...i should probably stop thinking about this


i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time


“Stop talking for a second and just… let me tell you something.” 

I had this idea about if Keith and Lance got stranded in space and for some reason the team can’t get to them or doesn’t know where they are, and they think they’re gonna die so they finally confess to each other. 😏 

But then the team finally comes and rescues them and they’re forced to actually deal with their feelings. 

Victor: Did you hear what I said? My dear little daughter’s about to turn three!
Yakov: Vitya! Do you think this could wait? I’m at work.
Victor: Oh, what a coincidence. I’m at work too. She’s the cutest little thing. You should see her!
Yakov: I’m sure she’s adorable, but stop calling me to gush over your daughter, and during work hours too!
Victor: Not just my daughter! I gush over my husband too!
Yakov: [growling to self and probably facepalming]
—  Source: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Well, anyway.

I think most often when it comes to Aesthetics, Enjolras and Grantaire are associated to a tempest, to pining and sadness and misunderstandings. To passion, to anger, and half arguments half debates filled with Something More.

But to me, it’s more and more different.

To me, Enjolras and Grantaire are that feeling when you just lay down in a bed after one hell of a crazy night; so many things happened! Excitement and fear, and anger and joy, and Crazy Events you’re not sure yet were positive or not; it was one hell of a rollercoaster of feelings and yet here you are, safe in your bed, and there’s this person next to you and at the beginning of the night you didn’t know them that well at all, but because of the night’s circumstances, you’re both here now, and when talking was sort of awkward hours ago, now it flows easily;

They’re that weird feeling at six am, when you’ve been talking for two hours despite the tiredness, and the light is slowly pouring in the bedroom, and you think: “oh, i know you. This is you.”

They’re the feeling of a new beginning at dawn.


Q!Craig and 00!Whishaw

“You must be joking.”

“Why, because I’m not wearing a lab coat ?”

“Because you have wrinkles !”

(Bond threatened to set up parental controls on all of his gadgets after the tart called him “Daddy” over the comms)

its one in the morning and i cant sleep because i invented this lil fantasy world (you know how you make up stories when ur trying to get to sleep) where my book was published and had a fandom and i was like imagining ppl makin videos and doing in depth meta analyses of characters motivations and me doing book signings!!! and like people liking the book!!! and now im all pumped up and just. cant stop thinking about it like.

what a dream

I don’t think we should hate Pearl for a moment of weakness. Those h a p p e n. There is not a person alive who at some point, in some deeply emotional state, hasn’t thought about something 100% not okay.

(And I would like to reiterate that Pearl probably didn’t even realize how Not Okay it was)

What matters is she stopped, she didn’t do it, and she went on to love and protect and accept Steven. Don’t hate Pearl.


Are you ever just listening to the Hamilton soundtrack for the 100th time, and you realize you probably have a problem with getting too attached to things? 

And then you start thinking about everything you get overly attached to. Such as TV shows, books, ships, etc, and you realize you have a serious problem and you should probably stop.

But then you go back on whatever website/app you go on to feed your ever growing obsession? 

No? Just me?

I’ll go home.

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If the budget is a problem shouldn't they stop with the hiring expensive voice actors? Or maybe actually start thinking about how it could effect the show? I want to go into animation and I'm probably not the most qualified to talk about this but I feel like they should've taken it into account so the art wouldn't be effected. They didn't need high class voice actors. Correct me if I'm wrong!

no, i totally agree! if you have a limited budget for something, handle it wisely. as cool as it was, there was no need to hire minaj for sugilite or aduba for bismuth. and if hiring those celeb voices was the reason the art’s been affected, it’s definitely taken its toll on the show visually by now. hiring less expensive voices would allow for both better art and more of a reason to not shelve sugilite and bismuth.

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Been listening to Private Show by Little Mix for a week or so and I can't stop thinking about giving Harry a lap dance. That'd be so fucking hot. The line "Under the sheets, let me love you so good if you want to touch it then baby you should" is everything. Imagine him so worked up, smirking and looking at you eagerly as you dance for him in your underwear...

I wanna give H a lap dance - probably to “that’s what I like” by Bruno mars or “seven devils” by Florence and the machine….


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I'd like to get an ace ring, but i don't like wearing rings on my hands. Is anyone going to misinterpret a black ring worn on a chain round my neck? Google isn't helping:( Also, i love your blog!

I think a black ring worn around your neck would probably not be readily interpreted as an ace ring–even in ace communities not everyone recognises the rings when they’re on the middle finger. That said, you shouldn’t let that stop you! For me my ring is more about me knowing who I am and having a way to express it, so if it’s something you want to do for yourself, you should!


I wish you could be here when everything gets quiet. Because the moment everything stops, is the moment everything starts in my head. It’s the overwhelming realization that I feel. So Fucking. Alone. It’s 11 o'clock and I’m thinking about the laundry I should probably put away or the food I should probably eat or the fact that I’d probably feel better if I showered. But before I know it, it’ll be midnight and I’ll be thinking about too much
and too much
and fuck it’s 11:04
and I’m already thinking too much
and my heart hurts and my eyes are tired
and my god I’d do anything
just to have you here for a moment
to make me forget anything
that’s too much

Now it’s 12:37 and I’m scared to go to bed. I’ve been standing at the edge of my bed for over an hour and I’m scared to crawl under the covers and feel the emptiness around me and feel the hard grasp of “lonely” take me by the throat and push me down further in this dark hole of whatever the fuck i’m feeling all the time.

