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I feel like, while most people at EU either have a healthy fear and respect for the Gentry or don't last, there are a few that are connected, jaded, or lucky enough that they're just like, 'oh yeah, that's Steve, I mean obviously that's not his name but I call him that, we made out at a party once and he's a pretty good kisser. He's been leaving me gifts and I think we might be dating? Wild right. Yesterday by the lake this kelpie tried to convince me to ride and I just dabbed at it and left.'

100% cannon

“oh yeah you know Jimothy, right, i don’t know why it calls itself that either, the one that’s like…a horse-sized skeletal humanoid on all fours with fuckin’ Vantablack skin? well haha it turns out ol Jimothy just goes nuts for those plastic jewel beads everyone had has a kid, i bought a set for my baby cousin and it paid me three teeth for them? yeah ok you’ve seen it too, right, good, well that’s why it’s wearing like eight shitty necklaces now and i think it tries to do finger guns at me whenever we see each other? like that’s the general vibe i get although its hands are, you know. weird”

I’m speechless after this video. I literally have nothing to say. Jack seemed to say all the words that were going through my head. I would just be quoting a lot of what he said in this video if I tried to share my own thoughts right now.

The one thing I will say is, this inspires me so much, to see Jack make a video, talking about some really serious stuff he normally would never talk about in videos, but this was a special cause, because it was someone who means a great deal to him. People can disagree with what Jack said in this video, or completely agree with it, or have no opinions on the matter, whatever.

Felix’s joke may have been bad, but that doesn’t make him a bad person. We all have accidentally said something that could be taken out of context, but in Felix’s case, this is a lot more serious, just because of how popular he is. But we all make some REALLY bad mistakes sometimes, no one can honestly say they never have, but please show respect towards him. Show some humanity. It really brings me down, seeing how people hear someone say something really bad as a joke, even if that person know they shouldn’t be doing that, but that doesn’t mean the other person has to pretend they don’t know it’s a joke, just because they wanna start some shit, and spread pointless negativity.

I believe Jack when he says Felix is a good person, he has a really good judge of character I think. And from what I’ve seen, I think he’s a great person as well, he has a good heart. He just made one really bad, stupid, mistake…as we all have. I just hope humanity has enough of a heart and soul left to forgive him for that mistake. Anyway, I don’t wanna go on forever, I haven’t been keeping up with what’s going on with the whole thing, but I am aware of the things Jack was talking about in this video, and that’s about it. So please, don’t hate on me too harshly, I was just sharing the thoughts Jack got stirring around in my head.

  • Aries: *starts to think about random hot guy* Wow, I'd love for him to have my babies. WAIT- I mean I would love for me to have his babies, oops.
  • Taurus: Should I eat a pop-tart? No, it's 3AM! But time is fake anyway so I should eat one, right? Right.
  • Gemini: I'm like... drunk on life right now. Who needs beer when you can have your sleep-deprived brain?
  • Cancer: That disappointing moment when you feel like you're about to die, but you're still living and just breathing.
  • Leo: Honestly I'm so cute, like why am I single? ANY GUY WOULD BE SO LUCKY TO ROCK WITH THE BEST. AND THE BEST IS ME.
  • Virgo: Water... it's so watery, refreshing, and great. What did I do to deserve water?
  • Libra: Lit. Lit. Lit.
  • Scorpio: I'm alive because of oxygen and I wish it would fucking stop.
  • Capricorn: *finishes brushing teeth* My mouth feels like it just had an orgasm or like it's filled with electrolytes.
  • Aquarius: *looks at key chain* Me and this key chain have a lot in common. At the beginning of the year, we both looked so good, but now the elements of life caught up to us and we should honestly be thrown away.
  • Pisces: *randomly dancing and singing around the house* Sometimes I wonder why I don't have any friends and this is exactly why...

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Hi! When do you think Emma realized that she was in love with Killian? I've been rewatching S3 and S4 but I can't seem to figure it out...

Denial was Emma’s middle name, so I think there were a lot of small moments along the way that contributed to her awakening and each one chipped away at her bubble of denial. 

