking, it’s a relationship between Pearl and Garnet. Because her relationship with Ruby and Sapphire is nearly always in the context of them as their relationship. As Garnet.

That may seem like a weird point to press on, but stay with me here. 

Garnet probably doesn’t have much of a relationship with Opal as an individual. She has individual relationships with Pearl and with Amethyst, and together their group is Alexandrite. They’re a four-Gem Fusion, but personality-wise, Alexandrite represents Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst together far more than she represents Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, and Amethyst together. When they start to fight internally, you certainly hear Garnet’s voice coming out, not the voices of Ruby or Sapphire. (And maybe, aside from the potential spoiler-related reasons, that’s why Alexandrite makes more sense with six arms instead of eight.)

Rebecca Sugar has repeatedly said in interviews that Fusions ARE relationships (though they also obviously have their own opinions that can be in contradiction with their components’ opinions, like Sugilite, and can “feel like one being” like Garnet said in “Keeping It Together”). And she’s also said Fusions are an interesting opportunity to explore who people are TOGETHER–the way humans can be together in a relationship and it changes who they are, how they think, how they function as a unit even though they can never be as much of a single entity as a Fusion is. This has me thinking about Fluorite.

She’s an established six-Gem relationship. I don’t know how they came to the conclusion that they wanted to live together, but Rhodonite’s question “how many Gems are you now?” suggests she’s been adding them steadily–that it wasn’t all at once. Very much like Amethyst and Pearl having a relationship with GARNET far more than with Ruby and/or Sapphire individually, I imagine that Fluorite’s additional Gems beyond the first ones–including potential future additions–would develop a relationship with the Fusion, not so much with her components. They may not even KNOW much about who they are individually because the relationship is that significant. That the relationship changes them so much.

I mean, you’ve probably met people who are in relationships and have been part of that unit since a very long time before you met them. They’ve grown into each other, become comfortable with each other, and developed a collective “we” identity that connects to their family, their living situation, their thresholds of intimacy, their interests–everything. You would have no way to know the individuals in that relationship how they would be if they didn’t have it–just like it’s hard to imagine who someone might be if they weren’t an artist, or weren’t a mother, or weren’t chronically ill, or weren’t the gender or sexuality they are. You can’t pluck one element out of them and then try to re-imagine them around the hole that leaves–not unless that element actually does disappear and they readjust their identity around it. I think our relationships can be like that too–that they affect our identity.

Humans’ relationships aren’t as literally transformative as a relationship that can literally become its own person, but our relationships essentially have lives of their own too. Garnet didn’t describe Fusion to Stevonnie as “an experience” for nothing. Most of us don’t “feel like one being” as part of a relationship, and there are some ways in which that can be unhealthy for us if we repress important parts of ourselves to become subsumed in something we wouldn’t like if we were fully conscious of what we were doing. But in general, it’s not a bad thing to have one’s relationship regarded as an important element of who they are. It’s certainly part of how the outside world thinks of them and treats them.

With someone like Fluorite, I think it would be super interesting to see how a single Gem has a relationship with an existing relationship and becomes a part of it. But even though I think Fluorite, and Garnet, and even in some ways Malachite, can be regarded and treated as individuals while fused–requiring those who have relationships with them to take them as a whole–you would also have to have at least some kind of relationship with that relationship’s members. You’d understand them as a package deal, but you might have different feelings about its members. Steven, for instance, loved Lapis and disliked Jasper, but understood Malachite as someone he needed to fight.

Now here’s the sad thing. Garnet states that she’ll “always exist in” Ruby and Sapphire, and that she embodies their love (even though they can still experience that love when they’re not fused, too). But I imagine that if Garnet were separated for a long time, Steven would miss her a lot. And I can imagine if one of Steven’s guardians decided to, say, form a new Fusion with Fluorite and stay that way, he would miss her too. You can’t have both the single Gem and the perma-Fusion in your life consistently.

Most of us have been there. “Losing” a person to a new relationship and nothing is ever the same with them again. They give themselves to the relationship, they go everywhere together, and you can’t invite one without them bringing the other(s). Sometimes, you probably miss that person and want them back. But when they’re part of the relationship, that’s part of who they are, and even when they’re not with their partner(s), they’re part of that relationship. Sometimes that can feel sad, especially if it means your special relationship with that person had to end, lessen, or significantly change. 

Fusion relationships are very different from ours in a few obvious ways, but they’re not so fundamentally different that we can’t draw the parallels. Sometimes you wish the Fusion wasn’t there because you think the relationship is bad for those involved, like Malachite. If you’re Steven, you want your Lapis back and you want Jasper out of both of your lives. You might try to advise Lapis, you might try to protect her from Jasper, but she’s the one who has to decide what her relationship is. You can only hope she sees reason, or you could lose her in more ways than one.

With loving relationships, like Garnet, you want them to be together. Not necessarily because you like Garnet better than you like Ruby and Sapphire–it’s fun to see them now and then, sure!

But you know they prefer to be together, and that they experience anxiety and pain when they’re apart, and that they’ve chosen a life together where some of their individuality is given up for that closeness. You respect their decision and have a relationship with their relationship.

For humans, our relationships do not literally combine the traits of multiple people into one person that then has its own conscious will. The individuals in the relationship still function, while “the relationship” has no physical manifestation despite its influence being felt in the components. But it still changes the “color” of their lives together and brings the people involved close together to serve many shared goals, just like a Fusion.

So when a hypothetical new Gem does come along and establish a relationship with Fluorite, I think she would dance with her. Not with her components individually, but with her. We know Garnet as Ruby and Sapphire’s relationship–not as Ruby and Sapphire combined, but as the result of that combination. For a fused Gem, the Fusion is the new identity who can now make decisions and have experiences, even though they ARE an experience at the same time. It isn’t the same as individuals deciding to do the same thing. They made the decision to become the thing that decides on its own. And that Fusion, in the reality of their life together, can sometimes decide that’s no longer what they want to be. Or they can realize they’d rather be this than anything they were supposed to be and that they’d rather do this than anything they were supposed to do.

If a Gem has a relationship with a relationship, it’ll always be with the relationship first. The new relationship will need to be understood as coming into a shared, existing intimacy. Pearl and Amethyst don’t individually get consent from Ruby and from Sapphire when Garnet acts on their behalf to form Alexandrite. Garnet feels and acts differently from Ruby and Sapphire sometimes, and their choice to fuse into her has influenced the subsequent decisions they make as her. 

They may or may not disagree with how Garnet acts sometimes–like, if you were to ask Sapphire or ask Ruby what they would have personally done when Garnet did something different, you might get some answers that are as different as Amethyst and Garnet’s answers would be from Sugilite’s. But within the context of the relationship, with the relationship actively existing, it has the power to influence how the individuals feel. They have a relationship, and then that relationship can feel and think in unprecedented ways–with some of them not being so good. Being in a relationship with an abusive person, for instance, can sometimes make the abused party accept treatment they wouldn’t outside the relationship, or might have thought they wouldn’t tolerate before the relationship was established. And sometimes it’s neutral, like what a married couple decides they want in a shared home is different from what kind of place each might buy individually.

But what’s important about this is that fusion of goals, opinions, and thoughts in human relationships isn’t necessarily a sad thing. It’s a natural thing. We all influence each other. Allowing yourself to be influenced does not mean the relationship has eclipsed your life, or that you’re in an unhealthy dependence, or that you’ve lost your individual will–you’re still part of what you’ve made together. And if you’re happy in your relationship, anyone who comes along afterwards needs to understand who it’s made you, and be accepting of it, and most of all, be willing to have a relationship with your relationship. Not just one of its parts.

Third Date, First Kiss

Steve smiled to himself as he watched Peter empty out his closet to find the perfect outfit for his date. He wanted something “nice, but not trying too hard.”

“Isn’t he adorable? I can remember being that young, innocent and excited.”, Steve leaned his head onto Tony’s shoulder wistfully.

Tony took a sip of his coffee and scoffed, “’Innocent’ my ass. That little boyfriend of his is gonna pull something soon, I can tell.”

