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Forever And Almost Always - Part 1

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Summary: Series: Bucky is the ex you keep going back to, but what happens when one of you is interested in more than just the rebound? Chapter: You run into your ex and the pull is instant and all too familiar.

Warnings: swearing, implied smut (nothing explicit included)

Word Count: 1313

Author’s Note: Ok! Here we go! I’m kind of excited about this series. It’s been in my head for months, but trapped there through all the craziness in my life right now, but I think I’m well enough ahead to start posting. Fingers crossed I don’t get behind. :)

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Leaning forward, arching over the sleek glass bar top and spinning the credit card in your fingers, you waited impatiently for your drinks. You were more than ready for another. Another 3, if you were honest. These kinds of parties were never your scene. At first they were exciting, sure, but pretty soon they all started to look the same and you started to feel the same restless boredom tugging at the corner of every conversation, every polished smile.

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since i’m full of salt and quite frankly have run out of fucks to give at this point, i’m instigating a new blog policy, which is this: anyone who wants to tell me or my friends or anyone else for that matter that we “shouldn’t ship shallura” because “blah blah something teenager blah blah” has to first explain to me, in detail, how exactly they came to the conclusion that “teenager” is synonymous with “legal minor” or “literal child”, when “teenager” covers everyone up to the age of 19, and 18/19 year olds are legal adults in many countries.

I’m also gonna need you to explain to me, in detail, why you think Allura is old enough to:

  • stand next to her father on the flight deck during a deadly battle against Zarkon for the fate of the universe
  • pilot the Castle of Lions
  • lead Voltron and make life-or-death decisions about their missions
  • attack Haggar head-on, risking her life in the process
  • make the decision to sacrifice herself to save Shiro
  • command the respect not only of a group of teenagers but also of the Blade of Marmora commanders

…but is still somehow not old enough to have a romantic and/or sexual relationship with Shiro, should she wish to do so.

Furthermore you also need to explain to me in detail why you think Allura is old enough that Shiro:

  • defers to her authority
  • follows her orders
  • does not see it as his place to tell her she cannot go on missions if she wants to
  • consistently calls her by the deferential title “Princess”, further reinforcing her rank and status…

…but she’s STILL not old enough to actually date him, despite being old enough to boss him around.

Whilst you’re at it, you can explain to me how exactly you think issues about differences in physical development, maturity, and life experience map out when dealing with an alien princess from a race that canonically ages slower than humans - meaning that even if Allura is a ‘teenager’ by Altean standards, in human years she’s probably at least 100 years old - likely older - and we don’t have enough canon knowledge about Altean physiology to draw any meaningful conclusions about physical development.

And you can also go ahead and explain the logic behind dismissing the official material that refers to Shiro as one of “five Earth teens” as “obviously wrong” but still accepting material that refers to Allura as a “teenager” as “obviously right” - even though both Allura and Shiro are drawn and written in a way that indicates they are older than the other characters on the show. You also need to explain to me why you think the argument that “Allura just seems older because she’s been through so much trauma! She has to act mature because she’s a leader! She’s obviously a teen!” is perfectly valid, but “Shiro just seems older because he’s been through so much trauma! He has to act mature because he’s a leader! He’s obviously a teen!” is… somehow… laughable and ridiculous? Hmm why is that?

I’m also gonna need you to explain to me why exactly you think Shiro, who is at most 25-years-old, is “too old” to be shipped with Allura and somehow so over-the-hill he can’t possibly relate to her, even though they’re shown in canon to be on the same wavelength a lot of the time and to both have a serious and a silly side. Bearing in mind I have an entire sideblog dedicated to the fact that Shiro is actually just a huge dork who’s always confused and needs an adultier adult about 80% of the time.

And then you can explain to me where, exactly, in the canon of the show there’s any example of Shiro patronising Allura or talking down to her, or him treating her like a child or subordinate, or anything else that might suggest an unhealthy power imbalance between them. And if you do actually find anything you also need to explain why and how that “power imbalance” overcomes the more obvious power imbalance inherent in Allura being able to physically pick Shiro up and hurl him across the room.

Furthermore you can also explain to me why you think the show has scenes between Shiro and Allura that are transparently and obviously romantic if Allura is “too young” to be shipped with Shiro like… how did those scenes make it through a writers’ room, Dreamworks, and Netflix in order to appear before us if it’s “so gross”? And if you think the writers are gross for “tricking us” into shipping “an adult with a minor” by putting them in romantic scenes together - why are you still watching the show? Why do you have a zero tolerance policy towards “pedophilia apologism” when it comes to policing what people do on tumblr, but you’re perfectly prepared to overlook canon romantic scenes between “an adult and a minor” and continue watching the show?

I’m gonna need you to do all that without either (a) characterising Shiro as a 45-year-old soccer dad who doesn’t know how the internet works or (b) infantilising Allura to the point that you erase her canon strength and maturity in order to paint her as this naive irresponsible little girl who somehow… still gets to lead Voltron? Because reasons?

And no, the answer is not “she’s a princess!” because you know who else is a princess? This adorable 2-year-old:

And I don’t see anyone handing her the keys to an aircraft carrier and sending her off into battle.

The fact is you can’t explain any of these things, although I mean… have fun trying. Because the evidence for shallura being a respectful, equal ship between two people of similar ages who trust and support each other is basically… the entire canon body of Voltron. Meanwhile the evidence for this being “toxic” and “problematic” is “she got referred to as a teenager a couple of times in some spin-off materials”. And if that’s literally all you have to go on… yeah. You got nothing. 

anonymous asked:

Oh so that's the list you've been taking prompts from!! Could you maybe write number 36 for andreil, only if you feel like it, thanks for all the amazing prompts!!

36: “I really need a hug.” (thank youuu, sorry this took so long !)

The parking lot is overly busy when they get there, cars and pedestrians following each other around corners, false starts and almost collisions and flaring reverse lights streaking together. Neil watches Andrew drive, one self-assured hand draped over the wheel.

He passes him the cigarette they’re sharing and Andrew closes his eyes as he inhales, ignoring the shriek of a horn when he cuts someone off blind.

“I’ve never trusted airports,” Neil muses, watching Andrew negotiate the Maserati into the middle of two parking spots.

Andrew hums. “You don’t trust anywhere that has security guards.”

“They didn’t trust me,” Neil corrects. He can feel a smile winding his face up. Andrew cuts the engine and opens the door.

“Were your passports government issued?”

“Not at the time.”

Andrew shoots him a look as he hops down onto the asphalt.

“Wait up,” Neil calls, listening to the slick beep of the lock before he’s even shut the passenger door.

He falls into step with Andrew halfway across the stretch of road to the airport’s automatic doors, and he takes lazy pleasure in the way their steps match up. People glance to and away from them, and the doors open like they’re hurrying out of their way.

“They on time?” Neil asks, scanning the arrivals column on the nearest screen. The airport has the strangest smell: floor cleaner and a thousand people’s lingering perfume. It reminds him of heading off to the nest for Christmas, and of his mothers nails slicing the skin of his neck to keep him close and hunched in the bustle.

“Early,” Andrew says, and Neil sees them — just beyond the arrivals gate with their arms flailing. Neil waves back while Andrew surveys the reuniting families with practiced detachment.

“You actually came!” Nicky says in loud German. Erik holds the waist-high gate open for Nicky but he doesn’t seem to notice. “I almost bet against you!”

“He did,” Erik confirms, smiling broadly, leonine. “But I try not to bet.”

“Nice to see you,” Neil says politely, and they’re close enough now that he has a slipping moment of doubt, like grabbing a glass you didn’t know was wet.

Nicky gathers Neil in his arms without hesitation, and Neil goes board-stiff for a second. Or maybe longer, because Andrew tugs him physically out of Nicky’s embrace.

Nicky looks a little stricken, but he makes a heroic effort to overcome it. “Sorry to pounce.”

“It’s fine,” Neil says quickly. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

Nicky smiles warmly at that, and reaches out to squeeze his wrist. His eyes bounce and stick on Andrew, who’s still watching Neil.

“And my favourite cousin,” Nicky says. “Thanks for coming.”

Andrew doesn’t try to appease Nicky, and Nicky doesn’t try to touch Andrew. He looks back at Erik with eye-rolling fondness instead.

“This is like a reenactment of my entire senior year at Palmetto, Erik. Skittish Neil and unresponsive Andrew.”

“It’s like I’m there,” Erik says drily, plucking Nicky’s bags from his waving arms before he can hit someone.

They’re wearing matching jackets, Neil notes. One orange and grey and one blue and grey, the sort of spandex monstrosity you’d wear to go jogging or hiking. They’re always texting the group pictures of themselves doing both of those things and alternately kissing at waterfalls.

“Are you guys coming to Dan and Matt’s tonight?” Neil asks, blocking the way when Andrew tries to physically leave the conversation.

“Okay, obviously, Neil,” Nicky says. “Do you know what a rehearsal dinner is?”

“No,” Andrew answers for him.

“Yes,” Neil says narrowly.

“God help us.” Nicky hoists his carryon back out of Erik’s hand and walks backwards towards baggage claim. “The first fox wedding, though. Bound to be a shitshow.”

“Don’t say that,” Erik chides, following him.

Andrew walks in the opposite direction and Neil stalls, unsure who to follow.

Nicky huffs. “Follow your boy. But I’m still waiting for you to hug me like you mean it.”

“Maybe when you leave again,” Neil says, prickling with affection at Nicky’s overdramatic expression. “See you at the car.”

“I don’t know where you’re parked!” Nicky protests.

“Outside,” Neil calls back.

“Useless! Both of you!”

He catches up with Andrew again and feels fingers come up to his wrist as soon as he falls in beside him. “Do I need to have a conversation with him?”

“Who, Nicky?” Neil says, confused.

Andrew looks pointedly down at Neil’s chest and away.

“The hug? He just caught me off guard. You know he’s not a problem, Andrew, come on.”

“Do I know that,” Andrew asks flatly.

“Yes,” Neil says, firm. “It’s just— sudden contact. Contact is difficult. Nicky isn’t.”