  • In 2x22 she realizes that maybe she was right about him. (meaning her first instinct back on the beanstalk was right about him the one she suppressed and couldn’t take a chance on)
  • In 3x05 she let herself realize that she was attracted to him.
  • In 3x07 she let herself realize he was serious and a real option.
  • In 3x11 she let herself realize that he had become important to her, and that she liked that she was important to him.
  • In 3x14 she let herself realize that after everything, he was still serious and still a real option.
  • In 3x16, she realized that he was there for her in surprising ways, and then she surprised herself when she trusted him with her son.
  • In 3x17, she let herself realize it was time to move forward, and that she might want to do that with him.
  • In 3x20 she realized no matter what, she couldn’t lose him.
  • In 3x22 she realized he was part of her home and that she was ready to explore what was between them.
  • In 4x03 she realized she was really, really scared to lose him.
  • In 4x04 she realized she loved him. Yes this is it.  After their date, when she closes the loft door and leans back against it absolutely gobsmacked, and swept off her feet. That’s the moment she knows. She’s done. She’s a goner. She’s in love. 

You know that terribly stupid dumb movie cliche where the girl takes off her glasses and straightens her hair and she suddenly hot?

That’s Jamie Benn right now. Like, he’s no longer your best friends awkward and shy little brother. He grew a beard. He’s walking down the stairs in slow mo.

You don’t even care about the bet. You want to take him to prom.

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Y'know I rlly want to know if Toffee is evil but ... hmm. Because what if Moon is the one who's hiding something? I mean, she's apart of this as well right? I mean, what if Toffee is doing this for a personal or specific reason? Because as scary as Toffee is, he's pretty adamant and intelligent enough to play this all out under out noses.

Toffee has for sure some personal history with the Butterflys, beyond the fight that cost him a finger, and probably with Moon herself. It’s implied as early as Fortune Cookies

and this post by a storyboard revisionist, while being about fan art done in a stream and completely not canon, seems to reinforce the idea that he interacted with young Moon.

We still don’t know if Moon knows about Toffee, since Star didn’t tell her who kidnapped her and Marco in Storm the Castle. And if she doesn’t know yet, would she tell Star the whole story, once informed? Clearly a lot of things aren’t being told to Star, both by her parents, either to protect her or because they don’t trust her, and by Glossaryck… mostly because Star doesn’t explicitly ask.

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For the meme thing: a case which cannot be solved

The fic I would write for that title would be a very simple one. So simple I’m actually writing it.

The Case Which Cannot Be Solved

“Molly, I need your help.”

“Of course, Sherlock, what is it?”

“A case.”

“Right, is John not available? Or do you mean you need me to watch Rosie while the two of you are off chasing the bad guys?” Molly smiled to show she wasn’t upset if that was the case; watching her god-daughter was one of her favorite things to do.

Sherlock shook his head and stepped closer. “No, it doesn’t involve either John or Rosie. Just…you.”

Molly felt her breathing get a bit rough as she stared up at him. “So what does this case involve, exactly?”

“It’s an old case, one that I’ve been unable to solve for about, hmm, seven years now,” he replied, and Molly’s heart beat faster. He reached out and stroked his fingers along the side of her face. “And if it wasn’t for my sister, I doubt I would have ever come even this close to solving it, since I wasn’t aware it was a case until she forced us to speak those three little words.”

“So the unsolvable case is…”

“You, Molly Hooper,” he replied, tilting her head up and holding her gaze. “And I hope never to be able to solve it.”

Then he kissed her, and Molly found herself agreeing with his logic for the few, brief seconds she remained capable of rational thought.

Jamie Parker as Harry

Okay. So as anyone who’s been following me for more than five minutes knows, I love Harry as a character. Like, beyond reason. He’s my favourite fictional character out of all the fictional characters. I have a lot of personal emotions tied up in him and I get a ton of personal meaning and strength from his journey through the Harry Potter story. He is very important to me. Like a lot of the various Harry Potter characters are important to other people in fandom. That’s why we’re here, right? Because we take all this stuff way too seriously? (I don’t appologise for that. Harry Potter, the character and the story, has given me strength and comfort when I needed it most. It’s been an emotional and psychic shelter during the worst times in my life and helped me survive them.)

