...i mean that was him right

im sorry but

a group of people sat in a room and wrote this:

A film crew and editing crew purposefully made sure they added this:

oh its not enough that they’re hugging lets make sure we casually film her arms wrapping ‘round him:

and this

fuck it lets have them gaze into each others eyes like fuck ur perfect

Remember that time Bellamy limped around a forest 

Screaming he cant loose her

but nah right its platonic af the way he protects her

Try to stop him getting to her

Not like he’s repeatedly shown as her weakness either or nuttin

Quick we have to show them eye fucking each other again // platonically

noTHING to sEE HEre

“if ur a bird i’m a bird”

*quickly lets pan to Bellamy’s reaction of this - but it doESN’t mean anYTHing obviously*

They go ahead and tell us “its just friendship” and then write this shit:

Every single little detail:

Has been added there on purpose:

For a reason.

Like having her new romatic interest comment on their relationship the same ep they have their first kiss… but nah that was for no reason obviously…

ffs she spoke to him everyday for 6 years and 7 days







but honestly, its just platonic!!!!! Obviously.



It’s a [Tinder] Date! (Part 2/3)

Summary: Thinking he needs to find a date, Natasha signs Steve up to Tinder. In Queens, Peter Parker does the same to you. It’s a match!

Word Count: 1,314

A/N: I really love how this is turning out :) Enjoy it, guys!

Part 1

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Impossible. It was impossible. There was no way. This really wasn’t Captain America. The person behind the screen was not Steve Rogers. There wasn’t. And so, you voiced it.

“It’s not him.”

Peter scoffed, nudging your side. “You don’t know that.”

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Monsta X Reaction: When their crush has a nightmare and asks to sleep with them

||| Anon asked: can you do a monsta X reaction to when their crush has a bad dream and asks to sleep with them? |||

Wonho/Shin Hoseok

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Would be so surprised to see you standing in the doorway that he wouldn’t believe it at first.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat what you just said? I think I might still be dreaming.”

Shownu/Son Hyunwoo

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He would be so happy you chose to come to him that he would have trouble expressing it in words and would just smile uncontrollably.

“I should probably stop before she starts thinking I’m creepy.”

Lee Minhyuk

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Would use this opportunity to hold you as close as possible.

“Don’t worry, I will protect you if anything happens.”

Yoo Kihyun

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Would want to comfort you but would end up thinking too much about it.

“Would it be weird if I hugged her? Will she find out that I like her if she sleeps here? What’s the real reason she came her? Is this just a prank? Where is the hidden camera?..”

Chae Hyungwon

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Would gladly invite you to sleep with him but couldn’t help but wonder.

“Does this mean that she likes me as well? Should I say something to her?”

I.M/Lim Changkyun

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Would probably tease you because why not.

“I didn’t know you were such a scared cat. Or could it be that you actually just wanted to see me?”

Lee Jooheon

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Would not only let you sleep with him but would also make you some tea and would speak to you about it just to calm you down. softest lil bub

“You know that you can come to me not only when you’re scared, right?”

A/N: I have no idea why but I was on the verge of laughing the whole time I wrote this, mostly because it was fun writing this and I kept reimagining things and I love Jooheon can you blame me? I make no sense, I should focus back on my exams… 😂

  • Ivy: Admit it you like Oswald huh I can see it in your eyes!
  • Ed: Pfft yeah right.
  • Ed: I mean am I attracted to him? Sure.
  • Ed: Do my days feel like they have a purpose with him around? Yes.
  • Ed: Does he understand me in ways no one else has ever? Without a doubt.
  • Ed: Do I fantasize about him? Its happened a few times.
  • Ed: But do I like him?
  • Ed: No.
  • Ivy: Are you kidding me.
  • Draco, talking to pansy: I haven't heard anything, but I bet Harry got the job. I mean, why wouldn't he? He's totally qualified and smart; everyone loves him. And... if he never comes back again, that's okay. We're friends now and I'm sure we'll stay friends. We just... we never got the timing right, you know? He shot him down, and then I did the same to him. But you know what? It's okay, I'm totally fine. Everything's going to be totally--
  • Harry: Draco! [looks at pansy] Er-Sorry. Um, are you free for dinner tonight?
  • Draco: ...Yes.
  • Harry: Alright, then... it's a date.[grins sheepishly and leaves]
  • Draco: [looking so happy he's about to cry] I'm sorry, what was the question?

stardresss  asked:

"I don't want you" nalu


Pairing; Nalu

Word Count; 552

A/N;  Angst angst angst.

“I don’t want you.”

Natsu watched Lucy take a step back, eyes wide and lip trembling, as if he had actually hit her. Natsu’s stomach turned at the thought. Hurting Lucy was something he could never imagine doing, and yet it was what he seemed to constantly do. In fact he was doing it right now. 

“You’re lying.” Lucy whispered. She seemed to be mustering all the courage that she could, but Natsu could still see the trickle of fear in her chocolate gaze. And it killed him. Didn’t she know he was lying, that he didn’t mean it? Was he really so horrible that she doubted her place in his life?

“No, I’m not. I don’t want you. As my lover, my partner, my friend. Nothing.” Natsu said, voice hard and low. He was impressed his voice didn’t break, that all the emotions and fear that he held inside weren’t spilling out of his very pores. 

“You’re lying,” she repeated, hands balling into fists beside her. Natsu watched as all doubt was burned from her eyes, soul flaring wild and hot and angry

“I’m not lying Lucy, gods, can’t you get it through that pretty skull of yours? You mean nothing to me.”

Natsu looked away. He couldn’t watch her as she cried anymore, couldn’t watch how his words cut her. It was the only way, if he made her hate him then she wouldn’t be sad when he died. Either by the cancer his brother’s experiments had put in him or Zeref’s hand itself, it didn’t matter. Nastu was going to die, and he’d rather go to hell than drag her soul down with him. 

Natsu stepped back with a gasp, cheek throbbing with Lucy had slapped him. He touched a finger to the burning skin, gaping at Lucy. She’d hit him.

Gods did he love her.

“Stop lying.” Lucy snarled, crowding into his space, eyes bright and furious as she looked up at him. “You’re a terrible liar.” she spat.

Natsu pressed his lips into a thin line, trying to glare down at her. He had to keep this mask on. It was for the best. It had to be.

They stared at one another, tense and challenging, willing the other to back down. Natsu snapped his gaze away when he realized neither were going to cave. It was good to know his stubbornness had rubbed off on her. 

“Why can’t you just hate me?” Natsu mumbled under his breath, rubbing at his temple as he closed his eyes. He should’ve known this was a stupid plan. When did Lucy ever abandon a friend?

He looked up at the ceiling, water stains discoloring the wooden beams several feet above them, Lucy’s arms tight as she crushed her body against his. “Because I love you.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Lucy said, squeezing hard enough for Natsu to feel his ribs shift inside him. He wrapped his arms around her, hugging her tightly as he buried his nose in the top of her hair. Despair clutched at his heart. He had to live for her, he couldn’t just leave her now. “We’ll figure something out, Natsu. I’m not letting you go.”

It would have been so much easier if she just hated him.

“I love you too.”

French Girls | Shawn Mendes Imagine

A/U: I guess this is what I call a fucking blurb. HAAH OKAY . Also shout out to @nobravery for helping me with all this French!! 

Word Count: 2,918

Songs:   From Gold - Nova Amor (Shawn’s) & La vie en rose - Édith Piaf (Her’s) 

“Your music taste is so… nice.” I said as I crossed my legs on Shawn’s bed.

It was late in the evening and it was dark already outside. Shawn’s window was cracked open and I could hear crickets between song changes.

“You don’t sound confident in that statement,” Shawn said smiling as he stood up from this dresser that had his average sound system on top.

I smiled nervously. “No, no. I do mean it, it just that it’s a little different from mine, but I still really like it.”

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Day Two | Part 2

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,533

A/N: ANOTHER ONE! Thank you all for the feedback on Day One! I can’t believe how many of you guys are excited for this series. Anyways, enjoy, and don’t kill me. Part 1 can be found here.

When you got home yesterday, a nap turned into a full night’s sleep. When you woke up, you had about a dozen text messages from Peter. You didn’t bother opening them, instead you got up and went to shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror and had puffy eyes. You could only hope they would be gone by the time you got to school because you didn’t want anyone asking what was wrong. As soon as you thought of it, you remembered that you had to help Peter today. You were scared for him that he would be rejected, but who would reject a sweet person like Peter?