“What makes you think that?”

“It’s their third date.”

Steve frowned a little and glanced up at his husband, “What’s significant about that?”

“The third date is when most people deem it acceptable to sleep with their partner. Some might even say you’re a prude if you don’t.”

Steve thought about this for a moment. Wade was a little bit older than Peter, and Peter was so naïve, he probably didn’t even know what he was in for. He needed to protect his son from this horn-dog, disgusting pervert that Peter calls his boyfriend.

There was a knock on the door and Peter peaked out his door at his parents, “Dad, can you get the door?”

“Why don’t you get it, you’re right there?”, Tony said with disinterest as he took another sip of coffee.

“I can’t just open it, I have to make him wait a while.”

Tony rolled his eyes, “He can wait outside.”

Peter turned his attention to Steve, “Pop, pleeeaaase?”

Steve chuckled as he walked over to the door and let Wade in. Wade stood awkwardly in the kitchen as Tony stared into his soul, enjoying Wade’s discomfort. Peter walked out a few minutes later to greet Wade, who immediately handed over the bouquet of wildflowers he had been holding.

“Flowers? For me? Oh, you shouldn’t have!”, Peter gushed, obviously flattered and embarrassed.

“Can you believe it?”, Tony deadpanned as Peter rushed to put the flowers in a vase on the table.

“Okay, well, we’re on our way to the movies. I’ll text you guys so you know where we are so if I die you’ll know where to start looking for my body.”

“Okay, sweetie, have fun.”, Steve smiled as the couple walked out. The door closed and he immediately whipped around to face his husband and frantically stage whispered, “We have to put a stop to this.”

Tony’s face lit up for the first time all day.

~             ~             ~

Peter and Wade sat down in the theater, quietly giggling amongst themselves. Steve and Tony sat several rows behind them in terrible make-shift disguises. Steve kept pulling his baseball cap down over his face in an attempt to avoid eye contact while Tony adjusted the scarf warped around his head and refused to take off his excessively large sunglasses.

Peter sat with the popcorn bucket in his lap, mindlessly eating as he watched the movie. Because of this he almost didn’t notice Wade slipping an arm around him. Peter didn’t realize that it was possible to simultaneously melt and tense up, but here he is.

Tony started to slap Steve’s thigh quietly but frantically at the sight of Wade’s arm around his son.

“What?!”, Steve hissed, afraid that Tony would attract attention to them and get them kicked out of the theater.

Tony dramatically pointed to Wade and Peter and in a moment of pure silence Steve gave an audible gasp. The two ducked down just in time to avoid Peter turning around and seeing that they’re spying on his date. They slowly rose back into their seats and intently watched as Wade inched closer and closer to Peter, who was staring straight ahead at the big screen. Right as Wade was about to lean in for a kiss, a bucket of popcorn came mysteriously flying towards him and hit him in the face.

Wade and Peter turned and looked around but saw nothing suspicious.

“Huh. That was weird. Are you okay?”, Peter asked.

“Yeah, of course. I wonder who threw that.”

~             ~             ~

Wade and Peter walked arm in arm into the restaurant with Tony and Steve walking several feet behind them. Peter laughed and talked with his boyfriend as his parents hid behind their menus a few tables away. Tony nonchalantly peered over his menu to see the boys as they talked and laughed while Steve worked on constructing a menu fort on the table.

They sat like this for quite some time, watching the boys and repeatedly asking the waiter for more time to look at the menu and water refills. The waiter arrived with Wade and Peter’s food and Tony groaned to see that they were sharing a plate of spaghetti.

“It’s like that kids movie with the dogs,” Steve murmured, excited to be able to make a movie reference that Tony would get.

“I would tell you to be more specific because dog-themed-kids-movies is probably its own genre at this point, but yes. It is like that kids movie with the dogs.”

“Oh, uh… you’ve got a little something right there. On your lip,” Wade chuckled as he motioned to his own face.

Peter blushed slightly and tried to wipe it off, “Better?”

“No, other side. Here, lemme just…” Wade leaned across the table and gently wiped some sauce off of Peter’s bottom lip. He couldn’t help but smile as he looked into Peter’s eyes and let his hand rise to caress his cheek. Wade’s voice fell to a low whisper, “There. Perfect as usual.”

Peter’s heart skipped a beat as Wade started to lean in closer. What if he had garlic breath? What if he still had spaghetti sauce on his lips? What if Wade thinks he’s a horrible kisser and he pretends not to notice but he never calls again and when he drops him off later it will be the last time he ever sees him and oh my god-

Suddenly some man in a headscarf dramatically bumped into a waiter carrying a tray of drinks that toppled over onto Peter and Wade.

~             ~             ~

Tony and Steve were rushing to get home before Wade and Peter did and realized that they had been gone this whole time. They got into the house just in time to see Wade’s car pull up from the window.

“Okay, they’re home.” Steve let out a sigh of relief. “They aren’t going to do anything sexual, everything is going to be okay.”

“Unless they decide to have a quickie in the backseat,” Tony said before taking a sip of his now cold coffee.

“…unless they WHAT?!”

“I had a really great time tonight, thanks for taking me out,” Peter said as he smiled shyly at Wade from the passenger seat.

“Yeah, no, totally, thanks for coming. Everything’s always more fun when you’re around anyways. Here, uh, let me walk you to the door. Don’t move,” Wade flashed a smile at his new boyfriend and ran around to open his car door for him.

They slowly walked in silence up to the front door and turned to face each other.

“Sooo… I’ll call you later. When I get home, if you want,” Wade glanced down and shuffled his feet a bit.

“Yeah, uh, I’d like that. You know, if you want to. But it’s almost curfew so I should probably head inside.”

“Oh, yeah, okay. So, uhh. Goodnight,” Wade turned around and started heading back towards his car.


He immediately spun around, “Yeah, Pete?”

Peter took a few steps forward, grabbed the collar of Wade’s t-shirt and smashed his lips into his boyfriend’s. Wade stood stunned for a second before melting into it and placing one hand on Peter’s neck and the other on his cheek. They finally broke apart and Peter took a few steps backwards towards the front door. He opened it and stepped inside as Wade stood with a happy, stunned look on his face.

“Goodnight, Wade”, Peter smiled flirtatiously as he closed the door.

Wade couldn’t wipe the huge smile off his face as he slid over the hood of his car and hopped back into the driver’s seat. He leaned his back and just stared at the ceiling for a while, soaking up the best feeling he’s had in a long time.

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capillaries  asked:

Do you think having a severely overweight pet should be classified as animal abuse?

Only if it’s intentional. Some animals have a really hard time losing weight once they’ve gained it, and you can never know what someone is doing to try to help their animal lose weight. I also don’t think it’s appropriate or useful to label someone as an animal abuser for not knowing the consequences of what they’re doing - if a human has their own issues around food, they might not have access to the education that would help them understand why allowing their pet to eat constantly is bad for them. (I also think we tend to call things abuse too freely, so I tend to be very picky about how I use the term). 

orgasms and dildos C.H

Originally posted by bestpicsof5sos

warning: smut

word count: 2000+

summary: y/n can’t orgasm no matter what you and Calum do so after convincing Calum gets you off with a vibrator and dildo.

requested?: yes, sorry if it sucked @lukeasfuck i tried 😊. This is my first request and I enjoyed writing it so feel free to request any smut ideas you might have. I’m pretty open to all suggestions 😉.