—  i wrote this over two months ago and still need you just as much

me: *thinks about Grima while doing the dishes*
what if Morgan came to the past and didn’t lose her memories but still got separated from the rest of the children, but then Grima from alternate future got into trouble and had to possess Morgan when Robin’s body was damaged, and ran away to the past, too. And then he found the real Morgan and murdered her and started to pretend he’s her (having her body ofc) and he faked his amnesia just to avoid bothering with lying about Morgan’s childhood because he obviously didn’t know all of the details and it would be suspicious if suddenly Morgan began to tangle herself in her memories. Her “ouch, my head, but wow I remember something!” WAS A LIE
And then Robin sacrifices himself, wakes up in the field, Chrom picks him up, they hug and Robin cries because finally everything is over, they won, he’s free of the fell blood, grima is gone. And then there’s Morgan standing next to them and she’s like

and I

me: looks down at the dishes. There’s a knife in my hand,

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what's your opinion on the sword incident?

I think that Ed was very very lucky, it could have ended badly for him. He still has a big, visible scar on his cheek and it’s not that far from his eye. Must be that eye injuries terrify me, ugh.

I wasn’t very sure if I wanted to talk about this, but screw it.

I really dislike the way that many people, both on this site and out of it, take one group of people and act like they’re the only ones whose opinions matter, or that you should listen to.

I’m probably not being very clear, so I’ll give a personal example to help illustrate my point: the hijab. I’m Middle Eastern and currently live there, and even though I don’t believe in Islam anymore, I still have to wear the hijab out of fear of what my parents would do, and the harassment and exclusion I could face if I stop wearing it.

That’s one side of the whole thing with the hijab. Women like me, who don’t want to wear it, maybe they even despise it, yet still wear it out of fear of the consequences of no longer wearing it.

But see, that’s not the only side. There are women who want to wear it, woman who want to proudly show their religion, but they also have to suffer harassment for wearing it, facing all kinds of insults, threats, and even violence for wearing it, have people try to pull it off, or in some cases, they’re even outright forbidden from wearing it.

There are probably also other sides in the argument, but these two are the most prominent, and the ones I’m gonna be focusing on.

I see so many people who only want to listen to one side, either to the side of woman who don’t want to wear the hijab, but do so out of fear (or they don’t and they suffer because of it), and ignore the plight of women who want to wear it and suffer because they do, even claiming they’re oppressing themselves. Or, people who only listen to women who like wearing the hijab, and they ignore the women who are forced into wearing it, pretend we don’t exist or that we’re less important.

(Before I go on, I want to make a note: there are many Muslim women who don’t want to wear the hijab, and they shouldn’t be judged for their choices. The decision to wear the hijab is a personal one, between the woman and Allah. I personally didn’t like it when I was Muslim, and I dislike it even more now that I’m no longer Muslim. I thought I should say this because I may have made it sound like the only woman who don’t want to wear the hijab aren’t Muslim like myself, which isn’t true, because Muslim women who don’t want to wear the hijab get a lot of shit.)

But the thing is, we don’t have to do that. We could uplift both sides, respect that a woman should have the right to dress how she wants without fear of harassment and/or violence, and work towards a world where that’s possible. I want a world where the decision to wear the hijab can truly be motivated by what the woman wants, one where she doesn’t have to be afraid to make the choice she wants. The harassment and violence women face for choosing to wear the hijab, or for choosing not to wear it are both horrible and unacceptable, and you don’t have to silence and ignore one side to make the suffering of the other valid.

And also, I want to say screw you to the people who use women like me, who are forced into wearing the hijab, to talk about how backwards and savage Middle Easterners are, and justify your bigotry. You don’t care one bit about women in the Middle East, we’re just a tool to you to try and make your bigotry seem justifiable, so screw you. My people have their problems, but I won’t stand to see you discriminate against us, treat us like barbarians, and dehumanize us, especially not under the cover of caring about women or LGBT+ folks, because you don’t, and even if we were the paragons of equality, you’d still hate us because these are just covers, and the truth is, you’re a bigot.

Please stop the ‘Forget Felix Propaganda’

Spreading of Felix hate is stupid as heck. Like, ok, Hawkdaddy already said that nope he won’t be back for probably an eternity. I take it all of us understand this and know what that means. But hey, doesn’t mean that the LB crew threw him and the 2D ML troupe away that we all should too.

I mean, ok, if you wanna forget about Felix and focus only on the current show and everything, then please do. That is your choice and you are free to not think about the bitter cat, the sunshine girl bridgette and the rest of the old ML 2D stuff forever. But please, let the 2D ML fans have their fun in the fandom. Making fanarts, fics and other media forms that appreciate felix, bridgette, the old ladynoir duo, the quantic kids is not bad. Stop trying to invalidate 2D ML and those in the fandom who still enjoy it.

If you only like the old ML stuff, then that’s fine too. And if you only like the current show, that’s ok. If you enjoy both, nothing is wrong with that.

These things aren’t meant to be put on stand against each other. They are for the fandom, for everyone to enjoy. If someone is happy remembering, forming HCs for Felix, for the 2DML then that’s good. If someone is happy if they forget about the old dudes, it is also good. What is not good though is propagating to forget about the 2D ML people because Astruc said it won’t happen. I mean, who are you to go tell people to forget something they enjoy? Are the people making 2D art, fics, etc. hurting anybody by doing what they do? Nope, I don’t think so. Everyone here is just trying to have some fun in tumblr, so please do not speak ill of the 2D kids because they didn’t make it to the show. I think 2D ML fans, more than anyone, are aware of that fact and despite that, the old kids are still loved.

Loving Felix, Bridgette, the old ML duo doesn’t negate Adrien, Marinette or the current LadyNoir. It is just simply loving Felix, Bridgette and the Old ML. I really don’t see what is wrong with that.