You sighed and started your shower, and your mind was running through every scenario that could possibly happen today. You had to think of what would happen if Liz said yes or if Liz said no, and ways to congratulate or comfort Peter. You just knew today wasn’t going to be easy at all. When you got out of the shower, you walked to your closet and pulled out denim jeans and a floral Hawaiian shirt, it was a simple outfit, but it got the job done for today’s theme. You didn’t bother with your appearance today, you just combed your hair and went to the kitchen where you grabbed a granola bar and a banana, and that was your breakfast. You hoped as you walked down the stairs that you wouldn’t run into Peter. It was too early to deal with him right now.

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Every Way

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Jinyoung

Genre: Smut

Prompt: “I just like proving you wrong.”

Rating: NC-17 (Light bondage, spanking)

Word Count: 2,567

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cave me in | 01

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college au 

pairing: jinyoung x reader 

genre: fluff x slight angst [ x eventual smut ]

word count: 4.650

requested by anon 

description: you should’ve known that asking your best friend turned ex-boyfriend for a favor would never turn out the way you expected. 

The moment you come to a stop outside the clandestine coffee shop that sits a few meters away from the Engineering Research Building, you know you have screwed up.  

There was no way around it. No matter how many times you mulled over the situation, this seemed to be the only plausible outcome with the least damage. Ultimately, it all depended on your ex-boyfriend giving you the time of day to even hear your proposition out and you understood that there was a high possibility he’d cast you back outside into the brittle December air without a second thought. You probably would have done the same thing to someone that broke 2 years of a relationship and many more of friendship in less than five minutes.  

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Reader x Stiles Stilinski


Imagine: being in love with Stiles for ages but he never notices, until one day, after a run away from a party, he tells you how he feels about you and things get heated.

Warnings: SMUTTY (oh yeah) SIN, oral sex (female receiving), dirty talk, swearing and sex. Little bits of fluff.

Word Count: 3336

A dose of neat whiskey lied half empty in front of me as I tapped carelessly at the wooden table, observing the crowd dancing in front of me like there was no tomorrow. This whole thing was so not me! I had no idea why I let Lydia convince me it was going to be good to leave my beloved bed and the Star Wars marathon I was about to start to go to a party.

Oh, damn, who was I trying to fool? I knew why I had come. My dear best friend used the two magic words that could get me anywhere she wanted: Stiles Stilinski. Martin had said he would be there, meaning there was no slight hesitation on the loud yes I gave as a response.

Although it was embarrassing to admit, the pale, clumsy boy had been my crush, and one of my best friends, ever since we met, a few years back. It was not actually my fault that he had mesmerising honey brown eyes that seemed capable of burning my entire soul to the ground. Or that his weird personality matched mine somehow. However, despite my tiring attempts, Stiles just could not see how much I wanted to be more than his friend. Ultimately, that made me despise the feelings I had inside, hiding them away.

“Y/N?” A deep, masculine voice snapped me out of the trance I was in. Then, right after it, Stiles’ hand brushed my left shoulder, which made me look back, partially scared, partially confused. Seeing my sudden messy state, he gave me a cheeky smile and I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t.” I shrugged, looking away from him as I finally gulped down the rest of my drink. It was my very subtle way to disguise the nervousness he caused on me. “What are you doing here, Stiles?”

“Uh, you had this awful boredom on your eyes and I thought I might be your saviour tonight.” His warm laugh made my heart skip a beat. Fuck. Definitely not a fair game, Stilinski. “Are you going to keep staring or are you going to say something? Because it’s kind of creepy. Not that I mind, though, I’m into creepy stuff, so-”

“For God’s sake, can’t you shut up?” The brown haired boy gazed at me in disbelief, his eyes wide whilst his bottom lip puckered up and formed an adorable pout. I was not able to hold the genuine smile that slipped at such sight. “That’s much better.”

“I was just trying to be helpful!”

“Okay, if you really, really, want to help me, then I guess you could give me a ride home? I’m done with this party.”

“Tell you what, I have a better idea.”

“I don’t trust your ideas, Stiles.” He scrunched his brows together, earning a soft chuckle from me. “They always lead straight to trouble.”

“I’m truly hurt by your lack of trust in me.” Both of us shared a giggle. “Come. Let me take you to my favourite place.”

“Can’t say I’m not scared.”

“Don’t be such a wuss, Y/N/N.” Stilinski muttered while I went back to my feet, feeling more ready than ever to leave that sweaty, filled with inconvenient people, room. “I promise you there won’t be any regrets.”

“I’m betting on it.”

Without any further words, he grabbed my hand, intertwining our fingers, and dragged me out of that dreadful celebration. While running to escape, we bumped into a whole bunch of people who were making out at the dance floor, which got us several angry yells. Not that we cared, though.

Outside, the night seemed to be outstandingly beautiful. A shy, pale moon cut through the greyish clouds, shining dots scattered across the sky, the tall trees swung lightly to the cold breeze, crickets cricked happily… Simply the perfect scenario for the ending of a romantic film.

“Don’t you love this?” The question crawled out of my lips as I contemplated the complexity standing before me. “I mean… It’s so astonishing! So beautiful!”

“You are so cheesy!” Stiles joked, squeezing my hand, that still lied on his tepid one, and giving me a playful wink. “But I have to admit, it is indeed a gorgeous view.”

We stayed there for a minute, maybe two, just enjoying each other’s presence and the landscape. Our entire friendship was based on these moments, where he and I could just shut up and feel comfortable in the silence. It’s those times you just know you found someone special.

Clamping my bottom lip between my teeth, I dared to direct my eyesight to him, catching his blissful state. The eyes I loved so much seemed to be lost in thoughts, whilst his mouth hung open, somewhat curled into a smirk. I knew that face very well: his mind was working on something. A mischief.

“Oh no, Stiles.”

“What?” Now the naughty smile was wide on his face. That man could not disguise anything even if he wanted to. “Come on, we’ve stayed here for too long already. I want to show you something.”

That said, he walked towards his old blue jeep. Considering I moved in a much slower pace than him, Stiles got there before me and calmly leant against the passenger’s door, waiting patiently. Man, is it weird that I found it incredibly sexy? Because I did. All I wanted to do was rip his clothes off and hump his brains out against that bloody car of his until we both had lost our voices.

“Where are we going?” I quizzed, a while later, glancing over the window. The cold wind stung my cheeks, which should be, by now, red as a pair of tomatoes. “If you’re taking me to the woods, forget it. I want to go home.”

“Chill.” Stilinski laughed, his right hand landing sneaky on my thigh. “I sensed you needed a romantic date, so I’m taking you to a special place.”

“A date? Are you insane?” Stifling a chuckle, I pierced my eyes on him, investigating if this was some sort of joke. “And since when do you do romantic dates?”

“OK, this was Lydia’s idea.” He exhaled, his eyes never leaving the road ahead. “She said you were sad because some guy had blown you off.”

“She did?”

“Yep.” Nodding, Stiles glanced at you, his irises carrying a hint of anger. “I was stunned when she told me. I mean, how could a guy do that? It’s you, for fuck’s sake.”

“If you haven’t noticed, I’m not exactly a big deal, Stiles.”

“What are you talking about? You are beautiful! No sane guy would be able to resist you.”

“Really?” My chest was suddenly heavy with hope for what was to come. “So, in that subject, can I ask you a question?”


“Are you one of those guys? The ones who wouldn’t be able to resist me?”

“Yes.” The brown haired boy stated, fiercely, stopping the car and locking his gaze on me, eating me alive with it. “Even I wouldn’t be able to fight against you. Especially me, actually.”

In a second, he shortened the space between us, crashing his soft pink lips on mine in a loving kiss without thinking twice. And if I were to be honest, I did not want him to.

Moving carefully through the solid rocks, we found a spot that permitted us to observe the entire city, a remarkable sight. Stiles was not wrong when he said it was going to be a memorable night; the place was completely perfect, so was the declaration Stilinski performed earlier. 

I sat down, my legs bouncing back and forth, and watched him take a seat by my side, a goofy grin etched to his face. Surely I had the same one enlightening my traits, for I still could not bring myself to believe he had actually confessed to have feelings for me. Shoot, I would never forget this moment. Not ever.