“No,” Andrew agrees.

“And t’s a weekend of partying,” Neil continues. “It won’t be the last time I get hugged.”

Andrew gives him a longer, more focused look that says he wishes it was.

“You don’t hesitate when you’re underneath me,” Andrew says, and even though it’s utterly emotionless, Neil’s ears go hot. “But you can’t hug Nicky.”

“That’s different,” Neil hisses.

“How? For some unfathomable reason, you trust Nicky,” Andrew says.

“Trust only carries me so far,” Neil argues. “You—“ he stalls when they come through the doors of the airport and the air gets quiet. “It’s different. With you.”

Andrew shrugs, crossing the street without looking to see if cars are coming or Neil is following.

Neil huffs and jogs after him again.

It bothers him for the rest of the day, that little piece of confusion. Why is it so easy with Andrew? Why does it feel so much like my skin’s coming away when my own friends hug me?

He’s still getting used to actually wanting affection, even after years sharing the same space and trading truths.

It’s different, he tells himself. And Andrew’s voice, cool and grey as morning air, asks how?

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@yuriplisetsky is a size queen

Otabek Altin/Yuri Plisetsky

2,900 words

“What are you talking about?”

“Your Twitter? Your thread that spends about ten tweets waxing poetry about the size of my dick? Everyone’s talking about it, the fans are going crazy, I had Victor ringing me up half an hour ago to ask if it was true and if I really had deflowered Russia’s Fairy like that, and I just – what the hell were you thinking, Yuri?”

In which Yuri gets drunk and Tweets some things he probably shouldn’t have.

AO3 link

So @94mercy made this post that headcanoned that Yuri gets drunk one night and talks about the size of Otabek’s dick on social media, and I immediately knew I had to write it. Otherwise known as me just wanting to join in with all the hung!Otabek content that’s been coming out of this fandom in recent weeks. 

(Also tagging @daddybek because that’s where this all started back in February)

They’ve been dating for a few months when it happens.

Yuri goes round to Mila’s for a few drinks after practice one day, and they steadily make their way through a bottle of vodka, laughing and talking about their respective partners. The music is loud and Yuri feels all loose and giggly as he reaches for his phone, taking selfies and documenting their escapades on Snapchat. He’s never been this drunk before, so drunk he’s not even sure what order his memories from the last few hours go in, so drunk that he can barely stand, so drunk that the room is spinning.

He sits down and opens Twitter, starting to type. He doesn’t even think about what he’s Tweeting, just starts a thread and keeps on going until he gets it all off his chest. Mila is grabbing at his hands and pulling him up so they can dance together again, and Yuri’s phone lies on the couch, forgotten.

So he doesn’t see what he’s done until morning.

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Calum Hood:::Neighbor

Pairing: Calum and Y/N

Word Count: 6.5k+

Rating: Smut

Requested: Yas

Calum is a little cocky shit who plays girls, y/n’s brother warns her, but she wants him anyways

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The Sophomore

Inside Choices is a behind-the-scenes blog from the Pixelberry team!

Last month, The Freshman ended on a high note at the Aurora music festival after a road trip with your friends. Now it’s time to head back to school in The Sophomore! To make The Sophomore happen, the team behind The Freshman worked around the clock to set the scene for your second year of college. With the new book out in the wild, I managed to grab its writers for a few questions:

What does The Sophomore have in store for everyone?

Chelsa: We don’t want to spill all the beans, but I think we can safely say that it’s going to be a whole lot of fun! Sophomore year is when a lot of people work on finding themselves and figuring out their passions. We really tried to progress the storyline with the idea that these characters have been together at Hartfeld for over a year and show that through their personal and professional growth.

What’s new and different about The Sophomore? How does The Sophomore put a fresh spin on The Freshman?

Saran: All your favorite characters will be back, but they’re slowly growing and changing, of course. We’re introducing a new ‘encouragement’ system that allows you to help your friends follow their dreams—and they’ll be inclined to help you in return. The biggest new feature is the introduction of the closet where you can see the full head-to-toe look of your outfit, just like in #LoveHacks. We’re also really excited about some new songs for the soundtrack debuting in this book!

Will we be meeting any new friends? Love interests? *wink wink*

Maya: It wouldn’t be a Sophomore book if you didn’t! There are some new faces coming in this book, both friends and enemies alike. As far as love interests go, you’ll just have to play and find out. Some Freshman players already know who your emerging love interest is, and boy do we have plans for her. There may even be new possibilities for some of your single friends!

What I loved about The Freshman was the way a group of unlikely friends were there for each other through the ups and downs of college life. More serious topics have been tackled in recent books. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Saran: Be warned: Spoilers up through Freshman Book 4 ahead! I think the college years are important for many because it’s a time of self-discovery and personal growth. In the last book, we delved into Zack’s breakup, Zig coming out to your friends as bisexual, and Becca struggling with her parents’ divorce. We wanted to show that these are part of the normal ups and downs of life. For players with similar experiences, we hope they’ll see that they’re not alone and others have gone through the same things.

Chelsa: I personally feel pretty lucky that the rest of my team feels as passionate and dedicated to some of these more delicate issues as I do. I suffer from anxiety myself, and have had many friends suffer similar breakdowns to the ones that haunt Zack in book four, and I hope that we showed people that it’s really, really important to create a conversation about it, especially with the people that love you.

Maya: It feels great when you’re represented in media you care about, and when it comes to bisexuality, too often it’s a sexuality that’s erased or skirted around. Regarding Zack, it was heartwarming to see how many players picked up on what he was experiencing and were full of support. We want to continue trying our best to dispel stigmas through our writing.

Who’s your favorite character to write in The Freshman (well, now The Sophomore)?

Chelsa: My favorite character is Zig, definitely! I had so much fun putting together his look and personality when he was created for Book 3. I even have some Tumblr fanart of him as my phone background right now.

Saran: I’ve always been a fan of Twombly, myself! I appreciate her friendliness and comedic relief.

Maya: Becca! I’m so excited about the story arc we have planned for her in The Sophomore. She can be such a brat, but since meeting you, she’s developed this inexplicable urge to sometimes be… nice? What in the world is happening to her?!

For some of us, playing The Sophomore means reliving our college years. What was your favorite part of college?

Chelsa: Probably my Freshman year when I lived in the college dorms. One of the crappy things about adulting is all of your friends are busy with their careers, or live in different cities, or are getting married. I miss the days where if you were bored, you just went and knocked on the door next to you.

Maya: I personally really enjoyed my classes - what a nerd!! I also loved finding myself in this new place where I could be whoever I wanted. I remember walking to class at the beginning of my freshman year and telling myself ‘you are a smart, confident, beautiful person, and nobody here knows you well enough to think otherwise’. I basically faked it until I felt it, and then continued to build this sense of self throughout college.

Any tips or wisdom for current college students?

Chelsa: Something I still think works well for me outside of school is to remember to give yourself a break every once in a while. Sometimes the best way to study for a test or finish an essay is to take a step back and do something you enjoy for a little while. Staring at the same problem for hours doesn’t help you solve that problem. Also, if you’re not a morning person, don’t take a 7 am class. You will not get up for that 7 am class.

Saran: Get more sleep, don’t skip class, and take advantage of all the opportunities around you (seriously, there are endless resources on campus for finding internships, residencies, study abroad programs, grants, and more, and tons of people who will help you with any of them). Go forth and conquer!

To everyone reading along, be sure to check your game for new weekly chapters and more. The summer isn’t over yet, and we’ve got more on the way! 💕

The Opposite of Loneliness

Requested: the Reader discovers Reid with a book of social cues/making friends so that he can get her to like him.

(Part II)

Spencer gave her a spare key to his apartment a long time ago, when they first became good friends. Living only a few doors down, she is the one he entrusted to take care of his plants and make sure his fish don’t die while he’s away on a case. He’s been away for a few days when she notices the large package waiting for him at the front desk. The man behind the desk is familiar with their arrangement, and allows her to collect Spencer’s mail for him. Careful not to drop anything, she lets herself in and deposits everything on the coffee table in his living room.

It’s then that she notices the books stacked on the couch, and she can’t help but to look at the covers. Spencer never leaves books out like this. How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less; Emotional Intelligence: Socially Awkward No More; Improve Your Social Skills. The last one really strikes her – Stop Being Lonely: Three Simple Steps to Developing Close Friendships and Deep Relationships. Is he lonely? Has he been hurting all this time and she never noticed? Next to the books is a ring of index cards, and though she feels bad snooping, she’s worried about him.

Picking them up, she briefly flips through them, expecting to find tips on making friends, or perhaps insights into his emotions. Instead, his messy handwriting has marked each card with short notes.

The Breakfast Club is a movie from the 80’s, directed by John Hughes, not a restaurant.
The phrase “Challenge Accepted” is from a TV show called How I Met Your Mother.
Tumblr is a website where people create customized blogs, not a cup to mix drinks in.
When she talks about Hamilton, she usually means the musical, not the historical canon.
Taylor Swift is not related to Jonathan Swift. She likes the video of Taylor Swift’s song mixed with the screaming baby goat. It makes her laugh.
Her favorite musician is Regina Spektor. Ode To Divorce always makes her cry – it reminds her of her parents. When it does, she doesn’t want to talk about it, but she does want someone to hold her hand.

That card makes her breath hitch in her throat, and stands paralyzed with them in her hands. Every index card is filled with pop culture references, but what’s more, they’re all her favorite things. One by one she flips through them, scanning for anything else, but they’re all her. He’s been taking notes on all the things she likes so that he’ll understand what she’s saying or what she’s referencing.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” The sound of his voice makes her jump, and she turns to see him standing in the doorway of his bedroom. He’s been home this whole time? He must have gotten back late last night, as he always calls her to let her know when he’s returned. When he realizes what she has in her hands, his eyes grow wide, and his mouth falls open. Horror-stricken. “Wh-what… how did – where did you get that?”

“It was on the couch,” she says softly. In sharp contrast, her heart is beating too loudly, so loud she cannot think. It’s hard to breathe. The only thing she can think to do is flee. “Um – I didn’t think you were home. I brought your mail. I’ll just be going, then.”