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anonymous asked:

How do you deal with self-doubt when studying? Like whenever I study and feel good after I always just think of how I'll probably fail anyway and that there was no point in studying that hard. I always just super nervous that I'm studying for nothing

Hi there. I get what you mean. Sometimes when things are overwhelming it is easier to think “why am I bothering?”. It is so important to remember that although studying can be boring, difficult, and overwhelming at times, it is for the best. You’re never “studying for nothing” so it is crucial for you to realise that every little bit you’re doing is helping - even if you don’t see it right away. Here are a couple of things that might help ease your mind:

  • stop making excuses and start doing - you’re probably in a cycle of wanting to do better but when it comes to actually trying, you’re either just lost or don’t feel like you can. Find small ways to be more productive - whether that be tidying up your desk, organising what you need to do, putting your work in order. If you get into a routine during each study session, you’ll find it a lot easier to stay motivated.
  • identify your doubts and learn to ease them - you’re going to be thinking “I can’t do this”, “I’m going to fail”, or “this is too hard” and that is totally understandable. Instead. you should think “I can’t do it yet but there is nothing stopping me from trying”, “if I fail, I’ll figure out why and try again”, or “I’m motivated to figure out this tricky thing”. If you can change your doubts around into positive opportunities to learn, you’ll be in a better mindset for studying. 
  • make an inspiring and positive work environment - if you’re sitting at a desk that doesn’t inspire you to work then you might find getting that extra motivation tricky. On your desk, you should have out things that will help you study like pens, post-it notes, motivational quotes, etc! If you wanted to you could check out my ‘motivational monday’ printables. They’re free to download and you can stick them up on your wall to help you stay positive about your studeies!
  • remember your previous successes - I’m sure you’ve had many awesome achievements in your life and they’re so important to remember. It’s so easy to forget those cool things you’d managed to do but think of how you felt when you were successful! Whilst you may still pass without studying, how great would it be to pass with flying colours because you revised!
  • remove the idea of “failure” from your mind - the likelihood is, if you’ve studied, you aren’t going to fail. You may perhaps get a lower mark than expected if you’ve not studied effectively but if you’ve done everything you should be, it is unlikely that you’ll fail because you were ill-prepared. Try to remain positive about your chance to prove yourself wrong. You can do it.

There is always a point in studying - even if it is for algebra… You shouldn’t allow yourself to feel bad for studying. Honestly, when it gets to need the information you’ve studied and you’re answering questions and remembering the information, you’ll probably realise there was no need to doubt yourself. I hope this helps xx

How NCT 127 & TenSol would crush on you


Anon: Hey~ could you do a “How NCT127+Ten+Hansol would crush on you” ☺️ Like how would they behave if they had a crush on you. THANK YOU ! I love your blog~ ❤

Anon: Can i request a NCT hyung line + Mark reaction when they have a crush (how would they be like) thanks xx

Thank you for requesting! This was actually quite hard to do, especially to think of 11 ways of crushing on someone which is hard to write if you’ve never actually crushed on someone lmfao I just hope you will enjoy it!

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Is this real?

Simon gets the surprise of his life when his roommate, Baz, asks him to pretend to be his boyfriend. Everything is going according to plan until the line of what’s real and what isn’t starts to blur, and they both have to make a decision.

For @snowbaz-feda

Also many thanks to @eroticgropefest for the beta!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7]

Part 6 - The space between us


When we arrive at my house, I’m a mess. I don’t know how this fake relationship with Snow became so real to me. In the beginning it was easy, to see the line between real and fake but now, we kissed and we cuddled. Fuck, I don’t know what to think.

We never talk about these moments that we share, we just store them away and carry on like nothing happened. Is he just playing his part, or is this real for him too? Sometimes when we’re alone and he’s looking at me, I feel like this is real. That he could actually want this. Or am I just fooling myself?

Dinner was as awkward as I anticipated, Snow kept shoving food in his mouth while Daphne made polite conversation to fill the silence.

I left Snow in my bedroom before going to hunt, but on my way down I saw light in Mordelia’s room so I came to talk to her, she tried to ask why was Snow here for Christmas, but my father looked at her and she didn’t ask again.

“You should be in bed… Father Christmas won’t come if you’re not sleeping,” I say, as I sit at the end of her bed.

“I know that, but I’m just so excited!” Her enthusiasm in contagious, and gives me strength to talk to her about this.

“Listen, about earlier… you asked Father why Simon was here, and why we were holding hands…”

“Mom told me. Simon came because he’s your boyfriend,” she says simply.

“Oh? When did she tell you that?” I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

“When she came to give me a goodnight kiss. Why isn’t father happy about it?”

“He doesn’t really like Simon.” For now is too hard to explain the real reason behind it.

“Well…I like him. He makes you smile.“

I give her a small smile.“Yeah he does. Now you should try to sleep. Good night.”

“G’night Baz,” she tells me before I leave her bedroom.

On the woods, I realize that this is all I needed to hear. Why can’t my father be like that? One day he might accept me for who I am, but I am done giving a fuck about what he thinks.


It’s Christmas night and as the day went by, Snow became more and more less like himself, like something happened that took away his happiness.

We’re in my bedroom now and I don’t like seeing him like this. Did my father say something? I avoided leaving him alone the whole day so it must be something else.

He’s preparing himself to sleep on my couch like he did last night, which is moronic, we already shared a bed once and it was smaller “Snow, did something happen?”

“I’m fine, just wanna go to sleep” he tells me, as he grabs one extra pillow from the bed.

“Just… wait” I say, as I grab his arm. “You don’t have to sleep on the couch, the bed is big enough for the two of us.”

Our eyes meet before he tells me. “Okay.“

I come back from my shower and all the lights are out. When I enter the bed, Snow starts to move closer. he’s so close to me, that I can feel his body heat.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“It’s stupid…”

I wait for him to continue, I know that if I give him time to organize his thoughts he’ll talk. “It’s just that, seeing you with your family, even though your father is the way he is, you have them and I don’t have anything like this… A family.” Oh, fuck. This is not what I expected to hear, what can someone say after this?

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Baz, I’m just… being stupid.” He doesn’t sound stupid, he sounds broken.

“No you’re not, It’s okay not to feel okay Snow.” Before I can think about it, I’m pulling him towards me. He puts his head on my chest, so I put my arm around him, and I start stroking his curls away from his face.

Aleister Crowley, to have him like this, half on top of me, letting me hold him, feels so right. Even if this means nothing to him, I wouldn’t change a bloody thing.

After a while Snow starts to move, very slowly, and plants a kiss on my neck. How he figured it out that I have a thing for this I don’t know, and the last time he did this we kissed. Is he going to kiss me again?

I turn towards him and he kisses my face, so I put my other arm around him, to bring him closer, and he does. He’s closing the space between us now, so I close my eyes. The kiss feels like a question, like he isn’t sure if this is okay, so I open my mouth to him, and when he deepens the kiss, I feel like this is too much, like he’s the sun and I’m about the crash into him.

When I put my hand on his hair, to bring him closer, he starts to move away, so I frown at him, until I feel him pulling me on top of him.

Simon Snow is going to be the death of me, might as well make the most of it. So I kiss him hard while I put myself on top of him. It feels so good to have him like this, out of breath because we’re kissing. I go for his neck, and start to kiss him there, his hand is beneath my shirt, stroking my back and something like this shouldn’t feel this good, but it does.

I pin his hand to the bed, and somehow we’re lacing our fingers together, and we kiss slowly. It’s different, more meaningful than any other kiss we shared.

At this moment I almost forget that he might not mean this; that all of this might not be real.

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Just one look

Can I get one where the reader has secret and unrequited feelings for Jacob. He takes her to meet the pack and Embry imprints on her immediately and everything changes. I’m not sure how to be more specific maybe make it kind of angsty and sad but kinda cute/romantic at the end? 😄 ❤️

For Anon

Pairing : unrequited!reader x Jacob, eventual reader x Embry

Words: 2642

Warnings: Big fluffy wolf dweebs. Slight Bella bashing

Slight angst

Not read Twilight since it first came out some years ago so sorry the details are few in terms of Canon plot.



It had taken months for you to get your best friend to talk to you again after he did a disappearing act. Even then it wasn’t until his precious Bella told him too. You folded your arms and settled back into the passenger seat.
“Come on Y/N, crack a smile? I thought we were past the silent treatment.” Jacob teased from the driver’s seat, he took his eyes off of the road for a moment to give you a toothy grin and it was hard not to giggle at just how cute he looked.

The asshole.