“This is what you call a romantic date, Stiles? Bringing me to an old, dead end place?”

“Come on, Y/N, you have to admit it is unique! And lovely as well.”

“I’m just kidding.” The younger Stilinski snaked an arm around my shoulders, pulling me towards his chest, which I did happily. “This is wonderful. Just what I needed.”

“You should have told me sooner.” He whispered, a little later, stroking my hair smoothly.

“That I liked you? Yeah, I know. I should’ve, but I was so scared I was going to lose your friendship…”

“Listen to me: there’s no chance in hell you’re going to lose me. I’m the one who might not handle such a powerful woman like yourself.”

“My ego is skyrocketing right now.” A soft giggle fell from my lips as he squeezed me even tighter. It felt good to feel his skin’s warmth on mine. “I’m still surprised, though. I never saw this coming.”

“You didn’t? Come on! The signs were all over the place.”

“I was always with Lydia, so I thought it was because of her. Not me.”

Stiles, out the blue, pushed me away from him. Afterwards, he swiftly grasped my chin, raising it so we could look at each other properly. I was not going to deny: I did not stand a chance against the sinful brown that was staring at me soaked in tenderness. It broke down my every defense, leaving me completely vulnerable to him. However, there was no need for hiding any more: our feelings were a hundred percent mutual.

“Lydia was a huge part of my life, that’s true, but everything changed when I met you, this Y/E/C eyed beauty who came out nowhere and won me over.”

“Damn.” I muttered, wetting my lips as they curved into a shy grin. “I don’t know what to say, really.”

“Why don’t you just kiss me?” Stilinski had a naughty beam enlightening his traits once he placed both of his hands on each side of my neck, bringing us closer together. “The whisky taste on your mouth was incredibly delicious earlier.”

“That’s such a cheesy line!”

“Oh yeah?” Hesitantly chewing my bottom lip, I confirmed what I had said and his eyes darkened. “I’m going to show you who’s cheesy.”


Not bothering to reply, Stiles abruptly picked me up, put me on his shoulder and took me back to where he had parked his car. Once there, I was placed on the car hood, my legs wide so he could stand in between them. His mint scented breath fanned over my face, making me gasp, curling my toes. It was a mix of sensations I had barely experimented before.

“Ever since I met you” Stiles’ murmured hoarsely close to my ear. His digits slided down my belly until they reached the waist of my trousers, popping the button open, which provoked a surprised pant to escape from me. “I’ve been imagining what would you taste like. I bet you’re sweet.”

I groaned, blindingly trying to grasp any inch of his body and pull him to me. He chuckled at my attempts, pinning my hands up against the cold metal while stealing a quick peck. Thereafter warning me to stay still, Stilinski went back to my pants, getting them off alongside my panties in one pull.

“Look at that!” His fingers slithered through my inner thigh, dangerously near to my core. “Such a nice pussy you have.”


“Yes?” He hummed, now bent over me. It was hard to concentrate with fucking Stiles Stilinski’s face only inches away from the centre of my legs. Urgh, I wanted him to dive in on me once and for all so badly. “So wet, gorgeous.”

With those words floating in the air, a thumb glided across my entrance, earning a mellow moan from me due to the intimate contact. I never would have imagined that Stiles was this huge teaser, but there he was, licking his fingers clean from my arousal. Glueing my thighs together, I tried to create friction in order for me to ease the ache on my core.

“Easy, kitten. I don’t want us to rush things.”

“Are you trying to torture me?” I blurted out and, probably as way to punish me, he savoured a patch of bare skin awfully close to where I wanted his God damned mouth to be. “Because that’s exactly what you’re doing.”

“Fine.” Exhaling loudly, the boy shrugged and agreed. “If you want it so desperately, I guess I can give you a treat.”

“I do want it!”

Giggling, Stiles clutched my hips, bringing them towards his face and finally consumed the act, skilfully swirling his tongue on my throbbing clit, gaining a surprised heave. As the man worked his magic, I could not help the series of girlish groans that broke the established silence. Yet, he appeared to be enjoying them, for I could literally feel the smile against my slit as he pounded in and out of me.

A tension started to form on my lower stomach, making me gasp desperately. Without thinking straight, I gave my breasts, which were still covered by the black shirt I was wearing, rough squeezes, increasing considerably the blissful sensation. Everything was pushing me towards an intoxicating release. However, forbidding me to archive it, the boy simply stopped moving and I whined, thwarted.


“You see, gorgeous, I want you to cum around my cock, not my tongue.”

“Shit.” I cursed, gazing at him whilst wetting my lips; he grunted at the sight and I smirked, satisfied. “What are you waiting for?”

“Fuck, Y/N, you’re so beautiful! So delicious. I wish I would have done this sooner.”

“It’s lovely. It really is, but I need your precious dick buried deep in my pussy.” Upon hearing my request, Stiles choked on his breath. “Uh, did I make the big bad teaser nervous?”

“Not at all, beautiful.”

“Then come on, do it already!”

Sighing, he pushed down his khakis, allowing me to finally see how excited he was. His length was hard underneath his black briefs, which got my mouth watering to have a taste. Although, by the looks of it, I would not have that chance. Not now at least. Ultimately, my beloved friend got rid of the last clothe piece keeping us from giving into the desire we both had within. A second later, Stilinski yanked my ankles, bringing my bottom half towards him, causing my back to fall on the cold hood. This sent jitters across my whole form.


“Excuse me?”

“I want you to beg for it, my dear.”

“Haven’t I begged enough, Stiles?”

“No.” A smug grin ghosted on his face and I grunted, sexually frustrated. To have my orgasm denied was a plainly awful feeling, because it made me crave his touch even more. “I decide when you have done it enough.”

“Pretty please? Urgh, I don’t know. Just fuck me. Hard. The kind of way it will leave me unable to walk for days.”  

“Is it what you want?” He stirred, sucking a purple mark on my YSC neck.

“Yes, I do. Make me yours!”

“And that’s what I wanted to hear.”

Incapable of holding it back any further minute, he pushed his shaft inside of me and we groaned together at the raw contact. It was even more pleasurable than I had imagined; Stiles completed me. Fulfilled me. He was the very thing I lacked this entire time.

Considering the boy did not move, I had to take the first step, so I buckled my hips forwards, trying to get his attention and create a slight movement. In reality, moving was not that hard, taking into account that my pussy was slick from my arousal. The fidgety Stilinski grunted, pinning me down and starting to pound in a quick stride.

I wounded my legs around his waist, deepening the penetration and eliciting a mix of throaty moans. Never interrupting his bruising pace, his hands started to wander throughout my frame, stopping at my covered breasts and giving them a gentle clasp. At last, he, all of a sudden, ripped open my shirt, the small buttons flying everywhere, and revealed the pink mesh bra I had on. Albeit the destruction of my favourite top should have made me mad, the only effect it had was to leave me even honier.

Stiles tittered, lowering the pink piece and pinching your left peak, which, by the time, was already turgid. The pleasure was so fervent, I reached a point that I was not be sure if this was a blossom of my dreams or indeed reality; nevertheless, I did not care.

I guided my fervorous digits to my throbbing clit, swiftly uniting the unbelievable high tempo to the circling of figure eights on my bundle of nerves. Things started to get blurry as my body began to shake. It was getting harder and harder to control the spasms.

“F-fuck, babe.” I slurred, my voice hoarse and shaky. “I’m almost there.”

“Cum to me, gorgeous. I wanna’ see you come undone because of me.”

His raspy voice, alongside a deep thrust, had done it for me, urging me straight to an overwhelming orgasm. My toes curled while I arched my back, crying out his name over and over, the blissful sensation invading me in constant waves. I could not control the shaking nor the noises, the climax had won me over and all I could do was enjoy it.

“Such a nice little girl.” The brown haired Stilinski murmured, pulling my fingers into his mouth and sucking on them whilst he banged my brains out, not even offering me a chance to recover from my high. I yelled at the overstimulation and he smiled, circling the tiny bundle of nerves in between my legs. “Cum one more time for me?”

“S-Stiles, oh my God, please! I-It’s, shit, I’m going to…”

The man kept his wet hand working on me as he pulled out, breaking down and spilling his warm seed all across my belly and breasts. Despite the fact he was still grunting heavily from his ambrosial frenzy, he managed to get me off one last time. However, the second peak brought with it a pleasant surprise: a transparent liquid flow out of me, dripping frenetically down my thighs, dirtying him, his car… Everything close to me!