She starts towards the door, but just before she can open it, something stops her. That title flashes in her mind – Stop Being Lonely. What will he think if she runs away now? So she turns back to look at him, still rooted to floor in the doorway of his bedroom.

“Those index cards- what are they for?”

The sigh he heaves is so deep it seems he’s exhaled his very spirit. He rests his head in his hands and mumbles, “They’re references to pop culture. Things I wanted to learn.”

Fingers shaking, she glances back down at the stack. White paper covered in his messy, scrawling script. “But these things – they’re all about me.

The tentative statement rests in the air, and her heart beats so loudly as she waits for him to respond.

“Yes,” is all he gives her.


“Because…” Spencer looks up at the ceiling, eyes searching for answer that won’t appear for him, no matter how hard he wills it to be so. “Because I don’t want to be lonely anymore. I want to make friends, and I want to understand people. I’m not good at that.”

The books on the couch tell her as much, and it breaks her heart that he’s so achingly lonely, longing for a connection. Still, it hasn’t answered her question. “But why me? Why only the things I like?” She’s not sure why her voice has fallen so soft, but she feels she is treading lightly, afraid to wake up whatever revelation lies sleeping.

Spencer walks over to her and takes the index cards gently from her hands, setting them aside with the self-help books. He gazes down at her, and never did she think that a single look would be able to take her breath away. All she can focus on is the softness in his eyes and how near he is to her.

“Of all the people I want to understand, you mean the most. When we talk, I want to catch all the references you make to books and music. I want to know what movies make you happy and what movies make you cry. I want to be able to read you, as easily as I can read my favorite stories. I want to feel the opposite of loneliness, but I want to feel it with you.”

Like a broken record, she repeats, “Why me?”

He shakes his head, bemused by all her questions. “It had to be you. It’s always been you. Ever since that first day you came racing up the steps and nearly knocked me over. There was so much life in your eyes, and just by proximity to you I felt more alive. I wanted to feel that away every day. Then that night you fell asleep on my couch after we watched The Breakfast Club, and you told me about your parents, something in my heart changed. You changed me, and I’ve never been one to like change, but it’s different with you. I feel better with you. You make me better.”

The air around them feels heavier and she struggles to breathe it in. There are so many words, so many things to process, and she can’t quite wrap her head around the pieces of the puzzle that are falling into place.

“That can’t be right. I’m not anyone special.” There’s no way that someone like her can have changed someone like him – someone so brilliant, so brave.

He takes half a step closer, and she swears that for a moment, the world stops spinning. “You are the most beautiful person I have ever known.” Briefly, his hand cups her cheek, before he pulls away. “I’m sorry,” he says. “I – I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“You haven’t,” she assures him.

“I know I’m weird, and I’m awkward, and I’m not particularly attractive, but I do care about you. Very much. It’s just that I’ve been alone for so long, and I know that doesn’t exactly help, but…” He’s rambling faster than his brain can keep up with, face red and jaw clenched. Anxious. Scared. It’s then that she realizes he’s bracing himself for what he thinks is going to be an inevitable rejection. Apologizing for allowing himself to feel something for her.

“Spencer,” she says, cutting him off. “You don’t need to explain anything. I understand.” Then, she places one hand on his chest, right over his heart. “And you’re not alone. You’re not, okay? I’m right here. I know you, and I don’t care whether or not you know about John Hughes movies or popular songs. None of that changes how I feel about you.” Though she has to admit, she’s overwhelmed by the gesture. Who else would take the time to keep track of all of the things she loved simply because they wanted to make her happy? There is nobody else on the planet like him. This man before her, he’s nothing short of incredible.

“H-how do you feel, exactly?” he asks. She decides not to justify that with words. Instead she pulls him closer, stands on her toes, and presses her lips to his. Once, soft, for just a heartbeat, before pulling away to meet his eyes. When he doesn’t protest, she moves back in, and he responds in kind, kissing her deeply, passionately. His hand in her hair, her arms around his neck. Nothing is left unsaid in the movements between them.

“I don’t want you to be lonely,” she whispers, when they part. “I want to be with you. I want to be by your side. I’ve wanted that for so long.” When he pulls her into a tight embrace, burying his face in her shoulder, she can feel him trembling. That burden of isolation he’s been bearing for so long has finally been set down. The disbelief and shock overtakes him, and it’s all she can do to hold him as he cries. She’s crying too, and she doesn’t know why – only that there is some empty ache within her that has now been filled, a place she didn’t realize had been hollow before.

With time, the books slowly disappear. The spend some much time enveloped in the opposite of loneliness together, and it’s deliriously blissful. He takes her to meet his team, and she can see how much they love him. How much they care.

He needs no book to tell him how to form deep relationships and meaningful connections. All the connections have been there before him, all along. Waiting for him to realize the love he has for them is not one-sided. Waiting for him to accept the love he is more than worthy of.

And when it’s late and they’re lying side by side, all she can think of is how lucky she is that she is the one who gets to give such love to him. And she is the one who is so loved by him.

No, they aren’t alone anymore. This, this is exactly the opposite. An emotion she cannot name, but knows by heart each time he looks her way.


I: when I was almost three years old my Baby Brother was born. He was sick, not expected to live past the first year, if he even made it that long. While he did, and then some, his life created an absence in mine. Mama stayed with him those first three years of his life, over the course of 20+ hospital admissions. Daddy had to work to pay the bills. I was shuffled. Various homes of family and family friends were second, third, fourth, fifth homes to me. I was always second best.

II: it didn’t hit me until years later. Maybe it shouldn’t matter to me, but it does. We moved down south, my Mama, Brother and me. Daddy was supposed to join us. I only really remember him visiting once, maybe twice. I suppose it could have happened more. I do remember how excited I was. I learned the reason we moved was because Daddy’s job at the mill didn’t look so stable and Mama found work three states away, and he was supposed to look down there too. I don’t think he did. We moved back half a year later. When I think back, I can’t help but feel like I wasn’t enough to make Dad stay. I wasn’t enough to make him follow.

III: parents announce their separation after bringing me home early from my best friend’s 9th birthday party. I am outraged, but deep inside, not surprised. Their anger always did hang heavy in the air. The holes in the kitchen walls said a lot. I blamed myself. If I had been a better kid. If I had been happier. If I had been more, more anything Good… I know now that that doesn’t matter. I felt better when Dad rented a house 4 houses down, as opposed to a few towns away, like later on. It always felt safer with him around even when looking back, it seemed like he hardly ever was.

IV: Dad gets hurt at work. He gets laid off. He moves back in with Mom, has surgery, has a place to stay and recover. He gets better. Finds a job. Mom moves to another state. Takes Baby Brother with her. Better services there. I was already angry from years before. She left me for him those first few years. I never realized how angry I was until I was an adult. I tried my best not to see her for years. Avoidance at almost all costs. She left me again. I’m still second best.

V: Boy tells me he loves me. Boy fills my head with lies. Tells me he loves me. Tells me he lied. Lied. Lied. Lied. Leaves. Comes back. Tells me he loves me. Promises me the world. Lies. All lies. Loves me. Loves me. Explodes. Tells me he doesn’t love me, never did. Leaves. He’s not even dust in the wind. I think he was a ghost. I don’t think I ever really knew him. I don’t think the Boy I knew was real. But he took so much of me with him.

VI: different Boy. Warms my heart. Makes me feel something. Made me think I mattered. Boy’s mother loves me. Boy tells me he loves me. I believe him. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Wanting to feel wanted. Wanting to matter for once. Boy leaves bruises. Boy scares me. Boy makes me feel trapped. I am nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I need to be Something. Boy is always mad. Always accusing. I can’t look anyone in the eye. I don’t exist in just a few short months. Boy gives me a split lip. Apologizes. Tells me it was my fault. I now Know. It is Time. It takes time. All the courage I ever had. I look Boy in the eyes. Tell him I am Done. I walk away shaking. Boy finds new Girl a week later. I unravel.

VII: I have moved houses, not Home. With Mama and Brother, with Help I desperately needed. I cannot handle myself. I cannot breathe. I am Too Much. I have always been. I left myself somewhere. I don’t know where to find Her. Can I ever find Her? Can I ever be Whole?

VIII: another Boy, months and months later. Looks at me like I hung the stars in the sky. Like a blind man seeing the sun. Like I meant something. Boy remembers how many freckles I had in kindergarten. Boy opens up to me. Kisses me so hard I forget how to breathe. So different than Boy I dated last. Didn’t leave bruises. Didn’t leave blood. I didn’t flinch when he touched me. I blink. Boy is gone. Bridge is burned. I’m left wondering what it is about me that makes everyone leave so quickly. Why am I never enough?

IX: graduated. Adult. College in the fall, part time. Faking ‘til I make it. Hometown for the summer. Reconnect with a different Boy. Drive around all night, footprints and tire treads all over the city limits.  Kiss him by the creek and almost fall, I’m so scared. I’ve been shaking. I don’t think I ever stopped. So scared of Touch. Scared of Everything. I’m always flinching. Afraid to keep it moving. Boy stops talking to me. I knew it was done the last time I kissed Him. I was Too Much. I will always be. Too Damaged. Never had a chance. I can’t be Something.

X: I am angry. Angry at everything I Was, everything I Could Be. I am hollow and on fire at all times. Seen too many hospital walls. Felt too much. Felt nothing. Felt everything. Upside down. Stalled out on a racing freeway. I do not know anything. Nothing but Destruction. I will burn Me to the ground.

XI: another reconnection. Nice Boy. Leaves. I should have known. Sleep with Hometown Boy because I’m angry. I want to Feel something. Anything. I want to be Useful. What does mattering feel like? Nice Boy comes back. Leaves. Enter Hometown Boy. Fuck. Here comes Nice Boy. I am safe with him under the stars. I can breathe. I am free. God, I’m so In Love. Safe. Safe. Safe. I’m not holding my breath, but I should. Nice Boy leaves, for good. A month late. Near asphyxiated. It was not positive. He doesn’t care that I loved him. He never told me what went wrong. I know I was the Problem. I always am. I always am.

