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As somebody who started gaming when 3d was the standard, what was gaming even like in the 80's? What direction were you even expecting games to go?

Oh, gosh.  Honestly, I could never have anticipated back then the kind of games that we have now.  As a kid back then, I was blown away when Jurassic Park came out for the SNES with the indoor segments that were pseudo-3D:

It looks absolutely archaic now, but back then, it was some amazing shit to a little girl (yes, I’m aware that Doom had come out the year before, but I didn’t learn about that until years later, and that was on PC).  Then the Nintendo 64 came out, and later the Playstation, and suddenly you could genuinely move around things!!  When I played GoldenEye with my brother, I was just amazed, which I’m sure is hard to imagine, given how outdated the graphics are by today’s standards:

(Of course, RARE had a knack for creating impressive games that utilized console technology to the fullest)

Though the in-game player models weren’t the greatest, I remember people going apeshit when Final Fantasy VII came out, with the commercials showing the cutscenes.  Similarly, I remember I just had to have Parasite Eve when I saw photos of the cutscenes for that in a gaming magazine, because it was 3D gore.  When I saw that first rat mutate, I was just stunned.

After that, it was really just a matter of watching models become smoother and smoother over time, so it was less of a “shock”, though still pleasantly surprising to see the increasing tiny details in each new game to come out. 

I feel incredibly fortunate to have watched video games go from games on the Magnavox Odyssey²–

to games with incredible atmospheres like The Evil Within

or the cancelled Silent Hills teaser, which ran on the marvelous Fox engine.

Don’t even get me started on watching a character model I’ve spent hours meticulously customizing talking in cutscenes, because the level of work necessary to make that happen still impresses me (even though the game is older now, I just really enjoy watching my angry mohawk guy in Saints Row 2 bossing people around with his big ol’ muttonchop sideburns).

                                             Jailbait Verse Summary:

After being accused of plotting the next Columbine shooting, seventeen-year-old Jared is sent to three months at Travis County Juvenile Detention Center in Austin, Texas in order to await his court hearing. Frightened and convinced he is innocent, Jared tries to become a fly on the wall to avoid any problems, but conflict and misfortune always seems to find him when he catches the attention of another seventeen-year-old boy named Jensen, who he later learns has been in the detention center for five years prior to his own arrival. High on sex, blood, and violence, the two juveniles will learn the heavy weight of what freedom actually costs.

Hey, if someone you know has some form of depression and any other various mental illnesses and defects - on top of having been bullied a good amount of their childhood…

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