“Fuck, Y/N/N, did you just… Squirt?”

“I think I did.” My response fell from my lips breathlessly. “Shit.”

“Who’s cheesy now, huh? I made you fucking squirt!”

“Shut up! This has never happened before to me.”

“I’m glad I was your first, then.” Stiles laughed while helping me to stand up on my feet again, even though it was completely useless: my legs seemed to have turned into jelly. “Want me to pick you up?”

“I’d be happy if you did.”

In the meantime the honey brown eyed man collected my limp body, carefully placing me inside the car on the passenger’s seat, a phone rang at its fullest, startling both of us. He picked it up and I used the time to clean myself, using the shreds of my long lost shirt.

“Uh, yes, she’s with me. Alright, we’re on our way. Five minutes, tops. OK, bye.”

“Let me guess: Scott? Pack trouble related?”

“Yeah, he apparently discovered some clue on who the benefactor is, so…”

“I know, we have to go.”

“Tonight was wonderful, Y/N. I want you to know that.”

“It was for me too, Stiles. Luckily for us, we can have plenty of those.”

“I hope so.”

“I promise you so.”

With a goofy grin plastered on his face, Stiles ignited his car, ready to drive us back to reality. I could not help but think that, no matter what happened from now on, we would still have each other and, for me, that was more than enough.


A/N:  Sometimes when you’re having debilitating writer’s block, what you need is someone like @melissas173 whispering in your ear, sending you pictures, asking questions, and cheering you on with your feeble attempts to move past the block.  I think Secure is proof that she has a successful formula.  Thank you, Mel!!!!

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“Uhm, Jeffrey? May I, uhm, speak to you, uhm, in private?” my potential new client pulls at his lip while staring meaningfully at his manager.

I don’t flinch at the question. It’s to be expected. Still I tune my ear to their conversation when the office door doesn’t close all of the way.

“Harry,” the manager starts out reasonably, “We talked about new security since Mike is out on paternity leave.”

“Yes, but, uhm….how do I say this?” the celebrity is hesitant, obviously unwilling to voice the opinion I anticipate.

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B99 Hiatus Writing Challenge

In the immortal words of Captain Raymond Jacob Holt, “EVERYTHING IS GARBAGE.” – The finale left our favorite squad in pain, we have to wait months for new content, and Dianetti still isn’t canon.

Even Terry knows what we need most in these trying times: fanfiction

Under the cut is a list of 30 prompts/summaries put together with a ton of help from @stardustsantiago, @peraltiagoisland@scullysthumbtacks, @three-drink-amy​, and @dogworldchampion. Feel free to run away with any (or many) of these plot bunnies!! Let’s make this hiatus as gr99 as possible. ★

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anonymous asked:

I need a fanfic where Elias has seen Sana from the window when talking about yousef and goes to her room to check up on her and sees her crying 😭 this clip killed me seeing her cry

Elias caught the black figure move away from the window from the corner of his eye and his heart sank. Somehow he just knew. Knew it was Sana and that she’d heard everything. A rough sigh escaped his lips, catching Mutta’s attention. He was lying in the grass just below him, his dark eyes looking up at Elias where he sat in a deck chair. “What’s up, dude?”

“Nothing,” Elias replied, his hand moving to rub the top of head, his cropped hair against his palm. Elias sat for a few minutes, debating what to do. He could leave it. Maybe Sana hadn’t heard them at all? Or he could go check she was okay and see if she wanted to talk. But maybe she wanted privacy. Maybe she already knew. It was her best friend after all. Plus, he wasn’t exactly her favourite person right now.

Elias’ teeth worried at his bottom lip as he considered what was best. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Mutta asked again, still staring up at him. Had he been watching him this whole time? The dude could be perceptive sometimes.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I’m just going to head inside for a moment. Won’t be long,” Elias said, finally making a decision. He needed to check on his sister. She could tell him to go to hell if she wanted but at least he would know he’d tried.

Elias rolled his eyes as Adam shouted after him to get him a drink.

When Elias reached Sana’s door, he hesitated for a moment before knocking three times. “Sana,” he called but no answer came. “Sana, I need to talk to you. It’s important.” Still no answer came.  

“Sana, please,” Elias pleaded, resting his hand on the door knob. “Let me in, please.”

“I’m busy,” came Sana’s weak voice and again, Elias knew. Knew that she’d heard. Knew that she was upset. His heart sank all over again.

“Sana, I didn’t know. I swear I didn’t know,” Elias’ own voice held a pained quality as it spilled against the door, his forehead now pressed to the painted wood. His hands now also rested palms flat against the surface, eyes squeezed shut. “Sana, please let me in.”

Silence hung in the air and he thought she was going to ignore him. After what seemed like forever, he heard shuffling from within her room and he stood back from the door just in time for her to open it. Sana stood in front of him, black make up smudged under her eyes and her cheeks tear streaked.

“Oh Sana,” spilled out from under his breath as Elias reached out and tugged his little sister into his arms, hugging her to him. He felt her deflate against him. “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

After a moment, Elias let her go and Sana nodded towards her bed. Elias walked into her room and went to sit down while Sana closed the door behind them. He figured the last thing she wanted was her parents knowing she was upset. Sana took a seat beside him.

“I just… I knew they had kissed but I don’t know, I guess after yesterday I thought maybe there was a chance. Maybe he did like me. Maybe the kiss was a mistake. Maybe I could get over it. You know?” The words came tumbling out of her unchecked, and Elias did nothing but listen while he curled an arm around her shoulder for comfort. “Why not me, Elias? Why not me?” Her voice cracked on the last words. 

Something passed over Elias’ expression at the mention of the kiss. He hadn’t known but he didn’t interject.

Sana’s hand came up to wipe away the tears that were threatening to fall with the back of her sleeve. “And why did it have to be him? She could have had anyone… why him?” She knew Elias didn’t have the answer, they were rhetorical questions.

Her hand pressed to her forehead and her eyes fell shut. She was growing weary. Crying while fasting wasn’t ideal.

It wasn’t just physical tiredness though, she was emotionally drained too. She’d been keeping so much, everything, to herself. Sana needed this, needed someone to unload on. The load felt lighter already. She felt less alone. But she was sure if hadn’t felt at rock bottom that she’d have continued carrying that weight by herself for the foreseeable future. Perhaps it was better this had come sooner rather than later. 

Sana felt Elias’ arm tighten around her shoulders and he squeezed her arm. “I think he,” Elias paused for a moment, as if considering his words. “I think he’s a coward that has taken the easy way out.”

Sana’s brow furrowed and picked up her gaze to look at her brother. “What?”

“Do you think I would have encouraged you if I had known? Do you even think I would have encouraged you if I hadn’t already caught the way he looks at you? His lingering, longing looks? The way he gravitates towards you?” Elias said, the look in his eyes intense with conviction. “Do you think I would risk your heart? My baby sister’s heart?”

“No,” Sana said, the word but a whisper.

“But Sana, you’re the long game and some guys, even good guys, aren’t ready for the long game,” Elias continued, and he watched as Sana’s eyes cast down. “But he’s a coward because he wasn’t straight with you and worse still, he went for your best friend. That’s not okay. I thought he was better than that.” Now it was Elias’ turn to look away, disappointment and guilt written all over his handsome features before his voice picked up again. “I mean, there’s always a chance the guys are wrong. I could talk to him if you wa-”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sana interrupted, her nose sniffling and reddened from crying. “You’re right. I am the long game and if this is what playing is like, then maybe I’m not ready either.”

Elias chuckled at Sana continuing his metaphor and a weak smile tipped the corners of her lips. “It’s Ramadan. I have more important things to be focusing on right now, I can’t be wasting energy on a boy.”

Elias’ smile spread across his face and he reached out to wipe away a stray tear from the corner of Sana’s eye. She may be talking a good game right now but it was obvious she was still upset. A person didn’t just get over something like that in a few minutes but he was happy to see she was determined to try.

“That’s the sister I know and love,” Elias said, pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“I love you too, brother,” Sana replied, that smile brightening more.

