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We’re… Brothers? (Goven fic Part 1)

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO OKAY so I saw this post and fell d e e p e r into the incest hole because I was lowkey lurking in it and I read the description on the post and was like ‘hmmmm ( ͡°w ͡°)’ so yeah this happened

That aside, let’s begin


“See ya Geno…”

“Bye Reaper…” Geno and Reaper bid farewell to each other. Things have been quite rough for the two skeletons, and for this reason it was that they decided to take a break from each other. Neither of them wanted the other to feel lonely however, and that’s why they decided to share their children, Goth and Raven. Geno taking care of Goth and Reaper taking care of Raven because ofc they want to keep the child that starts with the letter of their names. The two children were fairly young, so they most likely don’t know what’s going on nor will they remember.

“Who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other sometime… Heh…” Reaper said trying to break the silence.

“Heh… Maybe so…” Geno answered him. It’s not that the two hated each other, they just needed some space between them.

“Don’t ya wanna say bye to your kiddo?” Reaper motioned to the sleeping child in his arms.

“Oh! Of course haha.” Geno leaned over to Raven.

“Goodbye little Raven… Hope to see you again…” Geno kissed his forehead.

“And what about you huh? Forgetting someone?” Geno referred to the small Goth he’s holding.

“Heheh, of course not…” Reaper went over to Goth.

“See ya soon lil Gothy… Hopefully…” Reaper then kissed Goth’s forehead. Geno was trying to hold back his tears. Reaper noticed this.

“Aww Geno…” Reaper took him in his arms with their children to which Geno broke down.

“I-I’m gonna m-miss you…” Geno choked out between sobs.

“I’m gonna miss you too… But hey, I’ll be fine, you’ll be fine, we’ll see each other again some day, I’m sure of it.” Reaper said, calming Geno down.

“I’ll look forward to it…” Geno said getting out of Reaper’s arms, though wanting to stay in them longer.

“Heh, well once again, see ya Geno…” Reaper chuckled already having said goodbye to him.

“Bye Reaper… Again haha.” Geno chuckled as well. And with that they went their separate ways.

~~~Years later~~~

“And that’s how I fought a bear and won!” Raven joked to his ‘new friend’ Goth.

“Hah?! Stop lying pfft.” Goth laughed at him.

“Hey who said I was lying?!” Raven acted offended.

“That overly exaggerated story kinda gave you away haha.” Goth pointed.

“How dare you!” Raven dramatically gasped. Goth gave a chuckle.

“I like you Raven, but there’s something about you that feels familiar to me…” Goth said out of nowhere.

“Oh! Well I like you too Goth! And I’m getting this feeling too… Like I’ve seen you before…” Raven leaned in to examine him for effect.

“U-uh, Raven…?” Goth blushed at how dangerously close Raven was to him.

“O-oh! S-sorry Goth! Kinda got lost in my thoughts h-heh…” Raven snapped out of his thoughtful trance and blushed in embarrassment.

“N-no it’s ok! I-I actually didn’t mind heh…” Goth said without thinking. This caused Raven to blush more.

“Really?” Raven said surprised. Goth then realized what he said.

“Shoot! I m-meant uh… I-I uh…” Goth stuttered.

“Hehe, you’re cute when you stutter…” Raven chuckled.

“Sh-shut up!” Goth managed to blush harder. Raven kissed his cheek.

“Eep! R-Raven..?” Goth gave a small yelp from the kiss.

“I really like you Goth… Do you maybe wanna… Uh…” Raven tried speaking but couldn’t find the words to put it. Goth already knew what he meant.

“Yeah! I’d love to go out with you!” Goth perked up happily.

“Really! Great!” Raven eyes lit up. Goth leaped into Raven’s arms catching him off guard but he soon regained his balance and spun Goth around, both laughing. Raven took notice of the time and set him down.

“Shoot! I didn’t even notice it was getting dark! See you tomorrow?” Raven asked Goth.

“Yeah! See ya!” Goth chirped. Raven smiled.

“Alright!” Raven said as they ran off to their own homes.


Okay I had to cut this short because apparently there’s a text block limit??? So yeah I’m pissed

But in anycase

Goth by @nekophy

Raven by @ask-the-gothfamily

Geno by loverofpiggies

Reaper by renrink

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kink list prompt: 39. klaus & caroline don't know how to react after engaging in some unsatisfactory sex.

+  and I have a prompt for you: Klaus and Caroline getting drunk at a bar and going home to have clumsy, drunken sex ;)

This one will be posted in parts (today and on Sunday) because I wanted to get something up before work. It’s a SUPER belated gift for the delightful @howeverlongs based on her fave trope gifsets. This is friends with benefits which I don’t think I’ve ever actually done!

You’re The Nicest Thing (Part One)


Klaus (11:31 AM):All of them? Surely there’s at least a passable paper or two.

Caroline (11:32 AM):I’m on the tenth. They’re all TERRIBLE. SOULSUCKINGLY TERRIBLE.

Klaus (11:33 AM):Soulsuckingly is not a word.

Caroline (11:34 AM):Neither was elbow before Ol’ Bill was staring at the bendy bit of his arm and thought hmmmmm while writing King Lear.

Klaus (11:36 AM):I’m screenshotting this text. The next time you call me egotistical I’m going to remind you of the time you directly compared yourself to William Shakespeare.

Caroline (11:37 AM): You can’t remind me of anything if I’m in prison. Do you have lunch plans?

Klaus (11:38 AM):Meeting with an author at one. She likes my portfolio but has some questions.

Caroline (11:39 AM):Klaus! THAT’S AMAZING.

Caroline (11:39 AM):Everything in me is DYING to send you a string of emojis but I’ll refrain since you hate fun and happiness.

Klaus (11:40 AM):No, just emojis.

Klaus (11:41 AM):And thank you, sweetheart. I’ll stop by with coffee when I’m done. Try not to murder anyone before then.

Caroline (11:42 AM):You’re a lifesaver!

Caroline’s a veteran T.A. having accepted her first position her senior year of college. Every year she tells herself not to be surprised by the inept bullshitting the freshmen tried to sneak into their first paper but the badly constructed arguments and ludicrous examples still manage to have her tearing out her hair.

Honestly, how hard was it to just read the freaking book? Some of them clearly hadn’t even bothered to do much more than skim Wikipedia.

She took a great deal of pleasure in scrawling semi-sarcastic observations in red pen alongside the slashes and grammar corrections. It was a public service, really. Caroline was graduating this year and her harshness would save another T.A. some aggravation. Assuming, of course, that any of the particularly egregious offenders could manage to actually learn.

Experience had taught her that certain brands of dumb were impenetrable.

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