“Must be a big occasion for you to finally let me meet the guys?” You mumble and try to keep the hope out of your voice that he might introduce you as his girl.
“You know Paul and Leah.” Jacob offered.
“And both of them ditched me too, I swear you all get a few muscles and think you’re above everything.” You argued.
His hands tightened on the wheel and Jacob spat out, “You don’t understand.”
“No, little old lowly me can’t possibly understand, why don’t you fill me in? Why’d you three suddenly remember about me?” You asked.
Jacob tried to calm himself, it wouldn’t do well for him to phase with you in the car with him. Truth be told he’s wanted to talk to you as soon as he changed, you were his best friend, even if him knowing about your little crush on him had made things slightly awkward at first.
He didn’t return the feelings, no, he loved Bella. But you would always be his best friend and he relied on that friendship and though he didn’t want to admit it he also relied on your affections. It was hard seeing Bella with Edward every day.

Knowing that someone lusted after him made him feel attractive. He knew he was a bastard and the whole pack knew it too. Paul and Leah had almost ripped him apart over using your affections for his own ego.  They’d missed seeing you as much as he had, and even though you’d not met the rest of the pack now was a good a time as any. There’d been horrific leech activity recently and Paul, who had took you under his wing and was a self-proclaimed best big brother ever, demanded you be brought in so you couldn’t wonder off into any danger.
It wasn’t until Bella had re-voiced this sentiment with a soft hand on his arm that Jacob had phoned you to tell you his was going to pick you up. But obviously he couldn’t just tell you any of this.

Jacob’s lips pursed slightly and you noticed how he had to force himself to smile over at you, “Maybe I don’t like the idea of leaving you on your own? You like to take off into the woods on little walks and last thing I need Paul coming after me if you wind up missing.”

You scowled at him, “Well sorry to be such a burden.”
He had pulled up outside a decent sized house and he sighed , “Y/N I didn’t mean it like –”
“I don’t give a shit how you meant it.” You snapped and jumped out of the car, slamming the car door behind you as you wrapped your jumper tight around your body and started towards the house. You stopped just short of it and knocked on the door loudly.
It swung open before you’d finished knocking and you were being pulled into a bear hug from Paul.
“Paul put me down!” You laughed as he carried you into the front room, Jacob had caught up now and shut the door behind him.

“Not until you tell me why you had a face like thunder when you got here.” He laughed and raised you higher off of the ground and you struggled against his laughing frame.
“Jacob was just letting me know how much of a burden I am.” You pouted when he finally put you back on floor.
“Jacob!” A woman’s voice scolded sharply and for the first time you noticed the other people in the room. Jacob was being told off by a young woman with a scarred face perched in a strong man’s lap, Paul went around the room and introduced everyone so you knew them as Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim sat next to them in a similar position, Leah and Seth sat on the floor near the couch. On the couch Quill sat on one end leaving room for you and Paul.
“Ignore Jake.” Quill advised simply.
You heard the door open and a laughing voice ask, “Why are we ignoring Jake?”

Quill laughed, “Y/N this is Embry.”
You turned to give him a smile and he felt the bottom of his world fall out from under him. He’d seen you before in Jacob, Paul and Leah’s minds on patrol but good lord it didn’t do you any justice. You were the most splendid creature he’d ever seen and even though he knew Paul thought of you as his sister seeing his pack mates arm around your shoulders made him want to rip the bigger man apart.

You felt awkward having his attentions on you. Not because of his attention itself, per say, that was quite comforting, he looked at you like you were the only person in the world but the issue was he was gorgeous, easily as handsome as your best friend-come crush Jacob. No, you knew you were lying, this guy was just stunning.

That’s when you realised that you were staring.

The room had suddenly gotten heavy with tension and you looked between the guys trying to figure out what had happened to make it so uncomfortable. Embry was staring at you, Paul was staring at Embry and Jacob looked furious.
“We’re ignoring Jake because he was being mean to Y/N.” Quill offered almost innocently as though he was trying to restart the conversation.
Embry’s eyes tore from you and focused on Jacob, “What? Why the hell would you-?”
Jacob crossed his arms across his chest, “What’s it got to do with you Embry?”

“You know what it’s got to do with me.” Embry snarled with an anger that didn’t belong on his calm features and you and Kim both jumped from his sudden change in temperament.

“That’s enough.” Sam’s voice came out as a boom and after Emily jumped up from his lap, he was striding across the room with Jared on his heels, Quill jumped up from beside you and the three of them ushered Jacob and Embry out of the house, both of them looking like they wanted to tear into each other. Paul gave you quick one armed squeeze and left with them.  Leah and Seth rose and with a lot more decorum, both shot you almost reassuring looks before they left as well.

Emily let out a long drawn out sigh and you released the tense breath you didn’t realise that you’d been holding.
“What was that about?” You asked.
“Boys, who understands them?” Kim offered with a small laugh.


“I don’t know where you put it all.” You laughed as Embry ate what you were sure was his third burger, his cheeks puffed up full of food. He swallowed and laughed sheepishly before putting it back down on his plate like he no longer wanted it.
“No no!” You rushed, “I didn’t mean it like that, you just have a healthy appetite.” You gave him a reassuring smile and nudged his arm holding the plate until he began to eat again.
“It takes a lot of food to have a body like this.” He joked and gestured down at himself, it was one of the only times you’d seen him wear a shirt and you were pretty sure this was only because Leah had told his wearing just a pair of shorts was making you nervous. Yeah that woman wasn’t as quiet with her lectures as she thought she was.

“So, “So, er Y/N..” Embry started before looking you square in the eyes, you felt your cheeks heat up and your stomach flip as he leaned forward to take both your little hands in one of his massive warm hands,
“After the bonfire next week , I was wondering if you wanted to catch a film? Maybe a meal?” His eyes swam with uncertainty and worry. His began to chew on his lip and you wanted to lean forward and press your lips to his but you didn’t.

“Maybe two meals with your appetite.” You laughed and leaned forward to kiss his cheek. His face broke into a big grin and he slipped his arm around your waist and squeezed you playfully while blowing a raspberry against your cheek. Such romance.


“You’re staring again.” Quil laughed and Embry punched him hard in the arm which only made Quil laugh harder.

It was hard for him not to stare at you across the bonfire. It had been a week seen he’d seen you last and he hated to admit how lost he’d felt without knowing that you were alright or being able to check on you as the leech attacks hadn’t lessened at all. You hadn’t responded to any of his texts since he’d asked you on a date, that was supposed to be tonight and he didn’t even  know if I was stil happening.
It had been about a month since he’d imprinted on you and three weeks since he’d accepted that that’s what had happened that day at Sam and Emily’s place. The rest of the pack were thrilled for him, even Paul and Leah who saw it as you having someone strong to love and protect you unconditionally.
Jacob however was being an ass about it. He’d tried to keep you both apart without making it obvious but the other wolves were in his head, they knew the truth.

Jacob was jealous.

He relied on your affection to make up his ego, his only other source of self-worth coming intermittently from Bella when she had time between seeing Edward which was hardly ever these days. He could already tell that you were pulling away from him romantically, that you’d solidified your opinion on him as your best friend and had been texting Embry almost nonstop since meeting him.

As you and Jacob arrived at the bonfire you felt him slip his arms around your shoulders but it failed to give you the butterflies that it used to. He pulled you quickly to one side so that you could sit down together and continued to pour his attention over you. You were enjoying yourself, sat with your best friend but every time he laid his large hand on your knee or your lower back it felt wrong, like his hand didn’t belong there.

“Hey Y/N!” You turned to see Quil and Embry approaching you, Quill dropped himself down unceremoniously across from you while Embry sat himself down next to you and gave you a blinding smile.
“Uh oh troubles here.” You laughed at them.
“Damn right.” Quill waggled his eyebrows in a ridiculous flirting voice but stopped when both of his best friends tried to set fire to him with their glares.
“So Y/N how have you been?” Embry gave you an earnest smile that told you he genuinely cared about if you had been keeping well. You tried to suppress the blush and tucked some hair behind your ear, “Sorry I’ve not text you the last few days, someone accidentally reversed over my phone.” You sent Jacob a glare who gave you an embarrassed look.
Embry let slip a small growl at his pack brother until Quill jumped up and caught you by the arm dragging you away towards Emily and Kim and the rest of the pack.
“Quill should we just be leaving them on their own?” You asked worried as you saw both boys rise to a stand, they were clearly arguing but trying to keep their voices as low as possible.

