• Louis:Spinner's plumage is magnificent, King Byron.
  • Byron:Isn't it just? But you also have a wonderful little Lucia, Duke Howard.
  • Louis:She's a darling, indeed. You must tell me, despite how busy you are, how do you manage to take care of your owl?
  • Byron:Spinner sleeps during the day. Perhaps, that's why. I tend to him mostly at nights.
  • Louis:Ah that's ---
  • Leo:Hey, birdmen!
  • Sebastian:Hey birdmen! Hey Birdmen!
  • Sebastian:*flies around the room* Sebastian is here! Sebastian is here!
  • Byron:Your pet is so much like you, Leo. Energetic, be it night or day.
  • Leo:*laughs* Ah, well, he's also pretty wild.
  • Sebastian:*flies outside the open window*