...he stutters

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HC: Wil has a really bad stutter when he's nervous and he pulls his sleeves over his hands.


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(hey pals, joining the anonymous club!) sososo i’ve been here for so long and i haven’t even asked a question yet (crAZY RIGHT) so here we go,, to Stanny boi,, what’s the hottest thing about everyone in the group?-🏳️‍🌈

Welcome to the ask box, Anonymous. Thank you for your time. I’ll try to keep this list a lot more concise than my last one.


  • His arms (Baseball player), so I guess we could include his back, too.
  • His stutter (He also stutters more when he’s turned on.)
  • His eyes.
  • He actually has a really nice rear.
  • When he’s painting or writing and he holds things in his mouth.


I’m not personally attracted to women, but I’m not leaving her out. Also, I can list the things she does/has that are conventionally attractive or appealing.

  • She has really, really soft skin.
  • The same can be said for her lips.
  • She always smells divine.
  • Sometimes listening to a woman moaning is enchanting.
  • She always has her fingernails and toenails painted and I can admire the effort that goes into keeping up her appearance. 


  • He sighs a lot, and I subconsciously focus in on the noises people make.
  • Sometimes his reluctance/innocence is a real turn on.
  • Intelligence is sexy.
  • Occasionally he wears glasses to read, and they look really good on him.
  • He’s soft.


  • His back/arms/shoulders.
  • I’m a sucker for straight, white teeth, and his are impeccable.
  • He’s tall.
  • He’s really strong.
  • His laugh is like honey.


  • He’s always showing a lot of skin.
  • He’s small and petite.
  • He’s has a really loud, whiny voice, especially in bed.
  • His legs/thighs.
  • He has beautiful eyes and long eyelashes.


  • He’s dirty, which I simultaneously love and hate.
  • He curses a lot, and he’s not afraid of dirty talk.
  • He will do anything in bed.
  • His hair is begging to be pulled.
  • Really long legs.

- Stanley

okay but Beckendorf realizes Percy’s massive crush on Annabeth really quickly b/c it’s so obvious 

and Percy’s like NO 36 octaves higher than normal and of course that’s the moment Annabeth’s nearby and asks “No what?” and Percy’s all red and a stuttering mess and Beckendorf just crosses his arms and completely straight faced says “yeah percy, no what?”

Lin was in Mary Poppins with me, so one day I took my parrot umbrella and gently pressed him against the wall, by the throat, and said, ‘You need to give me Wayne Brady’s personal e-mail!’ He gave it up very easily.

Emily Blunt

“Blunt wanted to honor Brady at the American Institute for Stuttering Gala because like Brady, Blunt struggled with stuttering.”

i took my brother (who stutters) to go watch IT and he forgot that Bill stutters but right when he heard it, he turned to look at me with a huge smile on his face

bts scenario: car sex

i hope you enjoy this babe, you know who you are! ;) i hope everyone has an amazing weekend, i love you! xx

i also wanted to ask if you guys still like my account, recently i’ve been getting a lot of asks saying my writing is going down hill and my account is boring. let me know what you guys think.


raising money for my pet’s tumor removal

jin: jin’s hands pushed down on your head as you took him into your mouth. “shit,” he groaned as you took him all the way in till the hilt, the tip of your nose touching his abdomen. cars flew by the window outside as you were parked on the side of a highway. “i can’t believe i’m doing this,” he groaned as you went up and down along his length. you chuckled around him as you sucked harder, making his thighs shake. 

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yoongi: your thighs squeezed tight around yoongi’s head as his tongue could be felt in your most sensitive area. yoongi’s mouth mercilessly attacked you, making slurping sounds as he continued to suck. “y-yoongi,” your hand found it’s way to his hair, tugging as the pleasure coursed through your body, a hand finding it’s place on the cold car window. yoongi looked up at you through his eyelashes, making you groan as you watched him bring you to orgasm. 

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hoseok: the cold window of the car could be felt against your back as hoseok pushed you against it, attacking your neck. “moan for me,” he demanded as his lips latched onto your neck, sucking to create a hickey. groaning, you threw your head back against the window and moaned out his name. you could feel hoseok’s smirk against your neck as his hand trailed down to your waistband, teasing the edge before plunging his hand inside, his fingers making you shake.

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namjoon: fingers pushed against your most sensitive area and you groaned loudly in the passenger seat of the car. namjoon kept his eyes on the road as his fingers pushed further and down your pants. “namjoon, this i-is dangerous,” you slightly stuttered as he pushed down against you. namjoon just smiled and continued his ministrations, determined to make you cum undone as he drove down the highway. 

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jimin: your hands unbuttoned jimin’s jeans as you pushed your hand against the waistband of his underwear. “baby?” jimin asked wide eyed as you pushed your fingers under the band. you merely smirked and took his length in your hand, immediately beginning to stroke. jimin’s hands tightened on the wheel of the car and his jaw tensed. “will you cum for me like this, jimin?” you teased as your teased the tip with your finger. jimin moaned and threw his head back, cumming within minutes. 