“They’ll be fine let’s just get you to a safe distance.” He laughed but it sounded too forced.
You looked back over your shoulder just as Jacob pushed Embry sending him flying backwards.
“Jake!” You scolded turning around and running towards the boys.
“Y/N stop! Don’t!” Quill shouted behind you.

As you reached the boys you heard a roar then everything was fur and teeth and claws and a strong warm around your waist pulling you back into black.


Leah was the only pack member who had seen you in the past week. Since ‘bonfire gate’ as Paul was calling it, you’d locked yourself away from all the wolves and their imprints except Leah. You’d let her in on the condition that you didn’t want to talk about wolves at all but she and you both knew that you knew everything.

You were a smart girl and grew up with the tribe legends, as soon as you’d woken up from your little brush with the boys, everything had fallen into place for you. Their disappearance from your life, their body heat and the way Embry looked at you.


You didn’t know what to think, the logical part of your brain told you to run away screaming but you missed him so damn much. You could hear the wolves at night running around howling, you knew that Embry came by your house every night to keep you safe.

Speaking of those noisy idiots you could hear them now, you looked up at the clock, 9pm, and Embry would be here soon.
You heard your phone go off for the fifth time in the past half an hour. You’d met one of the Cullen’s today and Bella must have mentioned it to Jacob because every member of the pack had text you. Paul had phoned you three times until  you answered and told them that you were fine. It didn’t stop Embry though, he had text you asking if you were somewhere safe – again.

This time, with your stomach churning, you replied.
Can I see your face tonight instead, mutt?

There was no response, not until an hour later when you noticed movement in your back yard where Wolf Embry usually waited to check in on you. You slipped on a thick jumper and quickly ran down the stairs and to the back door.
There he was waiting for you.

Slowly, and which much more confidence than you ever thought you could process, you stepped towards him while hugging your jumper around yourself. In true Embry fashion he was sporting little more than a t-shirt and shorts.

“I didn’t think you’d want to see me.” His words sounded heavy like they were weighed down by his loneliness since the incident.
“I didn’t, not a first.” You mumbled, you’d both stopped close together but far enough apart that he couldn’t make you uncomfortable.

“What’s changed?” He asked, his expression etched with confusion.
“Nothing. Not yet, but I think something could. I missed you.” You held your hand out.

He took your hand in his larger one and pulled you to his chest. You buried your face into his warm chest and he wrapped his arms around you and kissed the top on your head.

“I missed you too.”

Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond
Part Four - A new wolf

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MariChat May
Day 11: Aged Up Marinette
Words: 691

Chat Noir isn’t going to lie, he doesn’t know how timelines work, and the idea of time traveling and all the rippling effects of it will make his brain hurt if he thinks to hard.

Time travel the future affects the outcome of the past which alters the future which alters the next past which happens on and on and on and on forever and he’s not sure when exactly timelines ‘switch’ maybe when you go back in time (again?)

If you go back in time when you go back to the future would you be back in your old timeline? Or would you stay in the one you’re in? Is time travel actually just jumping between the infinite alternate universes? If you go back in time does your future self replace the past and vice versa or does your past self simply meld with you and cease to exist? If you were to replace yourself in the past and you went to the future when the past catches up with the future would you-

His head hurts.

So he stops thinking about it and focuses on the task at hand.

In hand?

Well he’s technically in her hands but it doesn’t matter because right now he’s looking at a short haired terrifyingly strong Marinette Dupain-Cheng. She’s carrying him bridal style like it’s no problem, which is sending his heart into spirals.

She’s straight up muscular, he can feel the firmness of her arms and stomach and the way she’s filled out a bit more. If her arms are more defined then so are her legs and likely her butt. He can’t see it right now-

“Future kitty told me what you’re thinking right now… and if you try I’ll break your nose.”

Chat flinches at being caught and looks at her knowing smirk, her threat is actually… really… hot?

Is he okay?

“Chat told me about those thoughts too so shut it.” Marinette isn’t actually angry. Just smiling down at him as though it’s no issue that he’s thinking terrible things about her.

“Can-can you put me down?” he asks quietly.

‘Please don’t please don’t please don’t.’

“Do you actually want me to?” she has laughter in her eyes and he quietly curses himself for being so honest in the future.

‘No no no no no no no no.’


She sets him down and he takes a moment to make sure his legs will support him. They’re shaky, but functional and he finally looks up at her. She smiles, then pinches his nose and rolls her eyes,

“God I miss when Chat used to blush like this, now I have to try too hard.”

Chat tries not to think about what ‘trying too hard’ might entail.

Marinette leaves him alone then, walking into her kitchen with a grace that doesn’t escape him. She seems so confident, so sure of herself that Chat has no doubt Paris is even safer now than it was with her currently… years ago. Then?

He stops thinking about it.

She does something in the kitchen, then comes out with two glasses of water and sets one down on the coffee table.

“You can detransform you know… I know who you are.” she says, eyeing him with a barely subdued grin.

“No.” he says automatically. The second skin is the constant assurance that he needs in a situation as stressful as this one.

Marinette nods, and takes a sip of her water staring out the window.

“I know he’s okay, but I’m frustrated I can’t do anything.”

It surprises Chat that Ladybug worries about him at all, like of course she does now… (then?) But he never thought he’d see bags under her eyes or lines on her face, or the way she anxiously strokes her glass with her thumb.

He wonders if older Chat’s hands could fit around hers, and stroke his thumb against the back of her hand to soothe her worries.

When he tries their hands are about the same size but the feeling is conveyed because the smile she gives him is absolutely heart melting.

“You really are the same, kitty.”

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For Bitter Sunday maybe: Tony picks up a member for his new group, a mutant girl around Peter's age. Sarcastic, intelligent and talented. So very much like himself and the boys, it's almost as if they're one big family. She's an iron man fan from her childhood, with the merch and grades in school to prove it. When she meets the old team, well, let's say she is a found member of the Tony Stark defense squad for a reason.

Huh, here we go with another OC. For some reason they always have really short names. Idk why.

You have to understand, Gem isn’t particularly friendly to begin with. She’s not–smiley or open or affectionate, not even with the people she likes. And Steve Rogers decidedly is not one of those people. Part of the reason for her distaste, she’ll freely admit, is his appearance.

There was this guy back in middle school that never understood the meaning of the word ‘No’. He was what first got Gem into self-defence. He also convinced her to hate all blondes on principle. (On a side note, ever since she mentioned that Spiderman has been weirdly twitchy around her. The fuck is his problem?)

It doesn’t help that he fought Iron Man–though she’s willing to admit that her hero worship for her childhood hero is perhaps a tad unreasonable a justification for eternal hatred.

Suffice to say that doesn’t stop her.

Gem’s super mutant ability is…stones. Which sucks. She could’ve had something cool, like controlling fire or water but nooo, it just had to be stone. On the plus side, literally bringing the ceiling down on the suck-avengers is pretty fun. And having the ground swallow them. Tony forbids it (eventually), but by that point she just has to make it creak ominously whenever they say something she doesn’t like. Like insulting Mr T. Or making fun of Vampire Diaries.

The first time Gem meets Steve is a lot less violent than one might expect though. She’s sitting on the kitchen table, swinging her legs back and forth when the suck-avengers enter. Rogers first, as always.

Gem stares at him for a long moment–long enough to make it really uncomfortable–before she shrugs dismissively. “You look better in the pictures,” she comments offhandedly and that’s the only time that day she even acknowledges their existence.

The second time they interact, she walks in on Rogers and Mr T arguing in the common room. She doesn’t much care what it’s about, the important part is that they both look furious and Rogers is standing way too close. It’s the first–definitely not the last–time the ground swallows Rogers’ feet and keeps him stuck in place.

“Desperate much?” she wrinkles her nose. “Trying too hard is just a real’ nice description for harassment, dude. And restraining orders are still a thing, Mr T. You might wanna think about getting one.”