XII: cue Hometown Boy. Let me fuck my sorrows away. I’m under the influence nearly every day for 3 straight months. I am Empty and I am Blank. Only good for being used. It is better than nothing. I cannot let myself Feel. I cannot Fall again. I faltered. Hometown Boy sometimes looked at me like I meant something to him. Said things that made me wonder. Kissed me softly some days. I lost myself again. More hospital walls. One month behind them. Venture out into the world. Hometown Boy is married now. I didn’t know… He never said a thing. I was a Fool.

XIII: I am drunk. I am A Drunk. I am swallowing sadness by the bottle. Trying to find meaning. Trying to hold onto something. Trying to pretend I am something besides miserable. Let me feel. Let me feel. Let me self-destruct some more. I don’t want to exist. It hurts. All I know how to do is hurt and I don’t know why. I cannot get my act together. I cannot give up the only thing I know how to be. I don’t know how to be anything but Nothing.

XIV: I’m seeking something in all the wrong ways. I am drinking. I am smoking. I am in the woods. With Him. Danger Boy. Red hot, flashing light, warnings, NO NO NO, but I go anyway. I am fine. I am laughing. I am spinning. Oh my god my head, my body. Danger Boy is above me, lips touching me. I am Scared. What is happening? Everything is black. There is a Void. I am in Dad’s living room. I do not know how I got there. Mama walks through the door. She looks tired. Dad looks angry. I am scared. I look at the clock. How many hours can pass without memory? I have never blacked out like this, no. I am standing upright and suddenly I can See. I can’t bring myself to say that four letter word.

XV: I can say it now. It is a word that tastes like fear. Like 4:36 pm panic attacks in the sun. Like blood from a wound. Like smoke. I shake. I am a Watcher. I can never stop. Can never be vulnerable. Can never let my guard down. Can never be made a Fool again. Can’t drive certain streets without holding my breath. Can’t stop at hometown stoplights without waiting for the Grim Reaper. Trying to find hope. Trying to be Something. I cannot be Nothing. I was born to Live and that I must do. I cannot be held down. The world cannot drown me. I will prevail. I must. I can be Everything. I at least have to try.

—  THE TRAUMA OF LIVING- Michelle Bishop

anonymous asked:

1/2 Hello . I'd like to ask something about Damian. I read a lot of fanfic with Damian in it but comics-wise I've only read Supersons. Now, from what I've seen so far from both supersons and also numerous pannels here on tumblr that are extracted from other comics it seems to me that Damian actually acts more child-like in canon than fandom?

2/2 I’ve grown used to him being all sophisticated, almost like an adult in child’s body and using those formal speach patterns all the time (which is very funny and I prefer him like that tbh), but I’m suprised to see that in actual comics it’s not quite the case? Idk? So what’s the thing with that, is fandom exaggerating with his behaviour or is he truly like that but I just haven’t read those particular runs that fandom bases it’s depiction of Damian off of? Thanks

Hey Nonie, this is a great question, and I think it’s layered. Damian, like any character written about extensively in canon and fanon is going to have discrepancies between how you see him and how other people see him. 

I’m going to give you some canon evidence for his being ‘formal’ and then talk about him in fanon as well, it’ll get kind of long so I’m going to put the rest under the cut.

Also, quick disclaimer, I haven’t read everything Damian’s been in so there’s probably a lot I’m missing from here. And there’s just so much to him I can’t cover everything in one post or attempt to and do him total justice. 

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What Happens in Vegas - Chapter 4: Friend

Summary: In Las Vegas for your best friend’s bachelorette weekend, you wake up in a strange bed with no recollection of what happened the night before.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 6198 (yikes…)

Warnings: Swearing. Alcohol.

Chapter 1  •  Chapter 2  •  Chapter 3  •  Chapter 4  •  Chapter 5  •  Chapter 6  •  Chapter 7  •  Epilogue

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And in a bit of a spin, two separate days become one full piece!

Continuing with the spooky™ trend settled by the previous two artworks, I had already decided to draw something OTGW or GF sometime down the line, so what better time to leave it until now. Wirt and Greg for Day 28, Dipper and Mabel for today.

I couldn’t really wait until sleeping and working later on the day, so I just started No. 29 right after midnight! Buuuut that means I’m up at the PC at like 4 AM fixing this pic’s size for Tumblr and for some reason no matter what I do with the hue and contrast, the paper looks yellow-ish.

…Turns out I simply had f.lux activated, so hopefully you’re not seeing a yellow-ish art! And if you are, I guess it adds a little charm 😄

Nothing much to say about the series proper, except fully recommending them. I want to re-watch OTGW soon sometime this week, hopefully before the 31st!

Em's 2.5k Fic Recommendation

Why hello there! There’s 2.5k people following and that’s absolutely unbelievable. Thank you all for following me, reading and commenting on my imagines, talking to me, or even just being there and supporting me through my time of being a writer. I’ll never forget it. *cue sappy music*

These are imagines that have come off the top of my head, all Teen Wolf related or actors in TW, that have stuck with me through my time on here, stories that I would go back and read through. From me to you, thank you all for being so amazing at writing.

And I probably forgot so many amazing people off this list, but keep up the good work guys. And remember, I’ve said it before; I find it so hard to read Teen Wolf imagines lately - I’m stuck in a world full of Stucky lately - so if you have wrote an amazing imagine within the last little while and it’s not on this list, to be honest I probably haven’t read it (I know that sounds awfully rude, I don’t mean it to come across like that either but it’s the truth)

I had 20+ fics here, but I had to cut it down to 11! because it was just a never ending thing, I hate leaving people out but I’m that nice I would have added every single person I follow

This will, and always will, be the first on my list for any recommendations that I’ll give. This list is not in order of preference, but I’ll say this once, THIS WILL ALWAYS GET FIRST PLACE. This story made me an emotional wreck and it truly is a work of art. Kenzie is so damn wonderful at writing, and if I could reread this story all my life, I happily would. Who doesn’t love a 50 era story though? Slicked back hair, leather jackets.

I sure am a sucker for best friend reader x Stiles, this story was so cute and so well-written. I don’t usually read stories based around the plot line of Teen Wolf but I always make an exception for this one <3

I found this story whilst going through the Theo tag on Tumblr, and I just fell in love with it straight away. I absolutely love the banter between the reader and Theo about the dread doctors, it’s so light hearted and the smut is ace!!

If I could, I would add every single imagine Mal has wrote to this list because her smut is literally the best smut you will need. Ever. This story is just so wonderful and it literally had me shook from the start. And like I mean, I would love to have Stiles wank over me too!

This story was an emotional rollercoster for me. It’s definitely my absolute favorite imagine from Bee. It’s so real, and I would 100% become a makeup artist if I got to fall in love with Dylan. I do love stories based on movie sets with Dylan, he’s just so wonderful just like this story!

I don’t read many Peter stories, I don’t know why, but this one was just so damn cute and amazing. I love a wounded and shirtless Peter, and as always, cocky as fuck. This story made the butterflies erupt in my stomach. It was just do damn good!

Of course I had to add the queen to this list. I was so tempted to tag your complete Brett masterlist *cough* here y’all go *cough*. Joey is definitely the best Brett writer out there, she captures him so damn well! I love the concept of this story and the smut is just squeal-worthy.

If anyone knows me, or if you’ve been following me for a while now, you know I LOVE DEREK HALE. I LOVE HIM. So much, and protective Derek is definitely no different. And when Derek grabs the reader to spin her around, MY HEART it exploded. This story is truly amazing, and I 100% recommend for Soph to write my Derek Hale smut! Plus, I was going through my followers list and Sophie was the FIRST ever person I followed her on Tumblr, so amen to her.

I don’t actually think I follow this page, but I got this sent in by @awesomelion and I remembered it straight away. This was the first fic I read when I joined Tumblr and I reread it when I got it sent in, and guys IM STILL SO IN LOVE WITH THIS FIC how many times will I have to cry over it?? I completely forgot what had happened and it broke my heart reading it again.. BRB CRYING

I remember I went into a reading slump and couldn’t read anything and I was scrolling through Tumblr and this came up, and I immediately fell in love with it. I love Jealous Scott, and Alpha/Beta/Omega smut so this story was perfect for me. It’s absolutely amazing and so well written. If anyone hasn’t read this, and is a Scott lover like me, give it a read because it’s so amazing!

This… this is just so perfect. I love it. Everyone knows how much I adore AU and Teacher Dylan is no different. Chloe is probably one of the best writers in the fandom, and even though shes on a hiats at the moment, I;m still excited for Part 4 of this! PLEASE GET IT OUT! But honestly, this story is pure smut but yet somehow still so fluffy that my heart just explodes!

And as well as fic recommendations, I just want to say a quick thank you to all people who give me feedback, like & reblog my writing. I do love writing, and it means so much that y’all stick around.

Unexpected lust, Part 1/2

Pairings: Pietro x Reader

Words: 1K

Summary: Tony and the reader are reading fanfiction of themselves and when Pietro joins them, the atmosphere between him and the reader gets a bit more heated.

Warnings: Smut! Few swear words.

A/N: Okay, it’s kinda weird to post a smutty writing after my blogs have always been stamped with the good girl –title, as well as me as a person. But hey, girls have their needs and mine are totally involving smutty Pietro Maximoff and I happen to know that I’m not the only one. *winks* I hope you enjoy this!

Texts in italics are standing for fanfic-clips.

Part 2

”Oh my god, listen to this one”, I laughed, sitting at the kitchen with Tony, eyes watering and stomachs hurting from all the laughing. “Oh no, I can’t-“

Y/N came out of the shower, her soft skin twinkling as the sunbeams hit it, and I couldn’t get my eyes off of her. She smiled softly, before walking in front of me, dropping her towel to the floor”, Tony quoted the text, smirking. “Oh, guess what you are going to say next-”

I glanced at the screen of my phone, deep smirk taking over my lips. I raised my head to watch straight into Tony’s eyes, innocent smile on my lips. “Do you want me, daddy?” I purred, bursting into laugh. “I would never say anything like that.”

