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Can you please list the books that Jonghyun has mentioned that he's read or is reading? I remember him mentioning Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and I found it to be an amazing read. I bought Crime and Punishment too just now. His reading recommendations have always been brilliant, so I figured I'd go through all of them.. Hope it's not a burden!

• poems by bertolt brecht
• short stories by edgar allen poe
(* specifically the black cat!)
demian  - herman hesse
• kafka by the shore - haruki murakami (*)
• the metamorphosis - franz kafka (*)
• crime and punishment - fyodor dostoyevsky
• the elegy of whiteness - han kang
• malice - keigo higashino
• the harry potter series by j.k. rowling
• the little prince - antoine de saint-exupéry
• blindness - josé saramago
• the hobbit - j.r.r. tolkien
• lord of the rings trilogy - j.r.r. tolkien
• simarillion - j.r.r. tolkien
• the ultimate secret - bernard werber

based on some authors that he follows on twitter, he also seems to be a fan of: maurice blanchot, lee oi soo, william shakespeare, pascal quignard and oscar wilde. he’s a fan of detective novels but hasn’t specified any any by title. he also reads a lot of different mangas but, like with the detective novels, he doesn’t often give the titles. there’s probably… thousands more because he’s mentioned that he usually finishes a book every day or two, but. oh, also! the books with (*) next to them are those that he has mentioned as his favorite books.

About Time

“I need a place to stay,” were the first words out of your mouth when you called up Spencer, your best friend for years and the person you’d been crushing on for far too long.

“Hello to you, too, Y/N. I’ve been good, thanks. Oh, yeah. My work’s been fine. Little stressful, you know? But good, overall. Very rewarding. Oh, what have I been reading? I just read Crime and Punishment this morning. I still feel like—“

You cut Spencer off, knowing he was just teasing you for your mannerless announcement. “Spence! I get it, I’m a rude, rude person. Shame on me. I’m sorry. Now can I stay at your house for a few days, please?”

Spencer huffed out a laugh, “Sure. Can I ask why, though?”

You groaned before answering. “There’s been some kind of bug infestation and my landlord’s kicking everyone out of the complex to fumigate the building. He didn’t give us an exact time, but I’m guesstimating that it’ll just be a few days.”

You could hear Spencer take a breath over the phone. Here he goes, you thought. “Well, actually. The fumigation process can take anywhere from about six hours to a week. It really just depends on the type of infestation, the dosage used, the temperature, the size of the structure, and quite a few other factors.”

You smiled fondly as he continued telling you facts about fumigation. God, you thought, I can’t believe I think his rambling about fumigation is cute. You couldn’t help it, though. You could practically hear his gestures and his voice speeding up just a little bit as he continued rambling and you fell a little deeper for the nerd who stole your heart.

“Spence,” you say gently.

“Huh?” he responded.

This dork, you thought. “Are you nearly off work so I can just wait for you outside your apartment?”

“Oh, um. Actually. Yes, but I’m going out for Chinese food with my coworkers. You should come with us! I’ve been wanting you to meet them,” he said, his voice growing with excitement as he went on.

You couldn’t help but feel giddy at the last statement. ‘I’ve been wanting you to meet them.’ Ugh, you thought. You need to chill out, Y/N. He could insult you and you wouldn’t even mind.

Still, though, you were nervous about meeting his coworkers. They were his best friends and while you knew that their opinion wouldn’t change how Spencer viewed you, you were still anxious. “Yeah, sure,” you told him, aiming for a nonchalant tone.

“Great! I’ll text you the address, Y/N. See you there,” he ended the call cheerily.

Shit, you thought. You got up quickly and rushed to get ready so you wouldn’t meet Spencer’s friends looking like a hot mess.

Spencer was sat at his desk, texting you the address to the restaurant before setting his phone down to quickly pack up. He started messing with his hair, brushing any knots out with his hands. He then began smoothing his shirt and straightening up the jacket he wore.