…their relationship doesn’t improve after that. That is to say Rogers’ and Gem’s relationship doesn’t. Mr T on the other hand is as awesome as ever. 

(Though Gem still hasn’t convinced him to get that restraining order.)

Has the ship sailed? - Sebastian Stan

Summary: Sebastian is interviewed and of course the interview at the Late Late show is brought up. 

Part 1 Ce Faci?

AN: I tried to write a sorta part 2 to “Ce Faci” and I hope you guys catch the Angel name thing. ;) <- when you try really hard not to spoil the story haha. I might consider writing the first date in the future, no promises ;)

Originally posted by little--batman

“Hi, welcome,” the excited interviewer said smiling widely.

“Thank you,” Sebastian answered giving her a warm smile as he settled into the chair.

He was currently doing an interview so he could promote the new Marvel movie, but his manager did warn him that there would be other questions, too.

“How are you?” 

“I’m really great, working on this movie was so much fun even though I had to deal with Chris’ boob grabs,” he chuckled thinking about the many people who actually wished they could be on the receiving end. 

The interviewer laughed along cracking a joke about this particular action admitting she could understand why people loved it. After that, she continued talking about the movie and asking about the shenanigans the cast got into before moving on to other subjects. 

“I have to say, I saw the interview with James Corden…” she trailed off giving him a smirk. 

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Hi! I'm writing a story settled in a future where after a war, people built a new society. I've noticed that my setting is extremely vague and confusionary. I don't know when i have to insert details since i'm writing in 1st person. Like, I jave characters, I have a decent plot, I have a nice world building, but when writing I'm leaving the latter out and it's a problem. Do you have any advice? Thanks!

Setting and World Description

I love this question, because I think it’s a really, really common problem, and it’s one I’ve faced on numerous occasions. We’re often told that we should know our setting really, really well, and that we should be able to describe it in great detail. But when it comes time to put that concept into practice in the story, nothing seems to work. It all feels “info-dumpy,” or like we’re trying too hard to paint the picture, and we start to fear that we might be boring our readers, who honestly just want to know what happens in the setting. 

So how do we execute setting description in such a way that it’s informative and engaging? 

First, the real reason we need all this info…

Imagine you’ve got a small town as your setting, with a major street that runs through it. Along the street, there are several small businesses. During story prep, you may have done sketches of this street, or at least made a small diagram to lay out where all the businesses are. You may have even gotten really detailed and dotted bus stops or traffic lights, to the point where you can visualize this street perfectly

So now you go to write your first chapter. Your protagonist leaves home and walks down the street towards the bus stop to go off to work. As they walk the street, you start thinking, “Man, this is the perfect opportunity to describe all the businesses they’re passing by!” So you start to do that, and it all starts to sound like you’re giving directions. “To the left of the flower shop is the post office,” and so on, and so on. 

But here’s the big revelation to this whole conundrum. Just because you know it, doesn’t mean you have to show it. 

The reason it’s encouraged to do so much setting development isn’t so you can pass it on to your reader. At least, not everything. It’s so you know where things are, and you can navigate the world better. 

Let’s say you did zero setting development, and as you were writing chapter one, you decided to have the protagonist mail a package. You throw in a brief detail about the post office being a two-minute walk from the protagonist’s house. Then, much later, your protagonist is buying some flowers, and you throw in a detail about the post office worker loading a truck outside, because the post office is right next door. And then the protagonist takes the bus home….except, didn’t you say in chapter one that they were just a couple minutes walk from the post office? Are there two post offices? Or did they just take a bus unnecessarily? 

See, the real reason it’s so important to know how things are laid out in your setting is so that you don’t make mistakes like this. If you had made a diagram of your town, you would know where all these things were.

Side note: And just to add here, this does not mean that you have to make a diagram of a fictional town before you start writing in it. If you’re not much of a planner, and this sounds awful to you, then just make one as you go. In chapter one, when your protagonist walks to the post office, make a quick little map with a couple squares that shows how close your protagonist is to the post office. And as you mention other buildings, add them to this map. Then you’re not adding extra things you don’t need.

So in conclusion on this point, don’t feel like you have to add in all the details that you’ve worked out ahead of time. There will be some that you need to share with readers, but there will also be many that you only need to help you stay consistent throughout the story.

How do I add the necessary info?

When adding setting details, they need to be relevant. And if they’re not relevant, you need to make them relevant. We’ll continue with our small town/post office/flower shop example.

For the sake of simplicity, we’ll say that the flower shop and the post office are next to each other. If your protagonist is only visiting the post office, then the location of the flower shop is irrelevant. But if the flower shop being there is a detail that you feel the readers should know, or it’s something you want to include as a stylistic choice to add depth to your setting, then we need to make it relevant. So how do we do that?

Give the protagonist a reason to either A) Think about the flower shop or B) Notice something around the flower shop.

  • A) Think about the flower shop.

As she’s waiting in line at the post office, she may have a clear view of the flower shop through the window. But don’t just have her observe it. Have it trigger some kind of thought. Maybe she has a sick friend or relative, and it reminds her that she should buy them some flowers. Or she’s done something wrong, and flowers might be a nice peace offering. Or maybe it reminds her that her garden is overgrown and it needs tending. Any of these thoughts actually trigger deeper plot development, which makes them a double whammy.  Who is sick? What did she do wrong? Why is her garden overgrown? Is it always overgrown or is there something in her life that’s causing her to slack on this?

Whatever route you decide to go with, you’ve now made that flower shop relevant to the protagonist’s inner conflict, even if all it’s doing is triggering something.

  • B) Notice something around the flower shop.

This “something” could be something about the exterior of the building, or an employee they can see through the window or who is out on the street, or it could even be a couple of people standing outside the flower shop talking or doing something. The significance here isn’t so much the flower shop, but rather what’s happening around the flower shop.

In describing whatever is happening, you would say something like, “In front of the flower shop next door…” and then write the situation. In this method, you’re not giving special meaning or significance to the flower shop; you’re simply adding more color to your setting by mentioning that there is one, and a reader can visualize the scene even better if they picture a window of flowers behind whatever is happening. It ends up serving a huge purpose in just a few innocuous words.

The Bigger Picture 

Okay, all flower shops and post offices aside, good setting description is integrated when a character “bumps into it,” either literally or figuratively. Describe settings when a character enters them, or when they’re thinking about them. If you feel like the description is necessary, then you need to find a reason to get the character to either go there, or else think about going there, or remember going there. It needs to have context with other story information.

When it comes to complex world-building details, you follow the same principle. If there are unique circumstances that your character has to face in the world you’ve created, explain them in moments when the character is either facing those circumstances, or when they’re thinking about facing them or remembering facing them. 

I suppose you could argue that I’m making this more complicated than it needs to be, because there are readers that love description for description’s sake, but for many readers, we need context. We need to know that what we’re reading is telling a story and moving events forward, rather than just informing us or educating us on a story world. 

Plan minor story events around exposition. Make things happen in your story that help to reveal the important details of your world and setting. It might seem clunky when you first start doing this, but if you’re patient with yourself, eventually you’ll be integrating description and world backstory like a pro. 

Keep going!


BTS MTL being into thigh riding

Note: this is just my own opinion and it may vary from yours.




Jimin and Jungkook: I mean, look at those thighs. They just love the fact, that only their thighs could turn you on. And all they have to do is just sit there and watch you going crazy. They love that way of pleasuring you. Especially as a foreplay.

Hoseok, Taehyung and Yoongi: They like it too, I think. But not as much as Jimin and Jungkook. These three guys just like to try some new things.

Namjoon: A lot of you guys might think, that he would be really into it. But I feel like he’s a complete dom. He wants to take control of everything in bed. But I think when it comes to thigh riding, the rider is in control and decides how hard and fast he/she wants to go. So he’s not really a fan of thigh riding.

Jin: He would try it, but I don’t think he’s into it. He thinks it’s a little too weird.