“Shame, I like this version of you”, Tony frowned, laughing then deeply. “She kneeled in front of me as a good girl she is, taking my big, hard cock in her soft little hand, blinking her eyes sweetly. Then she kissed the top of my- Oh okay, things are getting weird now- lightsaber and that was all it took me to cum to her pretty, light pink mouth, filling it with my love paste, while screaming her- the sex goddess’s name.

“Oh god, I love these- oh here is one about you!” I laughed, tears in my eyes. “”Tony”, I shouted, running to him, tears rolling down my cheeks. “I thought I was going to lose you!”
“You are never going to lose me”, Tony whispered, wiping my tears away, before pulling me into a deep kiss.
Hey- this is not fair. Why on earth does they write only cute stories about you, but I’m a sex doll in each of mine?”

“Because you are more sexier than him, Printsessa”, I heard a familiar, Sokovian accent coming from the doorway. I turned around to see Pietro leaning to the doorframe, smirk on his face.

“Oh is that so, Piet?” I smirked, rising my eyebrows.

“My opinion is yes”, he chuckled, taking a slice of pizza from the counter. “What are you reading?”

“Fanfiction”, I laughed brightly, glancing at Tony, who were fully focused on reading something from the screen of his phone. “It seems that our- fans are writing these stories about us and publishing them on the internet, on a site called Tumblr.”

“Oh”, Pietro laughed, leaning to the counter. “What kind of stories?”

I felt a slight blush creeping slowly to my cheeks. “Well, for example love stories, stories that are labeled with angst, and then there are my personal favorites -smutty ones. With sex, a lot of sex. Kinky sex, romantic sex, public sex, break up sex –any possible kind of sex.”

“Between who?” he frowned, looking truly interested.

“Mostly between the reader and the character –which in this case means one of us, but there are stories where they are pairing us together as well”, I explained, laughing.

“For example-“, Tony harrumphed, way too deep smirk on his face. “”Pietro”, Y/N whispered, nipping her bottom lip between her teeth, as he pressed her against the wall.
“Didn’t see that coming?” Pietro chuckled, kissing her neck softly.
“Pietro, w-what are you-“
But she didn’t get a change to finish her sentence as he pressed his lips against hers, making her head spin. This was all she had ever wanted –to have Pietro kissing her, touching her, showing her how much he loved her-

I glanced at Pietro and nipped my lip between my teeth as I saw how focused he was, leaning to the counter, listening to Tony with slight frown on his handsome face while caressing his jaw with his long fingers.

She let out a soft moan as the kiss got deeper, making Pietro want her even badder –if possible. He pressed his growing hardness against her, making her beg and repeat his name again and again, like it was the only world she knew. It was the only word she had to knew, as Pietro finally picked her up and tossed her to the sofa, before pulling her pants harshly away. He couldn’t wait to have a taste of that-

“Oh my god”, I breathed out, trying to steady my breathing, the mental images repeating themselves in my mind, making me blush. “I think we have heard enough, thank you very much, T.”

“Oh, did that turn you on, Y/N?” Tony chuckled, looking amused. “I bet it did.”

“Tony”, I let out a nervous laughter, crossing my legs. “Don’t-“

Pietro pressed his tongue on her sensitive clitoris, making her throw her fingers to his dusty blond hair, pulling it, as the waves of satisfaction rushed over her body, making her pant and gasp hard. Pietro kept his icy blue eyes focused on her, as she squirmed at the sofa, his name escaping her lips here and there with soft moans surrounding them”, Tony continued, glancing at both of us occasionally, grinning.

I tried not to think about the words I was hearing, but they kept pushing to my mind, filling it with visions of Pietro on top of me, his tongue making me scream his name. I glanced at him carefully and gasped slightly as our eyes met, his gaze darker than usually, lip between his teeth.

“Fuck Pietro”, Y/N moaned, as she was getting closer and closer to her orgasm. “I’m gonna-“
“Come for me, ljubimyi”, he breathed out, sliding two fingers inside of her, causing her to scream his name as she came hard, collapsing to the sofa. Pietro’s fingers were still working inside of her, making her orgasm last and last-

I bit my lip to stop a moan from escaping my lips as I saw the growing pulp in his grey sweatpants. I formed his name with my lips, glancing at him interrogatively. “Are you-“

He tilted his head, slight smile on his lips and glint of deep lust in his eyes. “You want to-“, he nodded towards reading Tony.

I felt my heart beating like a drum as I nodded my head. “Yes.”

Part 2/2


TW: Mentions of Attempted Rape

Morgan was going down tonight and although I wouldn’t be witness to it, I’d have the pleasure of knowing what was going to happen.

No one liked Morgan… well that’s a lie. Lots of people liked her. I did not. Neither did my friends. She was a waste of space and nothing special. Except for the fact she wanted to suck off Satan.

She was a witch.

It wasn’t like I saw her wearing a pentagram or chanting in tongues. But how else did she get everyone to like her? She was so boring. She was nice to literally everyone, even the shitty algebra teacher. She had all these friends, and no one had anything bad to say about her. Even when she ‘forgot’ to do an assignment, her teacher excused her and gave her another day.

Fat chance they’d ever do that for me.

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Imagine your relationship with Chris being in the limelight.

A/N: Part 2, yay! As always, I hope this little fluff piece brings a smile to your face. 😊 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’ and ‘Little Ways Away’ - Masterlist; ‘She Said Yes: Part 1’)

You chewed on your left thumbnail and tapped your right foot, anxiously and impatiently waiting for Chris’ FaceTime call. He’d texted you while you were in class, a text that held four simple but angsty words: “We need to talk.” You hated those four words when they had no context and you had no clue what the two of you needed to talk about. Things between the two of you since the engagement were back to being extraordinary; no disagreements, no fights, no misunderstandings. You were even in Atlanta over the weekend; a belated birthday celebration where you spent time with him and met his cast in person. Everything was perfect, so what could he possibly needed to talk to you about? Was he having doubts about marrying you? There was no way, he’d made it pretty clear he wanted to and was ready to. The anxiety was definitely eating you up, and if he didn’t call soon- you were going to call him first.

The front door swung open and Ava burst through, panting as though she’d just ran ten blocks. You looked up from your laptop and narrowed your eyes at the magazine she was holding up while she tried to catch her breath. Was that- “I know what Chris wants to talk to you about,” she blurted all in one breath. Just as she did, your MacBook started ringing; it was Chris calling. “Is that Chris? Answer it,” she instructed as she rushed to your side. You felt your jaw tighten as you answered the call, hoping your fiancé- who agreed things between the two of you were to be kept away from the limelight and under the radar until you graduated- had a good explanation for why the two of you were on the front page of US Weekly.

“Hey, baby,” Chris greeted you with a smile that hid his angst. He, too, had been having a hard time since he sent the 'we-need-to-talk’ text, especially when he was the reason the two of you needed to talk. “How’s your day been? You look gre-”

“Cut the crap, Evans,” Ava cut him off, holding up the magazine; Chris screwed his eyes shut, letting out a sigh. “She knows, we all know. It’s not just US Weekly, by the way,” she whispered to you and you scoffed at Chris, who was staring at Ava to stop talking. “Some of our Tumblr friends are um- freaking out, to say the least. You’re also all over-”

“Ava?” Chris interjected and Ava turned away from you to look at him. “Can I please talk to my fiancée in private?” Ava pressed her lips together and nodded, lowering the magazine onto the table as she left for her room. “Look, sweetheart,” he began as you picked up the magazine, shaking your head in disbelief at the title: 'Chris Evans announces his engagement to nineteen year old.’ “I know how it looks, but- it was an accident, I swear.”

“How do you accidentally announce an engagement, Christopher?”

“Oh wow, you’re using 'Christopher’. You’re definitely mad,” he mumbled then pressed his lips together when you shot him your death-defying stare that screamed “obviously I’m mad!” He sighed, knowing he’d broken the promise he made to you. But you had to know he didn’t do it on purpose. “I just- it slipped, Y/N. I was doing an on-set interview and they asked if I had anyone special waiting on me at home- you know, like they always do- and Mackie mentioned your name and I- I said 'yeah, I’m definitely missing my fiancée’ and- things snowballed from there.” You sighed, but you knew it was an accident now. “I am so sorry, I know this makes things very difficult for you.”

“Yes, it does,” you frowned at him and he sighed again. “Look- having people find out that I was your friend was overwhelming enough,” you reminded him of the beginning and he nodded. “Then people found out I was your girlfriend and that was-” you huffed, “insane, but still somehow manageable because we didn’t publicly confirm anything.” He nodded again, knowing exactly where you were going. “But Chris- this is you officially, and publicly, labeling me as your fiancée. I don’t even want to imagine what people are going to say, what’s-” you held up the magazine, “in this magazine. I mean- they didn’t even give me a name, just 'nineteen year old’.”

“Your name is inside, and on other…” He trailed off when he saw your stare had returned. “Yeah, but that’s not your point.” You nodded with tightly pursed lips. “I am really sorry, Y/N. See,” a small, cheeky smile appeared on his lips, “I know your name.” A weary chuckle escaped your throat which calmed Chris slightly. “Believe me, sweetheart. Soon it won’t be 'Chris Evans announces engagement to nineteen year old’, it’ll be 'Y/N Y/L/N marries redundant Captain America star’.”

“You’ll never be redundant,” you told him with a small smile.

“And you’re going to be a superstar,” he told you with a big grin.

“You’re not getting out of this so easily, Evans,” you chuckled when you realized what he was doing. He bit back his smile, nodding though he knew he would. “We’re going to have to talk about this, you’re going to have to help me figure out how to live life under the public eye.” He nodded, and you heaved a loud, dramatic sigh; he winced with a small, apologetic smile. “I guess I might as well get used to it now,” you groaned monotonously, making Chris laugh.

“It’s really not that bad,” he tried to console you.

“Says the man who loves his job, but hates the limelight.”