Roller Blades

hey guys!! i got into bmc fairly recently and i honestly love boyf riends with all my heart so,, i decided to write a short little drabble :)) hope you enjoy!! ((just be warned i didn’t proofread this so,,))
Jeremy knew very well that Michael had a lot of weird hobbies and habits. He listened to Bob Marley, drank too many slushies, smoked weed in his basement, played video games every single day, et cetera.

But recently, Jeremy had found out that Michael had another hobby he had never told him about - he liked roller blading.
Jeremy didn’t know why Michael had never even told him. It was a big deal to him, solely because they’d been friends for years, and he had no idea of one of Michael’s many weird hobbies.

It was a normal day, Jeremy was simply walking to the park to meet up with Michael. Since he hadn’t seemed to arrive yet, Jeremy sat on a park bench and tapped away on his phone while he waited. No big deal.

And then he saw him.

Smoothly gliding toward him, hands in his pockets and a grin on his face, was Michael Mell, Jeremy’s best friend for years, music lover, weed addict, and… roller blader? Jeremy blinked once, twice, and looked up at Michael, who had just stopped above him.

“Hey man.”

Jeremy realized he’d been staring. Why did roller blades fail to make Michael look less attractive? He’d been trying to hide his crush on the boy for the longest time, and this certainly wasn’t helping.
Jeremy cleared his throat. “Oh, yeah, uh-sorry. Hey.“

A moment’s silence passed and Jeremy spoke again. “S-so, I didn’t know you did that. Roller blade, I mean.”

Michael chuckled. “Yeah, I’ve done this since I was 10, I think. I guess I forgot to tell you? Anyway,” he grinned sheepishly and reached into his backpack, pulling out a second pair of roller blades. “I was wondering if you wanted to try it with me?”

Jeremy’s mind went blank. He was sure that roller blading with his best friend and long-time crush would be fun, but what if he embarrassed himself? What if he fell on his face and Michael didn’t help him up, and laughed at him instead? The possibility was too great.

“I-I mean I’d love to, but-”

“Great! Now take off your shoes.”

Jeremy decided that there was no use fighting it.

Hesitantly, he removed his shoes and placed them beside him. Michael smiled and grabbed the first roller blade, slipping it on his foot. After tying it, he moved on to the next one. Once they were both secure, Michael looked up at Jeremy, that sheepish smile still present on his face. Jeremy just wanted to kiss it right off of him.

“Alright, now slowly stand up.”

Right then, that felt like the most impossible thing in the world to Jeremy.

Slowly, he tried standing up, but sat right back down and covered his face with his hands. “Michael, I-shit, this is so embarrassing, I mean-”

Michael grabbed his hands off his face and held them in his own. Jeremy felt heat rush to his cheeks and wished he was still covering his face.

Michael spoke quietly, “Dude, it’s okay, I can, er, hold your hand? I-if you want,”
Jeremy nodded and Michael sighed in relief.

“Okay then, you’re going to slowly stand up, and I’ll make sure you don’t fall. Alright?”

Jeremy nodded again.

Slowly, he did what Michael said, and soon enough found himself standing, albeit hunched over a bit. Michael had one hand on his back and one hand holding Jeremy’s sweaty one. That reassured him enough.

After a moment passed, Michael spoke again. “Now you’re going to take one step and push off with your other foot, alright? I can keep holding you until you want to do it alone.”

Jeremy did what Michael said once more, and took one step forward. He didn’t fall right away, so he decided to continue, and pushed off lightly with his other foot. Suddenly, he felt himself moving forward, and he held onto Michael’s hand a little tighter. Michael squeezed his hand back as if to say ‘It’s okay, you’re doing great.“

Jeremy used his other foot to glide forward, and soon it became a pattern. Michael could tell he was getting the hang of it, and quietly told him he was going to let go. This made Jeremy slightly nervous, but he nodded again and continued with his pattern.
Michael let go of Jeremy’s hand and watched as he continued in a straight line. He smiled softly to himself as Jeremy sped up a little, coming closer to the large fountain in the center of the park. Michael wondered if he was going to be able to make that circle all the way around the fountain, but as he watched Jeremy, his doubts soon progressed into joy. He skated all the way around and soon came back up to Michael, grinning from ear to ear.

“Michael! I did it! I skated all the way around the fou-”

Jeremy’s life flashed before his eyes.

When he was skating back towards Michael, a small rock stood in his way. In his great moment of pride, he didn’t notice that the rock in question was about to trip him up.

Michael lunged forward and grabbed Jeremy, saving him from a future where his face unpleasantly meets the ground. Jeremy desperately clung onto Michael, and as his shock subsided, he looked back up at him. Michael was staring back at him with fear in his eyes, and Jeremy swallowed.

“Thanks Michael.”

’“No problem.”

The two stared at each other before Jeremy smiled. Then he started giggling, then began full on laughing. Michael blushed ferociously and joined in. Soon the two were standing there in each other’s arms, laughing their asses off. Caught up in the heat of the moment, Jeremy leaned forward and pressed his lips to Michael’s.

It was Michael’s turn to have his life flash before his eyes.

The kiss lasted a few seconds, and Michael completely forgot to kiss back until Jeremy pulled away, his face redder than Michael’s hoodie. He took a step back and held his hands up, trying to make up for his sudden show of compassion.

“Oh-oh my god, Michael I’m so sorry-i-it won’t happen again, jesus man th-that, I didn’t mean t-”

And then Jeremy nearly fainted because Michael’s lips were on his.


Michael was kissing Jeremy?

Michael didn’t think Jeremy was a creep?


Michael wrapped his arms around Jeremy’s waist, and Jeremy’s arms found their way around Michael’s neck as he began to kiss back. He would be lying if he said it didn’t feel like heaven on earth.

After a few moments, Michael pulled back. They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment, before Michael smiled devilishly. Jeremy hardly had a moment to question him before he felt himself being pulled by the hand across the park. Jeremy laughed, trying to keep up with Michael, as they skated together in harmony.

Jeremy thought that maybe roller blading wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Auston Matthews #6

Soooo this wasn’t requested but I got some inspiration from @mystupidlovesongs‘s PT series, so huge shoutout to her cause she PT series for the pens is seriously one of my favourite imagines out there!! Check out her stuff!! But yeah, hope y’all liked this and I’m trying my hardest to get to all my requests right now thank for being patient :))

Word Count: 2,254

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

“Go leafs go!” The arena was back at it again, cheering loud and hard for their team as the third period began. Down by one and full of adrenaline, you watched as Willy was quick to jump over the board and had Auston on his heels as Martin got back to the bench. Once they had possession of the puck, they were off. 

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scene change || pjm (f)

Being in one of BTS’s new music videos may take it’s toll on your feelings for a very shy, pink-haired boy.

Originally posted by daenso

genre/warnings: fluff, drabble.
word count: 1,9k+

‘’What even is the concept of this music video?’’ Yoongi growled, looking down at the script in his hand while taking a sip from his coffee, ‘’sitting in a pile of dirty laundry? Me throwing a cake at Namjoon? What does that have to do anything with the lyrics?’’

‘’Stop complaining, hyung,’’ Namjoon simply said, seated next to him as his hair got styled, ‘’and just roll with it.’’

‘’Yeah, listen to what he’s saying,’’ you grinned, casually walking into the dressing room and picking up on the conversation. Yoongi shot you a glare, but decided it was best to give up on complaining. A last growl rolled over his lips. ‘’You better not keep up the informal talk, Y/N.’’

You stuck your tongue out and opened the little fridge, grabbing a water bottle and closing the door with your hip. Today was the day the boys had to shoot another couple of scenes for their Spring Day music video, and as a good friend of Taehyung, they asked you to be involved in the video. You were supposed to represent the friend they were missing throughout the song and so, even you got a couple of nice scenes. Not that you were really noticeable, but you were told the fans would definitely see you. Like, definitely.

You heard some laughter coming from the hallways and seconds later, Jungkook and Taehyung busted through, laughing their asses off as Taehyung held onto a small sticky note. Jungkook kneeled down and started to slap the floor while laughing, he could barely breath. Taehyung hastily handed the note over his two hyungs while nobody had looked at you yet. Minutes later, a blushing, pink-haired Jimin stepped into the room and looked very embarrassed, looking at the two youngsters before letting his eyes glide over the room and halting at your appearance.