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hey! i was wondering if you have any voltron angsty lance-centric fic recommendations? aside from your own amazing ones ofc

Mmkay, so I’m what I’m doing here is going through my fic rec tag and just copy-pasting stories where Lance suffers. Some are angst, some are hurt/comfort, some are epic stories where the angst and hurt/comfort might be more of a side dish than a main course. The word count on most of the WIPs is no longer accurate, and some are complete, but I am too lazy to edit. This is taking long enough as it is. But yeah, you asked for it, you’re getting it. Langst recs, maychorian style. Warning: This is long. If you press the read more, be prepared to scroll.

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SHINee at the beach

Originally posted by hongqueen

JONGHYUN: “Jongy? Are you ever going to take those shades off?” 

You asked him, sitting up on the sand and examining the way his skin was darkening everywhere apart from where his glasses were covering his eyes. Jonghyun smiled, shaking his head. 

“I told you baby. The sun hurts my eyes.” 

He replied, his dark hair blowing in the beach breeze. A moment later, he reached over and took his sun glasses off, placing them in the pocket of his swimming trunks. 

“I thought the sun hurt your eyes.” 

You teased, your heart fluttering at your beautiful boyfriend. Jonghyun grinned before pulling you on to his lap, making you squeal and giggle. 

“It does, but my girlfriend is a beautiful sight.” 

Originally posted by stanfx

MINHO: Like a baywatch model, Minho ran out to the shore, his hair and body soaked from the sea salt ocean, droplets of water trickling down his tanned abs. When he saw you waiting for him, your boyfriend grinned. 

“Get your ass in here or I’m gonna throw you in.” 

He said with a mischievous glint in his deep brown eyes, wrapping his toned arms around your waist. 

“If you do that I’m not talking to you for the rest of the holiday Minho.” 

You teased but half meaning it; you hated getting the ocean water near your eyes. Minho raised his eyebrow, his fingers caressing your back seductively. 

“Oh really? I’ll find a way to make you talk.” 

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TAEMIN: The soft, slow waves kissed your feet as night time fell on the beach, the moon beaming in it’s full capacity. Taemin noticed you shiver as the warmth of the day changed in to a slight chill. 

“Here jagiya, you’re cold.” 

Taemin took the towel from around his shoulders and wrapped it around you, leaving him completely topless. It smelled of his cologne and a slight hint of sandiness. Though Taemin was your boyfriend of 2 years, his half nakedness still made him uncomfortable and adorably shy. He wrapped his arms around himself, making you giggle. 

“Tae, if you’re not okay with showing so much, you can have the towel back.” 

You offered, taking his hand in yours. Instantly, he smiled with the skinship. 

“I won’t let my girl be cold. Besides, I’m not sure I’m happy with you showing so much in that swimming outfit. Guys have been eyeing you up all day and you’re mine to look at.” 

Originally posted by sibelhomme-tumb

ONEW: As you returned to yours and Jinki’s deck chairs on the beach from getting some ice cream, the hot sand brushing over your feet, you noticed he was giddier than normal. 

“Hello beautiful lady.” 

He flirted, beaming up at you from the lounge chair. Next to him you noticed 2 empty glasses. Jinki was tipsy from one too many cocktails. 

“You better slow down on those strawberry daiquiri’s Sir, they’re getting to your head.” 

You replied before giving him his vanilla ice cream, trusting the clumsy man not to drop it. Jinki pouted before taking your hand and kissing it lightly, giving you goosebumps. 

“ I don’t have to be tipsy to think my girlfriend is beautiful. And this ice cream is delicious.” 

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KEY: You were trying to serve the ball over the tall net and play a game of volleyball but you were too distracted with Key’s eyes practically burning a hole through your breasts. You knew the bikini might have been a bad idea. 

“Kibum, honey, my face is up here.” 

Key snapped out of his romance with your breasts and grinned, his cushion- like cheeks turning rosy. 

“Sorry babe. It’s just it’s hard not to look when you jump. I think I ought to come and say hello to them.” 

Key ran around the net and tackled you to the ground, causing sand to cover the two of you. You squealed, rolling around and trying to pin his wrists down to tame him from grabbing your breasts in public. 

“Okay! I give up!” 

Key chuckled before stealing a kiss from your lips. 

“But I’m checking them out when we’re back at the hotel.” 

Happier » Yoo Kihyun


prompt: the only remedy for a broken heart is a road trip with a complete stranger
words: 1705
category: fluff
a/n: do you guys like this setting better? i think it’s less cluttered so i might keep it. also this is in present tense and it’s a bit different from anything i’ve done before so tell me if you like it.


It has been months since the wedding. Kihyun still finds it hard to get up every day. It still breaks him whenever he checks her social media and sees that she’s happier without him. Kihyun can’t even seem to try for happiness: it seems too far out of his reach. Instead, he does what he has to do to survive, and then he reminisces about the past.

Everyone told them that they were too young. They were still in college, still working part-time to pay off student loans. A marriage was the last thing they should’ve been thinking of, and yet they thought it. Because despite everything, Kihyun loved Yebin. He loved her so much that he was willing to sacrifice everything to be with her. She did not have the same mentality, apparently, and left minutes before the ceremony. All she left was a text for her would-be groom, saying she wasn’t ready, and she wasn’t sure she ever would be. It was a breakup text, Kihyun’s friends had informed him. He didn’t believe them until he saw her Snapchat, full of pictures from a date. She looked happy and free, far far away from the girl who claimed she wanted the responsibility of a marriage. Far far away from the girl who said she loved Kihyun and would follow him to the ends of the earth.

Kihyun’s friends want him to get out. They want him to stop feeding his depression and find anything to do besides go to classes and sleep. Some days he can’t even find it in himself to eat. He’s skinnier now, and his hollow cheeks speak volumes louder than the bags beneath his eyes. He is a sight for sore eyes, and his friends are worried.

They send him an ad off of the university website. It’s from a student, and it reads the following: Wanted: a friend to go on a road trip with. Requirements: a banging playlist and some clothes.

They tell Kihyun to reply, because what has he got to lose? In the long run, it would distract him from his problems, but it would also force him to get out of the house. Even Kihyun knows he needs to get out of the house. He needs to get better. So he sends a reply, saying he’ll be there with a backpack of clothes and his spotify premium.

Anything to get her off of his mind. He needs to take back his life. He needs to start fresh.


When he sees you hop out of a sleek SUV, he’s surprised that he isn’t more shocked. He’s seen you around campus, and he knows your name. Most people know you, Y/n, a business major and daughter of a millionaire CEO. Most people know you as a rich kid. Kihyun has never bothered with rich kids before, so he isn’t sure how you are going to react to him in his oversized black t-shirt, holey jeans, and specs that threaten to slide off of his nose any moment now.

You laugh, and Kihyun finds it refreshing, because it’s been so long since he’s heard anyone laugh. Your laugh is so different from Yebin’s that it almost makes him giddy with joy. You hold yourself differently too, and Kihyun can see it in the way you square your shoulders and set your jaw. You treat your greeting like a business transaction, and Kihyun finds respect for the way you shake his hand.

You aren’t snobby, or snooty, or a goody-two-shoes. In fact, you’re the opposite. Kihyun finds out quickly that you’re loud. You sing in shouts, you talk over the air conditioner, and you laugh hard enough that Kihyun hears you snort once or twice. It’s cute to him, because he hasn’t seen someone be so unapologetically themself in so long that he had almost forgotten what it felt like.

He isn’t sure when the time had passed, or what had gone on, but it is suddenly sunset, and you park at a rest area for the night. You show him the mattress in the back of your car, which he hadn’t noticed before. It takes the place of where the backseats should be, and is covered in blankets and pillows. Kihyun even thinks he can see a little plushie peaking out between the covers.

You tell him that the two of you aren’t sleeping quite yet, because you want to get out and stretch your limbs. You also want an ice pop, you decide on a whim, so the two of you head over to the vending machines. On the walk over, Kihyun notices that you are shorter than him, but still regal in the way you carry yourself. He still thinks he would obey anything you said if spoken with the right authority.