Derek saw Spencer’s fiddling and smiled, “pretty boy, what are you doing?”

Spencer looked up at Derek’s voice. “Uh. Nothing. What—what are you doing?” He cleared his throat as he asked.

Derek got up and went over to Spencer’s desk, leaning against it with his arms crossed. “No, no, no, no, no, no. Don’t you do that. I heard you on the phone. ‘Why don’t you come with us?’” He mocked Spencer’s voice, making Spencer blush.

Derek laughed at Spencer’s blush, continuing his teasing. “Is that Y/N? Are we finally going to meet her now? I don’t blame you for fixing up a little. You keep doing that, I’ll go ahead and let everyone know your little lady will be joining us.”

“She’s not—she’s not my ‘lady,’ Morgan. She’s her own person, first off. But we’re not together or anything,” Spencer assured Derek, still slightly flustered, as the man in question walked off. Derek just waved Spencer’s words off as he laughed.

Derek, true to his word, let everyone know that Y/N was tagging along to the restaurant. JJ, who was talking with Emily and Penelope when Derek announced the news, wasn’t even planning on going with the group but changed her mind. “No, I’m definitely going now,” she laughed. “How can I miss this? I’ve never even met Y/N when Spencer and her were just friends. But now that Spencer’s basically in love with her? No, I’ve got to meet her now.”

Emily grinned, “I just want to meet the girl who’s won Spencer’s heart.”

Derek turned to Penelope, “you coming, too, baby girl?”

“Uhhhh, duh! Spencer wouldn’t let me look anything up on her, so yes, I am coming. I’ve been dying to find anything out about her!” Penelope reassured Derek, who laughed and put his arm around her, leading her to the bullpen where Spencer was still at his desk.

“Let’s go, boy genius. Hotch is heading home to Jack and Rossi’s planning on writing tonight. So it’s just us,” he gestured to the girls and himself.

Spencer stood up, clearing his throat. “Okay, that’s—alright. Let’s go, then, guys.”

As Spencer walked past the group, JJ chuckled. “Let’s go easy on him, tonight, alright? He’s nervous enough as it is.”

Derek grinned, “No promises.”

You called Spencer as you got out of your car and began making your way to the restaurant.

“Hey, Spence. I just got here, are you guys inside already?”

“Yes, we got a table. Let me go meet you,” he said, and you could hear his fumbling as he got up and moved.

You smiled, “well. Isn’t that thoughtful? Thanks.”

“Of course, Y/N.” He reassured you as he hung up.

You put your phone in your pocket as you walked through the front door and waited for Spencer to come up to you.

“Y/N,” you heard Spencer call your name on your left.

You turned to meet him, “Hey, Spence.”

He leaned down to hug you briefly, “Hey. C’mon. The team’s just over here. Hotch and Rossi couldn’t make it.”

As he filled you in on who was here and who wasn’t, you took a deep breath in the hopes of slowing your heartbeat down. You thanked God in that moment that your hands didn’t normally sweat when you were nervous because you did not want to shake any of Spencer’s friends’ hands with gross, sweaty hands.

Here goes nothing, you thought grimly as you and Spencer walked into view of his friends.

“Guys, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Derek, Penelope, JJ, and Emily,” he introduced you, pointing to each person as he said their name. But it’s not like you wouldn’t be able to figure out who was who. After all, Spencer told you tons of stories about them all.

You smiled as you waved, “Hello all.”

Penelope squealed, “Hi, doll! Look at you, you’re beautiful!”

“Oh!” You were taken by surprise, “Um. Thank you! You as well. Well, all of you, actually. It’s a little intimidating.”

Emily laughed at your comment.

“Come on, sit down, you guys!” JJ said, moving down so there was room for you to sit next to Spencer, who was sat on Derek’s other side.

“So, Y/N,” Derek began as you sat down.