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taehyung: your fingers teased the insides of your thighs as you spread your legs in the passenger seat of the car. “what are you doing?” taehyung asked with wide eyes as he watched from the driver’s seat. “nothing,” you teased as you felt the cold air tease you. “eyes on the road,” you said as you saw taehyung glance over at you every few seconds. “how can i watch the road when you’re teasing me like this?” you ignored him and continued, forcing him to pull over and fuck you in the back seat. 

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jungkook: slurping sounds filled the backseat of the car as you took jungkook into your mouth. your fingers dug into his thighs as you sucked on the head of his cock. “baby,” jungkook groaned as he threw his head back, his fingers tangling into your hair. “cum for me jungkook,” you said as you pulled back to catch your breath. jungkook keened high in his throat as his cum filled your mouth, you swallowing all of it. “good boy.”

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“what is this” “it’s a flower” “yes i know that–but what are you doing with it” “umm, giving it to you?” for BYELER

PERFECT!!! i sort of got creative with ‘flower’ but ya kno

“Tell me again why we’re spending our precious afternoon at school instead of the arcade?” Mike grumbles as he cuts out yet another yellow butterfly. Will is next to him, folding tissue paper into pretty, pastel flowers. It’s hard for Mike to keep his eyes on his own work. Will’s fingers are slender and pretty - which is fucking weird, who finds hands pretty?

Luckily there’s a loudmouth here who helps him from making gaga eyes at Will for too long. “Because your ex girlfriend thought it would be a great idea if we all decorated for the school dance,” Dustin snaps at him like it’s his fault El wants to be involved in school stuff. 

“Aw it’s not so bad,” Will says without looking up. He finishes his flower with a satisfied smile. “Besides El missed the first two years of high school. She’s allowed to be excited for the spring fling.”

“If she’s so excited then why doesn’t she cut these with her mi - son of a bitch!” Dustin yelps. “I got a stinking papercut!”

Mike rolls his eyes. “Baby.” Dustin flips him off as he leaves their table, muttering about getting a bandaid. For a moment, Mike is glad to have the peace and quiet.

Then he remembers he’s alone with Will.

“Uh.” His voice squeaks. Will looks up at him curiously. “Do you… do you need help with the flowers?”

Will’s giving him a confused half smile. “Sure but… it’s kind of complicated, want me to teach you the steps?” And Mike nods as Will scoots closer to him and starts to explain but Mike isn’t paying attention. He’s focusing on the way Will’s eyelashes flutter, the petal pink of his lips, the delicate slope of his neck.

Holy shit, he is so screwed.

“Mike? Did you get all that?”

No, not a single word, Mike thinks dazedly but just nods at him, grabbing blue tissue paper and attempting to copy Will’s quick movements. Flowers can’t be that hard. Holly can do this and she’s ten. 

Five minutes later and Mike stares in dismay at the abomination in his hand. This… was definitely not a flower. Maybe a one from the Fifth Dimension that shot out poison seeds but not meant to decorate the school gym. Before he can think of tossing it aside before Will can see, Will’s turned to him, opening his mouth to say something. His eyes drop to the… thing in Mike’s hands and he goes silent.

Mike sweats.



“What…is that?”

Mike tries for a weak laugh. “Uh… a flower?”

Will scrunches his nose in such a cute way Mike feels several of his brain cells combust at once, unable to deal with the adorableness that is Will Byers. He’s too dazed to listen to what Will’s saying but he manages to catch a “…what are you doing…” and immediately thrusts the flower in Will’s face.

“It’s for you!” he says quickly, and immediately wants to die in the next second. He was gonna miss those brain cells. Clearly, he still needed them.

Will only takes a few seconds to lower Mike’s mess of a flower from his face but to Mike, they’re the longest seconds possible. He has a weird expression on his face. “For me?”

“Uh,” clearly Mike’s half-brain was on autopilot because he suddenly can’t stop talking. “I know it’s weird but do you want to go to the spring fling together? Like. Not as friends.”

Will’s eyes widen. Mike’s widen right back.

Shit. Shit! Shit!!  Mike stares at Will’s unnervingly blank face, slowly starting to freak out. Abort, Wheeler! Mission failure! I repeat, ABORT!! a voice screams in Mike’s head but he’s too frozen to move. They stare at each other for a long time, neither of them saying anything. Mike is slowly losing a year of his life from the sheer panic sinking in his body. This is how it ends. He loses his best friend slash crush forever and the rest of the party hate him because Will is the beloved one and he has to leave Indiana for Minnesota or some shit and learn how to live life without Will, maybe raise some cows - 

“What the hell are you two doing?” Dustin is poking his head into the classroom, staring at them strangely, his index finger covered in a bright blue bandaid. Mike jumps out of his seat.

“Minnesota!” he shouts before running out of the classroom. This seems to jolt Will back to life, and he’s running right after him.

“Mike wait!”

“Minnesota? What the hell - hey Wheeler get back here I’m not cutting all the fucking butterflies by myself!”

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