A soft squeal left his lungs and he immediately disappeared, closing the door behind his back as the whole situation left you clueless. ‘’What’s so funny?’’ you tried to ask Taehyung, but he was leaning down on Jungkook while they were giggling and babbling weird things, and they clearly weren’t in a right state of mind to answer your question. So you moved on to the two older hyungs.

‘’What’s so funny?’’ you repeated the question as Yoongi and Namjoon grinned, looking down at the sticky note and sharing a few words before Yoongi gave you the small paper.

On the top were two names: ‘’Y/N + Jimin’’, followed by ‘’scene #67′’.

You tried to rack your brain and remembered scene 67 was supposed to be a scene where you were supposed to look lost in a train compartment as Jimin rushed over to you, pushing both you guys through a door to end up in the middle of a field with the rest of boys. But as your eyes lowered, you sucked in a breath as a change of actions were written down.

SCENE CHANGE: ‘’[Jimin] taking [Y/N] outside —> [Jimin] kissing [Y/N]’’

Your eyes widened as you felt your heart skip a beat. The thought of kissing Jimin made you feel a bit light-headed. Now you understood why everyone thought this was so funny, because Jimin never actually even approached you. You had some small talks with him, but he always seemed so shy around you and was never really someone to have some long ass talks with. And now you also understood why Jimin was so embarrassed and fled the scene; he knew he never really talked to you and he knew how embarrassing it would be for him to kiss you.

‘’Y/N, are you okay?’’ Namjoon asked, and you could tell he was trying really hard to push away the grin that was about to creep on his face. You just nodded, several strands of hair falling in front of your face, but you swatted them away immediately.

‘’Y-yeah, yeah. I just… think I’m going to have a chat with Jimin,’’ you stuttered and pushed your body past Namjoon’s. You gave the two giggling maknaes a disappointed look, before leaving the dressing room and making your way to the set.

As you arrived, you saw Jimin in a heated discussion with the director and he looked pretty upset. While you halted your steps and tried to listen to the conversation, another member of the crew came to stand right next to you.

‘’You know, we didn’t do it without any reason given. PD-nim said it’d give the video ten times more views,’’ he lowly said while you two watched the director throwing his arms in the air rather furiously. You grimaced.

‘’It shouldn’t matter whether a kiss gives a video more views. If both Jimin and I don’t feel comfortable with the sudden change of plan, it shouldn’t be included in the video. Him dragging me through a door would be shocking enough,’’ you argued and tried to sound convincing of your statement, but the crew member gave you a look which told you he knew he was right.

‘’Aren’t you comfortable with the idea of kissing Jimin?’’ he asked you straightforwardly and you immediately shook your head.

‘’No,’’ you said, ‘’I think.’’

‘’You think?’’

‘’I mean, who cares? It’s just a kiss, right? We don’t even know each other that well,’’ you said and you must’ve sounded very contradicting to what you said earlier.

‘’Woah, Y/N-ssi, go tell Jimin that. Maybe then he’d calm down a bit,’’ the guy said before he left you alone again, and you stared at Jimin’s tensed back for a few seconds. Was Jimin really that upset? Were you really that bad to kiss? Or was it something else?

Suddenly, Jimin turned around and was about to dash off again, but he stopped midway because otherwise, he had ran you over. He looked down at you and his eyes widened.

‘’Jimin,’’ you curtly said.

‘’Y-Y/N, h-hey,’’ he shyly said and he stood frozen in place, feet glued to the ground.

He looked really cute today, you had to admit that. They put him in a warm, fluffy soft blue coat and a striped sweater underneath it. His loose jeans was cut till his knees and he wore some green sneakers and high socks as a finish in touch. Well, actually, the finish in touch was his cute, pink pastel hair, and you almost gasped at how adorable and small the outfit made him look.

‘’Are you okay? With… the scene?’’ you asked him and hoped for him to answer it in all honesty. Because by the looks of that heated discussion he had just now, he didn’t seem too happy about it.

‘’Ah, about that…’’ he said and started to fidget with the zoom of his T-shirt, ‘’I’m not entirely sure if I am comfortable with it. I mean, gosh, Y/N, y-you’re such a pretty person. Everyone would kill to be kissed by you. I mean, wait… I didn’t mean to say… Y/N, what I want to say, is that–‘’

You halted him by holding up your hand. He pressed his lips together after his totally embarrassing ramble and just stared at your hand, really not knowing what to do now. He called you pretty but refused to kiss you. That’s fine.

‘’It’s okay Jimin, if you don’t want to, then don’t. Do not let other people push you around that much. The scene was good like it was, just you pushing me outside, you know?’’ you reasoned and tried to let Jimin understand you’re okay with basically everything. ‘’But it’s just… it’s just a kiss, you know? You’ll survive. You’ve been kissed before, so don’t be too nervous about it.’’

You tried to give him an encouraging smile and tilted your head. ‘’Think about it. I’ll see you in a bit for the shooting.’’

And with that, you turned around and sprinted away, leaving Jimin at the set as you silently squealed to yourself. You couldn’t really tell from his body language or facial expressions what he was thinking, but let it be a surprise what he was planning on doing so.

About an hour later, you were finally called over for the scene everybody had been talking about for the past sixty minutes. Yet it was still unsure what was about to happen. You heard from Namjoon that Jimin received the freedom to choose from the director and that you’ll see what his decision was soon enough. So, feeling slightly anxious, you tried to act your way through the scene as you dramatically turned your head towards the camera.

Just then, Jimin came running down the train compartment and grabbed your hand. He let the camera take different angles from his action as he looked down on you.

‘’C’mon,’’ he whispered as Spring Day blared in the background, and with those words, you knew he had made his choice.

You felt him pulling you along to the fake door and he was about to push it open, but suddenly he froze for a millisecond and turned around, his chocolate brown eyes staring deep into your eyes. With the acting skills flooding through your veins, you tried to adapt your expressions to the situation and leaned into Jimin. You felt his hands rest on your hips as you fluttered your eyes closed, hands resting on shoulders and breath quickening.

Soon, a pair of plump lips placed themselves on your lips, and weird enough, relief washed over you as you came in contact with him. It felt good, almost too good. Your heartbeat fastened and you felt Jimin rub his hands over your hips, trying to make the kiss as soothing as possible.

His lips felt really nice. Better than expected, and you tilted your head a bit more to taste just a little bit more of his softness. But after a good fifteen seconds to give the cameraman different angles from the kiss, you pulled back and kept your eyes closed for a couple of more seconds.

‘’Woah,’’ you heard Jimin breathlessly say and you hummed, opening your eyes and seeing how close you still were to Jimin.

‘’Yeah,’’ you smirked, ‘’woah.’’

And yet again, laughter could be heard from a distance and you whipped your head towards the sound, not noticing you and Jimin were still holding onto each other.

Taehyung and Jungkook were on the ground, again, and were laughing their asses off. But the rest of the crew was clapping and had big, satisfied grins on their faces, even the rest of the boys looked pretty impressed.

‘’Way to go, Jiminnie!’’ Hoseok yelled, which made Jin scold at him, but it still made Jimin smile.

As said before, you were still in each other’s arms and you both felt quite comfortable like this too. You looked up to meet his gaze again and smiled.

‘’That was pretty amazing, Jimin,’’ you said and meant it. You were probably never this serious about something.

Blood rushed to his cheeks as he started to smile sheepishly. ‘’You too, Y/N,’’ he said while biting his lip, the smile getting bigger as you finally decided to break the embrace.

‘’We’ll eh… We’ll talk later,’’ you said and you still felt a bit swooned by the whole scene. Was it weird you actually wanted it to do it all over again?

‘’Yeah,’’ Jimin said as he tried to regain the feeling of your lips on his, actually really enjoying that feeling, ‘’definitely.’’

*Jackson Wang voice* Cute.
Also, I have been listening to Spring Day on repeat because of this rip !!

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anonymous asked:

What if Young Ian never was traded to the Indians, what would his adventures with his aunt, uncle, and cousin would there be on the ridge?

Uncle Jamie had promised him that when the house was finished, Brianna would move in with them and bring the baby with her. He’d invited Ian to join them––they’d been sure to put in more than enough rooms––but he’d had another idea he wanted Ian to consider.

“Ye ken how small the cabin is but the spot it’s on is good and it’ll no be so small for a man on his own,” Uncle Jamie had said.

“Ye mean… are ye sayin’ ye want me to have it?” Ian asked, surprised.