You looked at him and smiled, “Yeah?”

“How’d Spencer manage to convince you to give him a try? I mean, there’s no denying that Pretty Ricky’s got some looks—“

You laughed in surprise, “Um. We’re not—we’re just friends.” You glanced over at Spencer awkwardly, but he wasn’t looking at you and instead at the menu, but his face was tinted with color.

God damn it, you thought. You were totally alone with this. Would you and Spencer dating really be such a humiliating idea, though? You figured it must be to Spence since he wasn’t making eye contact with anyone and was blushing a deep red.

You sighed before bracing yourself for any more comments from Derek, or anyone really.

“Wait, what? I thought Spencer was—“

JJ cut Emily off with a subtle elbow to her side. “So, Y/N. What is it you do for work? I can’t remember what Spencer said.”

You smiled at her gratefully, which she returned easily, as you answered and began telling them about your job.

The night had been going good, with Spencer eventually joining in. You had gotten along great with everyone, especially the girls, who you were making plans with for tomorrow night at the moment.

“Oh, shoot. Actually, can we push this night back a week or so?” you asked. You had forgotten that you were staying with Spencer for a week due to the fumigation issue, and you only bought old comfy clothes for lounging around his house and your work clothes.

“Of course,” Emily said.

“But why?” Penelope questioned, a dramatic pout on her face.

You laughed before explaining, “I won’t have any going out clothes, other than the ones I’m wearing now! They’re fumigating my place for at least a few days.”

JJ nodded, “are you staying at a hotel, then?”

You hesitated and looked at Spencer. “Um, no. Spence is actually letting me stay at his place while I’m momentarily homeless,” you joked, hoping to lighten up the moment so no one made any comments.

Derek laughed, “well, that sounds cozy. Doesn’t it, Spencer?”

Spencer glared at Derek, “Are you done?”

Derek held his hands up in protest, “I was just asking an innocent question, Reid.”

He rolled his eyes, “we’re just friends! Can you just drop this, Derek? Geez.”

Spencer’s sharp tone and stoic face shocked you.

“I’m just going to go to the bathroom real quick. I’ll be back!” You said, fake cheerily.

“Nice going, jackasses,” you heard Emily say.

You couldn’t help but chuckle at what she said.

You were nearly to the restroom when you heard Spencer calling you.

“Y/N, wait!”

You put a fake smile on and turned around, “It’s fine, Spencer. I’m just going to use the bathroom, I’ll be back in a minute or two.”

“You never call me Spencer.”

You looked at him confused, “What?”

“I said that you never call me Spencer. Not even when you’re mad at me.” He repeated.

Of course, you had to have feelings for the most observant man you know. “Slip of the tongue, huh?”

“Listen, I’m sorry Morgan said that back there. I’ll talk to him. I know that kind of talk makes you uncomfortable and I am so sorry, Y/N.”

You laughed humorlessly, “I don’t care what Derek says, Spence. What I cared about was the fact that you shut it down so quickly and that it seemed like you were disgusted with the mere thought of one of your friends joking that we were together. I understand that you wouldn’t actually date me or have feelings for me or whatever, but you could have approached it in a more polite way, ya know?”

Spencer’s face scrunched in confusion, “Why’d you say it like that?”

You raised an eyebrow at him, your patience lowering dangerously because honestly? All you wanted was him to leave you alone for a few minutes so you wouldn’t have to think about the fact that he didn’t feel the same. “Say what like that?” You asked shortly.

Spencer shot you a look. “‘I understand that you wouldn’t actually date me.’ That implies that you would date me and that the only reason we aren’t together like you said, is because of me.”

You stared up at him blankly, “Spence. C’mon. Can we drop this?”

“No!” He said, shocking you with how sharp his tone was. “Do you actually have feelings for me?”

