tiikeria  asked:

So what's everyone's hidden talents? Other than causing the most chaos possible, cause that's not hidden. :D

Geoff: I’m the best cook outta the crew. I can make just about anything, but I don’t really use my talents as much as I used to. I should really fix that.

Jack: I’m pretty handy! I learned how to do a lot of things myself when I was younger in order to save my cash, so if someone needs something basic fixed I’m the person to go to.

Ryan: I’m pretty good with a needle and thread. Comes from years of stitching up wounds myself, I guess. So I can fix minor tears and things in clothes if need be.

Gavin: I love playing with cameras! I’ve got a bunch of Kodaks and Polaroids I love messing with, and I’ve gotten a lot of good photos over the years of us out on heists or just doing dumb stuff. Better than all the rubbish photographs they publish of us in the paper and put on the news.

Michael: I’m a pretty good fighter. Did it professionally for a little bit before I got kicked out and moved onto bigger and better things. I’ve still got it in me though.

Jeremy: I’m the best dancer out of the whole crew! And the most musically gifted out of everyone else too.

Ray: Finally, I’m guess I’m pretty good at DDR? At least good enough that no one else wants to play with me when we crash at the arcade. Kinda sucks a little, but it’s whatever.