You get a strawberry pop and Kihyun gets a cherry one. Soon both of your tongues are dyed red as you talk well into the night on top of your car. The stars are your audience, and their twinkling is almost like applause to Kihyun. He’s doing it, he thinks. He’s finally healing.

You ask him why he agreed to come on a road trip with a stranger, saying that he must be desperate to get away from something.

He corrects you and says rather than something, it’s someone, and proceeds to tell you his story. He tells you that he was left at the altar, and that he is trying to forget his would’ve-been bride.

In return, you tell him that you lost all of your friends. You explain that they had all used you for money, and when you stopped spending it so freely, they dropped you for the second richest person in school. You tell Kihyun that it hurts your heart, and you just need to get away from it all. You need to be spontaneous and free. You need to feel something real.

Kihyun knows exactly how you feel, but he doesn’t know if he can put it into words the way you can. So he settles for a simple nod in agreement. Then the two of you go to sleep.


Kihyun likes road trips with you, and he can’t quite pinpoint why. He wonders what’s so special about showering at a truck stop or eating convenience store ramen for dinner every night. He wonders if it’s just the fact that he’s with you, and your eyes that shine like the brightest diamonds in the sky.

He likes to stare at you when you drive; when your hair is pushed back by an old baseball cap and your fingers are drumming the steering wheel. He likes to watch your lips move in sync to the song. He likes to think you’re singing to him.

Each day he gets closer to you, and each day a familiar feeling grows stronger in his chest. It’s something he can’t explain, but it’s the feeling he used to get with Yebin. It’s a feeling he hasn’t had in awhile. It’s calming and a rush all at the same time. It’s refreshing and bright and new in all these ways. Kihyun isn’t sure why he feels so strongly for you, or why he’s so afraid to just come out and say it. He just knows that he doesn’t want you to forget him when this is all over. He doesn’t want to be left alone again.

You like to be held at night, and Kihyun’s heart stops beating every time you wrap your arms around his waist. He likes this feeling. He likes feeling like the one who can make you feel safe and secure, even in a dodgy rest area. He likes the hum that escapes your lips when he kisses the top of your head or rubs circles into your hips.

Kihyun wants to say it. He needs to tell you how much you mean to him but he is so afraid of being rejected again. So he holds it in.

Another night, he tells himself. That’s when he’ll tell you that he loves you.


It’s the rest stop before you both return home. Back to university and back to reality. The two of you find popsicles again, and you eat them inside the car with the sunroof open and Kihyun’s playlist on high volume. Your hands are up, and Kihyun finds himself mesmerized at the way you serenade the stars. He wants this moment caught forever. He wants your carefree innocence and your excited smile. He wants you with every fiber of his being because you brought him to life again. You showed him how to live again and that’s all Kihyun ever wanted. It’s what he needed.

The popsicles are long forgotten, but Kihyun can still taste the strawberries on your tongue. He can feel the warmth of your skin beneath his touch, and he can hear your voice. Low whispers and moans play a song only for him to hear. He isn’t sure what makes him happier: the fact that you return his feelings, or that fact that he finally manages to do something right for once. He sighs into your lips and pulls you closer against him.


Kihyun returns home a new man. Scratch that. He isn’t a new man at all. He has simply found what he had lost along the way. He found happiness in a place he had never thought to look: at a rest area just off the interstate. He holds your soft hand in his, and smile stretched over his lips as he introduces you to his friends.

They don’t care about money, he recalls to you. He assures you they only care about video games and puppies.

You blend in well with them, your loud laughter bouncing off the walls as Minhyuk tells a stupid joke. You lean into Kihyun’s side for support, and he finds himself laughing too. Not because the joke is funny, but because he has finally found happiness. He has finally found what he was looking for ever since she left him. He thinks of what he was just months ago, and what he is now.

Kihyun is happier with you.

»the end«

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A while ago you did some small scenarios for Mirio and Shinsou, where they wake up in the morning next to their s/o, after their first time together (I hope you know what i mean >///<.) I really loved those! Could you maybe do the same for Bakugou and Monoma? Love your writing <3

Bakugou always wakes up first. Always. This morning is no different … but, still, something has changed. He looks over at your sleeping form. You are still laying on your stomach with your arms hugging the pillow underneath your mussed hair. Groaning slightly, your bruised and bitten lips part as you hike up one of your legs, keeping the other one straight. His eyes flicker over the dark, purple love buts littered over your shoulders and the small circular bruises at your hips. He really did a number on you. Bakugou extends a hand towards you, stopping just before the pads of his fingertips touch one of the hickies on your shoulder blades. 

You groan again, and Bakugou pulls his hand back. you rub your face against the pillow, clearing the sleep from your eyes. Your body feels weighed fown as the dull ache from last night radiates through your lower body. Bakugou watches you raise your messy head from the pillow and blink.

Bakugou wraps his arm around your waist, pulling you close to him. He kisses your lips firmly, but with a gentleness that was absent from last night’s passionate romp. You can’t help but to smile against his lips. Pulling away, you run your hands up his toned chest, noting the deep red lines criss crossing over his chest.

“Are you okay?” you ask worriedly, speaking through your hoarse voice, “I cut you up pretty badly, huh?”

Bakugou scoffs, “Don’t fucking worry about me. What about you? I didn’t fuck you too hard last night, did I?”

You lay your head back down, smiling at his concern, “I’m a little sore, but I’m fine. Although, I think I might have to take breakfast in bed today.”

Bakugou rolls out of bed and ties up his sweatpants around his waist. You furrow your brows, already missing the feeling of his body against yours. You try to sit up.

“Where are you going?” you ask, a whine peaking through your voice.

“I’m gonna make some fucking breakfast. You said you were fucking hungry so stop whining. Your ass better be here when I get back, got it?”

You smile and nod at him, “Got it.”

You wake up in a bed that isn’t yours and in a room that you don’t recognize right away. Rubbing your eyes with the heel of your hand, you adjust to the orange glow lighting the room. Last night … last night … A blush dusts over your cheeks. Your eyes peek over to the body next to yours. Monoma is already awake, staring down at you. He brings his hand up, running his hand through your hair and fixing your tousled (h/c) tresses. His sharp gray eyes search your face as he looks over the features of your morning after face. The two of you lay in silence as he lazily fingers a lock of your hair. He slides closer to you.

“Bonjour, mon amour,” Monoma purrs, kissing your forehead. 

His voice is thick and husky. Your heart hammers in your chest and you can already feel yourself falling into want of last night. Oh, god. You tilt your head up and kiss him deeply, moving your mouth against him as he brings you closer. He pulls again with a smirk on his lips. Your hand rubs up his chest to caress his cheek. Monoma turns his head, planting a short kiss on your palm.

“Prêt pour le deuxième tour, je vois.”

You kiss him again, “Mm, you must be ready for another go if your talking like this.”

“Je ne sais pas ce que tu veux dire.”

Monoma smirks at you as a blush rises on your face. He knows you are thinking of last night. The French nothings he whispered in your ear and the feeling of  his mischievous hands and the hot, open-mouthed kisses his lips trailed down your body. 

“Don’t be a tease unless you want a repeat.”

“A repeat?” he asks with a taunting grin on his face, “So last night was that good?”

You peck his lips, “That good.”

Monoma pulls you against him as he revels in your praise. You snuggle into his bare chest. You’d let his ego inflate for now. He deserves it. Last night … last night really was that good, and you wouldn’t change a damn thing about it.

you’re just taking up space taking up space taking
up space and trying too hard to be somebody people need
when you should be trying harder to make yourself happy and
you’re waiting for a savior but you don’t know how to save anybody either
so doesn’t that make you kind of a hypocrite i mean
the last person you tried to save
now sleeps with a gun between his teeth and
now you’re thinking you might as well sleep with a
“WHO CARES” sign matted to your forehead just in case anybody
wants to care for a little while and then leave but
maybe you don’t care enough either i mean
that’s not right, you care too much, you definitely care too much but
maybe people just have trouble showing it i mean i know you do but
maybe you’re still lonely and maybe it’s nobody’s fault
but that doesn’t mean you’re not still lonely.
—  if somebody cares but nobody knows that they care, do they still care?