You sighed and looked down. “Jesus Christ, Spencer. Yes!” You took a deep breath, calming yourself down momentarily before continuing. “Yes, okay? I do have feelings for you. I have for such a long time I can’t even remember when it started. I’ve been in love with you, and I’ve tried moving on, but it hasn’t exactly been easy. I get that this makes you uncomfortable, especially because it’s obvious you don’t feel the same. Don’t let it get in the way of our friendship, though. Just give me some time so I can get over you, alright?” At the very least you wanted to at least save your friendship with him.

Spencer was silent for a moment, which caused you to sigh once again. “I’ll meet you back at the table, just let me use the restroom.” You turned back around before he could say anything and went inside the women’s restroom.

You walked up to the mirror and splashed some water on your face, not even caring about ruining your mascara. You grabbed some paper towels to wipe your face and leaned against the counter with your elbows.

Deep breath in, hold it, deep breath out, you thought to yourself. You continued the mantra until you no longer felt like crying. You looked at yourself in the mirror, smiling brightly at your reflection for a second. You quickly dropped it after you made sure you didn’t look like a mess.

Alright, you thought. Just a little longer here and maybe you could call another friend you could stay the night with. You’d figure out a more solid plan tomorrow.

You stepped out of the restroom, expecting to find the area empty. You were wrong because right where you left him, was Spencer.

“Y/N. No, listen to me,” he said, in response to your attempting to stop him. “I didn’t know you felt that way. I figured you only wanted to be friends because if you wanted something more, you would have told me. I’m sorry for not telling you the truth earlier, it could have saved us time. I do. Feel the same way for you, that is. I’ve loved you for months. I realized it when the team and I were on a case and I had a gun pointed at me and the only thing going through my thoughts was you. Your eyes, your smile, your laugh. You. I remember thinking, ‘She’s the one for me.’ I was determined to tell you how I felt when we came back from the case, but I got scared. We lose the ones we love in this job. I didn’t want to risk anything happening to you, so I figured that if I didn’t say anything, that was okay because at least you’d be alive, even if you weren’t mine. I didn’t want to put you in danger because I love you too much for that. That sounds stupid and cowardly and like an excuse, I get it. But I do love you, Y/N. So much that even my team noticed! They’ve been teasing me for months because they realized that I loved you, and they assumed that we had got together. I didn’t bother officially correcting them because I liked how it sounded. The idea of us together.” He finished his spiel awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck with his hand and looking down so he wouldn’t meet your eyes.

You couldn’t think straight, so you did what you’d been dying to do for months.

You threw yourself at him, placing your arms around his neck and pulling his face down to meet yours so your lips could touch his. He placed one hand on your back while he snaked another around your waist, deepening the kiss. You could taste the sweet soda he had drank minutes earlier. You could smell the cologne he used. You were overwhelmed with how much Spencer was overtaking your senses.

You pulled back because, after all, this was a family friendly environment. You left your arms looped around his neck though, and he did the same with his arms around your waist.

You just stared up at him in amazement over the fact that he felt the same way. For months and months, you had convinced yourself that he couldn’t possibly feel the same but here you guys were.

“So,” he said, his eyes flooding with joy.

“So,” you mimicked, smiling.

“Wanna head back to the table, then?” He asked, but he didn’t make any moves to let you go.

You laughed, “Yeah, Romeo. Let’s go.”

He moved his arms off of you but grabbed one of your hands so he was holding it as you guys began walking back to the table.

You started swinging your interlocked hands softly because you finally had the chance to. Your childish antics caused him to laugh briefly, “Ready for the comments from Derek?”

You winked, “with you? I’m ready for anything.”

You two reached the table, you still only really thinking of what just happened, when Derek’s voice pulled you out of the reverie you were in. “Well, well, well. What’s this, pretty boy?”

You grinned, “yeah, what is this, Spence?”

He blushed and glanced at you, but couldn’t be upset that you put him on the spot. Karma for him leaving you to fend for yourself for the first part of the conversation with the team, you thought.