“You’re going to be fine,” he assured you. “You are so much stronger than me, so much better with being under the public eye. I mean- you look good all the time,” he complimented and you tried not to smile because once again, you knew what he was doing. “When we walk side by side on the street, people often mistake you for being the famous one.” You rolled your eyes because that only happened once; someone thought you were an actress and Chris was your bodyguard. “You’re going to be fine. It’s going to be hard at first, but soon everyone will see how amazing you are and understand that I’m the lucky one in the relationship.”

“I can’t wait to go back on Tumblr,” you said with a sarcastic enthusiasm and Chris chuckled. “You do realize most of my followers know what I look like, right? I bet you my inbox is going to be filled with questions and messages to pass on to you and- definitely hate mail, I’m going to be hated by so many people.” He tried to speak, but he couldn’t before you asserted, “so many, Chris.”

“I can’t imagine how anyone could hate you, darling.”

“That’s because you’re in-love with me, Chris,” you frowned.

“Exactly,” he smiled and you sighed, knowing he was right before he even got his point out. “I love you, that is all that matters- all that should matter. Who cares what dumb magazine is writing about? Who cares what strangers who don’t know anything about us think? Our friends and families approve, we approve. I mean- we are what matters here, Y/N. So pop on a hat and some sunglasses, say nothing, stay away from the tabloids, and live your life as you’ve always lived it.”

You said nothing for a while, just watched your handsome fiancé’s face in the computer screen as he smiled at you. Finally, “okay, fine.” His smile widened. “But don’t think you’re completely off the hook, 'cause you’re not.” He chuckled and nodded in acknowledgment. “If things get too overwhelming, I’m going to hate and blame you.”

“As long as you still marry me,” he winked, “I really don’t care.”

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Part 3

When Beacon Hills becomes too much to handle, sometimes the only solution is to leave it. This could be literal - Derek and Stiles hopping into a car and taking an extended road trip away from the ghosts of their past - or a figurative escape into enjoyable, humorous alternate settings. Fandom remained fond of playing with misunderstandings and wallowing in domestic fluff and stories about Derek as a dad.

Let’s Get Lost | gottalovev ( @mariloucoco ) | 35,640 | Explicit | Sterek | 9 August 2015

Tragedy strikes and Derek would do anything to help Stiles get better. If that means leaving town together with no specific destination in mind? So be it.

Red Light’s Already Off | KuriKuri ( @authorkurikuri ) | 3,375 | Teen | Sterek | 9 August 2015

Stiles isn’t a hooker. He just plays one on TV.

it’s my (pants) party and i’ll cry if i want to | oncetherewasapirate ( @muchfic-manypair ) | 4,611 | Explicit | Sterek | 9 August 2015

Stiles really should have known by now that dating a witch who’s liable to get angry at the drop of a hat probably wasn’t his best relationship decision. But he didn’t.

Stiles just never thought that, after she cursed him, it would turn out to be so literal.

A Little Light Music | skoosiepants ( @pantstomatch ) | 3,587 | Teen | Sterek | 10 August 2015

Stiles manages a full month and a half of avoiding Hot Angry Murder Face Dude—previously Hot Angry Tank Top Dude—and it basically involves Stiles sneaking quietly past the laundromat and only going inside when it’s absolutely empty. It’s been tough on his cleaning schedule, but Stiles tells himself it’s worth it.

He’s got his Hello Kitty pants on again, he’s humming James, shaking his hips, when there’s a loud rattle-scrape at the front glass door. He jumps and spins and freezes when he sees—a freaking hulking black dog staring at him. It’s got eerie green eyes and it’s as big as a very large wolf—is it a wolf?—and Stiles is fairly sure it wants into the building to eat him.

flawless | bibliosexual ( @bibliosexualll ) | 4,919 | Teen | Sterek | 11 August 2015

“I know you and I are, like, werewolf-married, but dude, if I ever met Lydia Martin in person … All bets are off, is all I’m saying.“

It’s not like Stiles really means it (does he?), but it still makes Derek’s hands clench into claws on the steering wheel.

"Yeah, if,” he says, and keeps his eyes on the road.

This is Home | @raisesomehale | 4,543 | Teen | Sterek | 11 August 2015

Other than being a werefox with a werekit for a son, Stiles’ life is relatively normal. He’s a single parent, owns a modest sized home, and has a variety of kid-friendly meal recipes tucked neatly under his belt. It might be just him and Nate, but they have it in the bag. Nothing is missing from their lives.

That is, until Nate befriends a girl named Sadie Hale on his first day of kindergarten. Then everything changes.

Unafraid | MellytheHun ( @loserchildhotpants ) | 1,580 | Teen | Sterek | 12 August 2015

Derek returns to Beacon Hills just in time to get cornered and trapped by hunters with Stiles. The time alone and impending death offers them the perfect setting to say the most important things. Originally on my Tumblr, prompted by halestereks.

and it’s so, it’s so | @Marishna | 2,210 | Teen | Sterek | 13 August 2015

Derek’s had a crush on Stiles for years but has always been too chickenshit to do anything about it.

Hot and Bothered (but mostly just bothered) | kitsunequeen ( @stilesbansheequeen ) | 2,305 | Gen | Sterek | 14 August 2015

“You’re the newbie in the station, and damn you’re hot, bUT DID YOU JUST ARREST MY SIBLING?” au


“You could’ve let me know,” Derek says. “That’s kind of what we do around here.”

“Not like I have your phone number,” Stiles points out, raising an eyebrow in a way that’s most definitely a challenge.

Oh, great. The new guy wants to prove how cool he is by mouthing off to someone’s who’s been around longer. Fun.

“Well, Deputy, you have a radio, don’t you? And if you were interested in calling, every other guy here does have my number.”

“Well, aren’t you just Mr. Popular!”

Theory of Overprotective Canines | rosepetals42 ( @petals42 ) | 11,798 | Teen | Sterek | 20 August 2015

Stiles is totally looking forward to living alone in his super cool apartment off-campus. He is. He is also very excited to bike to school every day, ready to set up an awesome game room, and definitely over his crush on Derek Hale. Completely over it.

Or at least he is until Derek decides he’s moving in with him. And then turns out to be the perfect roommate. And then starts attending all his classes. As a wolf.

This is not going according to plan. 

under the light of our mother moon | Idday ( @iddayidnight ) | 9,304 | Gen | Sterek | 21 August 2015

Cora appears on his doorstep in early September, face determined and belly rounded. Her scent is still familiar, but it’s also changed, somehow: more complex, fertile.

“Cora,” Derek breaths.

He thinks the thought in full standing in front of his mirror, brushing his teeth, and the way it drops into his mind unannounced and unwelcome yet ringing with truth makes him freeze, meeting his own gaze in the mirror, toothbrush still hanging askew out of his mouth.

‘I want to raise this child.’

“Derek,” Stiles says, in a faux patient voice that he uses when he thinks that Derek’s being particularly dense. “You think that this option didn’t pop right into my head when you first told me about Cora? Come on, babe, I know you. I was totally prepared for this. I’ve reconciled.”

OR: The one where Cora turns up pregnant, Derek decides to raise her baby, and Stiles is (happily) along for the ride.

The Pirate Chef, Ch. 8 (8/8)

CS AU: When all her planned work for the upcoming special in the show she produces falls apart, Emma Swan is forced to work with the networks rising star. And she doesn’t think anything good will come out of it.

Shotouts to @fairytalesandtimetravel for the amazing arts he did for this! and both @sambethe and @nowforruin that have been sounding boards, betas, translators when I ran out of words in my meagre English lexicons and cheerleaders to no end. Thank you so much for the support.

This is also dedicated to @kat2609 , @amagicalship and @brooke-to-broch

Tagging @kdanna03 , @the-lady-of-misthaven , @chrissascorner , @teamhook ,   @deathbycaptainswan ,  @in-spirational  @forget-me-not-s , @wholockgal , @swanandapirate and @mayquita  If you want to be tagged in future chapters, let me know!

Ao3    FF.net  On Tumblr Ch1 Ch2 Ch3 Ch4 Ch5 Ch6 Ch7

A/N: This is it, the end of the road. thank you so much to all of you for reading and commenting and sticking to it. I had a lot of fun writing this one. As for future projects, I’ll be resuming my canon reversal, Time Upon Once, and a few other things in between. 

Week #7 London

The trip to London was a quiet one. Killian had chosen to ride with Tink and Liam separately, sending his apologies beforehand to the rest of the team. There were gloomy faces among most of the crew, the weeks on the road taking a toll on everyone and adding to the dreaded sense of finality. Despite the early hours and crazy days, there had been such camaraderie between the teams that it seemed it was hard for everyone to see the season come to an end. Adding to that was the fact they weren’t sure if this would be a one-time thing. They all had hopes the audience would react positively to the new spin on the collaborative show. Tink and Emma thought they had a great show and that their audiences would love it. They all hoped the network would choose to continue with the format in upcoming years, but even if the show was a success, there still could be a million reasons why this might not happen again.

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Perfection [Dick Grayson x Reader]

A/N: This is my first time on tumblr, and my first one-shot so please forgive me for my mistakes. 

Pairing: Dick Grayson x Plus-Sized Reader

Warnings: a bit of language (not much), sexual implications

Word Count: 1841



You stared out of the window across the room, studying how the silver light of the moon colored the furniture. Sometimes, dark patches would appear as clouds drifted by, obscuring the light.

It was late into the night and you were supposed to be asleep, yet you lay wide awake. A strong arm rested comfortably over your torso and you felt the warmth of your boyfriend radiating onto your back. You shifted so you were facing him.

You studied his lovely face. His raven locks covered his closed eyes slightly. His lips were parted, a quiet snore coming out of it. He had a strong jawline, one you’d recognize immediately because you always noticed the little details, and if his eyes were opened you’d see those gorgeous azure eyes that seemed to enchant you every time you stare at them for too long.

He was exhausted, you could tell from those dark marks under his eyes. He was so hardworking, so kind, so talented, so joyous and handsome and just too good for someone… like you.