“Ye put as much into the building of it as I did,” Uncle Jamie pointed out. “And ye’re no a lad anymore. I’m no sayin’ ye’ll be lookin’ to wed right away…”

Ian flushed at the memory of his awkward proposal to Brianna less than a year before. There was part of him that thought he ought to have renewed his offer after they’d made it back from rescuing Roger from the camp––especially since he had gone off on his own after hearing about Brianna’s condition. Ian could see part of Brianna still hoped Roger would decide to come back to her but right now so much of her heart belonged to her new son, he was confident she would be fine if he didn’t.

And if Roger didn’t come back? Would Ian try to repeat his offer?

More likely than not she’d throw something at him if he did. She didn’t seem to appreciate her position and that whatever respect she was shown was due to Jamie’s position on the Ridge.

“But it’s no a bad thought to start preparin’ yerself for the day ye do,” Jamie continued.

Ian nodded. “I’ll think on it,” he promised.

And he did––he couldn’t stop thinking about the idea. As Brianna got the fussing baby down for the night and Auntie Claire and Uncle Jamie closed the door to their small bedroom, Ian rose from where he’d been sitting near the fire and bid his cousin goodnight. He ran his finger from the baby’s brow down his nose and watched as the pair of blue eyes crossed as he followed the movement, his eyelids following as well. Once they were so close to shutting, they fluttered a little but it was too much for the baby to force them open again and a moment later he had relaxed and was breathing with energetic force.

Brianna sighed with relief. “Thank you,” she whispered to Ian. She leaned back in her chair to build up the will to move the baby to the padded crate they she’d been using for a crib. It wouldn’t be long before he grew too long for it but as soon as the house was done Ian and Jamie had promised to start making a proper cradle that should last till the bairn could share a larger bed.

On impulse, Ian reached down and carefully lifted the baby from Brianna’s arms. He was heavier than Ian had expected yet still seemed so fragile; perhaps that was because he was so limp with sleep. Ian glanced briefly up at Brianna watching him with her baby. In the nearly two months since he’d been born, Ian had only held the baby a handful of times. Auntie Claire and Uncle Jamie were always there when Brianna needed a break and he was pretty sure Brianna still felt the awkwardness of that misguided proposal hanging between them––or maybe for her it was something to do with Roger and how he should be the one to be putting the child to bed…

Ian settled the baby into his nest of blankets and watched for a moment as the small mouth twitched with sleep. Though the child wasn’t his son, he did feel the tug beyond affection and familiarity, the tug of shared blood. His cousin’s child; family.

The chair creaked as Brianna rose and shuffled to the pallet that served as her bed, the ticking crinkling as she adjusted it to be more comfortable.

Ian nodded to her and drifted to the door of the cabin and slipped into the night. He’d begrudgingly slept in the small loft of the crude barn when Brianna first appeared on the Ridge but between the warmer weather and the baby disrupting everyone’s nights in the cabin, he was only too happy to have a separate place of his own. And if she went with the baby to the big house soon, he’d have that whole cabin to himself.

But now the thought of it being empty left him with an awkward feeling in his stomach. It was a home that deserved to hold a family within it and not in some distant future he still couldn’t quite fathom for himself––holding Brianna’s son like that… knowing that if she’d taken him up on his proposal they would be that family… It was an uncomfortable fit because it was Brianna and much as he wanted to do right by her, he was relieved she’d said ‘no,’ but the sense of having a being a family like that… of having a wife of his own, a son… Someday he wanted that, but for now he preferred what he had with Uncle Jamie and Auntie Claire, with Cousin Brianna and his new nephew.

The straw rustled as he rolled onto his side and closed his eyes. In the morning he would tell Uncle Jamie he’d made his decision.

Ian didn’t want to say anything until he was able to get Uncle Jamie alone. There was a chance––though only a small one––that Uncle Jamie hadn’t mentioned his idea about Ian taking the cabin for himself to Auntie Claire.

A surprise was waiting for them when they reached the field. Ian spotted the dark mass just visible through the stalks of wheat and caught Uncle Jamie’s arm to slow him. From the size, it might be an animal of some kind.

Wary, Uncle Jamie got a firm hold of the shovel he’d been carrying. Ian raised the hoe he held so that he could lash out and strike if the creature charged. With a nod to his uncle, Ian let out a loud and high-pitched yell, somewhere between the Scottish war cries he’d heard in stories of the Rising and those he’d heard his Tuscarora friends demonstrate.

The creature started and screamed, “Jesus fucking Christ!” leaping to his feet before crying out in pain and falling back to the ground.

Uncle Jamie and Ian hurried over to see who the man might be and discovered a shaggy and filthy Roger MacKenzie sprawled on the ground and clutching at a badly injured foot.

“It’s about time ye made it back,” Ian remarked as he lowered the hoe and reached out to help Roger to stand. “I was beginning to think ye were a coward and that it wasna a mistake to sell ye off after all.”

Roger glared at Ian even as he leaned on the younger man to ease the pressure on his aching foot. Uncle Jamie didn’t seem as eager to welcome Roger to the Ridge.

“Are ye here to stay then?” he asked with his arms crossed over his chest and an elbow resting on the handle of the shovel.

“I’m here to see Bree,” Roger declared.

“And the bairn? It’s a lad––a strong and healthy lad,” Uncle Jamie told him.

“Looks like Bree.” Ian’s tone was gentler than his uncle’s. He tried to catch the stern man’s eye and signal him to ease up or help with Roger but the steely blue eyes remained locked on Roger.

“I’m here to see Bree,” Roger repeated.

At last Uncle Jamie nodded and stabbed the shovel into the soil so he could take some of Roger’s weight off his other side. “Once ye’ve seen Bree ye’ll need to see Claire. She’ll ken what to do about this foot of yers.”

Ian managed to keep up a smattering of small talk as they made their way to the cabin. Entering the yard, they could hear the baby crying inside and Roger stopped so fast they came close to all landing in a pile in the dirt.

“I can give ye some tricks for getting him to quiet if ye need them,” Ian teased. “But Bree says ye’re a singer so maybe ye’ll be able to charm him wi’out help.”

Uncle Jamie glared at him over Roger’s head but Roger was too focused on what waited for him on the other side of the door to notice. Ian reached out and fiddled with the door until Auntie Claire heard him and pulled it open from the inside.

Brianna’s gasp was loud and it startled the baby into silence for a moment before he began crying again. She glanced back and forth from her father to Ian before rising quickly from her chair and bouncing the baby as she paced about the room. They settled Roger into the chair and everyone was silent except for the fussing baby.

Satisfied that no one needed him to stay, Ian slipped out of the cabin and started back to the fields, relieved to have something else to do. He’d learned early how important it was to slip away from scenes like that; staying too long and letting your curiosity win meant you risked getting dragged into the trouble yourself––and he’d always managed to find trouble easily enough without his siblings’ help.

Uncle Jamie had wanted to clear more rocks from the land and extend the field for more planting next year. The work moved faster with two but could be started with one using the hoe to turn the soil and locate the large boulders nesting below the surface. Some could be worked out with a few careful jabs or by some strong-armed wiggling while others required the shovel and excavation around the rock before they could be lifted out. Anything too large to handle on his own he left for Uncle Jamie to help him with later.

Sweat and dirt had left his shirt a crusty, muddy mess by midday when Uncle Jamie finally showed up with a meal sent by Auntie Claire.

“Thank ye, Ian,” Uncle Jamie said as he handed over a canteen with cool spring water. “It’ll no take long to move these out. Some look like they’ll make a sturdy fence if we can stack them right.”

Ian wiped his forehead on his sleeve and resisted the urge to upend the canteen over his head; his belly screamed for it more. Taking slow sips he sighed and asked, “How was Bree when ye left?”

“They’re goin’ to make a go of it though there’s still plenty to work out,” Uncle Jamie said, looking away. “Bree didna say before but he tells me they were handfast before…” his face hardened with embarrassment as he stumbled over the delicate details. “They’ve still a bit of time before the year and a day are up.”

“They should have the cabin,” Ian suggested quickly. “When the house is done, that is. They’ll need a place for themselves like that while they settle their minds.”