“Well. It’s—you see, um,” Spencer began fumbling his way through. You decided to take pity on him and cut him off.

“The start to a relationship, right, Spence?”

He gave you a grateful look as he agreed.

“About time,” Derek muttered.

Yes, you thought. It really was about time.

Some warm up sketches of young Elrond

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Athena and Artemis!

Thank you for these questions, sweetheart!! ❣️❣️

Athena: What are your favorite classic novels?

I’m part English major, so I read a lot of these! I’ve liked Crime and Punishment, Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby (even though it’s cliché, I had to read it again this past year and I really liked it)…I’m kinda blanking right now, but there are a few! 📚

Artemis: Do you prefer night or day?

I feel like I have to say night because it has that nice spooky element! 👻

So, I’ve been having a bit of a writer’s block lately, and that’s why I decided to do something I’m hoping to help inspire me.

I’m gonna share the story of how ‘Crime and Punishment’ came to be, so if you like the fic, keep reading, if not, I’m really sorry, but I have no idea how to put this under 'read more’s on my IPad. 😕

Last year, I got my Cambridge English Certificate, which basically is supposed to prove I speak English really well. I’d spent almost a year preparing for this, constantly doing exercises, essays, reports, whatever. So, when the exam was over, I had no idea what to do with my time, and that led me into the magical world of the Shadowhunters fandom.

I was passively watching the show before that, but now I was finally to dive in deeper into the fandom. I started following 'Shadowhunters’ blogs, picking favourite characters, reading fics and everything like that. Now, at the time, I shipped another couple, but Jalec found its way into my heart.

Of course, it didn’t take me long to figure out not many people here shared my love for the beautiful parabatai pair.

Luckily for me, I found the lovely @miazeklos and the two of us started talking about it. We’d share stuff we like about them, she’d tell me details from the books since I haven’t read them and sometimes we’d send each other other quotes that reminded us of Jalec.

Now, I remember it was Eurovision season, because I saw a post that was like 'write in the tags the country you’re from’ and @miazeklos had written 'Bulgaria’ and my reaction was 😮 because I’m from Bulgaria too!

But being me, I couldn’t just message her and say 'I’m from Bulgaria too!’ So I decided I’d mess with her a little. I asked her where she was from and when she answered I was like 'which planet is that?’ And you know, all the ignorant questions people ask about our beautiful country.

After I got tired of that, I was like, 'Hey, there’s this quote I really think fits Jalec. Do you want to see it?’ and after she agreed, I sent her a line from one of the most famous and beloved poems in Bulgarian literature 😁

She was shocked, of course, and I remember her reaction being something like 'you either searched really hard for this one, or I’ll have to switch to Bulgarian’

We kept talking and then I suggested another quote from the same poem and we started discussing it and how painful it is. This quote literally became the basis of 'Crime and Punishment’ 😊.

One thing led to another and I was like 'what if Jace and Alec fell in love, but eventually decided to leave, because they wanted to be together blah blah blah?’ And that’s how 'Crime and Punishment’ was born.

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a list of your absolute favorite Russian novels?? i am currently delving into the depths of my Russian heritage and culture and want some existential, dark and endearing Russian novels for my collection i'm gathering.

I adore Dostoevsky, mainly, so my favourites have to be: Notes From The Underground, The Brothers Karamazov, Crime And Punishment. (I cherish anything & everything by Dostoevsky, really, I suggest that everyone just gets to read the man when one is in the right mood to do so.) Now, First Love by Turgenev is a favourite as well. And then I also love Three Sister by Chekhov & also The Seagull (play writing but I do love it) plus The Bronze Horseman by Paullina Simons (this novel marked my entire childhood for some strange reason, Idk)

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Hi there, I've been reading a few classics lately, but now I want to try some Russian literature. I definitely want to read some of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, etc but I have no idea where I should start from. Any suggestions?