You weren’t the most beautiful woman in the whole world, and you knew that. Heck, everyone did. You were more on the chubby side. You didn’t have the most beautiful face, and your hair wasn’t soft or silky. You were bland, plain and less than average.

Yet somehow, somehow, Dick Grayson managed to fall in love with you. The Dick Grayson, the heartthrob son of billionaire Bruce Wayne by day and the famed superhero Nightwing by night. You didn’t think it was possible, but it happened.

You sighed and slipped out of Dick’s hold, which was shockingly easy to do since usually he’d be very clingy. You opened the balcony doors and walked out, shivering as the cold air touched your skin. You were only wearing a tank top and shorts and it didn’t shield you from the chill outside.

You would often find yourself thinking of the same exact question; why you? Dick could have any woman he wanted in Gotham, yet he chose you, a nobody, someone who clearly didn’t deserve him. Everywhere you went, you would receive judgmental glares from everyone. The media was brutal and commented heavily on your appearance, weight and background, not like they knew much. They adored criticizing you and making you feel small. They’d spread rumors and watched you like a hawk. It was suffocating, and even though Dick had told you countless times not to let any of that get into your head, it still did.

You sniffed and your eyes stung with unshed tears. You quickly wiped your eyes, not being one to cry. You wouldn’t allow such shallowness to bring you to tears… again, but you told yourself that every time before you would silently cry yourself to sleep.

“[F/N]?” Dick’s husky voice echoed through the room and out into the empty air. “Babe? What are you doing up?”

You felt him behind you, and soon a pair of toned arms wrapped itself around your waist, pulling you back. You made contact with Dick’s broad chest. Though he wore a shirt you still felt the warmth he gave. He rested his head on your shoulder, his hair tickling your neck.

“Fuck–you’re freezing.” he hissed under his breath, concern dripping from his voice.

“I’m fine.” you automatically stated. “It’s okay Dick, I’m not going to die of a little cold.”

“But you might get sick. C'mon, lets get you inside.” He tried to pull you in with him but you wouldn’t budge. “[F/N]…? What’s wrong?”

“I… why do you stay with me?” you whispered, looking down. Immediately a shocked look overtook Dick’s face.

“Baby… is this about the press again?” he sighed and you felt guilty as you knew your insecurities seemed to always be the root of every argument. “I told you, don’t mind–”

“But I do mind!” you exclaimed, breaking out of his grip and spinning around to face him. “I can’t just turn my emotions off! I’m not used to this like you are, Dick.”

You ran your fingers through your hair, calming down from your sudden outburst. “I just… ever since I was little, people always commented about my appearance. Heck, my family reminded me every single day and I thought I was used to it, you know? I mean, I knew I could never be as impressive as my classmates back in high school but I accepted it.”

“And then you came along.” Your voice cracked and you tried to hide it but Dick noticed. You swore his eyes were glassy but you couldn’t really see as your eyes were blurry with tears. “And I felt… God, you made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“So what’s the problem?” he asked gently, cupping your face and wiping the tears you hadn’t realized had fallen.

“I know that I’m not.” you whispered. “I know I’m not the goddess you say I am and I just feel like such a disappointment to you. I want to make you proud. I want you to be proud of having someone like me by your side.”

Dick brought you into his arms and rested his chin on your head. You felt wet tears seeping into your hair and you knew your boyfriend was crying. He was crying for you.

“[F/N], there’s no one I’d rather have by my side than you.” he murmured, stroking your hair affectionately. “You’re not only beautiful, you’re talented, kind, selfless and smart, even if you don’t see yourself that way. I am proud to say that you are my girlfriend, and no matter what those assholes say or what you think, it is you who is too good for me.”

You closed your eyes and melted into his embrace. “I highly doubt it.” you mumbled.

“You are an amazing person.” Dick continued, “you’re one of the only good things left in my life. I love you so much [F/N]. I love you so much it hurts, and I hate what they say about you as well. I just want to shout at them and tell them that you’re nothing like that, but I can’t.”

He leaned back and kissed your forehead. “We’ll get through this together, okay? You and me, against the world.”

“Okay.” you whispered, smiling softly. Dick leaned down and captured your lips with his in a gentle, delicate kiss. You sighed in content and wrapped your arms around his neck, running a hand through his silky locks and bringing him closer.

He groaned, loving the way your fingers felt in his hair, and smiled into the kiss. His hands ran down your back, causing waves of shivers to run up your spine, before resting on your hips.

Soon the kiss grew less and less innocent and more heated. Dick licked your lips, asking for entrance which you gladly granted. His tongue explored your mouth and one of his hands traveled lower down your body. You moaned and tugged his hair, earning a low growl from your lover.

You quickly pulled away but stayed close to him. The two of you were panting and your faces were bright red. Dick leaned in once more but you placed a hand on his chest, keeping him away. He pouted in disappointment and you giggled at his childishness.

“We should take this inside.” you stated breathlessly. Dick nodded and pushed you inside as he connected his lips onto yours again. He hastily slammed the balcony doors closed and kept pushing you back until the back of your legs hit the bed. You fell backwards, Dick falling on top of you.

Dick’s mouth left yours and he trailed down to your neck, planting soft kisses and sucking on your neck, earning pleasured moans from you. His fingers found the hem of your tank top and in seconds he had it off you.

Suddenly you felt small again, and your arms unconsciously covered your exposed skin. Dick noticed this and gently pried them away.

“Don’t. I want to see you.” he said, his voice like melted chocolate. You hesitantly nodded and tried to relax, but it was difficult. Dick gently kissed your collarbone and continued down to the middle of your chest.

“You’re so beautiful.” he sighed dreamily, his lips grazing your skin, sending heat straight down to your core. “Don’t ever change, you’re perfect the way you are.” You blushed at these compliments and smiled, beginning to relax a little more.

Throughout the night, he made sure you knew how much he loved you. He kissed every inch of your body and worshipped it as if you were his savior. He would whisper how much how loved you and appreciated you and begged for you not to change. He made you feel things you could only feel with him.

The first thing Dick Grayson took note of when he woke up was the warmer, smaller body that was pressed up against his. He then realized that he was completely and utterly naked, and though there was a duvet covering his body, he couldn’t help but grow a little flustered at the intimacy.

He finally opened his eyes, squinting a bit to adjust to the morning rays. Once he did, he glanced down and studied your smaller form. You were sleeping soundly next to him, with his arm protectively over your body.

He smiled and began kissing your shoulders lightly. You were just too perfect in his eyes. He hated the way the media tore you down, but he also had more of an excuse to compliment you without annoying you. He loved showering you with affections and showing you how much he loved you.

You stirred awake, a sleepy groan erupting from your throat. You turned and his breath hitched at the sight of your gorgeous [E/C] eyes staring at him.

“Morning sweetheart.” you slurred, your voice low. His heart skipped a beat at your pet name for him.

“Good morning.” he grinned, kissing your nose. You scrunched up your face, an action that Dick absolutely adored.

“Last night was amazing.” You brought your hand up to his cheek and rubbed your thumb in circles. “Thank you.”

“Hey, I enjoyed it as much as you did.” Dick smirked, causing you to giggle and shake your head.

“Come on, we should get up.” You moved your legs and winced in pain. Dick noticed and was immediately worried.

“[F/N], are you hurt?” he asked frantically.

“My legs are aching.” you complained. He burst out laughing. “It’s not funny!”

“S-Sorry babe–” He tried to calm himself down.

Dick.” you moaned, dragging out his name.

“Okay, okay.” He composed himself and smiled. “How about you stay in bed for the day and I’ll bring you breakfast, how does that sound?”

“I don’t want you to do all the work. You’re my boyfriend, not my personal slave.” you protested.

“Nonsense. I enjoy pleasing you.” He sent you a wink, which earned him a nice slap in the arm.

Tale of Two Princesses

So, people keep to write me that well-written, relatable, developed beyond “I love Noctis” heroine with her own story is impossible for game with POV of male protagonist.

First of all, I don’t hate Luna, I want better for her. Everyone in this game deserved better.

I hate situation, when developers can write a heroine, who was raised to serve a male protagonist, who was killed for him; who hasn’t anything in her life beyond him, and people praise it as “strong female character”, because Square Enix said so. 

I don’t want to say that you shouldn’t write fics or draw fan art with Luna. Give this girl some love and better story, because Square Enix deprived her of anything. They may say otherwise, but I wrote this post, because I want to show how could be written female character in game with male POV, when developers don’t treat her like total garbage.

I don’t get this logic, when people blaming someone for “hating” female character, but at the same time they think she must be sacrificed on Altar of Man’s Story and everything else is bad storytelling. 

I hate situation, when developers can cut important story content from game, sell it as Season Pass, and people would defend it as unique artistic desicion and example of good writing, because Square Enix said so.

It’s not like there are dozens of other games, including previous Final Fantasy entries, which managed to have deep, complex characters without selling their story arcs as DLC. 

It’s not like one of the most critically acclaimed, best-selling open-world RPG is story about man, who is looking for woman with her own important duty to fullfill.

And this heroine isn’t written as empty husk, who exists only to cry about her love for protagonist, because he is POV character. 

Meet princess Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, main heroine of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

[it’s even funnier, concidering that Witcher 3 has reputation of very sexist,  misogynistic dudebro-simulator on tumblr, because it shows some tiddies.] 

[This is big post. If you are impatient and have some questions already (”why are you comparing Western Game with JRPG?”), you can read ending part, where I explained some things further]

 Ciri is former princess of Cintra, small country annexed by Nilfgaard Empire when Ciri was little girl. She is heir of Elder Blood and Lady of Space and Time, who must stop The White Frost and save the world. Her fate is intertwined with fate of main male protagonist, her adoptive father Geralt. They had been separated for several years before game events, but in Wild Hunt Geralt finally got an opportunity to find her, while Ciri is on her own jouney to prevent new Ice Age.

Story is shown from Geralt’s perspective strictly and until certain point Ciri appears only in flashbacks told by other people. And by saying “certain point” I mean - not all developers support the idea that killing female characters is mandatory way for making story more tragic.