So I was on edge about Harry in Cursed Child. How would he be written? Would he be my Harry? The Harry I fell in love with from the books? Would the actor who played him do Harry justice? Would he own my heart the way I wanted him to? Not having been a huge theatre buff before Cursed Child, I wasn’t familiar with Jamie Parker and didn’t know what to expect.

I’ve written about this before, but I clearly remember the exact moment I relaxed while watching the play for the first time. Jamie/Harry came into his office in the ministry where Hermione was waiting for him and he just exuded adrenaline and joy at having successfully caught Theodore Nott and the Time-Turner. And I knew that he was perfect. That he understood Harry completely and everything was going to be fine. And that continued through the rest of the play. Everything Jame did with the character was perfect, from his reluctance to duel with Draco to his attempt to protect Ginny from the stress of his nightmares to his anger to his agony over his relationship with Dumbledore. There is so much complexity and emotion in Jamie’s portrayal of Harry. He’s talked about having read the books over and over again; he knows Harry. It shows so clearly in his performance. 

I love Jamie in this role. He’s perfect to me, he IS Harry, the character I love more than any other, he makes me feel all the Harry love. So my enjoyment of Jamie in this role is more than just appreciation for a job well done, it’s deeply personal. It’s meaningful to me. It’s more than just “I prefer this actor in the role”. I am in love with Jamie’s portrayal of Harry, it’s the heart of my experience of the play.

I’m not really sure why that’s a problem for anyone.

Okay, I’m struggling to understand something here…

If Thomas is alive (and while I am super happy at the possibility, I’m not ready to believe it will actually happen, I’ve already been burned once on that front), how exactly does it undermine/retcon the emotional struggle of Flint’s journey? It doesn’t change the fact that he, Thomas, and Miranda were all ruined and suffered hell. It doesn’t take away that Miranda died. It doesn’t take away that they had their relationship used against them. It doesn’t take away that Thomas would have still spent time being tortured in Bedlam. It doesn’t take away that Flint lost everything. It doesn’t take away anything that happened to them. I do understand what people mean by this, but it doesn’t totally take it all away.

If it’s because Flint might be ruined completely if he is (edit: and then loses him again; sorry fingers faster than brain D:), then yeah I’m right there with you, because that’s unnecessarily cruel and some bullshit and a major slap in the face.

And this is assuming they even let Thomas and Flint have a happy ending or even a happy reunion. For months, I’ve seen how people only wish for Flint to be happy and how people wanted more representation on this front and love for him. So… why is this bad? To have a gay character come back from the dead? To have the possibility, however remote, that a queer couple might get some form of happy ending after being put through hell? That a queer couple doesn’t end tragically??? I’m not really understanding how that’s bad??? Okay so yeah it would be pretty dramatic but like why does realism all of a sudden matter when people have been begging for more? :s

I’m not trying to be a jerk or be snarky or anything, I just literally don’t get it :(


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. You know how much our kids mean to me, and it hurts me knowing how much he’s grown to hate me.” 

“This is…killing me, Jacob. He knows, he knows he’s not your biological son. I can see it in his eyes and it’s hurting him so much. We have to tell him, we just…we have to before he gets even angrier” 

“Do you really think that would help? He’s so angry right now, it would only push him away” 

“He wants to know the truth and he wants to hear it from you. I…I’m so scared, Jacob. What if…we lose him. I would die.” 

Alexander  pt.4 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

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“can we just switch our teammates ? Jimin let out when he saw jungkook coming towards him,it was obvious for him how much you weren’t comfortable and even he didn’t have any problem working with Haneul as she was a sweetheart ,jimin wanted secretly to cheer you up 

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This not an incorrect quote but this needs to be said. 


Not just exo! Any Idols!!!

They work so fucking hard to put on an amazing performance for their fans and they do not deserve to have anything thrown at them! At all! No one does.