Well, if you want to go at it chronologically, you should really start with Lermontov, Pushkin, or Gogol. I would especially recommend Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time and Gogol’s tales (plus his unfinished novel Dead Souls). Then, a little later, you have Turgenev, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Chekhov. I would recommend Turgenev’s Fathers and Sons, Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment (don’t start with The Brothers Karamazov - work towards it), Tolstoy’s shorter works like The Kreutzer Sonata and Family Happiness, and any of Chekhov’s stories (they are almost all brilliant). Then, still later, you have writers like Solzhenitsyn (In the First Circle), Zamyatin (We), Grossman (Life and Fate), Shalamov (Kolyma Tales), Bulgakov (The Master and Margarita), and Nabokov. Keep those in mind, as they are wonderful, but I suggest you do begin with the earlier classics. In Russian literature, perhaps more than in any other, the early works live on in later ones. It is like Dostoevsky said: “We [Russian writers] all come out from Gogol’s Overcoat.” I hope that helped, and that I didn’t just make it even more difficult for you to start. If you want me to just select one place for you to begin, then I would say: get yourself a collection of Gogol’s tales, one that includes The Overcoat, The Portrait, and The Nose. :)

Wardrobe Malfunction (RP with blitzklinge)

“Hahari, what is this?”

It had been the younger’s turn to make breakfast, the pinkette snatching bites as she cooked. And with a mouth full of orange slices, she turned and looked at a dress in Shani’s hands. “Ooh, that’s a Nine White dress. Classic.”

“I read the tag,” Shani said with a frown. “What I meant was, why was it in my closet?”

Hahari gulped nervously, letting out an uneasy laugh. “N-now, now, I have a perfectly good-” But before she could finish, Shani held up at least eight other dresses, all fashionable, slimming…and nothing at all like her usual wardrobe.

“Hahari-” Shani said with a testy voice. “Where are my clothes?”

It was two hours later in the shop that Hahari received a punishment fitting her crime; checking business receipts.

Not only was it a boring and tedious job, but it was difficult for her to boot. Shani insisted on keeping the merchant copy of every receipt they printed for tax records….and Hahari’s hand was growing cramped as she wrote down the amounts sold in profit for the past years. “Ughaaa…” She groaned, feeling tormented. “It was just a wardrobe update, you didn’t have to subject me to this!”

“Until my clothes are back where they belong, you’ll be working on that business ledger until it’s finished. Then you’ll fill out the tax forms.”

it’s not that human beings haven’t always had voyeuristic impulses but the internet had amplified it to such a unhealthy degree? I honestly sometimes find myself feeling entitled to know things that I have absolutely no entitlement to. I know we all feel ever so defensive of our generation and the internet but oh mi god? It’s such bulllllllshit that we dismiss every critique of modern technology with “they might be talking to their grandmother or reading crime and punishment or learning about a new exciting thing related to a interest they are developing!!!!” Or they might be like, and almost certainly at some point are, consuming violent porn that now has a market like never before, or cyberstalking a ex, or even just using tumblr as a crutch for procrastination due to anxiety. We……can have a honest discussion about the harms of modern technology without dismissing the fact that like, it’s easier for doctors to keep tract of patient files now. Like, we can acknowledge that the introduction of cars onto the market has created a brand spanking new method of regularly committing manslaughter while knowing we would never want to lose access to cars.

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do you know of any books al really likes? if so have you read any of them? i need some new books to read !!

yes ! Some of his favorite books are also “The Fall” by Albert Camus and “Despair” by Vladimir Nabokov. (ive read despair its so good, so completely alex; im reading the fall right now!!!).

some others are A hundred years of solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Crime & Punishment by Fiódor Dostoyevski and The Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby. And in a interview in 2008 he said that his current favorite book was Collected Stories by Dylan Thomas. He mentions Tom Wolfe Ernerst Hemingway and Joseph Conrad too. (im getting most of this info from chris)