...i have to read crime and punishment now

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Can you please list the books that Jonghyun has mentioned that he's read or is reading? I remember him mentioning Franz Kafka's Metamorphosis and I found it to be an amazing read. I bought Crime and Punishment too just now. His reading recommendations have always been brilliant, so I figured I'd go through all of them.. Hope it's not a burden!

• poems by bertolt brecht
• short stories by edgar allen poe
(* specifically the black cat!)
demian  - herman hesse
• kafka by the shore - haruki murakami (*)
• the metamorphosis - franz kafka (*)
• crime and punishment - fyodor dostoyevsky
• the elegy of whiteness - han kang
• malice - keigo higashino
• the harry potter series by j.k. rowling
• the little prince - antoine de saint-exupéry
• blindness - josé saramago
• the hobbit - j.r.r. tolkien
• lord of the rings trilogy - j.r.r. tolkien
• simarillion - j.r.r. tolkien
• the ultimate secret - bernard werber

based on some authors that he follows on twitter, he also seems to be a fan of: maurice blanchot, lee oi soo, william shakespeare, pascal quignard and oscar wilde. he’s a fan of detective novels but hasn’t specified any any by title. he also reads a lot of different mangas but, like with the detective novels, he doesn’t often give the titles. there’s probably… thousands more because he’s mentioned that he usually finishes a book every day or two, but. oh, also! the books with (*) next to them are those that he has mentioned as his favorite books.

Some warm up sketches of young Elrond

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Thank you for the post about the official Bungou translation! I've heard it didn't capture the spirit of the original because of extreme localization and was made too prose-y. I was on the fence about it but your post made me want to give it a try. Also if I read your post properly, the author uses a lot of outdated kanji? Will it be overwhelming for someone learning how to read in Japanese?

Thank you, I’m glad you liked it!

Ahaha, now that you mentioned it. I did have to check Crime and Punishment (then a very popular novel among Japanese authors) to see how prose-y it truly was. You can also check it for yourself here:


Compare that with the translation YP provided. If it feels just as annoying, I dare say they have succeeded in capturing the spirit of the original and succeeded in localization (albeit in a way that caught everyone off guard).

If you feel like a translation would not capture the spirit of the Russian novel, this is one of my favorites, Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. It’s written in English, around 1860. For reference, Crime and Punishment was around 1866.

As for the second part of your question. The original provides furigana for you to understand the kanji’s meaning; for example, I have never seen 凡て before, but I know what it means because the furigana says すべて, meaning 全て, meaning “all”. However, you will almost never encounter 凡て in daily life. Same goes for most of the list in the post you read earlier. The only reason I come into contact with some of those archaic expressions is because I see them in specialized stuff I work with like Bungou to Alchemist or Fate. As a result, while BSD is good for archaic knowledge and interesting kanji, it’s not practical and not recommended for beginner to intermediate learners.

it’s not that human beings haven’t always had voyeuristic impulses but the internet had amplified it to such a unhealthy degree? I honestly sometimes find myself feeling entitled to know things that I have absolutely no entitlement to. I know we all feel ever so defensive of our generation and the internet but oh mi god? It’s such bulllllllshit that we dismiss every critique of modern technology with “they might be talking to their grandmother or reading crime and punishment or learning about a new exciting thing related to a interest they are developing!!!!” Or they might be like, and almost certainly at some point are, consuming violent porn that now has a market like never before, or cyberstalking a ex, or even just using tumblr as a crutch for procrastination due to anxiety. We……can have a honest discussion about the harms of modern technology without dismissing the fact that like, it’s easier for doctors to keep tract of patient files now. Like, we can acknowledge that the introduction of cars onto the market has created a brand spanking new method of regularly committing manslaughter while knowing we would never want to lose access to cars.