What happened to Yixing was so fucking scary! Some sick fan threw a glass bottle at him and we are lucky it missed. It shattered right next to him! This is disgusting, it’s alarming behavior and it needs to be taken seriously.
I don’t know what the fuck the person who threw this had in mind, but there is literally no excuse to throw something like that on the stage.

Not only is it dangerous to throw anything at anyone but Yixing has hemophilia, which means when he starts bleeding it’s hard for him to stop.

This happened at their Hong Kong concert! Which was days ago! I have no idea why this is only just spreading around now and I’m upset that I only just found out about it. But please everyone! Stop throwing things at idols, soft toys yes, bottle no



Zero was born as one of a set of identical twins was he not??? That means that he has the twin gene in him and could easily pass it down to future generations!

THERE ARE TWO RENS, GUYS!! One boy, one girl!!! That’s why we can’t figure it out! They obviously switch out from time to time ofcccc

And this is all an elaborate prank on Kaname~~~

Idk if you guys noticed but I've been having a huge melt down over jungkook for the past 12 hours. Idk wtf is going on with him for ruining me harder than he did in the past. But I'm ruined . And Not today comes out on the 20th,right ? Doesn't that mean that it's tomorrow 😨😨😨😨


Off to the gym for 40 minutes of Cardio.

  • 15 elliptical
  • 15 treadmill
  • 10 bike

Then legs and some abs.

I love the gym on the weekends. I was one of maybe 2 other people. No people loud grunting when lifting heavy things. No people standing in front of machines talking or texting.

I’m also flying solo this weekend. I flew solo last weekend too. Oso recently accepted a job, and because he is lower on the seniority totem poll he gets the no so great (in my opinion) shifts right now. This means he works Thursday -Sunday alllll day (11:30-9:30pm).  Hopefully this will change next month, but right now I am doing my best to stay occupied and not get bored/lonely, which is the perfect combination for sad eating and laziness. I’ve been so spoiled having him all to myself, and I am not the best at immediately acceptng change.

This weekend should be okay, though, I have essays waiting to be graded, and class planning to be done, and workouts to catch up on, since I missed Weds/Thurs.

Im freaking Jaebum

Damn, i’m so sorry to hear that your Oppa can’t satisfy your sexual fantasies by admitting that he’s NOT GAY.

I’m so sorry that he ended up letting you know that he has no intentions of fucking Youngjae (either B.A.P’s or GOT7′s, it doesn’t matter), and that therefore your ship is unreal.

I’m so sorry that he is a human being that has a normal friendship with his group mates and feels comfortable enough to joke about his own sexuality with them.

I’m sorry that he feels uncomfortable with you constantly saying that he’s gay and writing awkward fanfics about him having sex with his close REAL LIFE friends.

In fact, I’m sorry he has a sexuality at all! I mean, he’s an idol so he absolutely has to be pansexual, right? Otherwise… he’s an homophobe!!! :O

mon-el    (supergirl)

i know that not all of the supergirl fandom likes mon-el 

but that doesn’t give you the right to talk harshly about the actor 

chris wood is an amazing person and actor he don’t deserve all the hate that he gets on Social Media remember that he is a person and that harmful words can hurt him all he wanna do is to act 

so pleas don’t be a mean person and remember that when you go to Social Media and go this account and write thees Terrible things he will see them 

is hating a character in a tv show is worth all these harsh words is it worth it 

to bring someone pain…. just think about it 

and pleas stop all the drama with the TVD fandom ok its not worth it 

just stop Spreading the hate and the hurt 

pleas stop 

Give me one reason Bonnie should be cold hearted toward Damon after he read her the letter. I mean she even hugged him and now all of a sudden, she is angry with him. Did episode ten not even happen? Or what’s going on with her? Damon didn’t do anything. Looks like our fandom was right. We got the letter scene to get it over with so Bamon don’t have interactions with each other after the fact. The writing staff has Alzheimer’s. They don’t know their own stories.

Three more weeks until the show is finally finished. I can’t wait.

The time I’ve finally surrendered everything to Trollhunters

Otherwise called, this family of trolls, humans, and changelings is giving me too many feelings


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