I guess the best way of conducting yourself as a woman nowadays is to be self-centered.

Since forever, we–women–had been taught, both directly and indirectly, to dedicate our lives for someone else. “What would your man and kids eat if you don’t learn how to cook?”, “You should smile more often, no man would want to be with someone grumpy.”, “Don’t wear short skirts, men can’t handle it.”, “You should prepare early to be a good wife.”




But, come on, girls. YOUR LIFE IS NOT SOMEONE ELSE’S. LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. Go ahead and wear that mini dress–it flatters your figure, and you deserve to feel and look beautiful. If you’re tired, IT’S OKAY TO NOT SMILE. If you can’t cook, learn how to work to get enough money to buy food. Or learn how to cook BECAUSE YOU NEED TO EAT. Not your husband, or your kids, YOU. YOU NEED TO EAT TOO.

Learn how to knit. Learn how to fix loose buttons. Learn how to clean up room. BECAUSE. YOU. NEED. IT.

When you consider your own needs, other’s would follow. PUT YOURSELF FIRST. Yes, perhaps you have to try and compromise certain aspect of yourself had you wanted to go with your suitor. And it’s okay. But remember: You have to TRY, not MUTATE.

Live your life. You’ll love yourself; at least it’ll help. And that’ll help you to be content enough to be with only yourself, to be independent, to not put everyone else before you. If your content, independence, and success scare boys; what the heck, find girls! If you can’t find girls, what the heck; find cats! If you’re not a cat person–you know what, you’re such an amazing person, you might be happy with only yourself. 

Seriously, though. With or without constant companion, you’ll always find yourself loved by someone afar; as someone they admire, look up to, or just as friend they respect. Because you show them how to respect yourself–by doing so first.

Seriously, though. A smidge of egocentrism wouldn’t hurt.