This is very first promotional shot of Witcher 3:

This is how this scene looks in game now (second screenshot from PS4 version, don’t mind quality). Sorry, Geralt, you might be protagonist, very masculine and stoic bearded white dude, but our girls important too.

Look at Geralt’s expression. He is very proud of his daughter.

Square Enix hadn’t been bothered with adding second throne chair for Lunafreya in ending scene. She seats near King Noctis on the floor. After all her sacrifices she deserved only to merely stand near male protagonist on her knees.

For further humilation Noctis can show her photo of Cidney’s double D’s as the most beautiful memory of his mortal life.

[You don’t need another 10 years of developemt to copypast single chair in 3D modelling soft. If you care about your main lady, of course.]

Instead of forcing Ciri into poorly written romance with someone she met once in 12 years right before passing into the fridge, CD Project give player an option to keep her bisexual (I can’t deny her romantic relationships with men in book canon).

Male protagonist didn’t stop Witcher 3 from passing Bechdel test. The first flashback of Ciri’s journey showed how she saved little girl from wolves. They also discussed about girl’s problem in family (not all little girls exist only for telling protagonist how much heroine loves him) and later Ciri helped her to find new home and made a spinning toy for her.

During her journey Ciri made a lot of friends. Former princess is very familiar with common people. Yet she isn’t flawless angel, who is too good for you. She is hot-headed, very stubborn, she can’t control her abilities properly, she can steal horses for her friends of kill someone for self-defence. Ah, and she is messy eater.

No one in Witcher 3 perfect, but these people still capable to built deep  relationships with each other, without being attached to protagonist only.

[I don’t think that 2 lines, which depicted that Ciri good at carving and with kids, took half of TW3 budjet.]

Her mother, Yennefer of Vengerberg worked for Nilfgaard Empire as Advisor of Empreror, who lead the Slaughter of Cintra. But CD Project didn’t give her role of Evil Stepmother, who treats her daughter like nothing, because Geralt must be only prominent figure in her life.

Ciri’s best friend, Triss Merigold is former agent of Lodge, very shady organization, which planned to use Ciri as pawn in their political intrigues. Despite Triss dark past, Ciri still calls her sister, not a lapdog.

Also, I want to add that Triss and Yennefer actually protected Ciri from Wild Hunt during battle in Kaer Morhen unlike Gentiana, who was somewhere offscreen, when Ardyn stabbed Lunafreya. Why mortal woman can do this, but immortal Goddess can’t?

[On my screens Ciri interacted with women more than Luna in whole FFXV]

Ciri has friends and family, even her biological father in game is way more caring person than his book version.

CD Project RED didn’t degrade Ciri into pathetic Pity Sue, surrounded by abusive jerks, in case of making her bonds with Geralt more meaningful and making male protagonist The One Nice Guy Who Can Understand and Support Her.

I don’t think that every character should have 12 siblings, 2 fathers, 3 mothers and 10k followers on tumblr. Character’s loneliness, insecurities, desire to have friends could be major part of their personality. But Square Enix saved this type of development for Prompto, Luna doesn’t have interest in anyone, who isn’t Chosen King.

[ When I’m writing that Luna did something wrong, it doesn’t mean that I blame her, she is fictional person. I blame her writers]

Ciri doesn’t need Chosen King to fix the world, she can be Empress of Nilfgaard herself and restore peace and prosperity by her own hands.

[Keep in mind, according to tumblr this game made by evil sexists]

But she is still Geralt’s daughter, his child of Destiny. They are bound to each other, but Witcher 3 doesn’t push flowery words about Fate and Great Love down to my throat in every cutscene. And it is primarly Geralt, who talks about Ciri. He shares stories about their past, memories of their best or dark days. CD Project didn’t waste Ciri’s limited screentime for crying about Geralt in corner. Of course, she talks about him too, but she is her own character with her own journey and developers showed me this journey.

[There is even snowball fight mini-game. Can you believe these two dorks are almost century old battle hardened witcher and future saviour of the world?]

Meanwhile in FFXV. Little kids having fun times and bonding over… nevermind.

Ciri can have some fun, but she is still Lady of Space and Time with great responsibilities. Ciri’s duty to save the world from White Frost is important and a lot of people sacrifised their lives for it, which caused her emotional breakdown at some moment. You can fail to achieve any of good endings if you don’t let Ciri to properly bury and mourn guy, who helped her to hide from Wild Hunt. She knew him for couple of hours, but she appreciated his sacrifice deeply. How many times Lunafreya mourned Nyx, king Regis? I don’t blame her for it, it’s not even Lunafreya’s problem - lack of grief is common problem of FFXV characters, but Luna has note book. If you run out of budjet and time for rendering cutscenes, you can write sorry letter from your heroine to Noctis. But I guess, I spent more time writing this post on foreign for me language, than Luna’s writer spent on her character. 

I don’t have problems with crying woman, but I think that emotional events should lead character to realizing something. When Ciri’s uncle Vesemir joined uncle Ben in Dead Uncles Heaven it was major turning point for her character development. It is important to help her cope with his death properly by realizing who Ciri is. After this part of story, when she went through the different stages of grief, she grew as person a lot and started to be more proactive.

Lunafreya’s tragic love for Noctis and her desperate desire to see him again didn’t affect her personality beyond just crying about him in every cutscene. She missed every opportunity to see him, she didn’t start to question her or his fate, she is still pawn of destiny. Unlike Ciri, Lunafreya suffers just for pure sake of suffering, because Noctis needs something to be sad about.

But not a single woman had been killed to provide Geralt external sourse of man pain unless you failed as father. Not a single one. CD Project RED doesn’t treat their female characters as plot-devices, which exist only to love male protagonist, serve him, support him and die for him. Geralt can have sex with several women, but none of them would ever say that staying behind him is sole purpose of the existance. Witcher 3 has plenty of problems with visual sexualization, but women in this game have they their own goals, duties and story arcs.

Ciri was written by Andrzej Sapkowski, Lunafreya is original FFXV character: Technically, books are prequel, Ciri was young teen during events of Witcher saga. In game she is grown up woman and basically new character, written by another people. Good prequel/sourse material doesn’t automatically mean that further story progression couldn’t ruin character. E.G. Lunafreya was somewhat tolerable in Kingsglaive, in game she is catastrophe.

You think that Ciri is strong heroine, because she is fighter: During this wall of text I never pointed her ability to fight as advantage (and her gameplay sections were kind of tedious). I made focus on her emotional development, presentation and amount of resources, which devepors spent on it. 

FFXV went through development hell and Square Enix hadn’t enough time and resources: In which universe Polish developers had more money and resources than freaking Square Enix. They had enough resources for making quest about Cup Noodles. They had enough resources to release 2 fanservice updates (Carnaval in Altissia and Assassins Festival) and several demos. Their had enough resources to develop Noctis date with Iris. They just don’t care about Luna.

But game told from Noctis point of view (here we go again): Geralt is protagonist of Witcher 3. Story shown strictly from his perspective. Male protagonist isn’t excuse for garbage writing of female characters. There are a lot of games (uncluding FF titles) with male protagonists, where women aren’t portrayed as useless plot-devices. Final Fantasy XII starred male protagonist Vaan, but Princess Ashe is here. Final Fantasy X starred Tidus, but Yuna in spite being love interest, still her own character. All of the listed games are well-known for complex stories without attached to them paid movies and paid DLCs, unlike glorified hot mess early access FFXV.

Lunafreya doesn’t have enough screentime. Sad, but true. Somehow, Ciri’s flashbacks, including short playable sections are ~1hour long. Lunafreya has 25 minutes of pure cutscenes, half of this time (not to mention her screentime in Kingsglaive and cameo in Brotherhood). Alas, she doesn’t have 1/10 of Ciri’s development. But I don’t think that lack of screentime is biggest problem, because quality>quanity. Another TW3 heroine, Iris von Everec has the same 25 minutes, but it was enough to show one the most tragic, beautiful and relatable stories in history of videogames.  

Square Enix will fix Lunafreya’s story with DLC: I refuse to support unhealthy DLC politics by buying content, which should be in game since first day of release. “Games as services” must die. FFVI World of Ruin was part of the base game. Previous FF titles managed to have characters arcs in game. But I’m going to said it again, Lunafreya’s role in game broken beyond repair (so, free update isn’t panacea too). She is still sacrificial lamb for Noctis Man Pain, who was groomed to be sacrificial lamb since age 4. 

Square Enix cut off several cutscenes about Lunafreya’s dark past, because they were afraid of SJWs: It’s unconfirmed rumor, very popular one, because it’s easy to blame feminists instead of terrible male writers. If Square Enix didn’t want to provoke feminists, then why Cidney’s bikini is still here? Why Lunafreya was beaten in almost every FFXV universe media peace (Omen trailer, Dawn 2.0 trailer, FFXV)? And I think something is very wrong with statement and over obsession with idea that woman must be raped or abused, so, she can have character development, and this is only possible way to write strong heroine.

You are misogynist, who hates only Lunafreya. Male characters are poorly written too. FFXV writing and narration just sucks. Most of my FFXV text posts and reblogs are critical. Not only me, but fandom discussed a lot about problems with Gladio’s development, Noctis lack of agency, Ignis lack of background and more so. But it was first update in 10 months (if I exclude several lines in Episode Prompto, where Luna played role of guy’s mentor again) with glimpses of Lunafreya. Square Enix had 10 months of players feedback to do something better than another 15 seconds of “I love Noctis”. 

You are one of those Witcher-fanboys. Witcher 3 isn’t flawless, there are a lot of problems with pacing, main conflict was resolved by deus ex machina and it struggles from standard issues of open-world games, when you can go and collect all the Gwent cards in the world instead of story progression. I’m not even fan of Ciri, she isn’t in my top-5 list of favorite TW3 girls, but I can’t underestimate developers love and respect for her. 

Lunafreya got neither of it from Square Enix.

You can’t compare Western role-playing game and JRPG.  They are built upon different traditions, have different sourses of inspiration and Japanese developers don’t care about Western audience and Western gaming in general:

They learned nothing.