“Ye dinna mind comin’ up to the big house wi’ me and yer aunt?” Uncle Jamie asked. Ian couldn’t figure out what the light behind his eyes was––amusement, relief, trepidation…

Ian shrugged and grinned. “It’s no me needs to worry,” he insisted. “Whether they take it for themselves or no, I’ll be sleeping peaceful far from the bairn cryin’ in the night. The real question is whether or no you want to have the wean disturbin’ you and Auntie Claire while ye… sleep.”

Uncle Jamie chuckled and started setting out the food while Ian dropped to the ground and started pulling off his damp shirt laying it aside to dry in the sun.

“Once we clear these stones out we should focus on finishing the house. The weather’s no rush but havin’ Roger here now…”

Ian nodded, his mouth full of bread still warm from the oven.

“And ye can start scoutin’ for a piece of land of yer own,” Uncle Jamie continued. “We can start clearin’ it before the harvest and over the winter I’ll help ye plan a house for yerself.” There was no teasing or pressure in his uncle’s face and Ian met his gaze, only gratitude and affection. “I meant what I said about wantin’ ye to have a place for when ye’re ready to settle and have a family of yer own.”

Ian nodded again as he struggled to swallow what was in his mouth without choking on it.

“I think it’ll be some time yet,” Ian managed quietly.

It was Uncle Jamie’s turn to nod. “Perhaps. Ye never know when ye’ll find her––the woman ye’ll want to marry––but ye’ll ken right away when ye do and ye’ll want to have something ready for her so ye dinna have to wait to wed her.”

“Was that how it was with you and Auntie Claire?”

Uncle Jamie grinned. “I kent right away, aye. But I’d nothing to offer her really and if it weren’t for her being in worse straits than me I dinna ken she’d ever have wed an outlaw like me. Ye canna count on the lass ye love being so desperate as you.”

“Mam always did say I had yer luck,” Ian joked. “Though usually she only said that when I found myself in trouble.”

“Aye well… if ye have my bad luck I hope ye can have whatever luck it was brought yer Auntie Claire to me as well,” Uncle Jamie said with sincerity.

Ian hoped so too.

permanentcross  asked:

So do you think he'd be the type to bring up the whole daddy thing on his own? Or would you bring it up? Or would it kinda catch you both by surprise and you'd have a silent communication thing like, "Oh... that..."?


I think it’d be one of those things that would develope throughout the relationship. Slowly you’d notice that dark twinkle in his eyes every time you push his buttons. And he’d realize that your moans and whines are always a little more uninhibited when he’s rough with you.

And there’d be one night where you’re being a bit of a brat, maybe at dinner you keep teasing him–stroking his thigh, biting and running your tongue over your lip, licking and sucking on your fork a little too suductively with each bite.

And as he’s handing over the valet ticket, you take the opportunity to whisper in his ear that you’re not wearing any panties. The flaring of his nostrils is his only response, and the car ride home is entirely silently.

You’re back at his in a flash, and before you know it he’s around the car and at your door. He offers his hand to help you out, but he doesn’t let you go far as he pins you against the door.

“What d'yeh think yeh doin’, angel?” His voice is low, hard and heavy with lust as he strokes your check with the back of his pointer finger.

“What do you mean, Harry?” You feign innocence well, almost too well and if he weren’t so horny, he might actually be concerned. But the way you’re looking up at him through your lashes with that doe eyed stare…He can see right through it and knows that you’re nothing like the angel you appear to be; no, you’re an insatiable fiend in the sheets and a brat in public when you’re craving his skin on yours.

“Why yeh been pushin’ my buttons all night? S'like…Almost like yeh…”

“I want you to punish me…? Daddy…?”

And that’s it; the hard, far away look that darkens his emerald green eyes as he envisions all the ways he wants to punish you, hear you moan and whine all night, anything to hear you say it again.

He pushes off the car and frees you from his hold, coaxing you forward and toward the house. His hand rests on the small of your back, fingers curling around your side and giving a promising squeeze. “Think we should go inside and see what Daddy wants to do with his filthy girl.”

prompt #6, #18 (Theo Raeken)

6.“did it hurt?” “what when I fell from heaven?” “no when you fell for me.” 18.“what’s our exit strategy?” “our what?” “oh god this is how I die.” “please like i’d let that happen.” Requested by @wckedheart

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“I should just kill you right now." I said digging my claws a little deeper in Theo’s neck.

"but you won’t nah you like me too much.” Theo said with a smirk.

I picked Theo up slamming him on the table and breaking his arm.

“yeah I let Stiles kick my ass too, but he didn’t break anything.” Theo said popping his arm back in place so it could heal.

“want me to break something else?” I growled.

“see y/n this is the you I’ve been wanting to see.” Theo laughed as I punched him again.

“what can I say babe you bring it out of me.”

I slammed Theo down a few more times letting out all of my anger. He tried to kill my alpha and played with my feelings, just for power. I sat down on the floor of Deaton’s clinic trying to calm my breathing.

“now that you’re done beating the shit out of me, maybe we can talk.” Theo said sitting on the floor next to me.

“who said i’m done beating the shit out of you.” I snapped scooting away from him.

“awe come on baby I can smell lust too remember? I know you lust after me.” Theo said scooting closer.

“what do you want?” I said standing up to get away from him.

“I want a lot of things from you baby but this time it’s not what I want from you, it’s what I want for you.” Theo said smirking seductively.

He was right, there was part of me that lusted after him, but than there was the part of me that knew he was nothing but a snake and as soon as he got what he wanted he would either kill you or leave you with permanent damage.

“what do you mean?” I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

“I’m going to help you break out Lydia Maritn.”

“yeah no thanks. We don’t need your little chimera pack and why would you want to help us?”

“well Lydia is the only one who can tell us who the beast is, so she’s just as valuable to us as she is to you. Plus if I do recall the walls of Eichen House are laced with mountain ash meaning you can’t get through, but I can.” Theo said smirking once again.

I huffed walking out the door. He had a point, he could get through, we couldn’t. I knew Scott would never agree to Theo helping, but I also knew that Theo was going to show up anyways whether we wanted him to help or not. It all boiled down the this moment right now. We were all trapped in Eichen House on lockdown. I got separated from Scott and was currently being held by Theo and his pack of chimeras. Josh held me by the neck shocking me with electricity if I dared to move.

“I knew it, I knew you had some other deviant plan.” I said growling, earning a shock from Josh.

“tell me y/n did it hurt?” Theo said grabbing my face so I was looking at him.

what when I fell from heaven?” I asked rolling my eyes.

no when you fell for me?” He said bringing his face dangerously close to mine.

“please it’s gonna hurt when I break every bone in your body.” I threaten earning another shock from Josh.

“damn I like em’ feisty.” Theo said smirking.

“what does a pack of chimeras want with a banshee anyways?” I asked.

“oh I don’t want a banshee baby, I want a hell hound.”

As if on cue Parrish comes in blazing. Theo’s pack of Chimeras looked terrified.

“you wanted a hell hound, you got one.” I said breaking Josh’s arm and throwing him towards Parrish.

Parrish easily stopped Tracy, Josh, and Corey, significantly wounding all of them. Theo showed his fangs and claws. Parrish kept walking towards us. I thought as long as I stayed out of his way he wouldn’t do anything to me. Theo panicked grabbing my arm running, but we didn’t get very far.

“what’s our exit strategy?” I asked starting to feel the effects of being exposed to that much mountain ash in the walls.

I collapsed on the floor starting to breathe heavily, I needed to get out of here.

“our what?” Theo said trying to pick me up.

“you’re kidding right, you got me into something you can’t get me out of!? oh god, this is how I die, and with you.” I said disgustedly.

please like i’d let that happen. Than Scott would never trust me.” Theo picked me up carrying me into one of the rooms.

I could feel my breathing dramatically slowing down.

“hey come one you have to breathe.” Theo said bringing his face down to mine.

His tone was different, almost as if he was worried about me. Next thing I know Theo is giving me mouth to mouth. He pounds on my chest hard and I shoot up feeling all the air rush back in my lungs. Theo grabs my hand helping me stand up.

“you know babe technically that was our first kiss.” He said smirking.

“technically you ever do anything like this to me again, I’ll kill you.” I growled getting away from him.

I walked in front of him so he couldn’t see the blush on my cheeks from when his mouth was on mine.

“playing hard to get, okay, I got time baby and I play rough.” Theo said walking behind me.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161065686187/teen-wolf-imagine-prompts

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